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Taking regular pictures becomes boring at some pointy. There are not many angles from which you can take a picture. No matter how many images you move around, the face doesn’t change. Developers have made apps that turn your face into an animal or emoji or other things; you can swap your face, swap your nose, lips, or eyes. You can apply filters, masks emoji, GIFs, and many other things with such apps. These apps are different in the type, and the interface limits some of them. Some contain so many functions that it is fun to use all of them. You can directly share the edited pictures on social sites like Facebook or Instagram. Not just face changing, but the user can edit photos with the editing module in the apps. The apps allow the user to make videos and share them on live steam while using a face mask, swapping face, or playing music in the background. It is a hilarious free time activity, and they might improve your editing skills and make you an artist. Here are numerous types of apps that can change your face and make you look young, old, or of the opposite gender.

1. FacaApp

FacaApp is a cross-platform application and fun to use. The app contains many options and trick sand filter d you can apply to your face; it is integrated with multiple editing options too. The editing features consist of cropping, resizing, rotating, among other possibilities. The core feature of the application is that it swaps and changes the picture of you or any other person you want to turn. The aging filter is the best and most used feature until now; it went viral when celebrities start using it as fun. It makes you look old, and it can also make you look young. You can see it at the bar below the screen. The app is self-expiatory, and the GUI structure is easy to understand. The only drawback that occurs with this app is that it stops processing the image because of the corrupted API. FacaApp has an in-app purchase option, which lets you access the pro version.

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2. Face Blender

Face Blender is an amazing Android application consists of bundles of face filters and clip arts. The app design is according to users’ ease, which tells us about the straightforward and self-navigating interface. It has a lot of options; you can take a photo by allowing the app to access the camera or choose a picture from the gallery. The app consists of filters, face swap features, and editing options. Face Blender blends in your face with the template and adjust your face angle and orientation to fit the frame. The app contains a smart GUI structure and offers a pro version which comes with in-app purchase.

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3. MixBooth

MixBooth is a face changing application that provides a feature of photo editing, changing faces, swapping the bodies, and making videos while doing it. MixBooth’s interface is self-explanatory, and the GUI structure is design in a way that the user faces no problem using the app. It is a free application and available on both Android and iOS devices. Some of its features let you use multiple faces on a single picture. The only drawback comes when the app uses its cropping function and resizes the image inserted of giving manual control to the user. It transforms the picture instantly and contains a mode where the user can review the original file by shaking the phone.

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4. Lip Swap

Lip Swap is an Android application that can swap lips or any other part of the face, including the entire look. It is fun to use and offers many features and functions. It is a free and open-source application, and the source code can found easily. The app is fast extensive, and the interface is simple to understand. With the launch, the app asks permission to access the camera, or if you want to use a picture from the gallery, it asks permission to access it. The changes done are in real-time, which is the indication of the app to work faster. It is free to use and contains no in-app purchase module.


5. Cupace

Cupace is a face changing application that only runs on android devices. The core feature of the app is to swap the front of two pictures. It has a three-way process that includes cutting a face, choosing an image, and then pasting it on the face. In these three steps, it provides options for editing and provides a magnified view, so you don’t miss a part. After cropping, the faces are saved in the app for later use. Another feature of the app lets you send the pictures directly to your social media accounts.

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6. Face Swap

Face Swap is not an ordinary face swapping app; it does more than just swap faces. The app consists of multiple options, and each option has its perks and usability. It allows the user to access filters, image editing like add sticker, text, crop, adjust, change the color scheme, and much more. It does al in real-time, and the face-swapping module provides an interactive interface for users. The app consists of masks, access to the camera, or import images from the library. Clone face is an exciting feature as well as animal faces and cartoon faces with various effects. The app is free, works in surprising and sophisticated ways.


7. Photomontage Collage

Photomontage Collage, a face-swapping app that does more than just swapping face, it includes filters, editing options, and the features of images of face filters stored in the predefined library is pretty fantastic. The face is easily swapped from a picture and saved in the gallery, and now form one picture you got two so you can apply different looks on the faceless figure and use the face image on various filters. It auto-adjusts the minor details. Photomontage Collage also helps you create fun art, business cards, greeting cards, create a memory by merging multiple pictures. The app is free to use but contains ads.



MSQRD, a face-changing popular app that supports both Android and iOS platforms. The app contains multiple options for editing a picture and making live videos, sharing the media with friends and family on social sites directly from the app. The latest version of the app include fast response, added many other effect and filters, added country flags, and compressed textures support. The core feature of MSQRD is ‘video selfie,’ apply the filters, make a video, save it, and share it. The only thing that breaks the fun is the 30 second limit on the video module. The rest of the app has various features and functions, such as a smart interface, constructive GUI, and fast access to social sites.

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9. Snapchat

Snapchat is primarily a social media application for cross-platform smartphones. It includes any features; the app’s integration is with such a smart and responsive interface that the face-changing elements look like just another aspect of the application. Snapchat consists of messaging feature, include there is a story mode which shows your picture for some while and then hides it. With a massive collection of face masks, filters, emoji, GIFs, and editing options for photos, this app has it all. With just a simple left swipe, you can access the face filter option; you can even access the images from the library. The app is free and fun to use.

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MRRMRR is a face changing application that runs on Android devices only. It is not a typical face changing app but includes features like emoji, masks, filters, and effects. DeepAR powers it and offers real-time filters and masks. The app is filled with modules and contains a category of different kinds. It includes animal filters, celebrity faces, anime filters, and much more. The smart interface can capture the facial movement and adjust the screen according to it. The masks are of different varieties like rainbow drool, sunburn, cat ears, Goth, anime, soda cap, and many others. MRRMRR is entirely free and contains no ads or purchases.

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11. Face Changer

Face Changer is an android application used to change faces for fun and share than on social sites. The app provides a way to explore the primary function of the app. It is one of the popular apps that offer a face-swapping feature. The user can choose eyes and make them look funny; you can easily change the entire face of the person by using this application. Face Changer lets you draw edit and do a lot more with the application. It comes free of cost but contains irritating ads. The core feature of the app is replacing face parts, smudge and wrap, and interactive interface.


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