10 Best Audio Spectrum Analyzer Software For Windows, Mac, and Linux

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Professional programs offering fast and efficient tools for audio work, including the ability to convert files, control offset, and time base. This article discusses the 10 Best Audio Spectrum Analyzer Software For Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Spectrum Analyzer Software measures the values of a signal against frequency within ranges of frequencies. Generally, it can test the spectrum of both unknown and known signals. Commonly, it measures electrical input signals. However, a combination of other signals like optical light waves and acoustic light waves are also testable using additional tools.

It observes the bandwidth, distortion, dominant frequency, power, harmonics, and other components of signals in the time domain waveform, by testing the spectra of the electrical signals. This Analyzer displays the frequency on the horizontal axis and the amplitude on the vertical axis. Sometimes, it works as an oscilloscope to provide both functions (1).

In the past, spectrum analyzers were hardware devices of large sizes. These devices were costly and only present in laboratories. Only highly professionals worked with instruments to analyze the spectrum of multiple signals. But, with the advancement of technology, this work is easy and does not need bulky devices for analysis.


What is Audio Spectrum Analyzer Software?

Audio Spectrum Analyzer software analyzes the audio spectrum and only needs installing sound cards for proper work. These software provide all the features of an accurate spectrum analyzer and sound management. They offer a complete waveform of the original signal having all points (2).

Some of these include Oscilloscope, Generator, and Sweep frequency characteristics. Most of them have a user-friendly interface to provide the best results to users and a high-resolution analyzer to display signals in real-time. Some programs provide custom audio samples to enhance your work experience. You can work with multiple commands to change the primary settings.


10 Best Audio Spectrum Analyzer Software

Here is the list of open-source audio analyzer software for all major operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Most of these apps have downloaded versions, but some provide services online. Their pros, features, and cons are also discussed so that users can choose the optimum for their use.

1. Visual Analyzer

Visual Analyzer is a reliable program aiming to analyze the audio of any source. The program displays the rough points on the screen so that you can analyze frequencies over 3000/5000 Hz. Plus, it assists you in applying a sinusoidal signal with a range of 15 to 20 Khz.

The simple primary window of the program allows the user to adjust the settings from the right panel. You can work on Visual Analyzer in two different ways, the ‘Floating’ and the ‘Standard’ mode. In the beginning, you will well get the ‘Standard’ mode, and you can move to other modes from the upper menu.

All features of it are present in the main window to specify dimensions. It also displays the spectrum and the scope window. A set of commands is also present in the Setting window. In the ‘Floating’ mode, you will get multiple buttons without the main window and commands like Spectrum Analyzer, Oscilloscope, and other commands.


  • Standard Mode
  • Floating Mode
  • Sinusoidal Signal
  • View Multiple Waveform
  • Analyze Signals


  • Cepstrum Feature
  • Spectrum Analyzer Tool
  • Multiple Commands


  • No Oscilloscope Measurements
  • Limited Free Version

2. AUDio MEasurement System

AUDio MEasurement System is an exciting program that can enhance your working experience regarding frequency analysis. It is a valuable tool to measure audio by using the sound card in the computer. The simple interface of the AUDio MEasurement System can work smartly and helps you to have a look at all features instantly.

It is a portable program, and you can work with it without installation. Just click on the icon and start analyzing. You can also take it with you in a USB drive to run it on multiple systems anytime and anywhere. Some of the valuable features of the program are FFT, Generator, Oscilloscope, and Sweep frequency characteristics.

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It is a pretty small program with many advanced features to facilitate both professionals and new ones. It is a cross-platform application for audio measurement and is compatible with Windows and Linux. Overall, it is a handy app for audio testing in seconds.


  • Waveform Generator
  • Oscilloscope
  • Sweep Frequency


  • Portable Version
  • FFT Spectrum Analyzers
  • Multiple Analysis


  • Limited Features
  • No Live Support
  • Not for Mac

3. Friture

Friture is an analyzing program having a set of tools and widgets to test audio data. It assists in analyzing an audio single to get info about the signal, such as harmonics, fundamentals, and feedback. It shows the receiver, source, and room behavior like gain peaks and reverberation. Users can also set adjustments in the preprocessing such as room equalization.

The 2D spectrogram fixes the time-frequency resolution according to the window length of the Fourier transform. The spectrum widget is also a handy tool to view audio data against frequency. In this way, a person can visualize the properties of the signal like harmonics, fundamental frequency, and feedback frequencies.

Plus, this tool also shows the peaks for each frequency part. It has a label to point out the frequency of the global maximum. Work with delay estimator to get time delay among two input channels, useful to set speakers in a room. The octave spectrum feature can show audio data against time, just like the Spectrum tool.


