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With the advent of technology, many audio and voice recording features and apps are also developed in the mobile phone devices for making them perfect for anyone to use. So in that sense, they introduced an intellectual Voice recording feature on the Mobile phone devices that capably lets you record whatever you speak on your phone. As the technology improvises, the way of recording audio also enhances their functionality, so initially, we were just recording audio or voice, with the passage of time mobile devices added the feature of recording your radio play, video or audio calls, and even your screen enhancements. Now mobile phone includes some standard built-in voice recorders, but there are a huge amount of people rely on an additional app for recording purposes. As a good audio recording app is essential for a journalist, etc. just to record audio from anywhere easily and quickly using their phones. Now here is a distinct list of some classy apps that tons of the users from all over the love to have on their phones.

1. Voice Record Pro

Voice Record Pro is a marvelous app that is efficiently created for professional users. It can easily record voice in the MP4, MP3, and MAC formats, and recorded voice is in standard M4A, MP4, and AAC formats. Voice Record Pro export to and import from Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box Cloud, Sound Cloud, FTP server, and can easily export to any web based scripts. It can easily Append records, Convert the records to some other formats, Duplicate the records, Trim the records, and you can easily protect the app with a passcode. There are tons of other features of this app that makes audio recording more innovative and effective.



2. Evernote Recorder

Evernote Recorder is a widely used and the most popular app for iOS devices that efficiently records and manages audio and voice memos. It changes the way you organize your professional and personal project innovatively using tons of amazing and stunning features. Using this app, you can easily Sync anything, Share your ideas, Make personal checklists, Set reminders, Gather/Capture/Store every productive thought, create agendas, annotate documents, and much more. It makes a better note interaction with 3D touch, Evernote support for Apple Watch, in Business, in Education, and even in everyday life.



3. Just Press Record

Just Press Record provides amazing functionalities that make audio recording more interesting, easy and fun. It adds support for the High-Quality microphone, support recording from Apple AirPods, and add support for recording AIF and WAV files. It efficiently records and playback on all of your iOS devices. Rather than these, it features like iCloud Sync, One Tap recording, Speech to Text transcription, Transcription Language settings, Punctuation Command Recognition, Bluetooth Support, External Microphone Support, etc. Some of its amazing features include easy sharing, fully searchable recordings, background and unlimited recording time, Multitasking and 3D touch with lots of other functions.

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4. Smart Record

Smart Record is a professional recording app for the iOS device. It has just added 3D Touch for opening notes, Use the search bar in your notes, and many other improvements. There are tons of features of this app that includes Interrupt Protection, Share recordings, Wi-Fi sharing, Record and Playback in the background, Import recording form Cloud services, unlimited recording time and much more. It efficiently adds multiple notes, manage deep search by notes and titles, and add/delete/rename your recording, etc. Its pro version includes Folder management, Auto detections, Extra sampling rates, No ads and many others.


5. QuickVoice2Text Email Pro Recorder

QuickVoice2Text Email Pro Recorder is an effective app that lets you record sound, calls, and audio better than any other app on iOS. It contains some improved features that include intuitive Touch and speaks Design, Super useful Voice Remainders, Send Voice notes through messages, send Voice mails up to almost 20 GB, and contains a Built-in Ringtones Recording function. There are many stunning features which comprise Adjustable recording Quality, Pause and resume records due to some interruption, Records for hours and seconds, Bonus desktop recorder, recording in Background and much more.


6. Voice Recorder HD

Voice Recorder HD is a highly recommended and highly rated voice recording app for iOS devices with thousands of amazing features. It has just improved iCloud file sharing, and remove function for Apple Watch. It includes Trimming, Playback control, Audio Boost, and M4A to WAC converter or vice versa. This stunning app provides High-Quality audio recording, unlimited recording time, Bluetooth support, Support any iOS device to playback, share voice memos, ability to configure audio quality, iCloud Sync, etc. It has a classy and simple interface that lets you do the recording in a pretty interesting and easy way.


7. Rev Voice Recorder

Rev Voice Recorder is a widely used app that efficiently records audio with unlimited time, provides Transcripts delivered in 12 hours or less, and lets you view transcript directly in the app. Its Key features include High-Quality Voice recording, Record in Background, Automatic Pause for interruptions, Order Professional Transcripts, Deliver your Transcript to your mail, and do much more. It can efficiently import recording from some other apps, lets you share and view transcripts and recordings, Automatically Sync recordings, easily search for recording by sort, name, and date, and trim your recordings to keep the recording you want.

