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There are several apps available in the market that are working only for entertainment purposes. There is nothing so serious out there, and all the stuff that they provide is only for joy or entertainment. If you are feeling sad or bored due to any reason then just install these sort of apps, soon you will just smash your anger and become happy in no time. It transforms your sad feeling into happy feelings, and you will quickly forget your memory and go with the flow of these apps. The series of entertaining apps that is presented here for you, include the detection of your mood whenever you are angry, happy, sad, modesty, or others. It will tell you about your mood by applying their own particular queries on apps. Like some of them want your finger print to reveal the way you are thinking and tells you about your current mood. All these apps are intended for entertainment purposes and do not give true details of your mood. Using these apps, you may alter your mood and just forget the way you are thinking at that time. Hence, here is a distinct list of apps that are available in the market for detecting your mood.

1. iMood Detector

iMood Detector is an app for entertaining purposes. This app provides a fun way to detect your mood when you are having fun or doing something other. This app pretends to provide the detail of your mood and the present situation. It is a damn cool stuff for you if you are in a gathering of your friends, colleagues and family members. It also informs you whether this day will be great for you or not, will you face the test and get some sort of promotion, and you probably fall in love or not. It has awesome graphics that enables you to use this app with attraction.



2. Mood O Scope

Mood O Scope is another widely used mode detecting app that also doubles as a Mood Analyzer and Mood Journal. It has a pretty simple interface that lets you track your mood with specially designed modules. You can easily analyze your mood along with maintaining a Mood journal. You can even add your photos, tag people, places, and moods for making it more nostalgic and also analyze your mood patterns. It keeps tracks of your daily mood, and you can Log mood for the day or any day in the past. You can also attach notes to your moods, add photos to give context to your mind and analyze what or who influences your mood the most. It also provides detailed mood graphics and charts as well.

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3. Felinia’s Mood HD

Felinia’s Mood HD is amazing stuff that efficiently detects moods and also features comic balloons which use a day data collection and calculation on a regular basis to guess the mode of the character. It keeps a huge stuff to entertain the users of this jolly app with funny sound effects, animations and a variety of interesting and funny jokes. But this app does not make readily available for tracking periods or does not pretend to give any reliable medical advice.


4. Moodlytics – The Smart Mood Tracker

Moodlytics – The Smart Mood Tracker is a great app that lets you easily detect your mood so that you can easily find the details of what your mood is about. It is a great app for making fun stuff. This amazing app informs you about your mood, log current and past mood details, provides specific colors for the representation of your mood and 42 cute mood smiles, etc. You can add notes, people, and photos to moods, and track or analyze mood journal through calendars and charts. Rather than this, you can also add your personal mood, export mood data, log modes, personalized mood, and backup and restore your mood data.


5. iAura – mood reader

iAura is another amazing entertainment stuff that provides a detailed description of your mood in a way never before. You can easily add pics, and logs to your mood and also save it with a particular mood data or having it on long term basis. It also captures the energy fields around you right on your mobile phone devices. Some of its newly introduced features include Facebook Integration, Email from within App, More detailed image resolution, Brand NEW Colors and meanings, and even more accurate readings. It also provides color details, and you can also discover their meaning.


6. Mood Detector Free Finger Scan

Mood Detector Free Finger Scan is a mood detecting machine like the app. it is a great entertaining app that enables you to scan your figure just like a scanner and detect your mood. It is a perfect app for a party, study, etc. time. It is a great app that provides a fun guarantee approach for you and your friends. It has an interesting user interface with a special design that contains a finger scanner. You just have to put your thumb’s tip on your mobile screen where the scanner is placed and just keep it for a little time. By following these simple steps, you can easily get your mood details.

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7. T2 Mood Tracker

T2 Mood Tracker is a great app that carefully tracks your daily mood, coping, symptoms, and lack of resilience without any clue. This app enables its users to manage and monitor their mods on almost six pre-loaded scales including general well-being, post-traumatic stress, brains and other injuries, depression, anxiety, and stress. There are a lot of other fun factors in this mood detecting app that works for providing entertainment for the real-time. You can enjoy this app with your friends and family members. It also provides a graphical representation, lets you record it on a daily basis, and much more.


8. Friends Mood Detector

Friends Mood Detector is a mood detecting app for a couple like if you are hanging out with your boyfriend girlfriends or your hubby etc. Using this fun releasing the app, you can detect yours and well as your partner’s mood. This app tells you about your combined mood, and you would definitely spend your time having fun. Sometimes, this app server as the only gadget for your mood detection needs. Through this app, you can scan both your moods simultaneously and it algorithm support will determine your mood. It provides a high-resolution retina display graphics, and it might change your mood and feel you more passionate.


9. Ultimate Mood Detector Prank

Ultimate Mood Detector Prank is another great fun app that provides a bundle of happiness or its users by pranking its users by checking their moods. It also lets you put your finger to detect or scan the mood. You have to put the finger on it, and it will provide funny and interesting factors with tons of Emojis and descriptions for making you laugh. It offers a robust integration with some social media apps for sharing this fun scenario with your friends. You would love the features of this app when you install and use it once.


10. Mr.Moody

Mr.Moody is an app that provides a detailed description of your current details using its built-in figure print capturing scenario. There are a lot of fun doings in this app that entertains you when you feel bored and dreary. Some of its features include the providence of more than 100 mood hand drawn characters, send moodies to your friends post you mood on some social media apps along with complete Facebook integration and more. It also provides you swipe navigation support. There are many other sorts that make this app more interesting and stunning as compared to other ones.

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11. Daily Fortune Free

Daily Fortune Free is another stunning approach for detecting someone’s mood. Using this app, you can easily get a comprehensive report of your mood in a better and easy way. There are many features of Daily Fortune Free through which you can keep a record of your daily mood, maintain a mood journal, attach different notes to your daily moods, log mood for the day or any past day, etc. It is great stuff for entertainment purposes and entertains you when you are not feeling well due to some unfortunate reason.


12. Mood Finger Scan

Mood Finger Scan is a schema that enables you to put your figure on a particular scanner in this app on your mobile phone and check your current mood. It is an app that provides you with information about your mood, and you can easily discover your mood. It has fixed Mic permission crash, and some scan animation flickers in its newer version. It also supports some current version of iPhone and other iOS devices as well. You can pass your leisure time in a fun way having this app on your mobile phone.


13. Absolute Finger Scan

Absolute Finger Scan is an app available in the market for entertainment purpose which intends to provide the details of your mood. This app provides a great time passing scenario for entertaining purposes with a stunningly amazing user interface. When you open this mood detecting app on your mobile phone, it provides you a section for your figure scanner and another beautiful section where you get the details of your mood whether you are excited, sad, happy, restless, etc.


14. Mood Detector Scanner

Mood Detector Scanner is an app that enables you to check your mood by scanning your finger. It is an easy to use the app with an intuitive and attractive preface as compared to some other sensor apps. It is a great mood detector that generates a fun way to use it with your friends. It is an addictive app that allows you to relax a bit by scanning your moods again and again. It contains a wide range of emotions that includes Anger, love, Angry, Overjoyed, In Love, Deranged, Loving, Anxiety, Happy, Romantic, and Humor. Rather than these it also tells your mod if you are Afraid, Depressed, Scared, Mental, Funny, Relaxing, Loving, Stress, etc.


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