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There are lots of physical or solid gadgets (scientific instruments) that measures the pressure of the atmosphere, height (from the sea level), altitudes, and other weather forecasting scenarios. These gadgets are packed with some stunning sensors that deliver real-time effective and precise stats. Lots of people interested in hiking, swimming, long jumpers, mountaineers, and other individuals want such type of gadgets with them because they want to get the live or real-time weather updates so that they can manage to face good or worse weather situations anytime. These physical gadgets are heavy to hold and carry, that’s why now different mobile phone users have the advantage to have a built-in sensor in their mobile phones to efficiently measure these facets. Now it is pretty much simple, easy, and handy to get a stunning barometer measuring app and quickly determine atmospheric pressure and especially weather forecasting and altitude. These apps have eliminates the concept of the actual barometer measuring gadget and provides much simplicity and ease to gather detailed information about weather and other related stuff. These apps have introduced many effortless doings and compact sense for mobile users that love to hang out and engage in indoor and outdoor activities.

1. Barometer & Altimeter for iPhone/iPad

Barometer & Altimeter for iPhone/iPad is a great app that features a strong altimeter for outdoor activities and a compatible barometer for measuring weather situations. It is a fully-featured app with lots of amazing providence and almost all complementary features. The Altimeter that it provides helps you track altitude and any change in the current pressure. It provides detailed information about the current weather with stats. Rather than these, it also provides a today-new widget, an interactive timeline, support six different pressure units, no internet connection (uses built-in sensors into iPhone 6, six plus and some others), analog barometer, and much more. Its pro version include some more remarkable and extraordinary functions for its users including changes barometer outlook, fishing barometer, export data in CSV format, and two scales on the barometer, etc.

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2. eWeather HD

eWeather HD is a great weather farsightedness app with tons of useful featuring providence. There are lots of amazing features that it delivers to provide distinct details about the weather and many other aspects. It provides some unique features that include Foreca and US weather details (two world-renowned weather providers), pollution and air quality, 365 days weather report, weather buoys (wave height, wind, and gust, air, water, pressure, directions and periods, etc.), and much more. It also delivers precise information about the tornado, hail probability, Polar night, sea surface temperature, map and radar, ten-day forecast, black ice and freezes warnings, more than twenty original widgets, and many others.

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3. Pro Altimeter

Pro Altimeter is a new app with some tremendous functions that provides its users the facility to measure outdoor stuff easily using your mobile phone devices. It provides distinct details about the length and altitude effectively and accurately and having this you do not have any other gadget for measuring all these stuff. It has a dead simple and instinctual interface. It provides robust details about the GPS altitude and Barometer altitude in large, persistent, and digitally formatted numbers. Except this, it also lets you use GPS altitude, manually enter altitude, check local pressure, manually enter pressure, and many other things accurately.

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4. Travel Altimeter Lite

Travel Altimeter Lite is a weather providence app with some intuitive and unique features. It offers an uncluttered and damn simple interface to measure Altitude or Elevation, Longitude, weather details, and Latitude, etc. Some of its key features include built-in flashlight support, ground elevation, highest GPS accuracy, and lets you view in meters and feet. You can set different backgrounds like Meadow, Cityscape, Mountain, and any of your favorite pics for making it more attractive. It also enables you to make screenshots and share it with others via some social media platforms.


5. Altimeter+

Altimeter+ is a straightforward app with many interesting availabilities. It efficiently calculates the altitude, longitude, and some other aspects of your current location using GPS Barometer measurement and Aster. It also delivers an average calculation of Aster altitude data, and GPS along with an integral map which demonstrates peaks, compass, and a distance grid efficiently. Some of its amazing features include the support of Apple Watch, Barometer altitude measurement, Altimeter with Aster and GPS measurement, many units of measurement, integral maps with some attractive providence, ultimate peak indicator, and much more.


6. Thermo-Hygrometer

Thermo-Hygrometer is a weather detection app with some superb quality features. Despite some of its ordinary function, it also provides some extraordinary features for making this app stand a bit more in the current market. Some of its intuitive providence includes the point unit thermometer, high and low temperature indicator, hygrometer, barometer (unchHg, or hPa), and others. While on the other aspect it also supports integrated barometers, temperature humidity index, Landscape mode support, support Apple Watch OS 3, 3D touch quick action, and much more. It efficiently displays humidity, air pressure, and outside temperature as well.

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7. Barometer & Altimeter

Barometer & Altimeter is an app that enables you to get acknowledgment about your weather and current altitude and details of some other facets. It delivers a never-ending list of useful features that help us getting stuff more easily and quickly. Apart from some complementary features, it includes some stunning and unique features for its users. It includes a distinct Barometer for weather report and Altimeter for outdoor activities. It provides details up to 3D trend visualized with awesome graphics, supports different pressure and altitude units, configurable number of decimals. With displayed accuracy and much more.