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8. HT Professional Recorder

HT Professional Recorder is an app for professional features to be used on your iOS smartphones. There are tons of amazing features of this app that helps you do your work more effectively and easily. It provides Exceptional sound quality of recording stuff, allows Email recording for 30 minutes and more, overwrites capability permits correction, Appends to any recording, Wi-Fi file transfer via simple web browser support, three levels of microphone gain sensitivity, etc. It provides some amazing features like Repeat Mode, Audio bookmarking, Speeds up, Slows down, Auto Record Options, and One-Touch positioning to any point in the file.


9. Recorder Plus : Voice Recorder

Recorder Plus: Voice Recorder is an amazing app that lets you record stuff in the user-friendly atmosphere using its stunning features. It provides One touch recording, Pauses and resumes recordings, Record, and Playback in the background, Fast, simple and easy to use, with Simple User Interface. Rather than this it also features Audio recording Output Settings, Compressed Audio format, Record for seconds or hours, One touch recording, Great and High-Quality audio recording and much more. It provides a distinct File management support, Audio Format Support, Audio Play features, Adjustable Audio Trim control and much more for its iOS users.


10. iTalk Recorder

iTalk Recorder is a fully features an app that includes some amazing features that include, High-quality handheld recording, easy and convenient User Interface, Multitasking approach, Email your recording stuff easily and quickly, and much more. This app enables you to transfer recording to other device and to compatible apps, supports iTunes file sharing, Auto Noise cancelation, Built-in search function to discover recordings from sort, date, and name, and User-Selectable Quality (Good, Better, and Best)to choose from. You can also do much more amazing stuff with your audio to make it more effective.


11. Quick Recorder

Quick Recorder is a robust app that helps you record stuff efficiently and quickly without taking huge loading time etc. It added some recent features that include sharing a sound file from events to another, fixed upload and sent options and many Bugs. It is an amazing app for professional to record interviews, press conferences, or any real-time audio directly on their smartphones. This app is designed especially for a journalist to do their job with much perfections and dignity. It offers infinite recording along with many other features that make this app extraordinary.

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12. Voice Recorder Free – smart Speech and Audio

Voice Recorder Free – smart Speech and Audio is a handy app that lets you record voice, record editing, convert recordings to text, and much more using its stunning features. It recognizes more than 44 languages from round the world, contains simple design and a huge range of possibilities, and split the recording into separate general fragments. It offers a built-in function to convert audio into a distinct piece of text, and some built-in filters that reduce the level of background noise for reducing the interruptions. It also offers playback function, cutting function, speech-to-text conversion, change interface color scheme, sound oscillogram, etc.


13. MultiTrack DAW

MultiTrack DAW is a powerful and handy digital audio app in the palm of your hand. It features tons of amazing stuff that enables you to make stunning, high quality, and amazing recording using your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other iOS devices. It provides a variety of input options including headset mic, built-in mic, and USB interfaces and mics. Its core features include eight stereo audio track, professional quality sounds, inter app audio instruments, generators, and effects support, support saving and restoring state, per track compressor and many other extraordinary features for iOS users.


14. Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

Voice Recorder & Audio Editor is the most intuitive and simple app for iOS devices to record audio and other sounds easily. There are tons of amazing features of this app including Audio Trimming, MP4 converter, compress large audio files into loss quality files, provide Audio Booster, Accessibility support, and Advanced playback support, etc. There are many other handy functions which make this app more attractive. These include AirDrop sharing, Quick and simple to use, unlimited recording time, Bluetooth and background recording, share voice memo, support any OS, etc. with hundreds other for iOS user.


15. Call Recorder

Call Recorder is an app for recording your necessary and important calls on your mobile phone devices. It has just improved handling phone numbers and better how-to-use knowledge for new users. You can use this app to record national, local or international calls from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod, etc. In fact, you do not even have to install a sim to make calls you can do this using some social media app with a good connection. The entire call is recorded easily, and can be played on a phone, sent via Email, Transferred to some computer or another device, Export to Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. and you can also set a title for each.


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