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We live in an era of stress, cheap pleasure. Temptation. And convince – all of which affect our health and diet extremely immoral. According to recent research NASPE (National Association for Sports and Physical Education), the gym is a phenomenon that not only improvises the look of your body, but it also keeps you fit and modern, and even it gives individuals and to influence the moral development and building leadership skills. A trend is set that a boy or a girl will be perfect when their body language is so sexy and awesome. For a Dude looking personality, Gym is there, and you must want to engage it with your mobile phone device and want to take a trainer on their mobile phone which provides proper guidance for a smooth workout plan. The gym is now so trending, and everyone joins it to look just perfect because it requires individuals to build social skills, work together, and teamwork abilities. There are a variety of Gym apps that lets you stay healthy, and some of them even pay you for doing some tasks over there.

1. Cyclemeter

It is probably the best Bicycle-riding app by Abvio. This iOS only application collects a wealth of stuff that provides accurate and well-thought-out features. This app appeals to fitness fanatics who take part in one or more than one sports. Despite cycling, you can also use this app for tracking running, walks, and other similar activities. It contains fully-packed data about your cycling and biking outings but does not contain a Calorie-counting fact. It informs you everything about your ride including Speed, average Speed, and fastest Speed along with an intuitive graphical view. It also contains maps, calendar, history and some other options.



2. Digifit iCardio

Digifit iCardio is a free app that requires a compatible heart rate monitor. It has a distinctive graphical representation that provides you the information about your workout. It provides a real-time hard stats, GPS feature, and accelerometers. It is available for both iOS and Android devices that support heart rate monitor, bicycle rides, and other workouts. It professionally and accurately records heart beats, along with pace, time, and distance. There is a huge amount of users that use this app by paying $50 to $100 to get full use of this app.


3. FitStar

FitStar is an awesome workout app for iOS devices that effectively creates a custom workout for you truly based on the level of fitness you have. You can start doing simple workouts and slowly approach to complex and real workouts for your fitness. It starts the workout scenario from simple to tough just to keep you goings far for fitness and lets you give it proper feedback. This app uses your feedback info to create a routine schedule that challenges your fitness in the right ways and keeps it in the right directions. The formal NFL player is Tony Gonzalez in the in-app coach who manages the workflow of your exercise routine.



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4. Fitbit

Fitbit is a fitness measuring tool for iOS devices that counts your steps without a tracker, helps you measure the calories you consume, record and log your weight and even provides information other than health. It also provides health information that includes your glucose level and blood pressure. This app is even easier to use if you own a Fitbit Tracker because it provides a good amount of information about your workouts and activities automatically. And if you a full blown junkie than you might add Fitbit Aria scale which automatically adds your weight to the app. It offers some amazing fitness features that help you lose your weight to provide a fit life.


5. MyFitnessPal

It is an effective app for providing you a fully-featured fitness mobile app trainer. It is an iOS devices app that enables you a wealth of tools kit for tracking who much and what you eat and how many calories you gain and burn through activity. MyFitnessPal is one of the easiest and the most intuitive app to manage and handle, and it comes with a flow of largest database of drinks and foods. Having this app on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other iOS devices you can precisely watch what you eat for 24/7, no matter where you are.


6. Pact

It is an app that lets you stay healthy and happy. It keeps you healthy by allowing you exercise and happy by letting you earn cash for living healthy. It lets you use the money on whether you will complete a workout or go to the gym. If you are completing your goals and exceed in the workout, then it lets you earn real cash, and paid by members who do not. And if you are failed in something, then you have to pay too. It is an interesting app that lets you stay healthy in a fun way. There are many slackers here that pouring money into it because this pot is communal.


7. Pear Personal Coach

Pear Personal Coach lets you discovering great workouts from the experienced coaches, Olympians, and real champions with a trial time of 14 days to find your lovable workouts. It includes running, spin, strength, loose, treadmill, HIIT, and hundreds of other workouts that you do in your daily routine. It provides real humane training, specially curated workout packages, support videos clips that enable you to do your workout properly like never before. It is suitable for all fitness levels with some excited and glorious workouts and lets you meet your goals in shortest and quickest way possible. It connects you with Apple Health states to expand your exercising experience.

