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Lots of people want to know the curiosity of the astronomy and the miraculous stuff that it contains. People want a real-time interaction with what is happening in the sky. They want to know the planets, stars, constellation, Moons, Sun, and other mesmerizing stuff present in the Galaxy. For the sake of this need, there are many apps which are developed that provide a definite stars, planets, and other Galaxy stuff details, NASA news, some major changes in the Astronomy, and tons of other interesting facts about our earth and all the stuff moving around. The trend of using this app is enhancing, and people around the world want to stay in touch with all the changes and NEWS about the Astronomy. These app provides the finest details about everything and enables you to travel through these stars, planets, etc. virtually. These are some superb apps that inform you about everything that you wants to know about the Astronomy. And People prefer these apps to have on their mobile phones for an accurate panel of information about what is happening in their Galaxy. Here are some apps that helps people finding their Astronomical stuff.

1. Pocket Universe

It is a Virtual Sky Astronomy app that was probably the first app that lets you explore the sky with thousands of stars, planets, and galaxies. It includes Quizzes, games, Jupiter and Saturn moons, predicts and watch satellites, provides details of our moon, offers binoculars, watches international space stations, and the planets dance around the Sun with the Orrery. It efficiently works on all iOS devices and provides some extraordinary functions. It predicts sightings, Constellation and Star Quiz (that teaches you about the sky), links to Wikipedia articles, a responsive customer support and much more.



2. Luminos

Luminos provides everything that you need including watching eclipses, flying through the solar systems, looking for satellites, and international space station information as well and much more. It is a complementary app of information that goes far by merging huge celestial database into a stunning rendered real-time space simulation. It is compatible with all iOS devices and needs an internet connection to update stuff once in a while just to deliver the right astronomy information to its users. If you want to know the objects and other material in the sky, then it will inform you in the right direction.



3. Star Walk HD – Night Sky Map

Star Walk HD – Night Sky Map and Planets in the Sky let you enjoy Stars and other related stuff in Night or day on the iOS devices. It is a beautiful app that informs you about the astronomy info on your mobile phone devices. It has over 10 million users due to its tons of interesting features. Its core features comprise Tap Augmented Reality icon, User Night Mode, Information of almost every object, A Scale on the Time Machine, A calendar of celestial Events (that allows you to know every event), and much more. Rather than this, it offers a TelRad feature, you can explore awesome space pictures, provides your personal planetarium.

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4. SkySafari 5

SkySafari 5 is the newest version app that completely supports all iOS devices. It is an app that lets you vanish in the mesmerizing astronomy including, stars, the moon, and other objects. More specifically it provides the location and set or rise the Planets, Sun, Moon, and some International Space Stations. It has added some intellectual sound effects to create more attractiveness among the user. It notifies you when some satellites and ISS pass over and efficiently updates objects descriptions and other minor updates after a while. It provides an object list in the menu, provides a new share button and much more.


5. GoSkyWatch Planetarium

It is the astronomy star guide app that offers smooth criteria to inform you about the imaginative things in the Astronomy. It is a robust app that easily identifies the location of stars, Moon, Sun, constellations, and other planets by simply pointing to the sky. It acts as your personal telescope that lets you explore the night sky. It provides the widest range of zooming capability along with the excellent animation. Some of its core features include Touch free identification, Gyroscope compass auto calibration, Unique target identification, Full 180-degree display, and much more.


6. Exoplanet

Exoplanet is an astronomy app with highly interactive and visual catalog of all recognized Exoplanet. These are stars outside our solar system. Its main features contain Interactive animations and visualizations, a stunning 3D model of the Milky Way Galaxy, physical and exothermic properties of all planets, visualization of the habitat zone and exoplanets and much more. It provides a real-time ray tracing on GPO, Exclusive background information, pushes notifications (when some planet is discovered or move around), augmented reality sky map, interactive multi-touch correlation spots and much more.


7. Starmap HD

Starmap HD is an intellectual sky navigation tool written by professional of the field. It provides tons of features that efficiently manage you to have knowledge about almost all the astronomy objects. It provides 2,500,000 stars, Tycho 2 catalog, Messier catalog, Full NGC or IC or Caldwell catalogs, 8,300 stars with physical characteristics, Abell identifiers, SAO catalog, Maximum magnitude 16, etc. It also contains Moon map with 9900 references, Meteor zones, automatic selection of the best observable objects, searches by text and id’s, featured objects selection, and much more. It also features a complete moon map having almost 9000 features, 13,000 deep sky objects, the complete ephemeris for sky objects, all common nebulae catalogs, and Full solar system ephemeris.

