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Remembering the past, the moments which gave us the light of life, the golden glimpses with family, hangouts with friends and more over the best things that ever happened. These are the moment that everyone want to be with for all the way long. They want to cherish their lovely moments again and again. Whenever there is something wrong in the life or we are upset on the current things, we all prefer to revise and review all the previous golden moments that we were into once and now they are only our memories. Photography is an art for some and for some it is their life. People prefer to capture the things they want to see again and again, want to share with others and want to preserve the golden moments they have been through once. Not everyone possess a professional camera for this very purpose or not everyone is capable of clicking professional level prefect kind of clicks on their own. For this purpose people prefer the smartphones and other smart devices that possess a good camera, which is easy to use and they can capture whatever they want to. There are various apps referring specially with the photography helping the users to click perfect sort of photos with ease and convenience. Best of them are mentioned here.

1. Google Camera

Google Camera is a premium level of photography app developed and published by the Google Inc. After being at the top level in various things Google Inc. is setting new and way high standards in terms of application and their development and moreover they are very much successful in too. This Google Camera is pre-installed in Google Nexus phones and the tablets of same kind. The users using other android based phones have to download it from the Play Store. Alluring features of the app includes Photo Sphere, which enable the users to capture any sort of photos in a whole 360-degree angle.



2. Google Photos

Google Photos is another camera and photography application that is bundled with Google+. Google+ is a social networking and connecting site, which enables the users to connect with friends, family etc. The app about which we are concerned is the camera app of Google+ that is named as Google Photos. The app is really of a top quality and is quite simple and easy to use. It possess various interesting and astonishing features along with the trademark class of Google Inc. The most promising feature of the app is its ‘Auto Awesome’ feature, due to which the frequently captured collective photos are automatically arranged and enhanced too. The app can be used after installing the Google+ app that is available for free on Google Play.

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VSCO is an epic and bewildering photography and camera app that is developed and published by VSCO Inc. It is the most loved and desired camera app. It is widely demanded and recommended by the users all over the globe. It was basically developed for iOS but as it hits the deck so hard and people gone crazy about it, it was later than launched for Android devices too.It is an all in one sort of photography based app that not only enables the users to capture the photos accurately but also provide the variety of exceptional editing tools to make the photos look perfect and amazing. The app is free of cost but does required in-app purchase for the additional premium features. It is available on Google Play.


4. Camera 2

Camera 2 is an extraordinary kind of camera photography that is developed and published by JFDP Labs. It is one of the most simple and pure high quality photography app among all the rest similar sort of apps that are available in the market. The best part of the app is its real-time exceptional and crystal clear bumping effects that blows apart all artificial kind of effects present in the other apps. The app is based upon the natural effects and its whole phenomena ponder upon the natural and pure enhancement of images. The user can click crystal clear photos, record HD definition videos and all of the above the photos and videos captured via this app can be edit instantly with the editing tools included in the app. So there is no need of different kinds of apps for photography when the Camera 2 contains all of it.

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5. Camera ZOOM FX

Camera ZOOM FX is another top level photography based camera app that is developed and published by androidslide. The app is one of the most prominent and popular professional level photography app. The app possess all the essential and basic things in it that a good and complete professional camera app should have in it. It is nevertheless a gift from heaven for the young photographers, who further wants to develop themselves as professional photographers. As the app introduces the user with all professional level tools and features that should be kept in mind and are necessary while professional photography. The app has free version and a paid version with lots of real and premium professional features.


6. Camera MX

Camera MX is a splendid and astonishing high quality photo clicking app that is developed and published by Appic Labs Corp. The app possess a top class ultimate camera that allows the users to capture amazing photos without any hurdle. The most promising feature of the app is its ‘Live shots’. The user can shoot and share live photos too. This feature of the app let the users to create animated gifs and short animated video cum photos. It is the most unique and extraordinary feature of the app that is not seen in any of the other similar sort of app that is currently present in the market. The app also comprised a full-fledged editor in it, so that the user can edit the photos too at the instant by using effective editing tools. The app is free of cost but additional features have to purchase by the users.


7. Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 is a real professional camera app for photography developed and published by FGAE. It is said to be the DSLR camera app also, as it possess all the high level astonishing qualities of a real DSLR. The app is best for the new photographers that will help them to learn all about the professional photography and moreover the manual controls of DSLR present in the app are best for the practice. It helps to be familiar with all the terms that are necessary for professional photography. In short this app is a kind of complete DSLR and is nevertheless a gift of heaven for those who can’t afford a DSLR in real or want to practice first before buying one.


8. Snap Camera HDR

Snap Camera HDR is another high level premium photography based camera that is developed and published by Marginz Software. The app is a revolutionary app as compare to the all old and simple sort of camera apps that are available in the market. The app has a very simple and powerful user interface and build-up respectively that is quite convenient for the users and assures the smooth stream less working of the app. The app possess the ability to capture 4K videos with a wide angle and better ratio, if the smartphone on which the app is used possess the 4K video recording. The app costs $2.00 and can be downloaded from Google Play.


9. Open Camera

Open Camera is a very handy and useful photography camera app that is developed and published by Mark Harman. It is featured in the list of top camera apps of all times. The simple and easy to use yet powerful user interface of the app makes it so simple for every kind of users to use the app with any inconvenience. The app has many exciting and astonishing features in it like, auto-image stabilization which helps in capturing the photo with the perfect angle and avoid the roughness and blur or non-focused photos. The most unique and prominent feature that really attracts the users is its ability of taking photos on noise commands, such as whistling or voice etc. The app is free of cost present on Google Play.

