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Everyone wants a secure atmosphere and security in his/her hand. Police, Military, Army, and many other departments are there for providing you the basic but the most impressive security that you deserve. But these security persons are not available for all the time near you for providing you protection. So no one knows that how much his/her area is secured that’s why they want to stay attached to numerous emergency departments near them because worst time does not knock the door to come in. Police and some other emergency and rescue departments are available all the time and are very much helpful and keep us updated about the adversities, disasters, and other emergency situations in their particular area. So for the sake of this reason many apps take born for iOS devices, initially it was a bit difficult for that department to inform you everything but later on this become so handy and intuitive. Now there are tons of Police Scanner apps for iOS devices that are working for 24 hours to stay us active on all the happenings around us. These provide live and real time updates and the top of them are listed below.

1. Police scanner Free for IOS

Police scanner Free for IOS provides a huge collection of Police, Fire, Airport, railroad, comedy, talk, EMS, and numerous music stations. It provides more than 40,000 radio stations for free. Some of its core features contain recording stations for the future playback, set alarms in the app or stayed updated, listen to it while sleeping or doing something else, and much more. You can easily run the app in the background as well so that you can easily perform some other apps and functions of your mobile phone. You can easily save stations, tweet a station, get notifications for further details, list scanner station and much more using this intuitive app.


2. iScan – Police and Fire Scanner

iScan – Police and Fire Scanner is a unique and intuitive police, fire, railroad, comedy, talk, EMS, etc. scanner app with lots of superb quality features. There are many amazing features of this app that ensures you a secure atmosphere using while having it on your mobile phone devices. Its core feature includes Alpha tags, a map for viewing the location of police calls, Ability to add custom feeds, Night Mode, Quickly select your favorite feeds, Police 10-codes, etc. Using this app, you can listen to feeds from all over the world. It contains almost all the complementary features that a police scanner app retains.


3. Broadcastify

Broadcastify is an app with tons of amazing features and functionalities for the user. This app enables you the full access to its network of more than 5700 police, rail, aviation, marine, amateur radio streams, fire/EMS, and much more. This app enables its users to search the thing you want by name as well as location, Show feeds nearby you, provides some favorite lists, and push notifications for some major incidents. Rather than this, it also provides real time updates of almost all the streams ad n listening of feeds with new feeds, alerts, and the top 20 feeds.


4. Cop radio Police scanner

Cop radio Police scanner provides a huge range of maximum utility and features. There are tons of amazing features of this app that lets you listen more than 40,000 police, railroad, EMS, Airport, Talk, Comedy, and music stations. It is an active app that enables you to record station, Set up alarms in the app, Easily get notifications, View the current and trending lists and songs via names and artists. You can easily run the app along with using some other applications on your phone. You can save stations, list and search radio stations, add your own custom stations, and a Bonus Flashlight, etc.


5. Top Cop – Police Radio Scanner

Top Cop – Police Radio Scanner brings a robust police scanner right on your iPhone, iPod, IPad, Mac OS X, and other iOS devices. It is not a widely used app, but all the workings of this app make it a cool app for its featuring criteria. It informs you about all the feeds and notifications including new and trending. You can easily make contact with many other users using the same platform. It is an easy to use app features the top best-requested feeds for the US and some other Policing. You can easily get one touch feeds from Chicago Police, Cleveland Police Dispatch, Detroit, LAPD Special Dispatch, Baltimore Police, San Diego Police, Saint John Police, Fire, and much more.


6. Scanner Radio Deluxe

Scanner Radio Deluxe is another top rated and pioneer scanner radio app that is used by thousands of people all around the globe for getting the latest updates about various departments. All the above mentioned apps are police scanner radio specific apps or provide access to other fire departments and weather radio channels, but this app is a complete radio in its own. The users can now listen to the live audio updates from more than 5000 police radio channels. No matter in which country you are living, you can access to a wide range of weather and fire scanners as well.


7. 5-0 Radio Police Scanner

Many of you out there would surely be aware of this very much astounding and bewildering police scanner radio app. 5-0 Radio Police Scanner is another world most famous and most widely used police scanner based radio apps that enable its users to access the live police station frequencies and access the other rescue departments. The users can access more than 5000 various radio channels other than police too and can be aware of the emergency situations around them.

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8. Scanner911 Police Radio

Scanner911 Police Radio is another famous and my personal favorite police and other depart scanner based radio app. The best and most prominent thing about the app is that it is not linked or concerned with any specific department such as police or fire etc. It is in actual a rescue based scanner radio app which allows its users to access the real-time updates provided by almost every kind of emergency and rescue department including Police, fire, weather department etc.

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