  • Display Peak Power
  • Delay Estimator
  • Octave Spectrum Widget
  • Scope Tool


  • 2D Spectrograms
  • Audio Data Versus Frequency
  • Signals Characteristics


  • Errors on Windows Versions
  • Hanging Problem

4. TrueRTA

TrueRTA is an audio analyzer software designed to test and run a complete analysis of sound systems. It uses a measurement microphone, your PC, and a USB interface for such testing. A user-friendly interface of TrueRTA contains handy features and provides quick access to all functions and features.

The exciting features are a digital level meter, a low distortion, a dual-trace oscilloscope, a crest factor meter, and a high-resolution analyzer. It has a large display area to show a graphical representation of Oscilloscope, analysis, and RTA modes. A simple panel is there to control a generator and assist you in adjusting amplitude, frequency, and wave type.

He can use and get a waveform of the inserted signal for the Oscilloscope. Besides, he can adjust the input voltage and oscilloscope time base. He can toggle between right and left channels as fundamental for the sweep triggering. It works as the spectrum analyzer provides a panel in the primary window to adjust the settings.


  • Analytical Graphical Representation
  • Control Generator
  • Choose Channels
  • Adjust Sampling Frequencies


  • Adjust Internal Buffer Size
  • Display Waveform
  • Set Input Voltage
  • Adjust Time Base
  • Visual Analyzer
  • Measure Frequency Response


  • No Oscillator Tool
  • No Live Support

5. Oscilloscope

The oscilloscope is an open-source audio analyzer software that works as a real-time oscilloscope. This compact program lets the user visualize the audio waveform using the system sound card. You have to connect audio testing equipment with your sound card to work with a microphone or other devices for analyzing sound signals.

The primary window of it shows the graphical presentation of the audio signal and assists the user in configuring the delay and gaining parameters. You can work with numerous graph types to read real-time spectra. The program enables the user to save the captured data to a DAT file for comparing multiple intervals or signals for the same sound input.

It has a spectrum analyzer to show the amplitude spectrum through channels for the sound receiver. Working with dual-trace mode, you can use the phase adjustment tool to adjust the information before measuring the phase shift. It is a portable program, and you can work with an Oscilloscope without installation.

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  • Waveform Documentation
  • Clean Interface
  • Phase Shift Measurements
  • Phase Adjustment Tool
  • Visual Analyzer


  • Move Waveform to Clipboards
  • Save DAT File
  • Various Graph Types
  • Configure Parameters


  • Difficult for New Users
  • No Sweep Rate Analysis

6. Real-time Spectrum Analysis

Real-time Spectrum Analysis is a versatile, cost-effective, and intuitive program that offers three visualization modes: Persistence, Spectrogram, and Time domain. The clean and straightforward interface is part of it having handy tools to sound measurements. It provides you the option to record and save data for later in-depth analysis in real-time.

Standard settings like Bandwidth, Amplitude, and Frequency are present on the main window, and other functions and settings are present in a menu system. You can get each set using a few clicks. Additionally, you can save custom settings keeping in view the spectrum center and front.

It can work with 100 kHz, 10 MHz, 40 MHz, and 100 MHz and provide a clear image of any tool such as situation awareness, measurement and test, or real-time spectrum monitoring. You can select visualization mode depending on your analysis needs. It provides automatic measurements like Occupied Bandwidth mode and Channel Power with a single click.

Numerous trace types, different markers, and built-in vertical and horizontal cursors can quickly analyze all signal-related parameters. You can work with correction algorithms to get a complete view of the spectrum. Plus, work with triggering tools to manage the file size and capture the only part of your interest.


  • Frequency Settings
  • Amplitude Settings
  • Intuitive Menu System
  • Save Customize Settings


  • Three Viewing Modes
  • Channel Power
  • Bandwidth Mode
  • Multiple Trace Types
  • Numerous Markers
  • Vertical and Horizontal Cursors


  • Lacks Advanced Features
  • No Live Support

7. Audiotool

Audiotool is a music creation application designed for music lovers. It is an online music listening platform directly accessible from your browser. If you want to listen to the latest music created by the vast community of the platform, go to the Music Area. The music area includes thousands of soundtracks, and you can listen to them free.

In this way, you can arrange your EDM tracks in preferred categories. It offers the ability to create songs from scratch, differentiating it from other music platforms. Start your work by clicking the App button. It includes many tools to enhance your music, creating ability. This online platform contains synths, drums, and many effects like delay, phaser, reverb, and crusher.

