Hamza Mushtaq

As an experienced editor and proofreader, Hamza is a valuable asset to the Boomzi team. His expertise in ensuring accuracy and consistency in written content is complemented by his creative writing skills, which he brings to bear on a range of tech-related topics.

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Nov 14, 2017
Best Educational Apps for Android
As some great people said that Education is the Key to Success, and it is…
Nov 12, 2017
Best Talk Back Apps for iOS
The aptitude of adding a text-to-speech and voice inputting feature in the mobile phone devices…
Aug 23, 2017
Best Zip/Unzip Apps for iOS
As everyone needs a compact tool to Zip, Unzip, share and encrypt their files and…
Sep 20, 2017
Best PDF Editor Apps for Android
The trend of conveying useful information have adopted a new way as through capturing a…
Sep 12, 2017
Best Funny Text Messages Apps for Android
We are living in an eon where the old letter and other message sending approached…
Sep 10, 2017
Best Screen Recorder Apps for iOS
Mobile phones have just wrecked PC’s and other devices by covering many fields and offerings.…
Sep 7, 2017
Best Internet Speed Test Apps for iOS
The Internet is a marvelous stuff in the history of discoveries and inventions that enables…
Sep 18, 2017
Best Red Eye Removing Apps for iOS
As the trend of making your pics more gorgeous is increasing, the race of extemporizing…
Aug 31, 2017
Best Police Scanner Apps for iOS
Everyone wants a secure atmosphere and security in his/her hand. Police, Military, Army, and many…
Sep 2, 2017
Best Astronomy Apps for iOS
Lots of people want to know the curiosity of the astronomy and the miraculous stuff…
Sep 14, 2017
Best Voice Recorder Apps for iOS
With the advent of technology, many audio and voice recording features and apps are also…
Sep 5, 2017
Best Heart Rate Monitors for iOS
Every single person wants to stay aware of their heartbeat rate and blood pressure. There…
Aug 28, 2017
Best Gym Apps for iOS
We live in an era of stress, cheap pleasure. Temptation. And convince – all of…
Oct 3, 2017
Best Barometer Apps for iOS
There are lots of physical or solid gadgets (scientific instruments) that measures the pressure of…
Sep 25, 2017
Best Land Navigation Apps for Android
Our earth consists of a mysterious web of roads and paths that lead to different…
Sep 29, 2017
Best Skate Spots Apps for iOS
There is a huge community of people from around the world who seamlessly want skating…
Sep 22, 2017
Best Fingerprint Scanner Apps for iOS
There is a massive collection of apps available in the market that professionally convert your…
Oct 5, 2017
Best RAM Manager Apps for Android
Almost every adult in the world is the smartphone user, and the estimated amount of…
Oct 1, 2017
Best Instagram Followers Apps for Android
Social media platform delivers the most effective and one of the best way to increase…
Sep 22, 2017
Best Handwriting Apps for iOS
Imaginative, complementary, and creative writing wants a damn cool, inspiring, and quality generating platform. As…
Oct 7, 2017
Best Mood Detector Apps for iOS
There are several apps available in the market that are working only for entertainment purposes.…
Dec 12, 2017
Best Mustache Apps for Android
The mustache is becoming a trend for guys nowadays, and a huge amount of people…
Oct 29, 2017
Best Meet People in Your Area Apps for iOS
We are living in a community full of interesting, crazy, jolly, suitable, and attractive persons,…
Nov 2, 2017
Best Measure Distance Apps for iOS
Today we need many instruments and tools for measuring different dimensions (such as height, width,…