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There is a massive collection of apps available in the market that professionally convert your frustrated or irritated mood into a jolly and happy mood. Every app is exclusive to its service providing factors and working criteria. This list of best finger print scanning apps is one of them that entertains you a lot for the real-time and does not depress or disappoint you at all. These are the apps that intend to dispatch your proficiency among your friends by pranking them that you have a stunning finger print scanner that only accesses your permissions and denied other attempts for scanning their fingerprints. There are many fun provided features of this app, and every app is a bit more interesting than other. So you just have to gather some of your friends, ask them some silly questions and get amazing and interesting replies from these finger print scanning app. These apps provide stunning properties for its users, and the user feels more attraction due to ever new interactions and replies for each time of their use. These apps are easily available, and you can download them easily from the stores.

1. Fingerprint scanner

Fingerprint scanner is a great tool that lets you do some amazing stuff with a realistic detection and perfect sound mechanism that entertains you a lot when you are with your friends etc. It is a great tool to fool your friend to make them feel that your mobile phone device is a genuinely advanced scanner with real time finger print capabilities. It is a multi-touch technology that provides a brand new algorithm that grants your access to your mobile phone devices. This app is awesome for pranking along with the providence of realistic animation, voice messages, browser web, and enables you to see your location.

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2. CIA Finger Scanner – Prank Your Friends

CIA Finger Scanner – Prank Your Friends is another app that is created for entertainment purpose. It provides a superb and high-class design and a realistic finger print scanning that easily fool your friends by making them think that they are wanted for some criminal activities. There are many fun activities in this app that provides a real-time entertaining approach for its users. It is an impressive app that delivers some tricks to make your friend think that they were wanted for Arson, Forgery, Money Laundering, Piracy, Hijacking, and some other crimes. It delivers Agents name, fun sounds effects, custom crimes, amazing animation, and graphics, and provides a great way to start a conversation.

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3. Fingerprint Security Scanner Prank (FREE)

Fingerprint Security Scanner Prank (FREE) is an app intended for the entertaining purpose by providing tons of realistic and fun features for its users. It is a widely used app that is merely used for pranking your friends, colleagues, classmates, siblings, and other family members, etc. It provides a crisp and clear perfect design and a realistic User Interface that literally make others feel so real and natural. They become so amazed when you see them robust security for your mobile when they capture that you are granted access but all their attempts being denied.


4. Secret Finger Protection Lock Scanner Prank (FREE)

Secret Finger Protection Lock Scanner Prank (FREE) is an astonishing app to make fun along with your friends. It is merely created for making fun pranks of your friends, colleagues and family members into making them sure that your mobile phone has actual and genuine finger print recognition and scanning capabilities. Rather than an intuitive figure print scanner, this app is stunning for truth detecting and fortune telling in a damn amazing way. Secret Lock Scanner Prank is a simple and easy to use the app with a lot of interesting, fun factors. It is a cool way to astonish and amazed your friends when they see that you grant the access to your mobile but, all their attempts were denied.


5. Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro is a wildly used and unique app that attracts its users due to a wide range of facilities that it provides. It is a mobile scanning app that enables you to scan any piece of paper, and it automatically captures all things and converts them into JPG, and PDF, etc. Its core features include camera scan, flash on off, preview thumbnail, crop next saves, save format in PDF and JPG formats, etc. Some of its amazing offerings are camera scan, get a direct link, save links, direct point scan, search contacts, and share different links on some social media platforms. It even offers its built-in barcodes and QR code scanner.

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6. Max Security

Max Security is an amazing thing that lets you unlock your device with robust safety by allowing your fingerprint in a fun way. It is a great app to amaze your friends by showing such a marvelous app that lets you scan your finger for the real-time and denied others attempts. There are many amazing feature of this app includes visual effects, cool sounds and much more, that enables you make fun of your friends. This app has a pretty attractive interface that enables you to make your app locked with thumb or any figure print and open it with your permission.

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7. 1Password

1Password provides tons of amazing facilities to its users along with its eye catching and gorgeous interface. It is an app that secures the atmosphere and remembers all your passwords by keeping them secure from others behind a single Master Password. This app enables you hide all your favorite and current passwords under a single, and strong password. You can easily unlock them with a single tap using your fingerprint. It efficiently scans your fingerprint in a damn secure way. It is a great app that lets you stays safe from hackers or thieves.

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8. Fingerprint Reader

Fingerprint Reader lets its users make fun with their friends and other mates. It offers a variety of features that comprises Steampunk style visuals, mechanical processing along with cogs animation, and enables to you give a different and unique reply for every single time you use. It is an efficient app which so much responds of shaking and sharing stuff your friends. You can get entertainment through this app and share that fun-mess on some social media platforms with your other friends. So start this app and provide your device a touch of intrigue and mystery with fingerprint scanning application.


9. Fingerprint Lie Detector

Fingerprint Lie Detector is a damn funny and prank app that instantly tells you about your friend or someone telling the truth or a lie. It is a great app for passing the time in a fun way. You just have to ask multiple questions related to fun such as the name of girl friend or boyfriend, asking whether you wear underwear or not, tell anyone you want to kiss, and many other fun questions. You just invent some funny questions and then out the finger of the tested person on the scanning box, ask that question, and take the answer, then finally this app will tell you that whether your answer is true or false so have fun.

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10. Fingerprint Security Scanner: Free

Fingerprint Security Scanner: Free is an app that enables to you scan your figure prints along with an attractive interface. It is one of the most realistic and impressive figure print scanner app available in the market. You just love this app due to its amazing fun providing factors. This app enables you to show this effective finger print scanning app to your friends and let them know that how cool your mobile phone is, and it will not disappoint you at all. It has an amazing graphics and visual sound effects that sharpen its efficiency.


11. Stool Scanner Free

Stool Scanner Free is a way that enables you to predict your next stool. It amazingly provides a four-way multiple scan technology for its users and this is the only feature makes this app stands a bit more among some other apps present in the market. This stool finger print scanner app is only intended for entertainment reason and does not belongs to the reality at all. It provides you info about what type of stool that you pass next, about your family, friends, and co-workers and collect a sample of your finger print, and predict your next stool.


12. Touch Scan Pro

Touch Scan Pro is an app with useful and valuable features. It is a fully integrated app that enables you to scan receipts to keep stuff saved. It provides robust ease and convenience for document scanning through which you can easily scan some piece of document in picture form, and it will convert it into PDF file easily. It is a great scanning app that enables you a fast and easy scanning through paper documents, checks agreements, dashboards, rentals, and receipts. While on the other hand, it also provides advanced image processing, Text recognition approach, share, save your scanned material, and much more.


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