10 Best Feedback and Reviews Management Software

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When you start up a business, you require feedback from your customers through which you know when you can and in which department you can improve your business. Reviews are more important because for every product, you will get a review if the customer likes it or not, and you can get multiple reviews from various types of customers that will have opinions on your product.

It is not only the best option to view the insight and know the customer strategy on what they like, but you can also have a major impact on changing their lives with the services or the product you provide. There are multiple software available online for free and with purchase options that get the user feedback and analyses their data against the product and give you a statistic report on how you can improve your business.

They show the changes you need to make in your product and how you can improve the quality. There are liable and give you categories such as buying practice purchase records personal like and dislike multiple opinions about the product criteria quality of your product insight on the customer interaction record with your product and much more. These programs can help you in multiple ways.


What is Feedback and Reviews Management Software?

Feedback and review management software is a program that has the facility of analyzing tons of data and give you a report on your product or services of the business. The program can easily integrate with your business software, and it can get data from multiple sources like social media platforms, directly from the customer. They also provide reviews of multiple online surveys and help you analyses what type of quality changes you can make in your product and what category of customers dislike or like your product the most.

It is the best way to track your sales in multiple ways by developing sales funnel campaigns, existing customer feedback, and give you the best review of reporting embedded in the system. These apps use different strategic approaches to maintain your business and improve your product in the best way possible.


The programs help you connect with your customers directly and ensure a study stream of responses in real-time. Some programs are available on desktop-based devices, and some are online services that you purchase and use them in a dashboard interface.

Best Feedback and Reviews Management Software

You will find the following list of reviews and feedback management software that will help you improve your business revenue and provide real-time feedback from customers to improve your brand recognition.

1. Qualtrics CX

Qualtrics CX is a feedback and review management system which provides facilities for the company to organize their customer feedback and write a management plan to boost up their business performance. The main function of the software is to get the feedback by doing multiple surveys and integrating different platforms of the company’s business and provide you with a predictive insight directly.

It analyses every aspect and every data collected by the system and give reports and provide insight on how you can improve your operations. Qualtrics CX gives you transaction services and provide information gathering tools for multiple platform to help the company gather actionable data and give customer experience report. The program makes it easy for organization to work with advanced research and analytics.

The interface of Qualtrics CX is easy to use and comes with feature full interface which provide user friendly module customer support value for money. It offers effective tools for leveraging the customer retention and loyalty and provide structure program which support multiple technologies and workflow. It gives you and automated tools among multiple others for easy interaction and customization.


  • Surveys
  • Dashboard Hierarchy
  • Ticketing
  • 100+ Question Types
  • Open Text Response
  • Open API
  • Machine Learning


  • Advisory
  • Implementation
  • Realization
  • Customization
  • Expert guidance
  • Support at every stage


  • none


  • Trial: Free
  • Enterprise Edition: By quote
  • Unlimited Edition: By quote

Visit: Qualtrics CX

2. SoGoSurvey

SoGoSurvey is a review management software which give you the facility of making a list of service that will provide customer insight on multiple aspect of your business. It offers customer interaction models and it can merge with third party software for getting insight of analytical data of customer response towards the company’s product.

It can easily scale your customer experience capabilities and provide you anticipation of potential risk and fore coming. SoGoSurvey can also provide your forecast report that will allow you to manage your operations on different departments and engage with multiple changes inside the organization. It has a nice interface and comes with a smart user interaction model which provide sophisticated layout for easy interaction.

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The tool is best for small organizations to large Enterprises and they can all get robust and scalable demands from their uses and analyses them for future aspects. SoGoSurvey have many features that include email marketing, mobile survey questionnaire, branching logic tools, intercept survey, and much more. It also provide you a free demonstration version and the purchase plan is quite affordable.


  • Unlimited survey creation.
  • Basic and advanced question types.
  • Add and edit your own logo.
  • Custom messages.
  • Survey templates.


  • Easy to use
  • Variety of options


  • Results publish issue


  • Trial: Free
  • Basic: $299/year
  • Pro: $199/month or $788/year
  • Enterprise: By quote

Visit: SoGoSurvey

3. Qualaroo

Qualaroo is an analytical reporting software that shows you how you can improve your product and customer engagement. It is one of the most used feedback and review management system which allows you to get data from your customers. It comes with different module which allow the company to ask the question on the right time.

It give you an artificial intelligence powered analytical reporting and also provide you website and application feedback with a convention rate for gathering the data. Qualaroo provide real insight to how you can improve the user experience and product design. The program is only available on the web based module and it provide multiple features that include wide survey question branching, audio and video support, logic email marketing, offline response selection, and much more.

Qualaroo also provide you facilities in operating system and customer journey mapping tools. It gives you the customer engagement application aspects. The program has nice interaction and consist of interesting features that allow you to make direct data collection from surveys. The program is easy to integrate easy to deploy and user-friendly.


