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Our earth consists of a mysterious web of roads and paths that lead to different places, and it is merely impossible to memorize all the roads and tracks for the first time. So for the sake of exploring this world, we definitely have a proper guide which contains all the information, and that leads us through the right path to get the destination. For this purpose, there are many apps that guide us expertly and makes it so reliable to meet our destiny with lots of amazing outcomes including Proper Approach, Damn Convenience, Saving Time, Powerful and Intuitive Connectivity, Expert Guidance, and proper Availability. Using these apps, you can easily navigate land, get GPS online as well as offline, record your paths, get current location, measure distances and directions between different points, get petrol or gas stations, explore your point of interests, and much more. These apps provide detailed information about places or map, and you can even download maps using these particular apps. Some of the fabulous collection of best Land Navigation apps are available which facilitates you in a unique and instinctual way.


MAPS.ME is a widely used app that provides a useful, free, detailed, fast, and entirely offline mapping support along with turn-by-turn navigation used by more than 65 million users from all over the world. Using this app, you can easily access offline maps and save mobile data. All maps having a feature which it provides are totally accessible. Its real-time navigation feature lets you drive, walk, or cycle anywhere in the world. While its other features include incredible details, Up-to-datedness, reliable and fast, explore points of interests, easy and effective navigation, and much more.

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2. GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic i

GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic is a widely used app with many quality features that provides many utilities of its users. It is probably the most downloaded offline GPS and Navigation app and is well appreciated by users from all over the world. It provides the offline maps support that reduces your mobile data and does not need any internet connection. It also provides real-time traffic help, traffic situations, parking utility, find cheaper gas and petrol stations, and much more. It delivers a never-ending list of features that provide quality features for mobile users. Its HUD display makes you drive at night, provides dynamic lane guidance, junction view, free maps updates, voice-guided navigation, and much more.

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3. Mapfactor Navigator

Mapfactor Navigator is a free and offline turn-by-turn GPS navigation app that deliver some superb features. It provides realistic look maps approach which guides you perfectly without any wrong intervenient way. It delivers some stunning features like intuitive voice recognition support, door to door route planning, provides GPS satellite navigation, an overview of the upcoming maneuver, and its 3D or 2D modes provide realistic visual maps and display. Rather than these, it also provides a realistic view, day or night modes for easy drive navigation, find nearest points of interests, north up searching, postcodes, audible warnings, and much more.

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4. Offline Map Navigation

Offline Map Navigation is an approach that enables you to search for any place around you and from around the whole world with real-time precision. It provides some amazing features including free maps and updates without any hidden charges. Its core features include free GPS navigation (offline), 2D buildings, speed limit warnings, Large POI database, day and night mode for effective navigation, pedestrian, bee-line or car navigation and much more. While its extended features include real-time traffic, Multilanguage voice recognition support, track recording, lane guidance, travel book, and many other interesting factors.


5. HERE WeGo – Offline Maps & GPS

HERE WeGo – Offline Maps & GPS is another very important and necessary sort of travelling app that should be present inside the smart devices of everyone. The app is best and essential app for travelers, who use to travel a lot all around the globe, as this app provides them real time GPS navigations and directions and guide them properly about their routes and tracks. The best and most prominent feature of the app is its offline support of the maps. The users now can use the maps of the app even when offline which is very much helpful in the locations where they do not have the data connection and internet facility.

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6. Truck navigation app

Truck navigation app is one of the most user-friendly and versatile apps that delivers its best for the Truck drivers and other truck holders for making their way to their destination. It is a truck navigation and GPS oriented app that provides a reliable and safe routing on the truck legal pathways and roads. It effectively calculates specific routes with the distinct providence of traffic updates and the availability of roads. Each driver or user can efficiently make a profile configuration based on axle load, max, weight, height, width, length, and whether he is carrying precarious goods. It is a great app for drivers which enables them to drive with full recognition form anything that they encounter on their way.


7. OsmAnd – Maps & GPS Navigation

OsmAnd – Maps & GPS Navigation is a GPS navigation app having tons of interesting and incredible features for its users. It is available in both offline and online modes, and you can easily select any from them. It provides a turn-by-turn voice guidance that lets you lead your journey by passing through right tracks. Rather than these, it provides lane guidance, traffic sensation, and real-time Maps updates. Its remarkable GPS and Navigation providence helps users do cycling, skiing, walking, hiking, city tour, and other outings in a damn easy way using this handy app.

