19 Best Price Tracking Apps for Android and iOS

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Nowadays, everyone has a busy life, and no one has time to go shopping. It is very time-consuming to go to different shops to get products of your desire at a low price. Sometimes, you can’t get your desired products at your required price. The Internet is providing the best solution for it. Online Shopping is a type of E-commerce that facilitates customers to buy products and services directly from a seller using a web browser.

Customers can find multiple items by visiting the different websites of the retailers or by browsing on other vendors. Online shopping is part of the latest technology. In this way, you can save time and money. Now, customers can buy products online using different devices like PCs, tablets, laptops, smartphones, and smart speakers.

What is Price Tracking Apps

Our new generation is moving from PCs or Laptops to smartphones or tablets. That’s why most online shopping websites have their applications on the App Store or Play Store to facilitate their mobile phone customers. Now people have the facility to purchase products online using their mobile phones.


These applications have a record of world-famous online stores like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Best Buy. Some of these applications can scan the QR code of different products for comparison. The notification feature of these apps will notify the user when the price of a specific item will decrease.

Moreover, these apps provide coupons from different online stores to facilitate their customers. People can book flights at cheap rates, get rooms in restaurants, or purchase household items with the lowest prices. Some applications have collected data from thousands of online stores and contained information about millions of products.

Best Price Tracking Apps for Android and iOS

This list of applications includes the Best applications present on both the Play Store and App Store. These applications contain very interesting features to facilitate their users. All of these apps have millions of users and provide products collecting from millions of online stores.


1. Price tracker for Amazon

Price tracker for Amazon is one of the stunning price tracking apps for Android and iOS. It assists you to save capital by checking/tracking the prices of your required things and keeps you alert by lightening fast notifications. You can set the notifications for this app to generate to detect lower prices when prices are below a certain target item price.

This price-tracking app provides you with the facility to tracks articles from Amazon sites like,,,,,,,, and Many interesting features are the part of Price Tracker for Amazon.

You can your desired items in the watchlist and optionally set a threshold. It can track the article price and contains an integrated Browser for easy and fast searching and importing of any item. It provides alerts or notifications for the below-target price and lower price. It includes price change history as well as amazing product support.


  • Price History
  • Product Support
  • Watchlist
  • Lower Price Alerts
  • Below Target Price Alerts
  • Article Price Tracking


  • Save Money
  • Free version
  • Past Prices


  • No wishlist
  • Difficult Navigation
  • Price Alerts are not correct
  • Clunky UI

Download: Price Tracker for Amazon for Android | iOS

2. Smartprix

Smarprix is the best application for online shopping and portal for comparison of product prices. The Home page of the application provides you best offers and contains neatly stacked category tiles for easy navigation. You have the option to scroll through famous mobile phones, new smartphones, and trending mobile comparison, from the front page. If you want to know anything about a product, search for it with a search icon and get complete information about it like its lowest price across all famous online stores.

The right edge swipe gesture of this app will move to the last product page you see on it. The deals tab includes handpicked featured stores, featured deals and top deals. If you need to view deals for specific stores, tap on the related store icon. If you want to buy a mobile phone, browse by popular categories, search through certain brand options, or go through ‘all smartphones’ list. Relevant filters are part of it, and sorting options are present on the top of each page.

It assists you in making and ordering the list by date of launch, price, battery size, popularity, RAM and a complete bunch of parameters. You can use more than 15 filters to remove irrelevant options. App notifications help you to don’t miss you anything. It shows you the best product prices present in all famous e-commerce stores. A user can view expert views and user views for a better decision.


  • Right Edge swipe gesture
  • Deals tab
  • Brand Specific Options
  • Relevant Filters


  • Lists by categories
  • Filters
  • Compare queue
  • Best price
  • Compare products


  • APK version only
  • Change in price

Download: Smartprix for Android | iOS

3. AliPrice for AliExpress

AliPrice for AliExpress is a Pakistani application designed for the user to provide the best prices of products. This application provides you with the best price of any articles from AliExpress, DHgate, Lazada, Shopee, Banggood, Alibaba, Daraz, Bukalapak, Joybuy, Gearbest, Amazon, JD.ID, snapdeal, Flipkart, Tokopedia, and Esty. You can search the same articles from AliExpress.