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8. Runtastic PRO

Runtastic PRO allows your do effective workout and get the shape. It provides tons of features that enable you to do your favorite activity with proper guidance and real-time supervising approach. It provides some extraordinary featuring capabilities that include Real Voice Coach, Auto Pause, Ad free experience, Route Providence (find or create experience routes), challenges a run, Colored traces, Training goals, along with interval coaching, training, and dynamic split tables. Some of its ordinary features contain Live tracking and cheering, Dashboard configuration, Mapping, Enjoy Cardio Workouts, Geotagging, integration with Apple Health, manual entry of workouts, and much more.


9. Runtastic Six Pack Abs

Runtastic Six Pack Abs is an app for both male and female candidates that love to have a sexy belly along with a variety of core experience. It provides over 50 HD instructional Abs workout videos, adjustable difficulty level, ten weeks Six Pack Abs plan, with pre-defined workouts that you have to perform and you can even create custom workout planning. This app includes some core experiences that offer Hip drops, Leg raises, Core twist, Side bridge, Classic sit-ups, Cross-body crunch, Oblique Crunch, Planks, and Mountain climbers. You can easily lose your weight and maintains a voluptuous body.


10. Runmeter

Runmeter is one of the most advanced and stunning tools for working out properly under the observation of a real-time expert panel. It provides many amazing and useful services with some enhanced featuring capabilities. There are lots of features that it provides which contains new Pairing UI, Live Updates, show battery level with Signal strength, provides firmware updates, Improved power meter support, add power mode settings, add scale settings, includes balance in FIT export, and much more. It is a fully-featured app that records an unlimited number of workouts, no login process, view your workout on your calendar, and offers tons of other fertile doings.


11. Map My Fitness

Map My Fitness lets you track and map every workout that you do. It lets you get audio feedback, and you can choose from more than 600 different sports to keep a full stat of all your activities. It is an effective app that analysis your performance on every mile, and enables you to set your personal objectives and adjust them as your progress or improve. It enables your shoes to do the tracking of your data, and sync your activities. This app stays you up to date with the other motivators and friends and shares your experience and workouts with your friends and any community that you join. Its updated version lets you take photos, attach photos, and add a cover photo that reveals the best moment.

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12. Six Pack ABS – 4 Weeks!

Six Pack ABS – 4 Weeks! is a widely used app that provides the basics of maintaining your body with a tremendous blow of experience. It is a highly focused app that provides some awesome daily-based detailed description and videos of training, detailed description, training reminders for a smooth workout plan, and a ready-made complex panel of exercises. It provides a BMI calculator that enables you to determine your weight and variational settings for the number of circles and of the timer. It provides some protein recipes that enable you to work properly for burning your fat and creating or maintaining your perfect Six Pack Abs.


13. Vida Health Coach

FIT Radio specializes in DJ-created mixes, is a music streaming app that maintains a consistent beat. It is free to use app that informs you about the mixes and the workouts. If you like exploring new workouts, then this app is suitable for you. You can browse by genres and or also by type of workout as Yoga, Spin, and Zumba, etc. It is a great fitness app to try if you never want to put a workout mix on your own. There is a huge amount of people using this app on their iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other iOS devices.


14. Charity Miles

Charity Miles, as the name of the app states it is a very different sort of running app that motivates the users in a whole new different way and that too better than ever. What if a person earns something while his morning run or jog on daily basis? Yes it is the real offer given by the app to its users for motivating them to leave their warm beds and go outside and run for gaining a fitness based healthy physic and so that they can set up their healthy routine which can further led them to a healthy lifestyle. The app possess a very charming and initiative user interface and overall setup and outlook that is way much more attractive and is super convenient on the very same time. The users of the app has now to track their daily basis running and they will be rewarded money based on their daily stats, that money is further given into the charity purpose through proper channel. What else could be better than gaining a healthy fitness physic and on the same time helping the poor and needy people all around the globe too. The idea of the app is brilliant and is tremendously effective in terms of motivating and engaging more and more users that run and track their fitness. The app is developed by Charity Miles and can be downloaded free of cost from the Google Play store for Android.

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