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We all want to get our mobile things done more quickly and even with some simple taps for getting the hell of stuff done. We want fast access to our mobile phone doings such as our mail and fetching some other mobile applications with pretty much convenience and ease. For the sake of this reason, there is an enormous amount of apps that are working for you to access the stuff using your home screen icons rapidly. It has just reduced your efforts and eliminates the fact for going to the list of your applications and access them for some particular use. Especially, there are various things that we use in bulk like Messages, SMS, Mails, Camera and some other apps. And it is quite boring to access the main app for each single notification. So here is an awesome collection of Gmail widgets that helps us getting and fetching our emails and its details using pretty much simple and amazing widgets. A robust, attractive and fine collection for Gmail widgets that lets you access your Gmail and its stuff right from the home screen of your mobile phone devices is presented below.

1. Gmail

Gmail is easy to use, quite handy and powerful email managing app that is developed and published by Google Inc. The best thing of the Gmail app is it is quite simple and convenient in terms of using as compare to the other similar but difficult to use apps available in the market currently. The users can manage their variety of different kinds of email accounts via this app. Other than supporting Gmail services it supports the email accounts from all the big fishes of the market like Yahoo, Microsoft etc. The app is based on the pure quality and immense functionality of its vendor which is the most renowned and trusted vendor of the market and like all the rest products of Google Inc. this app is also of sheer brilliance and quality. Other than emails the app provides 15 GB of free storage capacity to its users so that they can store their messages conveniently without deleting.

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2. Widgets for Gmail

Widgets for Gmail is a fine collection of some beautiful home screen widgets for your mobile phone devices in a variety of attractive sizes form the icons to large images. It effectively previews and quickly deals with your emails from the widget, and you do not any need to open up the Gmail every time for a new email, and you can even mark as unread, delete, archive, and view attachments. It delivers automatic updates for labels, Preview support (show some starting lines of the mail), customizable appearance, and support labels from several accounts even with the same widget. Some of its amazing features providence includes material design guidelines, options to appear SMS and text messages, Marshmallow ready, and support for exchange accounts.



3. Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail is not only an email managing app but it does possess the full ability of adding any sort of events and setting reminders of any kind. It is one of the pioneer all in one app developed by Google Inc. for Gmail. Many of the users all around the world using this app does not even know about its other unique and complete features that also includes note taking and reminder setting. The app possess the ability of setting any kind of reminder based on any general topic or event, even if it is not related to the emails.

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4. myMail – Email for Hotmail, Gmail, and Outlook Mail

myMail – Email for Hotmail, Gmail, and Outlook Mail is an ideal app for dealing your emails right from the home screen of your mobile phone device with pretty much ease and convenience. It efficiently manages all of your email accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Live, GMX, Exchange, iCloud, and some others with pretty much efficiency. It keeps all of your emails in one safe, secure, and intuitive place, and makes it damn easy to access any of them. It supports almost all popular email services. Some of its core features include Real-time Notification approach, search through the server and local contacts, easy navigation, browse directly from the email, create a unique email sign, ActiveSync support, easy search, and much more.

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5. Gmail Widget

Gmail Widget is an app that enables you to access your Gmail right from your screen and access your account anytime. You can easily place this Gmail widget on your mobile phone for easy and quick access to email and its components as rapidly as you do. It delivers real-time notifications, inbox always on display, and reduces your efforts. Having this app, you do not have to go to your official email app for getting your emails, as it has vanished this fact and enabled you to access your emails anytime from the home screen smoothly.


6. Blue Mail Widget

Blue Mail Widget is pretty much superb app having some great features for accessing your email effortlessly. It is a swift, beautiful, attractive, and productive app that enables you quickly navigate some specific accounts and filters having a clean and intuitive design. It is a smart app that focuses on the groups and peoples. It makes a dark mode available for us for providing us damn care. It is an adaptive and optimal solution designed with tablets in mind. Some of its enhanced features include Smart Mobile notifications, Mobile Printing, Group Mail, Beautiful and gorgeous Dark Theme, Configurable Menus, Rich Text Signature, Dynamic Smart Conversation, and tons of others.

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7. TypeApp Widget

TypeApp Widget is the most simplified and the fabulous stuff in the mailing category providing top-notch email experience. It is a beautifully designed app having some smart and matchless functions for mobile phone users. It efficiently manages all of your mailing accounts form a single fully-customizable app. Some of its rich features include Instant and smart push notifications, Smart conversations, Rich Text, Beautiful Dark Theme and Mode, Configurable Menus, Wireless Printing, Days to Sync, Unread and Scrollable Widgets, and numerous others.


8. Aqua Mail Widget

Aqua Mail Widget is a flexible, easy but effective tool that makes sure the all major Email providence under One Place. It has many advanced features for managing your emails effortlessly and amazingly. It allows multiple emails (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Apple, AOL, GMX, FastMail, and others) under one platform, support email protocols, Improved security, support integration with Tasker, and Quick incoming notification approach, etc. While its enhanced features include Folder Sync, Reply via Voice Input, Sync Contacts, Format your signature and messages, Undo messaging operations, and lot more.

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9. SolMail Widget

SolMail Widget is an incredible app with fully customizable and assessable features. Having this app, you can easily check all of your emails under a single platform, swipe your messages to Achieve and Delete, easily categorize your message, view your message by conversation, support fun sticker for a jolly conversation, and much more. It delivers an optimized view for tablets, and you can easily Sync folders you want. It is a powerful e-mail app and client that helps you quickly access and manage all of your emails and message under one app.


10. Alto Mail Widget

Alto Mail Widget is an email managing and accessing app with some interesting and quality features. It offers an incredible platform where you can easily manage emails from almost all major platforms. Some of its core features allow a damn easy access to your account, stay up to date with Alto dashboard, Snooze, and stay organized. You can quickly navigate your emails with the stack, provides instant access to your email stuff, delivers Calendar integration, customizable Dashboard makes your email secure, and a fully featured web version.

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11. Nine-Email widget

Nine-Email widget is an app that delivers ease of managing and accessing emails from almost every platform. It provides a direct push notification, Great User Interface, Multiple Accounts, Rich-Text editor, Client Cert, IRM, Automaticity for email service, Hybrid email service, Secure socket layers, and much more. Rather than these, it also supports intuitive and robust Widgets, SMS sync, Notes Sync, Task and Calendar Sync, Conversation mode availability, Modern Authentication for Office 365, and lot more. Nine-Email widget supports many servers as well but is not cloud-based.


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