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The main and utmost transformation due to the achievement and tremendous accomplishment of Information Technology industry is regarding the communication and its means. The communication channels and straits are leaping so quickly towards the ultimate glory that we can see a whole new mode of inventions now even on the daily basis. As the time is passing, we are able to use latest technology for our daily life communication purposes. The world has already become a global village due this, where every single person is connected with the every corner of the world and the population residing all around the world. No one from the public in the early 70s or 80s would have thought that they or their next generation will be communicating by using such modern means like they would be able to do instant chats and they can do video calls too. The phenomena or technology behind video calling is although new but it has being public quite rapidly and almost everyone is now using or wants to use it for communication with their families and friends who are residing in any other city or even country. Many social media based platforms are offering free video calls services due to which it is quite easy for everyone to make use of this technology. Video chatting while having a live video call is also a new feature regarding it and is getting quite common too. The users now can do video chats in the groups and can collectively communicate via video chatting facility. There is a gigantic variety of such apps that are offering video chat facility. Some of the best ones are mentioned here.

1. ooVoo Video Call, Text & Voice

ooVoo Video Call, Text & Voice is an amazing and astonishing video calling and video chatting app through which the users can not only make unlimited number of international and domestic free video calls but are also enabled to send text and voice based instant messages. Although the app is not that much famous as it is new to the market and faces a hell of tough competition from the similar sort of rival apps from famous vendors that are already in use by a large number of users from all over the globe. Despite of all this the app still manage to retain more than 50 million of downloads from every corner of the world. The app has some real amazing and quality based features that let its users to use this app for multiple purposes at the very same time. The users can now do freely long video chats from anywhere in any part of the world. The app provides the facility of video chatting in the groups; the users can create different groups and can enjoy video chatting in groups. A single group can have maximum 12 members in it. This amazing app is totally free of all cost and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.



2. JusTalk – free video calls

JusTalk – free video calls is another astounding and ravishing free video chatting and calling app that enable its users to video chat in groups and make free video calls all around the globe without any distortion and inconvenience. The app possesses numerous exciting and effective features that are quite unique and make this app that much eligible that it makes to our best of list. The best and most prominent thing about this app is its simple and effective user interface, the users no need to make any difficult setup based logins or accounts they can simply start calling by signing inside the app via their active cellular number. The 2nd impressive thing about this video chatting app is its reliability and security, the users need not to worry about a single issue as their chatting is totally secure and saved via modern and effective encryption technology used within the app and ensures the privacy of its users. The app has many other fun based features too that makes this app more compelling and entertaining. Funny chat option of the app enables its users to share instant images with friends and family, the users can doodle and can even play various games while their video call. The users can create the groups for video and for even voice calling and chatting. The app has such a unique setup that works smoothly and provides crystal clear voice and picture even on the poor network speed. The app as a size of 33MBs and can be downloaded from Google Play store for free.



3. KakaoTalk: Free Calls & Text

KakaoTalk: Free Calls & Text is another bewildering pure quality based free video chatting, calling and messaging app that provides outstanding support for free crystal clear video chatting and calling all around the world. With more than 150 million of download it is one of the most desirable messenger apps that is in great demand by the users from every part of the world and is quite successful in fulfilling their needs and satisfying them. The app claims to be the most fastest and quick messenger app that provides all essential pure quality based tool with remote multiple functionality. The users of the app can now send free text messages, multimedia messages including sharing photos and videos, can do free voice and video calling, and can do video based chatting in group and the unique feature of sharing voice notes. Every kind of chatting is further supported and is equipped with a massive variety of alluring and attractive emoticons and doodles. A new and unique feature of voice filtering is also introduced inside the app through which the users can make more fun from their calls by adding Talking Tom and Ben’s voice filters. The app supports almost every kind of Android based smartphones and tablets and is even compatible with all sort of Android wears and gears.

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4. icq video calls & chat

icq video calls & chat is one of the most efficient and secure free video calling and video chatting app that possess the pure quality based multiple functionality features and pros. This is an outstanding app with all in one sort of performance and manages to perform a variety of functions and all of them with a great deal of dedication and effectiveness. The best and most concerned features of the app includes its smart small size and mastery of security level, the users can now freely without any sort of tension of their privacy and security can do free video and voice calls all around the globe. Other than free video based chatting and calling the app let their users to chat via text messages and also enable them to do high quality voice calls and they can also send crystal clear instant voice messages. The users of this app can now create awesome and ravishing snap based stories and can add variety of fun and entertainment based 3D animated stickers and emoticons in the live video calls. The video chatting via this app can be done within the groups also. Other important and additional features of the app includes a fully-fledged photo and video editing facility that is provided within this very app for the convenience of its users so that they don’t have to concern any other app for this purpose.