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10. Z Camera

Z Camera is another quality based camera app designed for the photography purpose. The app is developed and published by GO Dev Team+. This app has one of the most attractive and eye-catching outlook and user interface that surely captures the attention of the users at the very first glance. The immaculate and bewildering color combination and fun based thousands of photo capturing and editing tools, makes it best and complete camera app that has everything it, which should be present in an excellent and modern sort of camera app. Real time classy filters and amazing effects including the special HDR effect makes the app more bombastic and appreciable. The app is free of cost and also offers in-app purchase option for the additional premium features. It is available on Google Play.


11. Cameringo+ Effects Camera

Cameringo+ Effects Camera is a stylish and attractive sort of camera app that retain finest quality in terms of every type of photography. The app is developed and proposed by Perraco Labs. It is the best recommended apps for those who are into or want to be in the field of professional photography. So for them it is the paramount app for the learning purpose and practicing. As the app own all the qualities of a professional photography camera, it will surely help the users in learning and getting familiar to the professional camera stuff. The app include some of the mouthwatering and unique features like FAUX HDR effects and tone mapping filters, lighter plant mode containing stereographic filters and many more other amazing specialized tools related with the finest level of photography.


12. Camera360

Camera360 is a finest and top level camera app designed for photography. The app is developed and published by PinGuo Inc. The app is said to be the most favorite camera app and is ranked as no.1 camera and editing app all over the world. It has topped various performance charts in more than 7 countries of the world. The app possess many quality features that are not only regarding its camera and shooting stance but also retain the great ability of editing too. The app is more known for its selfies, that are automatically beautified after the click and user can edit them according to his own desire. The app is totally free of cost and can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store for Android based devices.


13. HD Camera Ultra

HD Camera Ultra is an intense level pure quality camera app that is developed and published by Jess Development. As the name of the app states, it the camera app that is specially designed for High quality and high definition HD photos. The app contains many professional kind of photography tools and provides the users best possible photography experience. While using this app the users will surly feel that they are using a high profile professional digital camera or DSLR. Other top class features of the app includes Optical zoom, digital zoom, Low light exposure, manual enhancing options, etc. This camera has 3 kinds of focus moods that are Auto, Infinity and Macro, the users can adjust and use them according to their own convenience. The app is available for free on Google Play.


14. ProCapture

ProCapture is high profile, full-fledged and premium level of camera app that is made for the best photography. The app is developed and published by NEast Studios. This app is equipped with all the modern features and tools that a top class professional level of digital camera possess. The best part of the app is its simple and easy to use user interface, which means the users can now handle tough and manual tools of professional photography with quite ease and convenience. The app includes variety of different kinds of shot taking modes depending upon the use and requirement of the users, some of them are as Reduced noise mode, Panorama shot mode, Wide Shot mode, HDR mode and many more others too. The app costs $4.01 and can be downloaded from Google Play for Android based devices.


15. Fast Burst Camera

Fast Burst Camera is a different kind of camera app as its name states, it is specially designed for capturing frequently a lot of photos with perfection. The app is developed and published by Spritefish. Despite of being new, the app is getting attention from the users worldwide. It is getting quite viral from the time of its launch and already reached thousands of users from all around the globe. The app other than capturing photos in a burst do have variety of other capturing modes too that includes Full Burst, single shot, motion trigger, pre-shot, and a lot more others. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from Google Play for android based devices and gadgets.

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16. DSLR Camera Pro

DSLR Camera Pro is a premium high profile full-fledged professional level camera app that is developed and issued by Geeky Devs Studio. It is developed as mini version or we can say a copy of original DSLR cameras. It is designed in such a way that it contains each and every aspect of the DSLR. In other words we can say this app a mini DSLR because of its premium level professional photography stuff and result. The app has all the similar functions, modes and options that are present in a real full-fledged DSLR. The best part of the app is that it has the ability of capturing from the front camera that makes it good for general selfie lovers too. In the nutshell it is best for the practitioners learning professional photography. It is available on Google Play for $3.09.


17. Manual Camera

Manual Camera is a different kind of classy photography based camera app. It is also developed and published by the same Geeky Devs Studio, who are the developers of the premium quality DSLR camera app. First of all the users should get to know that whether this app is compatible with their smartphones or not. As it possess the manual system Camera 2 API, that requires permission from the vendor to make changes in the settings of the device. The app is supported by the android version lollipop and all the version next to it and the latest one marshmallow too. The app will surely make you feel awesome with its real and complete manual controls. Every single thing regarding the capturing of a photo is manual and the user had to arrange and kept it the way he or she want to take a shot. The app cost $3.03 and is available on Google Play.


18. Footej Camera

Footej Camera is an exceptional, full of quality and sheer brilliance camera app. It is developed and published by Semaphore Inc. The app is kind of pioneer app in terms of brilliant photography. Despite of being such premium quality, this app is not much popular among the users. It didn’t get the spot it deserved to be on. As it is new and will take some time to be in the spotlight but it is confirm that it will be in the top camera apps of all times. The app is new to the market and is heading slowly, but those who know about the sheer brilliance of the app are in love with it. It has all the premium features that others apps have but the best part about the app is that it is totally free.


19. Camera JB+

Camera JB+ is all in one camera and camcorder app that is developed and published by Moblynx. It is the app that got viral as it was launched few years back and create new records of excellence. It possess thousands of users all around the globe and is looking for more and more onwards as heading towards the glory. The prominent features of the app includes mesmerizing capturing tools like, HDR shot and Panorama shot. Live Photo FX option provides variety of natural alluring effects. The user interface of the app is so simple yet classy that everyone can easily use the app and can click awesome high quality photos. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from Google Play Store for android based devices.


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