11 Best RTSP Viewer for Windows

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RTSP is a video streaming technology used by professionals and security companies. An internet connection and true video viewers are needed for low latency content buffering. The article recommends 11 best RTSP viewers.

RTSP stands for the real-time streaming protocol, and it is a network control protocol that establishes and controls the media stream between client devices and servers. The primary purpose of this protocol is to offer you a live stream on your media players that makes it easy to access the surveillance system in a sophisticated way.

It allows you to control the live stream, and the media players provide their additional functions. It is easy to use and only requires the camera’s IP and a URL link to those cameras. The camera configuration is easy and can be customized according to your settings, always accessible.

What are RTSP Viewers?

RTSP viewers support IP surveillance so that you can view video streaming from any place to multiple purposes like crowd sharing to play movies in gathering and security of your property and your loved ones. With them, users can pause and resume videos at their convenience.


Users can edit video in them as they offer multiple advanced tools for video editing and content management. In them, recorded video can be played multiple times to understand the motion, plus they have motion detection options to secure your property from any unwanted consequences.

11 Best RTSP Viewers

RTSP act as a catalyst play between your media payers and streaming content. The below-mentioned software contains settings that allow you to view the live stream. In the case of IP cameras, you can set up their configurations like a model, IP address, port number, protocol, etc.

In the following programs, you can also record and save RTSP streams. Many support other protocols, such as ONVIF, HTTP, MMS, UDP, etc. Here is a comprehensive list of free and paid RTSP viewer software available for Windows OS.


1. MPlayer

MPlayer is a simple media player that allows you to play real-time streaming protocol files. The software only works on Windows operating system and consists of various exciting features. The essential feature of this software allows you to access your local media files and let you play the live stream of RTSP.

It also consists of an IP camera and other media source streams. The interface is intuitive and includes user-friendly works on improving the user experience. It effortlessly connects with the device requires you to enter your username and password to access the live stream. PMPlayer is easy to use, comes free of cost, and is open-source software.


  • Play Multiple Formats
  • Support Output Drivers
  • Hardware Scaling


  • No Additional Codecs
  • Easy Shortcut Keys
  • No Video Lags
  • Multiple Forks


  • No Document Configuration
  • No Directory Playback
  • Lacks Built-in Visualizer

2. VLC media player

The VLC media player is the most renowned, allowing you to play different media files. The function of the software is not limited to you playing physical media files but will enable you to access RTSP live streams. It takes less space and provider a user-navigating layout.


It is open-source software that is available on multiple platforms. The primary function of the program is to play any media file. But to play a live stream, you have to select open network stream options from the media menu. Then connect to the network tab and enter the RTSP URL, and you will get the live stream.


  • Fast Decoding
  • Plays All Formats
  • Advanced Control
  • Update Formatting


  • Highly Customization
  • Expands Via Plugs


  • Complex Editing Metadata
  • Bugs and Crashes

3. NetCamCenter CamNebula

NetCamCenter CamNebula is our camera view software for Windows operating system. The best part of the software is that it consists of a free portable RTSP viewer. With the help of this feature, it can easily connect to any camera with an Internet connection, but it requires IP to its source so you can enter the camera name.

It includes maker, RTSP-based devices, address, username, password, protocol, output video settings, timer, alarm, etc. It allows you to customize camera name display setup alert control and personalize matrix dimension. The interface of this program is easy to use and consists of a user navigating layout.


  • Recording and Monitoring
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Adjust USB Cams


  • Home Town Sceneries
  • Advanced Tools


  • No Live Support
  • Limited Free Version

4. FFmpeg

FFmpeg is a command-line-based media processing tool that allows you to view a live stream of RTSP videos. The best part of these windows operated software is its simple executive command. After entering a command in the and window, you will see another window that allows you to view the live stream of RTSP connected to the camera quickly.

FFmpeg does not have an interface that requires a simple command line to run the flow. That command line is only available for Windows operating systems because it runs on the administrative back end of the OS. You can contact developers to report bugs and glitches, and give suggestions to improve the overall experience.


  • Video Scaling
  • Pixel Format Converter
  • Audio Resampler


  • Input and Output Devices
  • Bitstream Filters
  • Free to Use


  • Confusing CLI Offers
  • Technical Barriers
  • No Second Layers Commands

5. 5KPlayer

5KPlayer is a simple media player which a country list of many tools and features. They quickly work on Mac operating system and Windows operating system. It allows you to stream live camera view of different cameras provided by the IP. You can play YouTube videos on it.

It is simple to use and navigate, go to the live module and tell the RTSP stream URL hit the play button it also gives you simple controls like pause, stop, play, next, previous, seek bar, etc. 5KPlayer also lets you rotate the screen, take screencaps, etc. The interpreter is user-navigating and straightforward, consisting of the constructive layout and much more.

