14 Best Virtual Assistant Apps for Android and iOS

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We have so many things to do in a day that it takes a lot of energy and time, sometimes after managing a tight schedule, we still are not able to complete our tasks. As the technology is making its way to a remarkable and secure future, developers are designing and testing Artificial Intelligence that will help in all the necessary and daily chores of humankind.

It’s like a virtual person always ready to assist you in making your task easy and keeping you updated on various things. The application software works on multiple platforms and can help in many ways. These apps allow the user to have a conversation based on the predefined configured extensive library, assess different features of the devices, and access third-party apps to make your daily tasks easier and assist you in emergencies’ by contacting the close by units in the area.

They can understand multiple languages, and all these apps have close competition with Siri of the iOS platform. The virtual assistant can easily make your appointments in a sophisticated way, set the alarm, send text, call your friends, have continually learned an ability that adapts your habits, no personal information, and much more. They combine the concept of a particular assistant app with a hardware device to control.


Best Virtual Assistant Apps for Android and iOS

Here is a list of best personal assistance apps for cross-platform tools that help you in all little things so you can increase your productivity and focus on your health.

1. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an Artificial Intelligence-based application that assists in routine work. The app is designed and supported by Google Inc. The program’s primary function uses variable integer proportion and unitary system and its feature, which allows you to make your task easy.

It not only send your text make calls. It also entertains you in many ways and completes your work. This app requires your voice to let your phone to use specific application for completing the work you can have ordered to the virtual assistant


The app can send an email, send texts, navigate the places, report news updates, and much more. Google Assistant can have a real human conversation with another human without knowing that they are talking to a virtual assistant.

It sync and control by speaking and understanding your voice. Google Assistant consists of 30+ super useful voice commands. It is easy to use by just saying, “Ok, Google.” The interface consists of a smart structure user-friendly theme constructive layout.

Download: Google Assistant for Android | iOS

2. Lyra Virtual Assistant

Lyra Virtual Assistant is a cross-platform virtual assistant application that provides you with expensive tools and a list of features that support you working without touching your phone. It comes with intelligent personal assistant skills that help you arrange little time-consuming chores. It has a special type of observation that allows you to talk to it.

Lyra Virtual Assistant manage phone, make calls, send text, can also play YouTube videos, and more. The unique feature is that it can retain conversation on many devices. Lyra Virtual Assistant advanced natural language processing. The advanced native language processing system works if you correct the error call conversing with it.

The interface of the app is intuitively made up of different structural layout, which guides the user and provides a navigation feature. The tool supports no ads and offers a purchase module to give you access to an extensive library of voice commands.

Download: Lyra Virtual Assistant for Android | iOS

3. Extreme-Personal Voice Assistant

Extreme-Personal Voice Assistant is an exceptionally well developed virtual assistant application that is available on only Android devices. The app has a smart interface that is capable of many options and produces many features. It helps you make calls send SMS, forward your emails, and much more.

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It has a smart and dark interface that allows you to have a conversation with the application. It can search results from the internet, can access your camera, navigate you in the tight spots. It also offers an app launch facility, accesses your phone database, and opens any app you want to open.

The tool can quickly get you to update on different support modules that help you with many small and big problems. The interface is easy to use, and the design is constructive that provides a user navigation protocol to improve the user in using the program.

The free features of Extreme-Personal Voice Assistant are unlimited, but you can access more by purchasing the app, which also removes the ads.

Download: Extreme-Personal Voice Assistant for Android

4. Jarvis

Jarvis is an artificial intelligence-based virtual assistant application that supports the Android platform. It has an interesting feature that allows you to access your phone by just using your voice commands. The idea of this application originated from an MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) movie in which there is a smart and compatible artificial intelligence software named Jarvis.

Besides a tacky and attractive name, the app is full of amazing features and supports multiple languages. The core feature of the application includes turning on Wi-Fi, flashlight, Bluetooth, set the alarm, reminders, play music, access internet application, and much more. It runs the functions even when the screen is locked.

The interface consists of an interesting red theme smart GUI structure and a constructive layout. Jarvis is easy to use and offers ads and an in-app purchase to unlock additional features.

Download: Jarvis for Android

5. Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is one of the most renowned and smart advisor applications, which consists of virtual assistants protocols that help you in everyday life. You can easily access your mobile app and feature of your phone. It has control over the voice command by just tapping the microphone button on the screen.

The core feature of the app offers a great personal assistant. It also requires an Amazon fire device for Amazon echo device to access and provide more options. It also controls web searches integrate with smartphone allow you to order pizza, access your emails, full voice command, provide a function to the user, and much more.

It sets your music app, provides you with books, creates an editor to-do list, and sync with multiple devices. The interface is easy to use and consists of an attractive layout, a smart GUI design, and theme. Amazon Alexa is free to use and does not contain any purchase or ads.

Download: Amazon Alexa for Android | iOS

6. Bixby

Bixby is a Samsung personal assistant application that consists of an artificial intelligence module that offers various features and functions to control your phone over the voice command. The app has so many tracking tools that allow you to play a different type of music within your phone. It supports multiple applications, multiple languages, and sync with your phone and other devices.

It can perform various tasks with just a tap of the microphone button. The interface of the app is easy to use and only available on Android devices that support Samsung phones. Bixby has a great theme which allows you to chat with virtual assistant give you the best user experience. The GUI structure has a smart layout and attractive theme.

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Download: Bixby Android

7. Cortana

Cortana is a Microsoft support virtual assistant application that consists of an artificial intelligence module that allows you to control your phone or Windows by using voice command. It was first launched on the Windows platform, but the interfaces have traveled its way to cross-platform devices.

