10 Best Free Physics Simulation Software for Windows

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Books are the primary source of knowledge, so is observation. Observing anything with the sheer focus can provide you an excellent basic practical understanding of the mechanics of the program. Physics is a basic knowledge of the motion and a way to understand the behavior of the universe. The laws of physics can be studies easily, and implementing is another side of the picture.

The best way to learn and apply this study is through simulation. Ohm’s law, Newton’s law of motions, etc. are some of the laws of physics, and there are many software available today that allow you to implement these laws practically. Using this software, the user can know how they should do the work. These software explains with simulation the laws of physics and how they are practically implemented.

They represent the data in the form of animation and provide a table where measurements can be defined, and the program can run according to those statistics.


Best Free Physics Simulation Software for Windows

Here is a list of free software that projects physics simulations to help you understand and learn the laws of physics.

1. Physion

Physion is a physics simulation software for the Windows operating system which explains the laws of physics with the help of simulations and diagrams. The software has been around for some time and has over a million downloads. The interface of these programs is straightforward to navigate and offer any ways of learning physics and understands how the laws are implemented in real life.

It includes 2D simulations and can create a wide range of experiments for users. It is an excellent tool in the hands of a teacher because the interface it has is a very usual way of teaching physics. The software is free of cost and does not contain any purchases.


2. Physics for Kids

Physics for Kids is a physics simulation software for kids who want to learn the fundamental laws of physics and to see how the world works. It has a game-like interface that helps understand the physics theories. The practical way of learning is to interact with the software. It is simple to use and provides an interactive module.

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It gives levels on games as you complete one level you will know how the physics theory implies to it. Every level comes with the cute animated creature, and the difficulty increases accordingly. The core feature of this software is when the level complete. The program explains the law and how kids can use it in real life and games.

3. Solar System 3D Simulator

Solar System 3D Simulator is a free software that provides a physics simulator. It operates on the Windows operating system, and its essential feature is to make people understand its ability to teach about physics laws and our solar system. It has a real-time space simulator that contains information on all the planets.

An educational software where kid can learn a lot from it, with just a click on the button ‘planetary information’ it opens a separate window and displays the details of all nine planets like their diameter, orbital radius, mass, density, temperature, and many other sorts of information. Besides this, it also shows the number of moons on each planet.

4. State of Matter

State of Matter is a software that simulates physics and in a very different way. It does not have a game like an interface, but the laws explain the animation feature. All three matters have their animations, and this animation changes according to the user requirements. The software has effects like temperature control, time control to see what effect it have on the matter.

It includes a feature of studying, which on every move shows the information box to let you know what effect the following action will have on the matter and why. State of Matter contains three types of simulations one is solid, liquid, and gas. The interface of the program lets you interact with the software in multiple ways and also provide user-friendly GUI.

5. Magnet and Compass

Magnet and Compass is another physics simulation software that efficiently runs on Windows OS. This program is elementary to understand, and with a friendly interface, it has become simple to use. It primarily explains the work of a magnet and compass and teaches you about how the electromagnetic field works and how a compass shows the right direction.

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All the simulations are pre-designed in the software. The user has to choose the required simulation, apply measurements, and get the result. With explaining magnetic compass, it also teaches laws of electromagnet fields at different points. The software is easy to use, and the menu options are limited but have all the necessary tools.

6. Physics Simulations

Physics Simulations is an open-source software for Windows operating system. The software provides a physics simulator that helps you in understanding the laws of physics. This program designs in a way that includes a pre-defined library, which opens many types of shapes and tools to manage those shapes according to a given narrative.

Physics Simulations consist of 50 different simulations in the source code. Each of those files contains an example file which uses for development and testing purposes. It also offers a mathematical model with pre-defined variables, and if the user wants, they can be changed. Other features include, set of equations, numerical analysis, sync in real-time, handling input, and much more.

7. Electrostatic 3D

Electrostatic 3D is a physics simulator software that allows users to study electrostatic in visual representation. With the help of the 3D module, it explains the laws of physics, and the model adjusts according to the user reading.

The display has done more work in explaining then the verbal context of the software. The interface fills graphical and pictorial representation with data, with various types of the menu for a different kind of image, makes this software stand out. It focuses mainly on 3D graphs and electromagnetic phenomena.

Features of Electrostatic 3D offers viewing electric field, 2D and 3D environment, option to display vectors, numerical display of strength of the electric field, and many more features. This software is not free and costs about $80 with no expiration.

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8. Asynx Planetarium

Asynx Planetarium is free software that includes physics simulation software. It has a 3D module listed and comes with a good collection of Constellation. It provides information about our sun and the planets revolving around. The interface is easy to use and as interactive as a live game.

It only gives an understanding of laws and theories of physics and information on our milky way. The feature of this software includes showing longitude, latitude, astronomical unit, and many more. The software consists of multiple languages, and the GUI is attractive for users.

9. Interactive Physics

Interactive Physics is a versatile physics simulation software for Windows operating system. It allows you to build a wide variety of mechanics simulators they run according to the given measurements. A robust interface of Interactive Physics allows you to see a clear picture of graphs, shapes, and simulations.

It contains pre-built systems like rope, rods, gears, springs, various joints, etc. With the mechanics build, the user can enter forces, torque, gravity, acceleration, friction, spring, constants, charge, elasticity, and air resistance. It is an excellent tool for teachers, and they can explain every type of mechanics.

Features of Interactive Physics include statics, gravitation, particle dynamics, work and energy, conversation laws, rotational dynamics, and much more. Interactive Physics is not free software and costs about $250 as a one-time purchase and lifetime customer support.

10. Algodoo

Algodoo is a software that provides physics simulation for learning purposes. It is developed and maintained by Algoryx Inc. It contains a game-like interface that creates simulation scenes using simple drawing tools like boxes, circles, polygons, gears, brushes, ropes, etc. Algodoo is a free software to learn and understand the laws of physics using many tools.

The program analyzes and visualizes the graphs, velocity, and momentum. This software also enhances your visualization by showing X/Y components and angles. The library of Algodoo contains sharing scenes that include over 50000 views, which help you create a picture explaining the laws of physics.

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