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  • Plays MP3 Audio Files
  • Multiple Platform Sharing
  • Run All Formats


  • Photo to Video Conversion
  • Quality Improvement


  • No Uninstallation Option
  • Bugs and Glitches
  • No Video Analyzation

6. Perfect IP Camera Viewer

Perfect IP Camera Viewer is the software’s name that suggests it is a camera viewing software available for only the Windows operating system. It processes elaborating it was decide playing local and straightforward files of media format. It also supports the RTSP streaming protocol and HTTP and ONVIF protocols.

To run the screen, you have to look for the available network, manually enter the IP Camera with specifications like a model, IP address, port number, etc. You can directly enter the stream path. The simple interpreter design and consists of user ease aspects. Perfect IP Camera Viewer is free to use and open-source software.


  • Capturing Snapshoot and Videos
  • Motion Detection
  • Cloud Encryption


  • Staff Monitoring
  • Easy to Use
  • Simple Interface


  • Comparatively Expensive
  • Limited Monitoring

7. RealPlayer

RealPlayer is a renowned media player which the country’s first of many fishes. It is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems. The program can play any thought of media files, but interestingly it can support the RTSP video stream. Go to its file menu, open the file option, and enter the RTSP stream URL to start playing it.

You also get all standard playback control in this media player, such as seek bar, volume control, view window, etc. The interface is easy to use, constructive, and includes an attractive theme. RealPlayer is open-source software, free to use, and consists of many tools.


  • Playback Videos
  • Format Conversion
  • Trim Large Video


  • Excellent Performance
  • Simple Interface


  • No Power Features
  • Limited Video Effects

8. Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is a default Windows player consisting of many abilities and exciting features besides playing local media files. This software can support RTSP live streams. It only required that the user enter the URL of the stream by going to the File menu and establishing a secure connection.

Only drop this offer include that it sometimes does not support the link. Besides having all the exciting features, the program sometimes lacks the required aspect. The interfaces are user-friendly and straightforward. Windows Media Player is a built-in media player and comes with every Windows operating system software.


  • Core Playback
  • Library Function
  • Disc Burning and Ripping


  • Portable Device Sync
  • Shell Integration
  • Multiple Format Support


  • Incomplete Beta Version
  • No Podcast Directory
  • No Live Support
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9. ContaCam

ContaCam is a dedicated camera surveillance system software with a lightweight and straightforward solution. The primary purpose of the software is to provide you with the necessary tools for controlling the RTSP view regarding the live stream. The interface is easy to use and consists of a user navigating module.

You only need to enter the IP of the camera and URL. The essential feature of this software involves multiple language support motion detection sending email alerts, the daily summary video integrated webserver audio support, unlimited parallel camera setup, and much more. It is available on Windows operating system and an open-source.


  • Video Image Management
  • Multimedia Support
  • Data Collection


  • Upload Contacts
  • Webcam Recording


  • No API
  • No Mobile Support

10. DComplex LLC IP Camera Viewer

DComplex LLC IP Camera Viewer is a different type of RTSP software that consists of many exciting features, and it is not free and costs about $15. This program is only dedicated to monitoring an unlimited number of surveillance cameras. It consists of an exciting feature.

The core feature is that it can detect motion and sensitivity to sound, and when there is any disturbance, it alerts the user. DComplex LLC IP Camera Viewer has a constructive design and simple interface, which is user guiding. This offer is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.


  • Monitor 8 IP Cameras
  • Multiple Layouts
  • Motion Detection


  • Video Integration
  • Digital PTZ


  • No Live Support
  • Limited Auto Detection

11. Camlytics

Camlytics is the only Windows dedicated software that consists of an RTSP view. It supports live stream videos from different cameras if we use the IP of those cameras. Intelligent monitoring software features free recording and an unlimited number of camera attachments.

The program core feature allows car-counter, motion detection, and heat-map building capabilities. Its interface is easy to navigate, but it is not open-source and comes with a paid and limited free version. It contains elements such as a live camera that supports recording videos, and accessing video archives will always be free.


  • Automobile Counting
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Data Storage Management


  • Solid Functionality
  • Motion Detection
  • Easy to Use


  • No Remote Access
  • Only for Windows


To conclude, RTSP has been an innovative video streaming technology that is used by professional and security companies to transfer video or audio content between two fixed endpoints. You need an internet connection and true video viewers for low latency content buffering.

This article has presented you 11 best RTSP viewers to improve your understanding and facilitate you in choosing the optimum viewer for entertainment or security maintenance. Their feature, benefits, and limitations are also mentioned, and you can select them as per your needs.


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