10 Best SD Card Reader Apps for Android and iOS

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SD cards contain important content that is portable and can be used for multiple purposes. They can transfer data from one device to another with much hassle. However, if you have an SD card and want to connect it to your system, you cannot attach it directly.

You need an SD card reader to attach a memory card to your personal computer. Similarly, for connecting an SD card with a mobile phone, you need an SD card reader and an OTG device. If you want to explore the data of your SD card and USB device properly, you need a specific application for such a purpose.

What is SD Card Reader App?

Many SD Card Reader Apps are developed to access and manage microSD cards and USB flash drives. These applications can manage your content and remove unwanted clutter. They help people manage files and folders of external drives by making them a part of external memory.


You can quickly transfer data from one memory to another using their built-in tools. Not only can you read, edit and move the content of any SD card, but you can also alter and manage the photos and videos present in your device’s internal storage.

10 Best SD Card Reader Apps

Keeping in view users’ needs and expectations, this article has presented 10 of the best SD Card Readers apps available free on various platforms, along with their features, pros, and cons. You can select any one of them at your convenience.

1. SD Card Manager For Android & File Manager Master

It is an exciting application for managing and searching for the SD Card. Users can search SD cards, create files, create directories, and instantly move, copy, share, rename, and delete files. It includes image viewer and manager support, video watching and manager, a file manager for your device, applications manager, and audio player and manager.


A user can easily manage photos, applications, ringtones, and video clips. It can work with memory cards with different storage spaces. The program helps the user change the app’s interface and color, show hidden files and folders, access history, view file formats and locations, detect files with match programs, and detect file formats.


  • Display Hidden Files
  • Manage SD cards
  • Modify Internal Storage
  • Open Match Program Files


  • Change Display Setting
  • Structured Interface
  • Access History


  • Limited Features
  • Poor Customer Support

Download: SD Card Manager For Android & File Manager Master for Android




StickMount is a fast application created for Android devices that allow users to remove USB flash drive safely from their smartphone. The program can work appropriately with Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 and Honeycomb 3.1+. The program utilizes a USB2go cable to attach a USB drive to your smartphone.

The latest versions of Android mobiles contain a USB port to install a USB stick. This application is beneficial to mount and dismount the USB stick on your smartphone. This program helps you efficiently manage your SD card files and USB flash drive. It provides you the option to mount and unmount the flash drive safely.


  • USB Stick
  • Stick Mount Application
  • Mount and Unmount USB Drives


  • Fast Data Transferring
  • Manage Cards Sizes
  • Password Protection


  • Limited Features
  • Override Data Storage
  • No Live Support



StickMount for Android

3. AParted ( Sd card Partition )

AParted is an SD Card Reader application that facilitates users to generate partitions and manage them in your USB device or SD card. You can create a swap partition to insert more RAM into your system. It works properly with all versions of Android devices. It will remove your data from the SD card if it contains viruses.

This program is primarily for advanced users who have previous knowledge of such applications. It helps you convert your external memory to internal memory and increase your RAM to boost mobile performance. Make partitions of SD cards and secure data if your SD card gets corrupted.


  • Make External Storage Partition
  • Convert Internal Memory
  • Repair damaged SD Cards


  • Increases RAM
  • Automatically Delete Cache
  • Detect Bugs and Viruses


  • No Developer Support
  • Numerous Ads
  • Only for Advanced Users

Download: AParted ( Sd card Partition ) for Android

4. Solid Explorer USB OTG Plugin

Solid Explorer is a nicely designed application that allows you to manage card readers and USB drives data. This application only supports Nexus devices with USB host capabilities. Supported file systems of Solid Explorer are exFAT, FAT32, and NTFS. The app can harm the appliance if you do not work correctly.

The application allows you to run media like play videos and music using third-party players. It can read and access data from USB drives and SD cards. The program also supports hard drives attached to the power supply. However, it does not work with GoPro’s. So, having a backup of your files is quite imperative.


  • Read and Access Files
  • Media Streaming
  • Built-in Player


  • Support Multiple Drives
  • File Management


  • Breaks File System
  • Limited Customer Support

Download: Solid Explorer USB OTG Plugin for Android

5. EXIF Viewer by Fluntro

EXIF Viewer is a beautiful program that contains the iMessage App, recent Photo’s EXIF Widget, and photos extension. The application can read and view data from SD cards. The application can show EXIF metadata and remove EXIF metadata like GPS locations.

It shows EXIF tags like focal length, shutter speed, time stamp, lens model, camera model, file name, shutter count, and aperture. You can also select your preferred date formats and hide images without EXIF metadata. You can navigate between previous and next pictures as it supports 3D touch and provides the option to share images.


