15 Best Retirement Countdown Apps for Android and iOS

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We work so hard and set a career in our life, and we wait for retirement, but as soon as that date is near, you get excited. You know you have worked very hard and made a name for yourself now, you deserve to be free of work pressure and enjoy the rest of the uncomfortable living environment.

Some applications help you charter countdown timer so you can know when you are going to retire and how you can plan according to the timer these apps include a reminder which shows the countdown timer clock right on the screen of your device.

The features are not only limited to countdown timer like a simple stopwatch. They also include various types of modules that allow you to select photos for your background, latest notifications. They also contain different kinds of animation, give you options like what can you do with the rest of your life after retirement, like planning holidays going somewhere fulfilling your hobbies, and much more. These apps help tell you how many days are left before you are a well-deserved break and only disturb on the day of your retirement.


Best Retirement Countdown Apps for Android and iOS

Here is a list of best retirement countdown application for both Android and iOS devices you can have easy access on every type of device.

1. Retirement Countdown

Retirement Countdown is a countdown application that works on both Android and iOS devices. The primary purpose of the app is to count the time before retirement. As you enter the date of retirement, it automatically starts counting the day before you are retired. The best part of the application is how to set a specific time the application parameters start to make a plan after your retirement.


It gives you multiple options that you can do with your life. Retirement Countdown shows the countdown timer right on your home screen. It allows you to choose one of the backgrounds and determine the font color and style of that according to your requirements. It can be like waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, or any different scenery.

The interface is simple and easy to navigate and offers the point features and options. Retirement Countdown supports ads and offers in-app purchases.

Download: Retirement Countdown for Android

2. Retirement Countdown

Retirement Countdown is a simple interface countdown application that counts your remaining retirement days. It shows retired second before the retirement. The advantage of this app is that you can easily manage and set it in just a few taps. The design is beautiful, and it contains all the required information you need to setup.

You can choose wallpaper according to your choice and set them on the background of the app. It will give you an exact time until your long-awaited days. It also allows you to set a plain background. The app is free to use, but it is ad-supported.

Download: Retirement Countdown for Android

3. Countdown

The countdown is a simple interface application that allows you to set an arbitrary date to which we need to give an exact count of time and day. As time passes by, the user gets a bonus as an appraisal the time passed. The primary feature of this tool allows a user to have a different theme, customize the background, the image put a live title on the first screen display the number of days remaining until the event.

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It does not only work with retirement but can use for any event countdown present period. It helps you find holidays and set updates, and more. Countdown easy to use and allow a user to have different features in which the app is interaction aspects.

It will enable you to share your program to a social site and also includes an element of sound notification and all time zones. The app is free to use, contain ads, and offer in-app purchases.

Download: Countdown for Android | iOS

4. Countdown Widget

Countdown Widget is a cross-platform application that includes a countdown widget that set on your background screen and provides you a specific type of countdown for any event. The best part of the app is the theme, which is easy to use and delivers an excellent user experience.

At the same time, it set your timer according to your requirements wait on the screen it also allows you to enter name date time color of the counter shutter repetition or reminder of the event, so you are up to date every time you look at your phone.

The core features of the Countdown Widget include chatting image fixer separately on the screen and offer optimization, fast workability, and much more. It is free to use for both Android and iOS devices, and offer in-app purchase.

Download: Countdown Widget for Android | iOS

5. Retirement Countdown

Retirement Countdown is an Android application which is easily set a retirement countdown on your mobile. The app is only available for Android devices. The best part of this application is that it appears right on the screen and starts counting and keeps the widget updated when the phone is turned off. It allows you to set the date of the position and minute and even seconds.

It also will enable you to change the background attributes, time fonts, category to 12-24 hour format, contains a platform picture about retirement life, and so on. Simple and easy to understand, the interface of this application excels in its features. The app is free but contains ads.

Download: Retirement Countdown for Android

6. Countdown to Retirement

Countdown to Retirement is a beautiful iOS application that allows you to include a countdown module on mobile. The interface of the app is easy to understand and consists of many features that would enable you to interact with its application on a higher level. That level includes setting up different types of animation features, countdown days, hour, minute, and even second.

It also offers a different kind of background animations. Countdown to Retirement has a secure customization module and smart configuration settings. It also includes an exciting feature of sharing your event on social sites. The app is not free and costs $1.

Download: Countdown to Retirement for iOS

7. My Retirement Countdown

My Retirement Countdown is another smart iOS application that includes a countdown feature. It is the best application because it has a different type of structural layout, a wide range of options to choose from. The best part is that include cute and straightforward retirement countdown timer the time remaining after an hour explains array second it will show how many days hour minute anyone second is left into your retirement.

As soon as it comes near, the program will notify you with an alert tone. The core feature of My Retirement Countdown consists of the countdown timer, allow you to share the event on social media, change the theme, set up a background image, and much more. No ads but come with the purchase of $1.