The application provides you with the option to check the seller and analyze seller ratings. It facilitates you to get photo reviews from AliExpress and iTao. You can upload and find the photo form AliExpress product. AliExpress has also published browser extension on a personal computer. AliPrice application is available both for Android and iOS users.


  • Historical Prices
  • Analyze seller
  • Check Seller
  • Collect photo reviews
  • Prices of all famous products


  • Real prices and discounts
  • Easy and smooth


  • Virtual prices
  • Error messages
  • Fake Prices
  • Price alerts don’t work

Download: AliPrice for AliExpress for Android | iOS

4. idealo – Price Comparison & Mobile Shopping App

idealo is all in one application that helps you with online shopping. This application provides discounts on the deals present in 6 countries, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, and the UK. This shopping comparison application offers the best experience free of cost. It is one of the perfect shopping managers that facilitates you to search and compare the fair prices on the market and offers some of the best deals from well-known online shopping websites like Amazon, Ebay, John Lewis and more.

You can check the best prices on the articles you need to get and can view the price history and maintain the price alerts for your specific articles. You will get notifications when prices of your favorite product fall. It is one of Europe’s major price comparison portals. Currently, this application is providing 183 million deals from 30,000 shops. You can browse the latest phone, your favorite game, or the trendiest trainers.

This application presents some of the best articles with ideal prices and discounts on makeup, fashion, and beauty products, video games, bikes, electronics, watches, cameras, and the best fitness and exercise products. This stunning application has fast and easy searching options through millions of affordable and unique offers from the major stores.


  • Product searching
  • Detailed Product Information
  • Filters and sorting options
  • Delivery Information
  • Email alerts


  • Latest updates
  • Low prices
  • Best Price comparison
  • Easy to use


  • Widgets do not work
  • Too much advertising
  • Difficult price chart

Download: idealo – Price Comparison & Mobile Shopping App for Android | iOS

5. Amazon Shopping – Search Fast, Browse Deals Easy

The Amazon Shopping application is one of the best applications for online shopping. This application helps the user to buy million of articles and manage your Amazon deals from anywhere. The user has the option to shop by department, Browse, read the review, compare prices, check the status of your deals and share products with friends. This application assists you to scan a barcode or a photo with your camera.


The Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals helps you to don’t miss any deal. You can maintain shipment notifications to know about your deals ships and arrives. You can get access to Shopping Cart, payment, Wish Lists, and Prime shipping options, and 1-Click settings. Use this marvelous app to send and share links to articles view SMS, email, Twitter, Facebook, and more. All the transactions of Amazon Shopping are securely processed so you can buy with confidence.

You will get notifications automatically when your favorite deals arrive. You can track your deals and reorder your specific items. You can allow the app to save your preferences to run it faster on your device. This application has the facility to access your location and find local deals and choose addresses fast.


  • 1-Click ordering
  • Wish List
  • Gold Box Deals
  • Send and share links
  • Automatic shipment notifications
  • Reorder Paper Towels


  • Access location
  • Customer Service Number
  • Access microphone
  • Barcode Reader


  • Broken filtering
  • Slow working
  • Crash sometimes
  • Irrelevant garbage

Download: Amazon Shopping – Search Fast, Browse Deals Easy for Android | iOS

6.Tripadvisor Hotels Flights Restaurants

Tripadvisor is a world-famous application that assists tourists to find their destiny. This application includes millions of photos, traveler reviews, and maps of world-famous places. More than 350 million opinions and reviews are present on this app. It helps you to search for the best hotels, the lowest airfare, great restaurants, and many other things. You have the option to book restaurants, hotels, and flights through the app.

It contains a list of best award winner hotels as well as restaurants of Travelers’ choice. You can find restaurants according to price range, food type, and rating. Plus, explore cool things to perform in any destination. You can make the comparison of airfare to get the best deals. In the app forum, you can get answers to specific travel questions. It allows you to add your review and pictures. Use the option “Use Near Me Now” to find specific things near you.

