10 Best Pocket Dyno Apps for Android and iOS

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Sometimes, you need a detailed analysis of your vehicle. Still, your car or bike meter does not provide you with the exact performance of your cars like acceleration, speed, and braking power. You need some external sources and instruments to cover these issues.

But external tools are costly and feel like burdon. For solving these issues, large dyno companies have designed specific applications that use GPS service to calculate everything you need in your car.

What is Pocket Dyno App?

Pocket Dyno App is a particular type of application that can test and measure the performance of your vehicle and provides results on your mobile screen. It measures accelerations and compares multiple accelerations to check the best one.


Besides, an advanced Dyno App can measure acceleration, speed, braking power, racing time, and lap times. After calculation, the app provides results in the form of charts so that you can easily understand the performance of your vehicle.

Best Pocket Dyno Apps for Android and iOS

Here is the list of Best Pocket Dyno App for Android and iOS that provide the best services in this regard.

1. RaceChrono

RaceChrono is a data logging, lap time, and data analysis tool created to replace your traditional data loggers and lap timers. The program includes a track library with 2000 race tracks. It offers scrolling data analysis, including maps and graphs. It provides a predictive time delta and lap timing graph. You can export data in.NMEA, .ODS, .CSV, and.VBO formats.


You can synchronize and link video data from all action cameras. Besides, it provides numerous camera recording and support for LE heart rate monitors. More than 100000 active users are running this application. It is a practical application for individual stage tracks, drive go-karts or cars. You can get point-to-point routes and custom user-defined circuits.


  • Track library
  • Video recording


  • Export data
  • Remote control


  • Speed inaccurate


  • Free: $0
  • Pro: $17.99

Download: RaceChrono for Android | iOS

2. TrackAddict

TrackAddict is another fast application to convert the android device into a video and telemetry system. The program helps you to compare circuit laps, capture telemetry, and video data, impress others with data+video overlays, and view lap times instantly. The program offers data logging, race timing, video, and analysis. Get GPS Display and timer with predictive timing.

It provides options for numerous data+video overlay options and high-quality video recordings. You can export video data to RaceRender and work with it for code scanning and data logging. Besides, it provides statistics, Lap/Run comparison, and driving line analysis. You will get Theoretical Lap Time and Sector Split Timing.

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  • Export Data
  • Capture videos


  • Statistics
  • Analysis


  • NO optimization

Download: TrackAddict for Android | iOS

3. Speed Logic

Speed Logic is an enhanced platform that helps you to measure acceleration, best lap time, braking, and speed of your vehicle. It will inform you about multiple checkpoints, and you can also insert personalized checkpoints. You can save results and share them with Telegram, Whatsapp, email, or Viber. Work with the Lap Timer mode to compare current and best lap time and export the information to pdf file.

This tool is useful for USB GPS and External Bluetooth receivers. It supports different types of USB and Bluetooth receivers. It is a handy speedometer with many additional tools like instant speed and mileage in miles, knots, or kilometers, thermometer in Fahrenheit and Celsius, satellite connection info, and humidity.


  • Measure atmospheric pressure
  • Satellite connection info


  • Share details
  • For external devices


  • Complicated

Download: Speed Logic for Android

4. Dub Dyno

Dub Dyno is an ultimate simulation application that can test and compare different combinations to allow the enthusiast to plan something exciting. It includes changeable components like Stroke, Intake, Carbs, exhaust, rockers, heads, and camshaft. It is one of the best available platforms created for the Type 1 engine.

There are many other applications for this purpose, but they don’t have top features like it. The program displays results approximately equal to real ones. It offers graphs to show your performance related to speed and time. Overall, it is an exciting application that provides all the necessary tools and options for car racers.


  • Changeable components
  • Use different combinations


  • Plan next build
  • Compare combinations


  • No part selection

Download: Dub Dyno for Android

5. Hondata Mobile

It is an advanced toolkit that facilitates user to connect his smartphone with whiteboard S300 V3, KPro4, or FlashPro. This easy to use application assists you to use your smartphone to view insights into engine operation. You can check and clear engine codes to track engine sensors. It is one of the beautiful products in the Honda Tuning market.

This elegant tool is specially created for the users who require easy of use, best in function, and well-thought-out design. It checks and remove error codes and shows essential engine operating conditions. You have the option to view analog gauges and custom digital displays.