  • SD Card Reader
  • Remove EXIF Metadata
  • Shutter Control
  • Bulk Content Editing


  • Display EXIF Metadata
  • Edit File Name
  • Zoom In and Out Photos


  • Limited SD Card Tools
  • Lack Storage Management
  • Costly Subscription Fee

Download: EXIF Viewer by Fluntro for iOS

6. EzyMount

EzyMount is an advanced application that contains a free USB Mount Widget. The program has the aim to mount MicroSD cards and USB devices. It includes customization options and necessary tools that provide no difficulty with file size limitations, file formats, or permissions.

It provides read and write support for Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, and NFTS. The applications offer a 1-click mounting widget and automatic USB Device mounting. The application consists of multiple features like UMS handling and MTP handlings and lets you mount numerous partitions and devices. Work correctly with the internal and external storage of your smartphones and tablets.


  • NTFS Reading and Writing
  • USB Mount Widget
  • MTP Handling
  • Images Integration


  • MicroSD Card Reader
  • Customization Options
  • Storage Management


  • Does Not Work on ext4
  • No Developer Support
  • Clumsy User Interface

Download: EzyMount for Android

7. USB Photo Viewer

USB Photo Viewer, also known as Nexus Photo Viewer, helps you see the RAW and JPEG images from an SD Card or USB flash drive. It works appropriately with Pixel, Nexus, and other Android devices. A USB Flash Drive, SD Card, USB Card Reader, and a USB OTG cable are necessary to work.

If you connect an external hard drive with your smartphone, you should connect it with an external power supply. Don’t ever try to attach an unpowered hard drive with your smartphone. It provides three new tools like OTG Troubleshooter, File manager, and Photo manager.


  • File Manager
  • Photo Editor
  • OTG Detection


  • OTG Troubleshooter
  • Connect External Hard Drive
  • Structured Interface


  • No Images Copy Function
  • No USB Host Support

Download: USB Photo Viewer for Android

8. USB OTG File Manager Trial

USB OTG File Manager Trial is a trial version of the application provided by Nexus. The program can correctly test all features on your USB device instantly. However, this platform does not allow viewing or copying data. You can use an NTFS or FAT32 filesystem to view and copy data from a USB mass storage device.

You can manage files of USB storage devices like delete files, add directories, and edit filenames. Besides, you can also manage data present in your smartphone’s internal memory. The app is designed to work with Nexus products like Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 7, Nexus 9, and Nexus 10.


  • OTG File Manager
  • Open and Copy Files


  • Manage External Storage
  • Data Integration
  • File Editor


  • Bugs and Glitches
  • Limited Features
  • No OTG Access

Download: USB OTG File Manager Trial for Android

9. OTG Disk Explorer Pro

OTG Disk Explorer Pro allows you to view and manage card readers and USB flash drives from Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets. You have to connect your flash drive using an OTG cable and attach it to your smartphone. Open the app to view all data on your USB drive. Besides, you can work with them using advanced app editors or viewers.

The program is supporting the FAT32 disk format currently. Before installing this application, you need to install OTG Disk Explorer Lite to check the working of your flash drive and device. You can their customer care team if you are having some issues.


  • Read Multiple SD Cards
  • Read USB Flash Drives
  • Edit Playlists
  • File Management


  • Fast OTG Connection
  • Simple User Interface
  • Built-in Music Player


  • No Live Support
  • Limited Editing Features
  • Expensive Paid Version

Download: OTG Disk Explorer Pro for Android

10. SanDisk Memory Zone

ZoomIt is an SD Card reader application that allows users to manage content on their smartphones. A user can access and move files from one place to another one. He can access data from a microSD, phone, or cloud. Timeline searching or geo-tagging helps you search for files across multiple storage locations.

It collects all your photos and files from different devices and cloud services and places them on one spot for a comfortable arrangement. Clean up space from chat apps and move data to a microSD card or SanDisk Dual Drive. Delete extra files of other apps and back up your essential data.


  • Search Files Metadata
  • Cloud Backup
  • Clean Up Clutter


  • Data Management
  • Multiple File Transfer


  • Bugs and Glitches
  • Override the Internal Storage
  • Limited Capacity

Download: SanDisk Memory Zone for Android


To conclude, SD Card reader applications work efficiently to fulfill all of your needs. With them, you can read and access files from external devices, view pictures, check videos, and transfer data between places. Make it part of internal memory and increase the size of the RAM.

The ten apps mentioned above will be sufficient for their roles. They put all files and folders in a single location, and you can perform all actions of your requirement. If your SD card contains sensitive information, you can protect it by utilizing the password protection offered by their apps.

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