The primary functions of the app offer an integrated system that you must have used on Windows 10. The core feature of the tool includes calling people, sending SMS, tracking emails, following user command, take notes, set your calendar, and more.

The interface is straightforward to understand and consists of smart design. The best part of Cortana is that it tracks your movement and follow your daily routine and can understand multiple languages. The interface has an attractive theme to support a smart and interactive GUI structure and provide the best user experience.

Download: Cortana for Android | iOS

8. HOUND Voice Search & Mobile Assistant

HOUND Voice Search & Mobile Assistant smart voice recognition control artificial intelligence virtual assistant that offers you many features and allows you to control your phone over your voice commands. The app interface is amazing and offers interesting tools like texting to your friends and family, checking email and weather reports, providing your assistance with GPS location, chatting as a friend hand-making conversation.

The best function of this program is that it adapts to your routine and fulfill your daily needs before you ask the program. It covers your internet needs and provides you with a result against your queries.

The interface of the app has a smart design consists of exciting features, provides a user-friendly atmosphere, and helps in navigation. HOUND Voice Search & Mobile Assistant is free to use and offer in-app purchases to unlock additional features.

Download: HOUND Voice Search & Mobile Assistant for Android

9. 24me Smart Personal assistant

24me Smart Personal assistant is a virtual assistant application that supports iOS devices and made of artificial intelligence modules and algorithms which help you in taking care of your daily routine. The purpose of this app is that it consists of many interesting features that allow you to control your phone with your voice command.

The core features include taking notes, set a meeting, provide assistant, send and receive your emails, stop intercepting calls, remember the dial-in number, easy customization, smart alerts, and increase productivity by sharing it with the assigned cloud system, and much more.

The interface is easy to use consist of beautiful design and attractive theme which support and help the user in navigation and boost the experience. It includes tips on how to use the app, support ads, and contain in-app purchases to access additional features.

Download: 24me Smart Personal assistant for Android | iOS

10. Haptik Personal Assistant

Haptik Personal Assistant is a best and smart personal assistant application that includes features of an Artificial intelligence module that allow you to control your application and program with your voice recognition system.

The program is the easiest way to get your work done by just asking the program to do the task like sending SMS, calling someone, checking your emails, making a reservation, breaking news, and much more. Haptik Personal Assistant smart interactive and attractive interface and consists of many features and options that are handy.

The core function of the app includes using a dictionary, offline search for a video on the internet, open chat window with a virtual assistant, support multiple languages, include a translator, and much more. Haptik Personal Assistant is free to use but consists of ads with no purchase option.

Download: Haptik Personal Assistant for Android | iOS

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11. Friday: Smart personal Assistant

Friday: Smart personal Assistant is another virtual assistant application which uses of artificial intelligence module and settings which help you navigate the app comfortably with your voice commands.

The application’s name was based on the movie of MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) in which ‘Friday’ is an artificial intelligence software that runs the whole system.

The core feature of the application includes connecting video phone application, providing access to hardware, managing your daily work. It also offers assistance in all small tasks like sending email and SMS, calling using social platforms, and providing support in multiple categories and languages.

The program packs a set of tools the help the user in navigation, provide smart GUI layout and offer an attractive theme. Friday: Smart personal Assistant is only available on Android devices to feature ads and offers an in-app purchase module.

Download: Friday: Smart personal Assistant for Android

12. My Personal Assistant

My Assistant is a smart virtual assistant application that works on the Android platform. The app has a unique design of algorithms that uses artificial intelligence systems. The tool is a smart virtual assistant that gives you control over voice commands.

It provides you with tools to ask for the weather forecast, set the alarm, send SMS, calls your friends, accesses a different application that is on your phone, and much more. The core feature consists of obtaining the internet, providing chat face with a virtual assistant, control over GPS, and much more.

The interface consists of a smart layout that is self-explanatory. With the help of a smart GUI structure, it is easy to navigate. My Personal Assistant is free to use but consists of ads and offers an in-app purchase for accessing additional tools and models.

Download: My Personal Assistant for Android

13. DataBot Assistant

DataBot Assistant is an artificial intelligence application based on a virtual assistant platform that supports both Android and iOS platforms. The purpose of this app is to provide you ease, so you work without touching your phone.

It allows you to sort all different apps installed on your phone, and it accesses the internet to provide you the required results. The functions are easy to use and consists of many exciting features and option which allow you to search for relevant information and do your regular task like send an email, accessing camera, SMS, searching for a particular query from the internet, etc.

It also accesses your mobile apps and programs. The interface has a smart design and consists of an intelligent structure of the GUI layout. DataBot Assistant is free to use and comes with an in-app purchase that gives more features and also removes ads.

Download: DataBot Assistant for Android | iOS

14. Robin – AI Voice Assistant

Robin – AI Voice Assistant is a smart interfaced virtual assistant application that consists of an artificial intelligence platform that provides you assistant on every step by just using your voice commands. The interface is so secure that it challenges the interface of Siri from Apple Inc.

The app consists of many exciting features like bring proper local information, GPS navigation movements, making calls, and texting, accessing your emails, and having full control over the internet queries. The best part is that it continuously keeping on learning and adapting so you can perform tasks by just tapping the microphone button.

The interface has a comfortable layout, smart design, which provides self-explanatory modes of navigation and user-friendly experience. Robin is free and does not consist of any ads or in-app purchases.

Download: Robin – AI Voice Assistant for Android

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