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8. Heading | Compass, Altimeter, Barometer, Location, Sunrise & Sunset

Heading | Compass, Altimeter, Barometer, Location, Sunrise & Sunset is a fully-featured app with almost all the measuring capabilities. It is a real compass which delivers your device’s real-time orientation to magnetic fields. It is probably the best app which includes many intuitive features in a realistic and crisp look. It offers a completely new design for iOS 7 and 8. Some of its core features include the ability to switch between magnetic and true North, provides some unique and new barometer sensor, location coordinator, sunset or sunrise details, calibration, pressure, and altitude measurement in a damn easy and accurate way.


9. Analog Weather Station – old style barometer and mercury in glass thermometer

Analog Weather Station – old style barometer and mercury in glass thermometer is a great app that provides details about weather and some other aspect. It is equipped with accurate tools that let you know about your weather situation, atmosphere pressure, barometric pressure, amount of vapors in the air, and much more. It provides distinct details about the pressure, temperature, and humidity of your current place or position. It provides a lot of realistic themes to make its interface more attractive eye-catching and unique. It also delivers forecasts, 3D graphics, different data sources and much more.

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10. Barometrics: share barometers for the world

Barometrics: share barometers for the world is an app that precisely tells the weather situations related to your particular place wherever you live. It provides a lot of interesting features which efficiently enables us to get information about the current weather, humidity, wind blow, pressure, temperature, and much more. It is a well-known weather app to share Barometers and other weather indications. Rather than some specific providence, it also enables us to check the current weather around, recent barometers, and upcoming 5 days weather report around you. It provides one of the key factors to predict weather effectively.


11. Simple Barometer

Simple Barometer is a weather detecting and information providing app with many useful features. It provides sensible features which deliver robust accuracy for measuring the details about your current weather and barometers etc. It provides an accurate barometric sensor which displays the current weather (without any internet connection because it is built-in on some iOS devices), and you can also get current pressure anytime, anywhere. It also enables you to check the raw and adjusted pressure quickly, measure air pressure using a number of measuring units, provides sea level air pressure (using your altitude) and provides an estimated assessment change right from the reset point that you control.


12. WeatherRun: Cycling, Walk, Hike Tracker, Altimeter- using Barometer, a logger with Pebble Watch, Heart Rate monitor, M8 Motion Steps

WeatherRun: Cycling, Walk, Hike Tracker, Altimeter- using Barometer, a logger with Pebble Watch, Heart Rate monitor, M8 Motion Steps is a great app which provides a handsome number of useful and important providence for measuring weather accurately. It efficiently measures the speed of the air pressure, and efficiently tracks distance, route, duration, and speed, etc. It is a great tool available for iOS mobile phone devices that enables its users to track and chart humidity, altitude, barometric pressure, current weather details, etc. and share them on some social media platforms. It provides intuitive details along with audio cues that provide more specific and distinct information. It enables us to measure different workout activities and view weather stats with the pretty detailed scenario. It is important for cyclists, hike tracker, altimeter finder, and for monitoring Heart rate as well.

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13. Bar-o-Meter – Altimeter & Barometer

Bar-o-Meter – Altimeter & Barometer efficiently reads the pressure from the barometer using your mobile phone device and the current location. It delivers a great range of widgets that efficiently keeps you up to date with the pressure and other aspects related to weather. It provides pressure and altitude charts, relevant altitudes (to get details of how up and below did you Hike), the comprehensive providence of weather, etc. using multiple measuring units, stunning flat design graphics, and amazing animations. It also gives a thorough note on the weather forecast and shows pressure, wind flow, and barometer in different measuring units as well.


14. Barometer Plus – Altimeter and Barometer PRO

Barometer Plus – Altimeter and Barometer PRO measure altitude, air pressure, and other weather-related stuff using its built-in barometric pressure sensor (in your iOS devices). It is a great application that contains accurate barometer and altimeter and supports a variety of units for that purpose. It is an app that can be used virtually for all of your indoor and outdoor activities including hiking, climbing, trekking, etc. for measuring altitude, weather situations, nearest airport locations, GPS altitude and other facets. Rather than these, Barometer Plus also delivers personalized graphics, offset sensor output value, notification about pressure change, export history in CVS formats, and much more.

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15. Perfect Altitude Meter

Perfect Altitude Meter is a great app that efficiently determines your current location, its altitude, water boiling point, and its barometric pressure. It does not need any internet approach for this reason. It is a marvelous tool for hikers which measures atmospheric pressure in numerous units including psi, bars, etc. It provides intuitive help for persons having outdoor activities and is one of the best app and tool for measuring atmospheric pressure. It is a quick and easy altimeter app with stunningly simple GUI, and a great elevation finder gadget to calculate the height above the sea level.

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