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8. ZANavi

ZANavi is amazing stuff for making your paths easier to discover. It is a great app for people facing some new areas all the time due to their domestic or business dealings. It helps you maintain MapServer and provides real-time updates. Using this app, you can easily navigate through places, find different places offline, and provides maps of almost all countries. You can effortlessly download maps of any country having this app on your mobile phone devices. You can straightforwardly discover your journey and paths that lead to your destination quickly using this GPS and navigation app.


9. Magic Earth Pro Navigation

Magic Earth Pro Navigation is an amazing maps finder app that works in offline mode. Its Maps providence features include OpenStreetMap, 3D maps support, Satellite maps, Weather, Add points-of-interest, and Wikipedia support, etc. Its Navigation approach allows Lane Guidance, Car Navigation, Multiple Stops, Road Signs, Speed Cameras, bike-friendly approach, Speed Warnings, Pedestrian Navigation, Bicycle Navigation, and much more. While its HD Traffic feature provides Alternative routes, Avoid traffic, and real-time Updated for every minute. And it does not contains any mobile internet cost, provides navigation without internet and delivers country maps along with regional maps.

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10. Offline GPS route & Navigation

Offline GPS route & Navigation lets you use mapping approach without any internet connection. Many interesting and useful features of this app enhances the ease of exploring this world. These features let you find GPS route offline and uses inbuilt intellectual GPS and Navigation feature. It enables an optimized, fast, smooth, and smart route finding, offers user location automatically, offline travel history storage, search and download the map from any country, and much more. It delivers turn-by-turn guide, important nearby locations along with voice recognition approach.


11. Land Nav Assistant

Land Nav Assistant is specially designed for military purpose packed with tons of interesting and useful features that provide a robust route finder anywhere. It effectively accepts MGRS, visually navigation Latitude, and longitude coordinates that navigate you on each point. This app was designed for Marine, Military, or Army personnel in mind that used this app to correct their land navigation techniques by analyzing pace count and tendency. Using this app, you can easily use simple arrow interface (to direct your location), long-tap anywhere (to get coordination from that particular location), plan your course, get directions and distances from two points, terrain, road, or satellite map Nav and lot more.

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12. Polaris Navigation GPS

Polaris Navigation GPS has a long list of features that help you navigate properly using your mobile phone devices in an offline mode. Some of its typical usages include hiking GPS, trial record, Backcountry exploration, Fishing GPS, Geocache, Mountain biking, compass orienting, sailing, boating, hunting, camping, backpacking, and other outdoor sports. It provides unlimited access to raster map downloader and map selector which allows its users to access its vector maps library freely and downloads offline maps along with some robust and smart navigation system.


13. GeoLocation

GeoLocation is an app that provides your current location in several podiums. Some of these are Decimal Degrees (DD), DMS (Degree Minute Seconds), Military Grid Reference System (MGRS), and Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM), etc. It is an excellent and intellectual tool for map reading, discovering your points of interest, exploring gas stations, land navigation, and geocaching up to two-meter accuracy. Rather than these, it also provides road and satellite land navigation assist for its users that efficiently manage you to get your way to the destination.


14. ActiveGPS

ActiveGPS is an awesome GPS booster with the simple, costless, and ads-free atmosphere. Using this app, you can easily access many of its useful features. You can easily start a background service, choose from three modes (fast, slow or normal), can use wake lock, and much more. This app provides real-time notification support, can be started on the boot and is free from any commercial activity. It is a widely used app that reduces GPSD cold start time, provides GPS sensor, delivers more accurate navigation and tracking, and is a fabulous tool for developers and users who use passive way to GPS or navigation sensor.


15. US Topo Maps Pro

US Topo Maps Pro is easy to use the app with free access to the topographic maps and images for the USA. It provides a catalog that lets you choose from 20 different map layers including aerials, sea charts, topos, flight maps, and others. It provides hundreds of features that let you create and edit waypoints and routes, download maps for offline usage, displays real-time now Coast weather details, and much more. Rather than these, it also provides detailed information about route navigation, track recording, GoTo-waypoints navigation, searching for routes, track replay, share waypoints, track point of interests, and much more.

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