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  • Check and remove errors
  • Display engine data


  • Programmable shift light
  • Custom digital display


  • Does not connect

Download: Hondata Mobile for Android | iOS

6. Fuelpak FP3

Fuelpak FP3 is an enhanced application that converts your android system into a powerful flash tuner. Work with this platform for the optimized performance of your flash tuner. For the better working of this application, you need advanced hardware in your vehicle.

The program allows you to import dyno-tuned maps according to your pipe/bike combination. Besides, you can view live sensor data and Auto-Tune your bike. You can see and remove diagnostic trouble codes and adjust different parameters in your spark and fuel tablets. You need to send sheets to the customer service of Vance & Hines to get more assistance about changes.


  • View live sensor data
  • AutoTune your bike


  • Adjust individual parameters
  • Get dyno-tuned maps


  • Still improving

Download: Fuelpak FP3 for Android | iOS

7. Virtual Dyno Mobile

Virtual Dyno Mobile as another new application to check the performance of your vehicle. It provides the accuracy and reliability of the virtual desktop dyno. You have to connect monitor pids and Bluetooth adapter, create dyno graphs, get trouble codes of your vehicle, and more. The program can easily monitor PIDs like engine load, RPM, air temps, and timing.

The program facilitates you to compare graph overlays, generate dyno graphs, and share your figures with your friends. You can view and reset trouble codes instantly. This application enables you to track the gas mileage of the vehicle in real-time. However, this app needs some modifications to get a performance like a desktop application.


  • Monitor PIDs
  • Create Dyno graphs


  • Analyze and reset trouble codes
  • Compare graph overlays


  • Need modifications

Download: Virtual Dyno Mobile for Android

8. MSDroid

MSDroid is a fully integrated and complete program for MegaSquirt that provides everything you desire. The application is giving data log recordings, beautiful dashboards, powerful graphical reviewing, and ECU configurations. You can customize a multi-page dashboard and arrange widgets by working with a drag and drop editing style.

Work with datalog viewer to see logs in traditional graph form and get GPS route information using a free map. The program supports all tuning screens like curve and table editors. It will save INI files, project definitions, MSL log files, and MSQ files in the local storage of your mobile, and you can access them anytime.


  • GPS route information
  • Traditional graph
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  • Datalog recording
  • Beautiful dashboards


  • Stuck sometimes


  • Demo: Free
  • Pro: $12

Download: MSDroid for Android

9. PerfExpert

PerfExpert is an advanced tool to increase the efficiency of an accurate dyno inside your vehicle. The program facilitates you to check the performances of your car like torque, real power, and acceleration time. It provides all results in interactive charts. 1st you have to create a profile and then enter all specifications of a car like tire sizes, engine displacement, or curb weight.

Mount your phone in the car and rely on its sensors to get the actual acceleration of your vehicle. Besides, check the efficiency of different tunings, chip tuning, ECU mapping, and chassis settings. This program works with dynamic power loss calculations and algorithms to give high accuracy performances of cars. Work with correct nom of your selection to get accurate torque and power.


  • Check torque and power
  • Advanced signal processing


  • Check efficiency
  • Test car accelerometer


  • Need enhancements


  • Free: $0
  • Pro: $9.99

Download: PerfExpert for Android | iOS

10. Harry’s Dyno

Harryis Dyno is a pocket dyno application designed to get the high precision performance of your car. The program uses OBD and GPS sensor input to calculate the speed ranges. You can use it for both acceleration and deceleration testing. It will compare and analyze the results in detail. It will save data locally, and you can filter it by the vehicle used and speed range.

Besides, you can export data to different data formats. Most of your mobile phone in the car and use its internal GPS to get measurements. However, you can connect external OBD or GPS sensors for high powered vehicles, low-speed ranges, and the highest precision. Use Harry’s LapTimer to test the distance-based performance of your car.


  • Connect OBD or GPS
  • High precision


  • Multiple modes
  • Test acceleration


  • Complicated


  • Free: $0
  • Pro: $3.99

Download: Harry’s Dyno for iOS

The Verdict

All these applications are providing excellent and accurate results of their calculations. Most of these applications are offering free services. However, you need to get the purchased version of some apps to get more advanced features. These apps use built-in GPS to track the performance of a car.

However, you can use external GPS or OBD instrument to get high precision and more accurate results of your testing. You can export all results to multiple formats and share them with friends.

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