It assists you to Download reviews, images and maps for Bangkok, Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, Boston, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Rome, Tokyo, Paris, and more than 300 other famous cities in the world for free. The application asks for permission like your location, storage, Google Maps, camera, accounts, and some other things. It chooses the best location for your current situation.


  • Millions of reviews, images,
  • Best hotels
  • Explore restaurants
  • Compare airfares
  • Use Near Me Now
  • Download maps, reviews


  • Add reviews, photos
  • Best for business, personal trips
  • Best rates,
  • Maps of cities


  • Glitchy trip builder portion
  • Sometimes book double

Download: Tripadvisor Hotels Flights Restaurants for Android | iOS

7. Liligo flights, hotels & cars

If you are finding a cheap journey for some destinations, then Liligo is there to save your money and time. It will assist you to get the cheapest way to the desired place. This application will provide you option to get cheap hotels, flights and car rental. It is a free application to find the latest travel discounts. You can find and make a comparison of tickets from travel agencies all around the world.

You can find flights from hundreds of travel sites and can book flights on the supplier’s site directly. Liligo contains the data of more than seventy low-cost airlines. It will show all details of prices including airport taxes, service or admin fees. You have the facility to filter results by stops, airline, timetable, trip duration, and booking providers. It assists you in comparing flight prices two days before your departure and returning time to get the benefit of the cheapest deals.

The web version of Liligo contains information about dozens of rental agencies so you can easily get the car on rent. You have the facility to search results by the number of seats, model, or car rental companies. It includes data of more than 3,00,000 hotels for booking your room. Travelers can filter results by ratings, price, or the number of stars.


  • Car Rental
  • Pick-up location
  • Cheap Price Rates
  • Book your Flights
  • Search hotels


  • Best international flight prices
  • Easy to use
  • Smart options


  • Fake prices
  • No way to change currency

Download: Liligo flights, hotels & cars for Android | iOS

8. Slickdeals

Slickdeals is one of the largest online shopping communities having millions of users. People use this application to find, rate, share, and buy the best deals as well as they can get free coupons for stores. Community members of Slickdeals find prices from thousands of websites and share them on this app forum. They vet every deal through votes and moved the best deals to the Popular Deals forum.

Deal editors of this app get a snap of the best Popular Deals and move it to the front page. In this way, you can get the best offers on Slickdeals for shopping. You have the option to configure the notification to target stores, keywords, and categories. If your shopping cart is ended and still you want to get something more to save your money, you can check its coupon pages.

It includes coupons for retail shops, and a team of coupon editors removes expired promo codes to save your time. Slickdeals contains multiple categories that assist you to find games or household things. You can also check household items on sale.


  • Shopping cart
  • Coupon pages
  • Get notifications
  • Categories
  • Sale items


  • Easy to use application
  • Pop up ads
  • Preference of categories
  • Deal comments


  • Error in loading
  • Scrolling is choppy sometimes

Download: Slickdeals for Android | iOS

9. Walmart – Save Time and Money

Walmart is an award-winning application that can save your money and time. This stunning application offers free shipping without any membership fee. The application includes millions of articles, and it can deliver items just in two days. The stunning program allows you to quickly and safely pay on the store for an article.

Walmart enables you to reorder the necessary articles you have already purchased. The application contains Express Money Services to transfer money, and you don’t need to waste time on paperwork. The user has the facility to transfer, order, and track prescriptions. If you order before 2 PM, you will get free shipping. But this facility will not be available on weekends and holidays. Your minimum order should be $35. The Privacy Policy of the application is present in the “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” category.

It will secure your Personal Information with a secure Privacy Policy. An expert team updates the data regularly to make it fit and healthy. The latest version includes performance improvements and bug fixes. A neat addition to the application is TV-sizing utility. It enables the user to have a snap of the space where he wants to put the telly and tell where he wants it to move.