  • Color match your company palette
  • Add your logo and custom text
  • Suppress Qualaroo branding
  • Select the best position of the Nudge
  • Design API


  • User friendly
  • Great cookie targeting
  • Flexibility
  • Generate insights


  • Limited reporting
  • Old design and features


  • Trial: Free
  • Single Edition: $199.00/month

Visit: Qualaroo

4. Verified Reviews

Verified Reviews is a feedback and review management system which gives you facilities and specialized solution for customer reviews. The program is best suited for small and large organization but also work for large Enterprises. It gives you software interaction module where your customer can easily interact and give their insights on your product.

It also calculate if your customer is satisfied with your product and they check if they are having a nice experience with your product or not. Verified Reviews analyses the data to give you accurate report for your product review and provide you a forecast module and reporting feature that suggest minor or major improvement in the project for more business revenue and engagement.

The interface program is easy to use and comes with the constructive layout and easy navigation. Verified Reviews provide a dedicated dashboard, negative feedback management, review notification, review request, sentiment analysis, social sharing, campaign management, and much more. It can calculate the cost of your consumers multiple conversations visibility of your product and provide you a loyalty chart.


  • Customer Feedback
  • Email Customization
  • Form Customization
  • Centralized Platform Management
  • Moderation Area
  • Time-Frame Customization
  • Widget Integration


  • Easy to use product
  • Perfect for AdWords review extension
  • support is always responsive


  • none


  • Trial: Free
  • Enterprise Edition: By quote
  • Infinite: By quote

Visit: Verified Reviews

5. Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey is an online survey module which collect data from your consumer and provide insight of your product. It is easy to use, affordable and comes with a constructive layout with easy navigation. The platform can be known for giving you a nice dashboard feature that allow you to create custom surveys where you can manage multiple question, skip logic, multi survey category, and much more.

The platform is suited for every type of organization whether it is a small retail store or a large enterprise by providing you online survey questionnaire building systems data from multiple sources like social media, direct engagement, and multiple models to give you exact results. Zoho Survey analyses responses and give you the forecast of your product engagement and give you changing tips.

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The features of Zoho Survey include easy interaction, personalization which include logo upload, auto sale, custom page white labeling, and much more. The integration module is easy and provide multiple services through web links, email campaign, QR codes, and etc. Collecting responses is the best part of the system because it do it in the embedded website targeted emails and by sophisticated analyzation tools.


  • Web links
  • Custom domain links
  • Buy responses
  • Embed in websites
  • Analyzing Reports
  • Collaboration
  • Security


  • User friendly
  • Great GUI
  • Easy data analyzation
  • Easy admin panel control


  • Interface
  • Adaptability
  • No licensing


  • Free
  • Plus: $20
  • Pro: $25
  • Enterprise: $60

Visit: Zoho Survey

6. Yotpo

Yotpo is a review management system which come in the form of multiple operating system support module and provide facilities in making your business more reliable accessible and endorsed by providing you the customer feedback. The main function of the program is to give you features that will provide you the analytical reporting of real-time engagement of the consumer with your product that goes beyond the normal survey and feedback system.

The interface of Yotpo is easy to use and comes with the constructive layout that provide accelerated growth in your business. The user interface provides a control over various models of the system and the layout is guided by constructive structure. The program is used by top renowned brands and it offers its tools for or less pricing.

The program works in the three main module that include reviews and rating, visual marketing, net promoter score these models combine to give you a multiple facilities that work for making your brand more recognized and improved in the market competition. The core feature of Yotpo include referral of B2B module, E-Commerce platform, customer engagement, customer experience, customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, reputation management, review management, and SMS marketing.


  • Brands of Every Size
  • Content Moderation
  • Privacy & Security
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Advanced Customization
  • Performance Analytics


  • Easy installation
  • Smart interface
  • Automatic features


  • Doesn’t integrate with subscription apps
  • email integration is not seamless


  • Free
  • Basic: $15
  • Premium: $29
  • Business: $69
  • Enterprise: $199

Visit: Yotpo

7. xSellco Feedback

xSellco Feedback is a feedback management system which provide benefits and multiple features for your brand engagement to improve your reviews and product according to user insight and experiences. The program has a nice interface and comes with a constructive layout with easy navigation module is easy to integrate and give you a satisfied customer experience.

It works with the sales productivity and provide intelligent feedback request for users to easily engage with the system. It collect information from multiple sources and analyses them in real-time and provide a genuine review of the collected data. xSellco Feedback comes with multiple tools that allow the brand to engage in multiple featured feedback supports that include 360 degree feedback collection, complete monitoring, multiple analytic reporting, and server management.

The integration is seamless and any organization small or large, can use its facilities to satisfy their customer. The company can benefit in multiple ways that include automated feedback request, details of the user behavior with the product, details at of feedback management rules for engagement, analyzing the product in specific criteria protection from span, bad reviews from a seamless integration, and much more.


