17 Best Goal Setting Apps for Android and iOS

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Setting goals in life is essential; it allows you to make your life stable, and to achieve targets, you need to take one step at a time. Step by step goals are met, and to keep those steps, you need to work daily.

By setting targets and small tasks, you can achieve anything. The studies show 33 percent of goals completed when participants wrote them down. The old-fashioned way of setting goals was to journalizing them, but with the new and free apps that work on almost all platforms writing goals are easy and fun.

Several apps provide so much ease and so many features in setting up goals, dropping bad habits, setting a routine. They not only do reminders work but also review your stats and records like strengths, weaknesses, when did you skip a task.


These apps keep us accountable and make us follow the track. Here are some best goal setting apps listed below.

1. Strides

Strides is a goal-setting app that works only on iOS, but the Android version is on its way. The app is free of cost, but to upgrade it and to have additional features, the app offers an in-app purchase of around $2.

It helps you get organized in keeping your goals and habit constant and assist you in setting up a healthy routine for a successful life. Strides offer four unique features in tracking; it set goals step-by-step, present with helpful charts of progress, customizable setting tool, and monitoring of anything that you want.


The user interface is straightforward, but the GUI is very constructive users face a challenge in setting up this application.

Android iOS

2. Way of Life

Way of Life is a goal-setting application that works on both Android and iOS devices. It is designed to make the user stick to the routine and don’t give up on his goals.

The app records micro-interactions of the user in less than a minute, record the data, and displays it in a chart form. It asks the user of the task he has conducted all day in that users answer to yes or no.

By recording the response and building charts that show how often the user has done anything. Way of Life also reminds the user to pay attention to a particular activity.

It stores the records in a diary section, and it organizes items using tags, using Widgets Today by iOS and more. With a smooth interface, the GUI looks easy to customize.

Android iOS

3. Fabulous

Fabulous is a smart app for users who want to fine-tune their daily routines to experience pleasant mornings and productive weekdays. The science-based approach of the application allows it to make pre-planned sessions in celebration with experts. Pre-planned sessions also involve data supporting, stress reduction techniques, and positive psychology.

The app guides the user with written lectures and small audio, which are both informative and motivating. The interface of this app provides an easy to understand design, and the layout of the structure is convincing. Fabulous has two tiers, one is free, and others require you to subscribe to the app is $10 per month or get a yearly subscription of $95.99.

Android iOS

4. Loop – Habit Tracker

Loop is a habit tracking and goal-setting application that helps you to keep track of your tasks and allow you to achieve long-term goals. The app is open-source, ad-free, and free of cost to download. It follows the user and keeps track of his habits. Those stats are recorded in a graphic representation of charts and tables.

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The interface is designed and beautifully laid out with GUI that attracts the user. Loop offers features like keeping habit scores, displaying graphs and stats, flexible scheduling, reminder, optimization of smartwatches. As you complete a task, it automatically moves you to the next job, keeping your time and health in check.


5. Habit-Bull

Habit-Bull is a goal seeing app whose only purpose is to break your bad habits and make you follow new ones that are healthy for you. It is customizable and can track up to a hundred habits of users. It posts motivational quotes, images, video, and audio to keep you focused and on to the project. The colorful interface is attractive, and with enhanced functionality, the app works up to its expected performance.

Every day the app presents the user with a color-coded checklist which has habits enlisted on them which users say yes or not to or enters a number to denote whether or not the goal is completed or still in progress. Habit-Bull is a flexible app so that the user can customize it according to its tasks

Android iOS

6. Productive

Productive is an iOS application whose purpose is to help and motivate its users to achieve its goals. It is a routine maker app that sets long-term and short-term targets for the user. It is a free app to download but offers in-app purchases so the user can unlock additional features. It prioritizes habit streaks over sporadic goal-tracking.

The dark theme GUI makes this app attractive, and the interaction feature of the app is very intuitive. The app allows you to add reminders and calculate your time consuming during a single task and set your next work in order.

Productive has some pre-installed modules such as Health, Fitness, Hobbies, etc. The app is available in a monthly subscription of $1.99, $7.99 for six months, and $13.99 yearly.


7. Streaks

Streak is a prestigious app and only available on iOS, but the Android version is under development. The app is a goal-setting app which allows its user to set goals and targets and help him achieve them. A $5 application contains initiative and innovative features that are simple and engaging that hooks the users on it.

The habit tracking feature of the app motivates the user to keep on track even after reaching the endpoint. The app links to your iOS devices and updates them accordingly. It also links to your health app, so your physician is kept updated about your health.

A customizable user interface filled with interactive features. Some features of Streaks include 45 different color themes, 500 task icons, and all customizable.


8. Trello

Trello is an application that works on both Android and iOS platforms. The function of the app is to provide a guideline and visual tools for organizing your work life. The users are very confident about this app, and over 35 million registered users are availing of the features of this application. It is easy to use and understanding interface. The GUI has an attractive layout.

The app is free to download but offer in-app purchase so the user can have access to additional features like creating unlimited boards and checklists, the paid versions are better suited for business teams. Users do not only get a straightforward interface but a layout that they attract with natural interaction.

Color-coded features, to-do list set up, scheduled future events, Trello offers almost everything needed to keep the routine in check and healthy.