  • Easily reorder
  • Order, Transfer, and Track
  • Faster pickup
  • Free Shipping


  • Great function
  • Handy app


  • Freezes every time
  • Mute notification option without the account
  • Does not work properly
  • Payment options do not work sometimes

Download: Walmart for Android | iOS

10. Price Alert for Amazon

Price Alert for Amazon is another interesting application for online shopping. The price alert of the application notifies you when the price of your interest products of the Amazon shops will dropdown. You have the facility to add your favorite items to your watchlist as well as set a threshold optionally. It will send you an alert through a push notification on your tablet or smartphone when your threshold arrives.

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Price Alert for Amazon will save your money, and you will not miss any of your favorite deals. Fantastic features of the app allow the user to create a list of items and set a specific price for each of the items. You will get a notification when the price of the product is according to your desire. Unlimited categories are part of this app that will facilitate you to search comfortably.

It will represent the history of items as a chart. Plus, Price Alert for Amazon enables you to differentiate between standard or prime delivery. You can also make some important wishlists. It helps you to easily add articles to your watchlist using the recommended button by the original Amazon application.


  • Item’s history
  • Important wishlists
  • Automatic alerts
  • Set the desired price
  • Create a list of items


  • Work like Amazon app
  • Save money
  • Set a threshold


  • Prices are not refreshed automatically
  • They don’t reply to the mail
  • Does not work at all sometimes

Download: Price Alert for Amazon for Android | iOS

11. BuyVia – Best Shopping Deals

BuyVia is easy to use and free to download the application that will always save your money for online shopping. This application will provide the top ten online deals every day. The expert team of the BuyVia shop top online applications like Best Buy, Amazon, Target, Home Depot, and Walmart and get the best deals for you. People can get interesting deals related to electronics and can find new clothing sales online. BuyVia has professional shopping experts that provide the smartest way to shop and save money.

It assists you to get the items of your choice at a very low price. It always searches for best promotions, deals, and discounts on unlimited articles. It gives everything you want to know before you buy your favorite items like the deals, ratings, reviews, and more. The application provides over 1,00,000 coupons from different businesses. It combines online discount coupons, clearance sales, price comparison, and shopping lists to provide the best promos and rewards for you.

If you are finding a cheap rate at restaurants or hotels in your city, this app will help you to keep an eye on hotel rates. It will send you coupon codes and personalized deals for purchasing clothes, electronics, home and garden items, shoes, or baby products. It contains coupons at restaurants like Burger King, Applebee’s, Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza, Fridays, Subway, Starbucks, KFC, and McDonald’s.


  • Push notifications
  • Scan a product
  • Share deals via email
  • Slashed prices
  • Find restaurants


  • Barcode scanner
  • Save money
  • Variety of shopping items
  • Resell items online
  • Easy to navigate


  • Need update
  • Very slow

Download: BuyVia – Best Shopping Deals for Android | iOS

12. ScanLife Barcode & QR Reader

ScanLife Barcode & QR Reader is like a personal shopper that will always provide the information you want. You can scan any article barcode or QR Code and find anything quickly, including prices & reviews. This application assists you to get a variety of information. You have the option to search and compare prices from famous online stores such as Macy’s, Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and buy the product right from your phone.

The interesting features of this app keep the history of scanning targets on multiple devices. You have the option to make your personalized QR cord to facilitate others. It provides you with location-based information about prices, special deals, and offers. For more QR options, you have to create an account on, having more advanced features.

Scanlife collaborate with third parties to get information about your interests, to provide specific advertising. These third parties use the latest technologies to get information about you like device carrier, time zone, IP address, device setting, operating system, hardware version, and device advertising identifiers. You have the option to disable this data collection.


  • Get accounts
  • Access Wifi state
  • Notes on Permissions
  • Scan a product code
  • Create QR code


  • Find the price of any item
  • Bar and QR Scans


  • Does not read barcode sometimes
  • Does not work without location
  • Product not found.

Download: ScanLife Barcode & QR Reader for Android | iOS

Best Price Tracking Apps for Android

Best Price Tracking Apps for Android include the apps created for Android users having desired to buy online products at the cheapest rates. These apps have all the features needed for the best online shopping.

13. PurchX

PurchX is an ultimate application that contains information about more than 3 million items. You can review and compare all these items. PurchX helps you to find the best articles, check reviews, and make a comparison of items. Interesting features are present in multiple categories like grocery, electronics, beauty, sporting goods, baby, skincare, appliances, and hair care.

