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Almost every adult in the world is the smartphone user, and the estimated amount of smartphone users is approximately 4.30 billion in the whole world. Everyone uses the phone for some specific purposes. We use our mobile phones for making things effortlessly, reliably, and more securely. But if our mobile phones are engaged with some annoying apps that occupy memory on RAM even when they are not working, then it definitely irritates us the most. These sort of apps kill the basic speed of our mobile phone devices and makes them slow by capturing more space and RAM. There are lots of applications accessible in the market that not only kill these unusual mechanisms but also boost up your mobile phone devices for making their performance to the best possible level. These apps help users remove the unwanted space, remove cache memory, remove unusual space or memory on RAM, manage RAM, CPU, and other Statuses, manage file data, delivers occupied or free memory stats, enhance the speed of your smartphone and provides real-time amazing battery saver too. So the list of such RAM management apps is listed below.

1. RAM Manager | Memory boost

RAM Manager | Memory boost efficiently optimizes and boost the RAM of your mobile phone and other portable devices. It is a multitasking app having tons of amazing and interesting features to clean up your RAM and enhance the speed of your smartphone. It acts as an intuitive RAM cleaner and manager which runs your phone flawlessly. Some of its worthwhile providence includes RAM tuner, Custom and default setting providence, Lock launcher in memory, Drop caches, swap files, and numerous others.



2. Doctor Clean – Speed Booster

Doctor Clean – Speed Booster is a simple, intuitive, and small speed booster that enables you efficiently clean your RAM and other unusual garbage that have covered your RAM and slows down your mobile phone devices. It behaves like a doctor for all the patents including junk, unusual memory space, and other things that affect your mobile phone devices. Some of its core features include the providence of Junk File Cleaner (analyzes millions of apps and clean cache to restore huge storage), Phone booster (increases the haste of your phone and make it speedy), etc. It also offers Protect privacy feature (that makes your stuff hide from an unauthorized grip), a CPU cooler, Root free, and much more.



3. Easy RAM Booster

Easy RAM Booster is a fabulous app having tons of interesting and valuable features for its Android and other mobile phone users from all over the world. Many of its handy features clean your RAM and powerfully manages the workflow of it. It is a great tool that cleans your android device with this intuitive and simple to use application. You can easily clean your current or recently closed tabs so that they do not occupy any unusual space in your memory and harm your phone’s speed. It also provides internal and external memory information along with the available and used space and is probably a great app that makes your mobile phone faster.

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4. Clean Droid Deep Cache Cleaner

Clean Droid Deep Cache Cleaner provides optimized features that you need to have on your mobile phone devices for cleaning your mobile’s unusual space and making its speed more smooth and quick. It lets you save precious space and boost the performance and speed of your handheld devices. Some of its intuitive features include advanced and standard trash cleaner, clean your privacy apps, RAM booster and manager, game booster, and manage all the installed apps and their working scenarios in an extreme efficiency. Some of its core features include Trash Cleaner, App Manager, Memory booster, and much more.


5. All-in-One Toolbox

All-in-One Toolbox is a great application that possesses some quality features for its users. It efficiently manages you make the speed of your mobile phone more faster, free up the storage spaces, junk cleaner, history eraser, performance enhancer, speed booster, battery optimizer, memory optimizer, file manager, and a robust privacy guard. Some of its essential functions include the cleaning up of your mobile phone devices, speed up your mobile, Battery saver, photo compression, app manager, boot speed-up, startup customizer, notification manager, smart charge, and much more. Its plug-in availability comprises Ads-detector, game booster, auto task, provides quick and volume settings, QR and Barcode scanner, flashlight, and compass support.

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6. Simple System Monitor

Simple System Monitor is an app that enables you to manage your mobile phone devices effectively. It is an intuitive and simple app packed with some extraordinary features such as cleaning your phone from real-time threats and malicious material. It is a simple yet attractive system monitoring application with great graphics. Some of its core features include the management of CPU and its usages, total and average CPU storage monitoring, monitor RAM usage and much more. Rather than these, it also manages disk input/output activities, network activates, RAM, CPU and its components, cache cleaner, file manager, and some others.

