How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Discord? 8 Effective Methods

By Sanam Nayab • Updated on May 17, 2023
Some effective methods to confirm if you have been blocked on Discord include checking your message history, attempting to add them as friends, and verifying if their profile picture and status are visible.

As a platform for community and gaming communication, Discord has quickly grown in popularity. It offers a flexible and user-friendly interface for real-time content sharing, phone calls, and chatting. Discord has established itself as a vital tool for gamers, broadcasters, content producers, tutoring, and several online communities because of its extensive feature set and programmable settings.(1)

However, Discord has its share of drawbacks, including the potential for user blocking, just like any other social media network. Users who are banned on Discord may feel alienated and perplexed, wondering whether they were purposefully left out or if there were technical problems. This article might assist you in comprehending how to tell if someone has blocked you on Discord, which is where Discord-blocked messages come into play.(2)

This research aims to shed light on how the Discord platform may be used to facilitate high-quality distant communication during emergency training.


According to research by Yasla, the Discord platform may be used to ascertain the qualities of distance learning systems.(3)

As part of the research, it is recommended that the primary functions of the online communication system be identified. Accordingly, O. M. Krivonos and O. V. Korotun (Krivonos & Korotun, 2015) describe broad learning goals as the allocation of a teacher’s time and energy. They stress the need to prioritize in-class work, assign homework that can be completed outside of class, determine which parts of the project are best suited for solo study and which are better suited for a collaborative effort, and so on. (4, 5)


Users of Discord have control over their platform interactions and their privacy settings.(6)

This includes the capability to block other users, which stops them from communicating with them on shared servers, sending them direct messages, or seeing their online status.(7)

Although blocking is a personal decision, it might have consequences for the individual who is blocked, prompting them to wonder if they have really been blocked or not.(8)

Understanding Discord Blocking

Discord was created by Jason Citron and Stanislav Vishnevskiy, the creators of OpenFeint and Guildwork, respectively, two prominent multiplayer gaming platforms.(9,10)

In 2011, Citron sold OpenFeint to GREE for US$104 million, which he used to launch a game production business called Hammer & Chisel the following year. Fates Forever, published in 2014, was meant to be Citron’s debut product and the first mobile MOBA game. However, it was not a financial success.(11)

Discord’s blocking function enables users to limit communication with certain people. On Discord, blocking someone signifies that the user no longer wants to engage with them in shared servers or receive direct messages (DMs). This may have a variety of effects on users, and figuring out if someone has blocked you requires a grasp of how Discord blocking works. Discord bought Sentropy, a business that specialized in utilizing AI to detect abusive communications on online networks, flag problematic people, and advise users on how to ban them. This transaction took place in July 2021. By acquiring Sentropy, Discord will be able to employ its monitoring technologies to ensure that its servers are free from abuse.(12)

Discord blocking is a unilateral action done by a person to prohibit communication with other users. It is a matter of personal preference and may be used for a number of things, including managing online relationships, preventing harassment, and protecting privacy. A user who has been banned cannot view the online status of the person who blocked them, join their voice channels, or send them direct messages (DMs). Users who have been banned can also lose access to certain shared servers and be unable to friend the person who blocked them.

On Discord blocked message, someone does not alert the banned person; it is vital to keep this in mind. No notification that the user has been banned will be sent to them, and their messages won’t even reach the person who blocked them. Users may not be aware they have been blocked until they see specific indications or attempt to communicate with the person who blocked them, which can sometimes lead to misunderstanding.

One common sign of being blocked on Discord is receiving a “Discord blocked message” when attempting to send a message to someone who has blocked you. This message typically indicates that your message could not be delivered or that you do not have permission to send messages to the recipient.

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Regarding the subject of the essay, knowing how Discord blocked works are crucial to figuring out whether someone has blocked you. Users may see probable symptoms of being banned and take the necessary action to verify their status by being aware of the effects of being blocked, such as being unable to send messages, check their online status, or join voice channels.

It’s important to keep in mind that blocking is a personal decision and that individuals are free to control their Discord privacy and limits as they see suitable. It’s important to respect other people’s choice to block you and to refrain from harassing or retaliating in any way if you believe you have been blocked.