The user has the facility to scan one more multiple products in a store, find any item using its powerful search engine. Dozens of categories include everything you want to buy. It offers the best online and in-store prices. However, each product has user reviews, so you can compare and contrast with similar items.

You can choose any product from the categories and make the comparison to 20 other items by just swiping through the list and viewing each one side by side. You will also get a reward by providing the review. You need to sign up with PurchX, provide a helpful review, and get a reward immediately. PurchX is featured in famous newspapers like The New York Times.


  • Scan and Compare Products
  • Dozens of categories
  • Millions of Products


  • See reviews
  • Get rewards
  • Best products
  • Freely


  • High prices

Download: PurchX for Android

14. Fluctuate

Fluctuate is an interesting application for online shopping. This application is one of the best Amazon price trackers for Play Store users. It is a stunning program for people that want to need the best deals online. This application has a track of prices as they change. You have the option to set a specific price, and this android application will notify you when the price of your favorite item drops below the threshold.

Only you need to have the patience to get a super deal. It is a universal price tracker and keeps track of the prices of items from online shopping portals. Unlike other price tracking apps, it allows you to track any product from any site. This application includes the most famous online shopping sites like eBay, Amazon, ASOS, Myntra, Flipkart, and lots more.

You can use this application as a flight price tracker that notifies you when tickets of some plane go down. It also works as an Amazon price tracker and notifies you when there is a sale on your favorite products.


  • Amazon price tracker
  • Flight price tracker
  • Millions of products
  • Most popular sites
  • Low price notifications
  • Sale notifications


  • Multiple options
  • History of price changes


  • Analyzing prices is slow
  • Stopped updating
  • Permission error

Download: Fluctuate for Android

15. Camelcamelcamel

Camelcamelcamel is a free Amazon price tracker that helps you to save your money and time for shopping. This application monitors millions of items and notifies you when their prices come down. Camelcamelcamel contains the History charts for prices of different products that will help you to get the best things at best prices.

You have the option to include price history charts to the browser using The Camelizer, an extension for Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. In the browser, you have to create a free account on this website as well as you can log in through your Google, Twitter, or Facebook account. It supports a large number of Amazon countries like Canada, Australia, America, Germany, France, China, Japan, and the UK.

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You have the option to check popular deals as well as the list of all products present on this application. Camelcamelcamel is a website, and it has only APK versions for Android users, but you can’t find it on Play Store.


  • International Shopping
  • Best Prices
  • Millions of items


  • Google chrome extension
  • Mozilla Firefox extension
  • History charts


  • Not present on App store
  • Note present on Play store
  • Only APK version

Download: camelcamelcamel for Android

Best Price Tracking Apps for iOS

This list consists of applications designed especially for iOS users. These applications provide the best searching results for products you want to purchase from online shopping stores.

16. Honey Smart Shopping Assistant

Honey Smart Shopping Assistant is a shopping application that facilitates you to save your money at your favorite stores. You don’t need to install a lot of shopping applications or passwords. This application is specially designed to take you to your first-choice shops and provide you best things you need. It is a professional shopping application that can save you time and money. Data of more than 400+ famous shops and millions of articles are present on this application.

You can find new and classical items on this application. This program is always adding new shops continuously for you. This app applies coupon codes automatically, just like its famous extension for your computer. First, it asks for shopping information, and then it finds free shipping codes and other discounts for every article in your cart. You can search for more and more articles continuously. It provides only one convenient cart for all different stores.

You don’t need to have deals from other apps with a lot of usernames and passwords as well as you don’t have too much time for it. You have to keep eyes on Honey Gold bonuses on articles, and you can get gift cards at your choice for famous stores. It will store your favorite articles in different categories and will notify you when the price of any particle item will drop.


