12 Best Drudge Report Apps for Android and iOS

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We can easily find news everywhere around us in social talks, websites, when meeting with friends and family or even when walking past a news corner. The main concern should be the credibility of the news that we see or hear unless it is backed up by a trustworthy source. It’s just a rumor. Drudge Report is an excellent platform in the USA, where all political and social agendas are discussed and spoken from a pure perspective.

They are an excellent source to collect information and compare it with other publishers’ work. To keep the user updated on the new developers have designs application for both Android and iOS platforms that provide us up-to-date information on our favorite news reports like sports, entertainment, politics, and various others.

These applications have tons of published and unpublished sources, so the user has no issues in comparing stories and confirming the news firsthand according to its own free will. These apps allow you to focus on the main agenda of the trends and the problem the world is facing to collect news from all around the globe and present a summarized version for better understanding and readability.


They are full of features like sharing the story on social sites, commenting, providing readability tools, follow your favorite publishers, and much more.

Best Drudge Report Apps for Android and iOS

Here is a list of best drudge report applications that support multiple platforms.

1. Conservative News

Conservative News is a platform for drudge reports. It is sophisticatedly designed and contains many links to various types of stories. All the news it provides is extracted from different sources and displayed on one platform. It collects data from Fox News, Drudge Report, the weekly standard, and many other sources.


This app provides you quick access to news of sports, politics, daily occurrences, and many different categories from worldwide. The interface of the design of the application is in such a way that it updates you n every news and sync with the device notification features. It is accessible under the layout of the application, and the reader’s view is also available in the app. Conservative News is an ad-free application that runs on multiple platforms.

Android iOS

2. Breitbart

Breitbart is a news report application that focuses more on drudge reports, which involve politics more and economic agendas more. It has a great website that is read by millions of users, which makes this platform a significant source of news aggregate.

The app also contains all the features of a site and provide the users with all the basics knowledge of different categories of news like sports, weather and other groups, the main focus of the application is on the controversial reports like racism, xenophobia, and hateful views.

No nation is great, and that is the motto of Breitbart. The interface of the app is intuitive and offer step by step guide to the user, which makes navigating easy for the user. It is free to use but shows ads and offer purchases to extend the news sources circles.

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Android iOS

3. FoxNews

FoxNews is also one of the drudge reporting news application that runs on multiple platforms. The app contains USA based information, which means all the sources and news trip the Fox company gets are from within the country. The focused agenda of the FoxNews is (We Report; You Decide).

Many users have noticed that FoxNews is closer to the GOP than democrats, as the news is usually about politics and controversial agendas. The app has many other report channels and includes the function to play live feeds of any speech or issue. The features contain speedy notification, smart interface, readers view, and few more. It is free to use and does not any ads or in-app purchases.

Android iOS

4. Feedly – Smarter News Reader

Feedly is a smarter news reader application with cross-platform support devices. It has many sources that allow the user to view many sources to confirm a single report. Feedly deals with political stories and any controversy that is trending. The interface is full of exciting feature which provides users a natural approach to the user and contains a step-by-step guide.

The GUI structure has a responsive layout. The reader’s view module lets you control the text size of the page. It also follows hashtags and counters to search the new from social sites. Another feature of the application lets you create a unique feed that the user can read piece by piece. Drudge report adds quickly to the news feeds, so you are fully aware of the current agendas.

Android iOS

5. Google News

Google News is a drudge report aggregate and collects new from every populace source it can find. It is design and animated by Google Inc. and available on cross-platform applications. Google News gives you a firsthand view of all the news related to politics. The interface of the app has tons of features that allow easy navigating and provide a sophisticated GUI structure.

In this application, you can find soccer and follow its content, and the app will notify you with the help of notification that the source has updated a report. Users can also pick up an event that interests him and get all the information about it from the most reliable source. Google News includes a responsive reader’s view, font style change, and much more. It is free to use and do not contain many add or any premium version.