How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Discord: 8 Effective Methods

Create and administer both public and private communities using Discord’s purpose-built platform. In addition to the usual capacity to send direct messages and build personal groups, it provides users with access to tools centered on communication services such as audio and video calls, permanent chat rooms, and integrations with other gamer-focused services.(13)

These features include voice and video calls. Discord’s services may initially seem to be aimed just at gamers; nevertheless, during the last several years, a number of significant improvements have made it more helpful for the broader public.(14,15)

To determine if someone has blocked you on Discord, there are several signs to watch out for. If your messages go unanswered, you cannot see their online status, or you notice missing interactions in shared servers, these could indicate that you have been blocked. However, it’s important to consider other factors and not jump to conclusions, as there may be other reasons for these behaviors. Understanding how to tell if someone blocked you on Discord requires careful observation and respectful handling of the situation.

1. React to the Message Sent by the User

Whether you want to know whether someone has blocked you on Discord, the simplest method to do so is to react to their messages. Check your inbox for a response to a message the individual sent you directly.

You are not banned if you can respond to the message. If you have a trembling sensation whenever you try to respond to a user’s message, it means that the recipient has blocked you. If you don’t have access to your chat history or the other person has erased all of their Discord messages, you may attempt to find the message on a shared server and respond to it there.

2. View Your Friend List

Checking your friend list might be a simple method to see whether you’ve been blocked. If someone you were friends with on the messaging app is suddenly no longer visible when you check your friend list (which can be accessed by clicking the Discord logo in the left panel), they may have blocked or unfriended you. This isn’t irrefutable proof that the person has blocked you; go on to the next stage to be sure.

3. Send a Friend Request

Send them a friend request if you can’t find them on your friend list. If the request to add them as a friend is accepted, you will not be barred. If, on the other hand, you get a message that reads, “Friend Request Failed, didn’t work. If you get a “Be sure that your capitalization, spelling, punctuation, and numbers are all correct” error notice, you have undoubtedly been denied access.

4. Look at the User’s Profile Information

You may also check the user’s profile to see whether they have blocked you on Discord. If a person has linked Spotify to Discord to arrange listening parties, but you cannot see their bio, it is likely that they have prevented you from accessing their profile. Keep in mind that they could have easily just deleted the bio and concealed the app integration from their profile, making this approach less successful than others.

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5. Send a Direct Discord Message

Users may utilize Discord’s direct messaging to communicate with one another outside of servers and exchange files, broadcast their screen, and have secret phone conversations. You may now organize your direct conversations in Discord into groups of up to ten people.(16)

This is a strategy for the courageous. You might contact them to see if they have blocked you. A user’s message will not be sent to them if they have blocked you. The Clyde Discord bot will instead display an automatic message.

It was not possible to deliver your message. The error notice states, “The recipient is only accepting direct messages from friends or you do not share a server with them.” Here, you may verify that the other person has effectively blocked you.

6. Insufficient Interaction between Servers

Discord provides the ability to join specialized “servers” for a wide range of groups and interests. If you were able to communicate with someone in the same channels or take part in the same discussions on mutual servers before, but now you are unable to do so, it is possible that they have blocked you.

7. False Positives: Troubleshooting

Keep in mind that the aforementioned indicators may point to anything other than a complete block. Unreturned messages, no online indicator, no mutual server interactions, declined friend requests, and so on might all have different causes. Maybe they’ve gone offline, adjusted their privacy settings, or quit using the communal servers. Before drawing any firm judgments, weighing all of these alternatives is vital.

8. Verification using Secondary Sources

You may check whether someone has blocked you on Discord by using a different Discord account or by contacting a common friend to see if the individual is currently online. If you need to contact somebody online, it’s polite to use a different account or ask a common acquaintance for help rather than harassing or invading their privacy.

How to Block Someone on Discord (Desktop)

Some communities on Discord chat servers have been “raided” (the taking over of a server by a significant number of users) by other communities, highlighting the issue of aggressive behavior and abuse inside chats on Discord.(17)

This contains an abundance of content that touches on sensitive issues, including race, religion, politics, and pornography. Discord has said it intends to “rid the platform of the issue” by introducing new features.(18)

Discord has established a trust and safety team to keep an eye on the servers and investigate any concerns in the wake of these incidents. The user also has the option to block the individual in question in order to prevent additional mishaps and complications.(19)

Select the user you want to ban by clicking on their avatar. Then, in the profile pop-up window’s upper-right corner, choose the icon with three vertical dots. Select “Block” from the drop-down menu, and you’ll be finished. The app has successfully blocked the person, and you will no longer receive texts from them.