Drag and drop mechanics are behind its user interface, helping you efficiently add new components to your task. Plus, you can get access to thousands of samples created by others. The built-in publishing platform is part of it, and you can publish your tracks on the website and other platforms like YouTube or Soundcloud.


  • EDM Tracks
  • Arrange Music in Categories
  • Add Tracks to Albums
  • Create Music from Scratch


  • Online Music Platform
  • Apply Music Effects
  • Add New Components
  • Built-in Publishing Platform


  • No Frequency Measuring Tools
  • NO 3D Control Buttons

8. Zelscope

Zelscope is a reliable and valuable program created to change your computer into a spectrum analyzer and Oscilloscope. It can show the phase components and amplitude of the spectrum. The interface of Zelscope is like a traditional oscilloscope. It provides multiple features to control offset, conventional gain, trigger, and time base.

For working with this program, a system faster than 300 MHz is needed with installed sound card drivers. You can export your raw data as a WAV file and save screenshots to EMF and BMP formats. Additionally, copy-paste functions are there for both data files and screenshots. Its interface includes three modes, such as XY, single trace, and dual trace.


You can work with a spectrum analyzer tool to analyze both the phase and amplitude. The application offers time and voltage difference readout and direct frequency readout. It enables the user to adjust the slope, delay, and trigger level. He can work with single-shot triggering mode and can get a retrigger view.


  • Click Cursor Sets
  • Direct Frequency Readout
  • Spectrum Analyzer


  • 8-bit and 16-bit Acquisition
  • Dual-trace Modes
  • Export WAV Format Files
  • Copy Paste Function


  • No Frequency Analysis Support
  • Limited Music Management

9. Sound Card Spectrum Analyzer

Sound Card Spectrum Analyzer is a fast spectrum analyzing program for Windows systems. It includes a real-time oscilloscope as well as a spectrum analyzer. It provides the facility to its users to continuously monitor the input signal and not miss any triggering events. The program provides a screen refresh rate of 50 frames per second.

The dual-channel Oscilloscope feature can provide four views, and each picture includes waveform data differently. This exciting app can also combine the information or separately shows data from each channel. For channels A and B, it gives a Lissajous pattern display naturally.

The user can adjust FFT points in a range between 128 and 32768. Besides, he can access choosable windowing tools like Hanning, Rectangle, Triangle, Blackman, and Hamming. It uses your system’s sound card to provide a dual-channel oscilloscope and channel spectrum analyzer.


  • Configure Font Size
  • Export Results to TXT Format
  • Zooming and Scrolling
  • BMP Format File Saving
  • Amplitude Spectrum
  • Adjust FFT Size


  • Record Multiple Sizes
  • Amplitude Spectrum Display
  • Multiple Measurements
  • Supports Marks
  • Cursor Reader


  • Complex Interface
  • No Data Encryption
  • Limited Free Version

10. Spectrum Audio Analyzer Pro

Spectrum Audio Analyzer Pro is a robust analyzer that provides complete measurements of both output and input signals. It is a new tool for both music producers and sound engineers. This application is for those people who have previous knowledge of spectrum analysis. The interface of the program contains everything well organized.

It lets you encode WAV to MP3 and vice versa, divide the stereo signals into two mono files and normalize wave files. This program can work as a mobile instrument to test and calibrate the data for speakers, microphones, and chambers. Work with the ‘Sound Check’ tool to get frequency response measurements for custom and given audio samples.

The ‘Compare’ feature simultaneously tests the output and input between line levels. It integrates a WAV/MP3 player to check modifications in the sample rate. Spectrum Audio Analyzer Pro assists you in altering the display mode of the Analyzer for peaks, bars, lines, scroll, and vertical lines.


  • Customize Spectrum Outfit
  • Stereo Analysis Methods
  • Detect Modifications
  • Audio Checks for Concerts


  • Encode WAVE to MP3
  • Normalize Wave Files
  • Split Stereo Signals


  • Only for Professionals
  • No Oscillation Feature


To conclude, these programs provide the fastest tools for your work and make your work easy by working fast. You have the option to convert audio files between multiple formats. Some professional programs need previous knowledge of spectrum analyzing before use. Many of these programs work as traditional Oscilloscopes to provide you control over offset and time base.

Few programs help you to create your music from scratch and offer you significant effects for such purposes as delay, phaser, crusher, and reverb. Professional Spectrum Analyzer provides different views for dual-channel Oscilloscope and dual-channel spectrum analyses. They also support pre-triggers and post-triggers. You can also adjust FFT points in a better way.


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