  • Follow Up emails
  • Attachments
  • Rewards for returning customers
  • Measuring performance and reporting
  • Star Scores
  • Positive feedback ratings
  • Fast reactions to negative feedback


  • Easy interface
  • Updates the features
  • Good data visualization
  • Central way to manage customer communications


  • Poor chart widget
  • Habit of truncating long message subjects
  • Improved rules


  • Trial: Free
  • Basic: $49
  • Professional: $99
  • Premium: $199

Visit: xSellco Feedback

8. Synup

Synup is one of the most renowned engagement software which provide facilities in bringing the customer reviews and feedback back to the company. It works in a nice way and provide multiple tools and brand engagement facilities that include marketing, Search Engine Optimization review, and feedback reporting, analytical support, data collection, big data and big data analytics, and much more.

The interface of Synup is easy to use and it provided most accurate version for an organization before making any purchase with the system. It is mostly used for local marketing because it provide brand awareness result customer acquisition brand engagement local content Optimization and much more. The platform is easy to use and it is mostly used by small organization for more effective retail growth.

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It has a nice interface and works with multiple module that include facility advertising agency facilities in reputation management system, store location and much more. Synup includes a dedicated dashboard keyword research tools ranking to localization keyword tracking multiple unit and integrity testing module and much more. It has also the facility of providing you unethical reporting of any product before releasing it into the market.


  • Customer review platform
  • Multi-account management
  • Automated publishing
  • White label
  • Response management
  • User interaction tracking
  • Listings management


  • Simple updates
  • Nice interface
  • Efficient


  • Review widget needs improvement
  • Inability to customize reports
  • Confusing UI


  • Trial: Free
  • Local plan: $30/location/month

Visit: Synup

9. FeedbacQ

FeedbacQ is an online survey tool which provide review management system for any brand or organization to engage in to review their product. The platform works in a best way and provide multiple pricing features for different type of brand recognition. The interface of the program is easy to use because comes with a user-friendly module that provide you sophisticated graphical user interface.

That dedicated dashboard system provide your customizable tools and allow you to create custom surveys multiple questionnaires and manage your reporting according to your requirements. FeedbacQ works in four main steps that include setting up the survey, capturing the customer feedback, analyzing the response of the consumers, and acting on the data collected.

FeedbacQ has a list of features and every feature works in different way to provide you a nice approach towards different models. The core feature of the program include analytics, support for media multi device support, fully customizable branding, multi question type, email reporting, net promoter score, and much more. It is quite affordable and provide apps for both Android and iOS devices.


  • Works Offline
  • Deep Analytics
  • Display Offers & Special Promotions
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Email Reports
  • Fully Customizable Branding


  • Easy integration
  • User friendly
  • Cost effective


  • None


  • Free
  • Gold: $19/month
  • Premium: $39/month

Visit: FeedbacQ

10. Deskero

Deskero is a customer support and feedback management system which works in customer data entry module to provide facility for organizations to engage in multiple service systems for gaining access and insight of customer review on the product. It has a nice interface and provide a constructive layout with easy navigation.

It can also integrate live chat channels and preferred client management systems for easy engagement. Deskero comes with customer care system and you can also maintained preset system for engagement according to brand requirement that is set in the dashboard world by the platform. The product works in for key modules that include ticketing engagement, help center and customization differently for brand engagement, and consists of multiple features that provide multi-channel support.

It also offer social and chat module productivity and reporting module custom style public portal perfect security and total engagement with integration of smart graphical user interface. Deskero is also available on both Android and iOS devices and it provide services on only web based module. Give you multiple features that include network monitoring, real time chatting, email integration, multi-channel communication, automated routing, customizable branding, and a lot more.


  • Streamlined workflows
  • Email, social media and SMS support
  • Single-click response
  • Chat session to ticket conversion
  • Customizable database tailored to suit your needs
  • Immediate conversion of chat sessions into tickets
  • Easier email importing


  • Easy to use
  • Simple interface
  • Flexible
  • Good user experience


  • Loss of notes
  • Admin interface is crowded
  • Login problems
  • Costly


  • Free: 1 user
  • Startup: $39 / 3 user
  • Essential: $99 / 5 user
  • Professional: $293 / 12 users

Visit: Deskero

Final Thoughts

Frankly, you cannot choose a single software to out-best the other ones. All feedback and review management software has multiple facilities, and some are more sophisticated and provide a realistic approach to improving the business. In contrast, others have some module that gives a tough competition. Some software has their invaluable insight into skill computers and expression, and some give multiple table charts and graphs to review the statistics.

These program uses a different type of approach of getting reviews from the consumer by using multiple platforms like social media platform for online surveys or having a direct interaction with the consumer. In the end, they all provide are genuine feedback and original customer review that you can use to improve your company’s revenue.

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