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Android iOS

9. LifeRPG

LifeRPG is a goal-setting app for Android devices, free of cost, and do not offer in-app purchase. This goal tracker turns your long-term and short-term goals into missions and sub-missions, and provide the help and motivation in achieving them. Just like a game, it reviews points for every single task display in the form of a radar chart.

Users can even create their award system for accomplishing particular tasks and completing goals. LifeRPG has an attractive dark theme GUI and straightforward and interactive interface. Some key features of LifeRPG are mission aligning by priority, creating a reward system, custom sound for leveling up, easy icons customization, and many more.


10. HabitHub

HabitHub is a goal-setting app for Android devices. It follows simple and streak principles. It satisfies the user with its simple and intuitive interface and does not offer any complex structure that is difficult for the user to understand. The features include tracking habits of the user, and its goal is to keep the user motivated towards its goals.

The app lets you add goals, track overtime progress, and display it in a streak graph. Users can add actions, assign them time to be executed at a specific moment. Some core features of HabitHub involves streaks, built-in themes, calendars view, notes, flexible goals, widgets, graphs, and many more. It comes with an in-app purchase that allows its user to unlock many additional features.


11. is a habit tracker and goal setting application. It is an amazing tool to keep your daily routine intact and reminded of why you started the task in the first place. The app allows you to measure your progress so you can see how much improvements and how much lagging you have been pulling the past time.

It helps you set targets, celebrate milestones, and view your journey across the weeks and months. The interface of the app is sheer simple and provide a layout that works according to the user’s demands accordingly. Every aspect of is focused on providing help and achieve your targets.

Android iOS

12. Habitica

Habitica is a goal-setting app that supports both iOS and Android devices. The main task is to improve the user’s ability to control his habits and enhance the lifestyle and build a healthy routine. Habitica uses game structure to get the work done. The app takes the format of RPGs and combines it with the functions of the app, so you get an RPG game structure.

By creating an Avatar, getting gears and goods, leveling up, and completing the task, you earn points. There are three types of functions Habitica offers Dailies, Habits, and To-Do lists. With the beautiful graphics of the app and easy to navigate interface, this app has become unique in its gaming feature.

The app keeps track of everything and rewards and punishes accordingly. With the free function, it also offers a $5 per month subscription.

Android iOS

13. Google Calendar: Time Planner app

Google Calendar is a free app that is designed and maintained by Google Inc., and it supports all platforms. The app’s purpose is to set goals and track the habits of the user and help him stick to the routine by keeping him motivated and reviewing progress charts with stats.

The best reminder for any sort of task like; fitting an appointment in the schedule, remind you daily to exercise, practice an instrument, and more. As far as goal setting is concerned, this app does it all; it fits your goal in your calendar, so you never miss the task. Google Calendar is helping you turn your idle time into something productive and practical.

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Android iOS

14. Toodledo

Toodledo is an incredible goal setting app which allows its user to track their goals, habits, and To-Do lists. It has more features than any other application of this category, which includes customizable widgets, sharing tasks, synchronization infrastructure, tracking the progression, and many more improved features.

You can do a lot more with the app, like prioritizing the tasks, reviewing, and sharing the graphs. The interface of the app is highly intuitive, with a sophisticated GUI structure with a guide to the user on every turn of the app.

The app has limited some features for different OS versions. Toodledo is so flexible that it comes with varying styles of productivity; the user can use the GTD methodology or utilize his system.

Android iOS

15. Nolimit

Nolimit is a cross-platform application that allows its users to make goals set tasks and improve the daily routine. The app is a quality management tool used in business organizations and setting up personal life in order. It tracks your habits, manages your tasks, and shows progression charts to keep you motivated.

There are six life area tools to help you get started on the application. Some features of Nolimit are time management, Interval timer, daily task manager, and stress tester. It collects information in the form of questions and then carefully analyze that information to have a better understanding of the user.

The interface provides you a sophisticated layout of the app, and the structure has a dark theme with orange contrast, which is attractive. The app is free, but to some extent, you had to make the in-app purchase because No limit is very compelling.

Android iOS

16. Momentum

Momentum is a habit tracker and goal-setting app which allows the user to have a simple, productive lifestyle. The app is only available on iOS devices, and besides having a free version offers in-app purchases. The app tracks your habits and collects the data for future use, which means the app will work accordingly and do not push to the breaking point.

The application has an interface that is intuitive, straightforward, and the GUI layout of the theme is very attracting. Its features offer remainders, importing the data to your other devices, interactive notification, weekly targets setup module, notes, skip functionality that skips some task, and reschedule them if you are going on vacation or just casually taking a day off.

Momentum optimizes the new OS, utilizes the latest technologies from Apple, and much more.


17. Forest: Stay Focused

Forest is a cross-platform application that is designed to make the user focus on a set of goals and targets. The app helps you concentrate on your task and lets you healthily consume your time. The app encourages you to stop getting distracted by the phone, become self-motivated, and get more things done.

Just like planting a seed in a forest, it gradually grows into a tree and with nourishment, attention, and care. The interface of the app is intuitive and presents a GUI of a tree-like structure by which your goals are in the form of seed that grows concerning your task completion.

Features of Forest involve reducing procrastination. It tracks user’s pleasantly focused moments, encourages you to stay focused, and much more.

Android iOS

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