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Download: My Retirement Countdown for iOS

8. Retirement Countdown!

Retirement Countdown! It is a cross-platform application that gives a user to countdown timer as a widget on the screen, and it provides you a notification when an event is currently up. It allows you to schedule time, and on the exact day, a reminder will appear on your phone and cover the screen with notification.

It is only available for iOS devices and its changing background track with the percentage of your career that has already completed. It also includes social-site setup, background image, count the time and date, and much more. It is free to use, offer ads, and comes with an in-app purchase to unlock additional features.

Download: Retirement Countdown! for iOS

9. Countdown Days – App & Widget

Countdown Days – App & Widget is a simple countdown timer that is only available for iOS devices. The core function of this application is to provide a beautiful structure layout. The interface included a retirement countdown module. A few main features of this application are a push notification, reminiscent of the event to choose, the color and background, and event creation.

It offers to count the days after the event opportunity to share important dates with friends on Facebook or any social account. The interface of Countdown Days – App & Widget has a smart design and contains a good GUI layout, which provides guidance and easy navigation. It has so many features like changing the background, the color of the font, color contact settings, and includes tons of features.

Download: Countdown Days – App & Widget for Android

10. Countdown in Status Bar

Countdown in Status Bar is an Android application that has a smart design of many capabilities and consists of a countdown timer, which also includes retirement plans and event planning. The simple layout offers timer capabilities that are easily customizable for users. The core feature of includes counts on up to 500 days into the future.

It contains a simple user interface that is easy to understand and user navigating. It also allows you to choose a different type of theme to add an image to the background of the countdown and much more. It is easy to use but only contains ads and does not offer any purchases.

Download: Countdown in Status Bar for Android

11. TheDayBefore (D-DAY COUNTDOWN)

TheDayBefore (D-DAY COUNTDOWN) is a cross-platform application that included the feature of the countdown timer. This application is different from another type of countdown timer because it contains various kind of features which enhance the quality understanding of this tool. It shows the days hours minutes anyone second before the retirement hits.

Some essential functions of the application include showing events on the status bar using various icons, new phone photos icons display multiple screens seven ways of calculating days alert notifications background photo settings, and motion stickers.

TheDayBefore (D-DAY COUNTDOWN) is easy to understand another smart layout, which helps you are organizing the application according to your requirements. It is free to use and consists of add and offer in-app purchases.

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Download: TheDayBefore (D-DAY COUNTDOWN) for Android | iOS

12. Countdown Star

Countdown Star is a simple countdown application that is only available for iOS devices. The app consists of various features, energetic interface, which helps navigate the user. The tool is the best way to countdown and counts up for any of your favorite events, Retirement, birthday, holidays, vacation, or anything.

The core feature of the application allows you to write your events, customizes with your wallpaper photo, display your games on Apple Watch, scheduled events on social media, and much more. Countdown Star is only free on Apple, but to it get on the device, you need to purchase the app.

Download: Countdown Star for Android | iOS

13. Retirement CountDown Ad Free

Retirement CountDown Ad Free is a basic iOS application which only provides a feature of the countdown and in a simple way. The best part is that it has a brilliant interface and includes a library that consists of any holidays, pictures, innovations. The counter module has a various variety of other options like showing the timer in years, months, days, minutes, and seconds for you to see on this application.

The main function includes a simple countdown interface, various setting module, background change, and calendar option, welcome notes, and much more. It allows you to customize your settings and show the time remaining, and you can also share it on social sites or with friends and family. Retirement CountDown Ad Free is not free comes with $1 and do not include ads.

Download: Retirement CountDown Ad Free for iOS

14. Event Countdown Lite

Event Countdown Lite is an iOS application which features module of a countdown timer. It allows you to track your holiday’s keep you on track set a date for an event you know when you have to achieve your goal and what time. The application is easy to use and gives an extraordinary user experience.

The layout of Event Countdown Lite has a simple design interactive theme and includes tons of features. It offers video show, all event date in one place, create an unlimited event, countdown count up or down the number of years days hour minute and even seconds.

The events choose from 450 icons to share your activity on Facebook, provide necessary notification, add notes to the event, and more. It is free to use gives an in-app purchase to unlock more features.

Download: Event Countdown Lite for iOS

15. Reminder & Countdown

Reminder & Countdown is an application that is a reminder and allows you to set a countdown timer for any event. Reminder & Countdown include all the aspect and feature of the countdown timer, including additional options which remind you of a certain time.

The core function of the app is that it can have multiple reminders, counting downtime in real-time, selection of timing units used countdown sorting entries by date name, or applying a customizable sorting. It also offers individual background changing, formatting date, and time according to your requirement, sharing your event of social media.

It also attaches important birthday from your address book, photos, background, and various more. The interface has easy interaction, just like the one we use in an alarm. Reminder & Countdown is completely free and offers an attractive theme.

Download: Reminder & Countdown for iOS

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