Android iOS

6. SmartNews: Breaking News Headlines

SmartNews is one of the full-color application that features news reports and the most significant aggregate for the American news that usually focus on political social and national matters. It has millions of users from all around the world. The design of the interface is in a color-coded way that the user can easily interact with the application.

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There are steps to search certain news, you first choose the state then the city and then the local news sources that provide details of that event. The interface is very user-friendly and includes a GUI structure that is clear to engage. It features local news, world news, political agendas, and offer user to follow those channels. SmartNews is an ad-free app that does not risk losing its users by posting ads or giving any premium version.

Android iOS

7. News Republic

The News Republic is a news aggregate that includes drudge report, political agendas, and other news reports like sports and weather. The News Republic is available on both Android and iOS devices and contains over 3000 sources of the most reputable news sources from around the globe. The app allows you to share the news on any social site, and a primary feature this app include is of reader’s view, which adjusts the size of the story according to user’s requirements and much more.

The interface includes tons of features like supporting images and videos, share them on social sites, and provide easy to read, following different sources and many other. The structural layout of the application is user-friendly, and the theme of the app attracts the user. The News Republic is free to use but offers ads.

Android iOS

8. The Report

The Report is a drudge news aggregate that collects data from various sources and posts them on the application. Most of the news is about social affairs and politics. The framework of this application is highly dedicated to the report from FoxNews, Drudge, and other sources. It not only just occurs in small sources.

It contains news from publishers of different agendas that portray the political image from their point, but this app also allows you to follow those sources and keep you notified of the alerts. The infrastructure of the app is user-friendly, which provides many features like adjusting readers’ views, especially for right-wing users, zooming and saving your liked posts, and much more. The report comes with no in-app purchases but contains ads.


9. RT News (Russia Today)

RT News (Russia Today) is a political news aggregate that solely supports controversies and a significant source of bogus information. May unpublished new companies share their perspective on the point of origin that is trending, and that’s how when communities met, controversies are born.

The main focus of this tool is on collecting the sources and providing the user every bit of information he can find. So when many communities join, and news sources link with this application, different countries cover the news they post, side’s sources, etc. As the app was made for Russians, it specifically targets the English audience, and that cannot be good a sign of peace.

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The interface of the app is intuitive and helps the user every step of the way. It mostly features international news, and a few channels promote various points on the most topical issues.

Android iOS

10. Drudgely

Drudgely, as the name suggests, a simple but powerful platform for drudge reports that only supports Android devices. It is the most significant drudge report aggregate that contains tons of news, quotes from prominent personalities, and a bundle of information from different sources. User has access to full articles that organize nicely and provide excellent readability. All pieces have 100 words summary for fast information.

The application contains tons of features like summarizing the latest news for easy reading, allow the user to follow various sources, text to speech function, night node display, different theme, and much more. The report is easy to share on social sites, and the offline reading translation is one of the best modules of Drudgely. It is free to use and contains no ads or additional purchases.


11. Flipboard

Flipboard is a drudge report news aggregate that collects news from various sources and publishes them. The application has an excellent infrastructure that helps the user in every way, and the interface is responsive and consists of multiple features. Flipboard use information from many different sources around the world.

It contains many reports from sports to politics and from the weather forecast to local town news. The best platform is compatible with both Android and iOS users. It is easy to get started on the application. It is self-staring and automatically creates a log where interesting material is displayed. The featured and top news show when the app launches.

Flipboard allows the user to share the image’s posts and videos from the app to social sites. It is easy to use, ad-free but offers a premium version to access additional features.

Android iOS

12. Huffington Post

Huffington Post is a news aggregate application that is available for both Android and iOS users. It contains a news report from various sources and provides you the topmost credible feed. Huffington Post includes all 15 international HuffPost editions under one platform.

The app is self-explanatory and consent of multiple types of features that help the user in reading, sharing, following different sources, notifying you of alerts, and much more. The core feature of the Huffington Post offers top story digest, political agendas, browsing Pulitzer-prize winning articles, saving stories for later reading, readers view adjustments, and much more.

The app is free but offers ads and provides an in-app purchase module for additional features.

Android iOS

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