  • 400+ shops
  • Automatic coupons
  • Exclusive Perks
  • Watch Prices
  • One Cart Shopping


  • Save money
  • Online Shopping
  • Friendly UI
  • Coupon codes


  • Crashed
  • Glitchy
  • Poor Delivery Service

Download: Honey Smart Shopping Assistant for iOS

17. Mycartsavings: Price Comparison

Mycartsavings is one of the latest applications regarding online shopping. This application helps people with amazon promo codes, price comparison, amazon price tracker, and gives daily deals. It includes many useful features, including eBay price tracker, barcode scanner, Walmart price tracker, price history, and amazon coupons. People can save their money on this free app that compares prices for Walmart, Amazon, and eBay. It assists people to buy items from the retailer.

The application also compares prices using the barcode scanner, voice, and provide daily deals from Walmart, Amazon, AliExpress, JCPenney, Loft, GameStop, & Men’s warehouse. It provides email notifications on your mobile phones when prices go to a low level. This application presents the best offers and low prices on laptops, books, furniture, toys, tablets, home, cameras, video games, electronics, tools from Amazon, Walmart, and other online shops.

It offers daily deals, compares textbook prices, and provides amazon codes and coupons. You need to enter the name of the specific article, and it will search results along with prices from well-known online stores, where you can compare article prices at level1. You can also search using your voice on the microphone or get item prices using the barcode scanner.


  • Compare prices
  • Scan barcode
  • Search using voice
  • “Customer also Considered”
  • Compare prices at level 2


  • Useful price tracking
  • Daily deals
  • Prices reviews


  • No version for Android
  • Minor bugs

Download: Mycartsavings: Price Comparison for iOS

18. Yroo: Find Daily Deals & Save

Yroo is an online purchasing application present only on the app store. The application provides the best deals from the largest online stores. It is the best place for finding the hottest deals at eBay, Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, and more. The interesting thing is that it updates the prices constantly so you can’t miss anything. Yroo facilitates you to make your shopping experience easier, faster, and cheaper.

The deal finder of Yroo always search top-rated deals and facilitates people to compare prices with a barcode scanner. You can shop from thousands of merchants, retailers, and search engines. The price scanner is the part of this application to scan the product and make a price comparison. Yroo scans billions of products and compares their prices from thousands of shops to find the best prices for customers.

It offers prices from the biggest retailers like Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Target, Wayfair, Home Depot,, Best Buy, eBay, and thousands more. You can search for computers and laptops, compare prices of tablets, phones, games and much more. It is one of the best online shopping helpers for smart shoppers.


  • Top deals
  • Price comparisons
  • Price scanner
  • Best offers


  • New update
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to navigate


  • Too slow
  • Didn’t work sometimes

Download: Yroo: Find Daily Deals & Save for iOS

19. Wikibuy

Wikibuy is another interesting application that facilitates the user to have some online shopping. This application can save your money by providing the best rates for different products. More than one million people are using the application. In this application, you have the facility to compare prices of millions of items.

The application enables you to earn credits for purchasing from thousands of shops and restaurants. You can find the best coupons by different online stores from this app. This stunning online application is featured on Fortune, USA Today, Forbes, ABC News, Mashable, New York Magazine, Nerd Wallet, and more. The latest version of Wikibuy has a landing page to highlight coupons & offers.

This interesting online application is not present for Play Store. However, you can download the APK version of this application from different websites. You will get the notification when prices of specific items of your desire go down.


  • Compare prices
  • Earn credits
  • Best coupons
  • Get notifications


  • Very helpful
  • Price Alert


  • Never better results
  • Sometimes does not respond
  • Price check option does not respond
  • Does not work

Download: Wikibuy for iOS


Online shopping is useful to save both time and money. Online shops allow customers to use the “search” feature to get certain brands, models, or articles. Customers should have internet access and a valid method of payment for purchasing like a credit card or debit card. Price Tracking Apps are present for both iOS and Android to provide the best features to customers. Most of these applications allow users to search for articles from millions of online stores and compare their prices. These applications provide the lowest prices of different products by making price comparisons. So users can buy products directly from these apps.

Finally, these apps are here to provide the best search results about your searching products. You get alert when prices of products are less than your desired purchasing limit. These applications have articles collection from unlimited famous online shopping stores and search for free coupons to facilitate their customers. All application has different ways of payment to purchase products.

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