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7. Cache Cleaner-DU Speed Booster (booster & cleaner)

Cache Cleaner-DU Speed Booster is a great app working to improve the overall phone’s performance with just one tap. It also works as Trash Cleaner which optimizes your mobile phone’s storage, provides DU Security that enables a free protection against mobile risks and offers Network Booster that effectively shut down all network consuming apps, etc. It also contains CPU Cooler that does not make your mobile phone being hanged even for a single minute so that you get rid of the phone heating-up problem. It also provides an App Manager that manages an intelligent app removal and installation, an App Locker, and is trusted by more than 230 million users from all over the world.

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8. XBooster *ROOT* – Smart app

XBooster *ROOT* – Smart app is a pretty much intellectual app that helps you doing stuff more quickly on your mobile phone devices. There are tons of its interesting and amazing features that help you manage apps, mobile-ware, and other stuff easily. It provides some extraordinary features which include the Dynamic RAM Calculation (DRC) to boost the device’s performance to the best possible level. Rather than these, it delivers home screen widgets, options regarding lock launcher, adds apps, and provides on-going notifications. It is a tiny yet amazingly powerful tool for boosting your device’s performance along with the improvement of the battery life of your device.


9. Smart RAM Booster

Smart RAM Booster is an app that helps you boost up your phone and maintain and manage activates that you perform in it. Smart RAM Booster is easy to use, and robust app to optimize your mobile memory, provides easy to use task killer, and deliver no stress on your phone. It provides an attractive interface that helps users to boost their mobile phone devices with simple taps. Other of its amazing features include removing unwanted tasks, RAM Booster, Cache cleaner, Battery Saver, Memory Cleaner, and many other valuable belongings.


10. Wondershare Mobile Go

Wondershare Mobile Go is a robust cleaner and optimizer with an attractive, smoother, easier, and cleaner interface for a better understanding of the users and is trusted by more than 5,000,000 users from all across the world. It offers a one-touch Boost button for optimization and saving battery. It efficiently deletes cache memory, residual cache, privacy record, junk files, and duplicated files to free up the storage of your mobile phone device. It boosts your games and apps and lets you surf your mobile with proper smoothness. While some of its important providence includes RAM Cleaner, App Booster, Phone Cleaner, Safe Applock and Eraser for Secret, and Mirror devices to your PC along with unlimited sharing, App Manager, and easy connection to PC via Wi-Fi.


11. The Cleaner – Speed up & Clean

The Cleaner – Speed up & Clean is an astonishing app having some stunning features that enhance the speed and durability of your mobile phones in a damn innovative way. It offers an in-built Memory Optimizer that frees up the unusual space of your phone and boosts your phone’s speed with simple tapping. It cleans up your storage by removing junk files from your phone for making its working smooth and amazing. Rather than these, it also acts as a smart App Manager which lets you batch uninstall apps, Game Booster which speed up your phone’s games, App Locker to ensure your privacy and provides Schedule Remainders.

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12. Mobile Booster

Mobile Booster is another amazing app having valuable features that enhance the speed of your mobile phone and makes your phone’s work smooth. It offers simple taps to Quick Boost which improvise your speed and provides instant summery on your phone’s performance. It provides a distinct Battery Saver which keeps the unwanted battery consuming apps under its authority and save you precious battery timing for you. Its Storage Cleaner feature lets you free up the space on your mobile phone with Android Junk Cleaner approach. Rather than these it also delivers the facilities of Speed Booster, Data Monitor, One-Tap Booster, Memory Cleaner, Data Manager, and Multilingual support, etc.


13. RAM Booster

RAM Booster allows one distinct click to clean memory, temp files, and cache. It is a great app that speeds up your mobile phone device with amazing ease. RAM Booster’s simplicity and convenience are one of the beautiful features of this app. Whenever you run a program, it occupies the Ram, and after you have finished some of its functions remains in the Ram, so this app cleans the rams for you to make your mobile phone done its works quickly without having any cache or junk. It performs many other useful functions for its users that makes this app more popular and attractive.


14. Assistant for Android

Assistant for Android is an astonishing app loaded with almost 18 different features that help you manage your phone’s performance, speed, space, RAM, CPU and other aspects efficiently. This app is equipped with some superb tools with a more realistic crisp look (UI). It efficiently monitors status such as RAM, CPU, SD Card, Battery, and ROM, etc. It offers a great Process Manager with Auto-boost and Quick Boost features. It provides a robust cache cleaner which cleans the unwanted space from your running and recently closed apps. While its others feature includes the delivery of System Cleaner, Power Saver, File Manager, Start-Up Manager, Phone Ringtone provider, Volume Controls, System Information, Batch Install, Widgets, App Backup and Restore support, and much more.


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