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8. Distant Suns

Distant Suns: The new way to look at the sky is an award winning app that efficiently tells you about the information of the astronomy, and you can stay in touch with all the news and happenings about this. It includes some essential features that contain view from the Earth or in the solar system, Observe the targets being observed in real-time, Compass aware, more than 300,000 pinpoint stars scintillating, and without any internet connection. It provides a real-time integration with NASA as well. It also offers stories behind each constellation, viewpoint lock, special color mode, GPS aware, planetary data and other information.


9. SkyView Free – Explore the Universe

SkyView Free – Explore the Universe is a simple yet intuitive app that informs you about the astronomical changes and provides the identification of stars, satellites, constellations, and other things. You can jump to the future or even to the past to see the sky at different times and dates. You can easily get to know the paths or tracks for the Moon and Sun to see their exact location. Using this app, you can capture stunning images and share it with your friends. It does not require any internet connection or Wi-Fi support.


10. Stellarium

Stellarium is an app that provides powerful and intuitive information about the planets, stars, Moon, Sun, and other astronomical stuff healthily. It is an award winning app that provides a catalog of more than 600,000 stars and displays their properties as well with a real-time zoomable sky map. It provides distinct information about the artificial satellites, Milky Way Galaxy, 3D rendering of the solar system, atmosphere refraction, and accurate simulation of the stars extermination. It also provides the options of night mode along with GPS positioning and accelerometer control of the directions, etc.


11. Observer Pro

Observer Pro is a fully-modified and stunning app that quickly and easily locate or identify the stars, constellations, planets, and other galaxy stuff. It acts as your personal telescope that informs you about almost everything wondering in the night sky. It offers an excellent animation and great zooming capabilities. It is designed specifically for outdoor use and is easy to use with no modes to select and no button to press. It provides a touch free identification, provides gyroscopic compass auto calibration unique target identification, does not need to hold levels, and show planets with particular brightness to stars and much more.

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12. Solar Walk

Solar Walk is another effective tool which is carrying by more than 6 million users from all around the globe. Its awesome interface enables you to observe 3D model of your solar system, provides a real-time and proper notification, can explore planets and their details, and enjoy stunning visual and graphics. Using this app, you can easily make virtual flights. You can travel in time and see the solar system as well as the whole universe in a way like never before. You can find an exciting view of our galaxy, watch a collection of videos and movies, enjoy 3D Planetarium (with special glasses), and choose from the view mode restfully.


13. Red Shift

Red Shift brings a virtual experience of the night sky right from your mobile phone screen. There are many functionalities of this app with an incredible and easy to drive interface. Using this app, you can easily discover celestial objects, it informs you which planet, star, or constellations are currently visible in the night sky using real-time notifications. It provides a virtual 3D flight that enables you to travel anywhere in the galaxy, observation planner for the moon, bright planets, and Sun and provides a comprehensive database. It lets you browse from more than 26 moons, 16 comets, 500 asteroids, 70,000 deep sky objects, and more than 100,000 stars all the way from Galaxy.


14. SkyORB

SkyORB provides tons of damn interesting features which are multi-core optimized and lightweight and is available on almost all iOS devices. There are tons of intuitive offerings of this app that includes a real time 3D Planetarium along with the photorealistic rendering, robust zooming capabilities, personalized ephemeris, satellite and comets positions, and much more. It provides the functionality of weather forecasting, display day or night terminators, Moon phases with dates, and have the ability to simulate the sky. Its premium app includes ad-free version, full screen in planet view, display more info, and many interesting facts.


15. Scope Nights

Scope Nights is an app that lets you go stargazing and find clear dark sky with maximum zooming abilities and robust clearance. Using this app, you can easily find your required stuff on the sky in an efficient way, find dark skies using a detailed light pollution map, searchable maps and list of certified sky places and some other major observatories. It also provides NASA news and details, a detailed astronomy forecasts, custom stargazing notifications (accurate notifications of stargazing rating), etc. It also provides Night time specific forecasts, color coded weather details, Moon Phase, Precipitation probability, Relative humidity, Minimum temperature, Wind direction, Sunrise & sunset times, Wind speed sensitivity.


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