How to Block Someone on Discord (Android, iOS)

Open the user’s profile, press the ellipses icon (three horizontal dots) in the upper right corner, and choose “Block” to permanently remove them from your server. This concludes the discussion. You’ve effectively silenced them in this widely used gaming chat app.(20)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I be sure that I have been blocked on Discord if my messages are unanswered?

Unanswered messages can be a sign of being blocked on Discord, but it’s not always definitive. There could be other reasons for unanswered messages, such as the person being offline or busy. It’s important to consider other factors and not solely rely on unanswered messages to confirm if you have been blocked.

My friend asked me this: How to tell if someone blocked you on Discord?

Getting blocked on Discord may happen for a number of reasons. Not receiving a response to a message, not being able to check their availability, and missing conversations on shared servers are all examples. But we shouldn’t leap to conclusions; there might be other causes for these actions, such as technological difficulties or the individual being offline. It’s preferable to treat the other person with dignity and talk things out with them.

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What if I can’t see someone’s online status on Discord? Does it mean I have been blocked?

If you can’t see someone’s online status on Discord, it might be because they’ve blocked you, but this isn’t always the case. Maybe they’ve gone offline or adjusted their privacy settings. It’s important to take into account additional indicators outside internet standing before drawing any firm judgments.

I used to be in shared servers with someone, but now I can’t see their presence. Does it mean I have been blocked?

It’s possible that being banned on Discord manifests itself in the loss of access to shared servers or the inability to detect someone’s existence in shared servers. Checking to see whether the individual has barred you, left the shared servers, or altered your settings is a good idea.

Can I send a friend request to someone I suspect has blocked me on Discord?

You can try sending a friend request to someone you suspect has blocked you on Discord, but it’s likely to fail or go unnoticed. When someone blocks you, they may have disabled the ability to send them friend requests.

Are there other reasons why I can’t see someone’s messages or interactions in mutual servers on Discord?

Yes, there could be other reasons why you can’t see someone’s messages or interactions in mutual servers on Discord. For example, the person may have changed their privacy settings, left the servers, or gone offline. It’s important to consider these possibilities before assuming you have been blocked.

Can I confirm if I have been blocked on Discord with an alternative account?

You may use a different Discord account to double-check your suspicions but remember to be polite and discreet about it. If you need to change your login information or ask a common acquaintance for help, you shouldn’t have to worry about harassment or invasion of privacy.

What should I do if I confirm that I have been blocked on Discord?

When someone blocks you on Discord, you should take it as a serious warning. It’s not a good idea to attempt to get in touch with them or keep talking to them. It’s better to let it go and stop invading their space.

Can I unblock someone on Discord after blocking them?

You may unblock someone you previously blocked on Discord. It’s vital to keep in mind that blocking is a voluntary action, and therefore restoring communication with a previously blocked individual is not guaranteed. Going ahead, it’s crucial that you and your partner talk about and respect each other’s personal space.


Although being banned on Discord is annoying, it’s best to take a mature and diplomatic attitude to the problem. Unanswered messages, not being able to view their online status, or missing conversations in shared servers are all possible signals that someone has banned you. Still, it would be best if you always looked into other possibilities first. Keep in mind that blocking is an individual decision; everyone has the freedom to limit their exposure to certain content and control their online relationships as they see appropriate.

It’s crucial to act maturely and respectfully if you believe you’ve been blocked on Discord. Don’t bother the individual or try to get in touch with them in any other way, and don’t take any action in retribution. Instead, use this time to learn from your mistakes and go on with optimism.

Remembering that Discord is a community-driven platform means that everyone has a stake in keeping things positive there. Be thoughtful and polite in all your interactions with others, and remember to respect the choices and limits of those around you. In light of the fact that it may not always be possible to tell whether someone has blocked you on Discord, it is essential to respond to the situation with maturity, respect, and understanding. Help build a welcoming and accepting Discord community by keeping an open mind, avoiding harassment, and being mindful of others’ personal space.


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