5. Video Chat by FriendCaller

Video Chat by FriendCaller is pure quality based VoIP and free video group chatting, calling, texting all in one app that possess the outrageous ability of performing exclusively insane and of top level in all the aspects that are discussed above. This manifold functionality app is developed and proposed as a product of C2Call GmbH and is way much inspiring in all terms related with video chatting and calling. The app despite of being facing a swear competition from the rival apps proposed by large vendors and which covers a vast number of customers in the market, this app still manages to have more than a million users from all around the world who are quite happy and satisfied by the performance of the app and the number of its customers is increasing day by day with a rapid speed. The app is fully loaded VoIP client and offers various other communication based facilities to its users. The app supports MMS multimedia messages and enables its users to send videos and photos to each other with full ease and freedom. The app possesses the phenomena of end to end encryption and ensures the security of users’ private information and data. The app is free of cost available on Google Play store for Android based devices and gadgets.


6. Paltalk – Free Video Chat

Paltalk – Free Video Chat is another specialized video chatting and free video calling that is specifically built for doing free video chats in the group. The app is quite unique and different from the native and regular sort of video calling apps as it possess quite simple and effortless user interface and overall look but still it possess a quite solid and powerful buildup and setup which ensures its premium kind of smooth working and effective performance. The app is not that much popular and famous as there are many similar sort of apps proposed by big and famous vendors which are more in the market yet this app is quite successful in maintaining its unique spot and it too possess more than million users from all around the globe which are quite satisfied and happy with the quality and working of the app. The app provides various exciting features to its users like live video chatting, the users can send various stickers and other fun based emoticons while having a video call. The app is sort of social media platform on which the users can interact with new people and also can make friends. The app has size of 24MB and can be downloaded for free from Google Play store for Android based devices.

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7. Azar

Azar is a pure quality based bewildering and outstanding app that in short is a full-fledged social media based platform which enables its users to discover the things around the world, meet new people, make new friends and become popular among them. The app is specifically designed and developed for doing stream less and sheer brilliance video chatting and is best recommended for doing video chats in the group. Although the app possesses the ability of supporting the group of more than 10 persons that can chat at the same time with each other but for better user experience and results it is recommended to use 3 users based group as its interface and setup fully supports that phenomena and provides its users a totally high profile and elite class experience. Azar is an utter smartness based communication app that is developed and released as product of Hyperconnect. The app already has more than 10 million of downloads from every corner of the world and is still getting viral more and more with the passage of time. Up till now the app has been successful in connecting more than billion people and found their perfect friend matches. The app is quite easy to use and convenient as it supports 19 different languages of the world and is freely available to download on the Google Play store in more than 130 countries.


8. Camfrog – Group Video Chat

Camfrog – Group Video Chat is another massively endowed and astounding app that is particularly focuses in providing the best possible experience to its users regarding long session based video chats and that too in large groups. As it is seen that most of the video chatting and video calling apps rather being so much famous in the market are not providing their users the facility of having more than few group chat members for doing the video chats. But now not need to worry at all as this app provides the mastery ability of its users of doing long sessions based free group chatting and that too with a large group of persons. The app is basic let its users to enter the gigantic world of its video chat rooms in which the users can join any of the desired or required video based chat group and can simply start exploring the world. The app is developed and published under the flag of Camshare Inc. and up till now it is quite successful in retaining more than 10 million of downloads from all around the world. The utter smartness based features of the app includes the ability of supporting cross platforms and enable its users to do video chat from any one that is using a PC, Mac, Android or even iPhone. The app is a sort of whole new social media world in its own and provides the facility to its users of interacting with new people and make friends all around the globe. The app has a size of 13 MB and can be downloaded free of cost from the Google Play store for Android based smartphones and tablets.


9. WeChat

WeChat is freeware instant messaging and chatting application developed and published by WeChat Tencent. It is one of the most exciting free chat app with lots of fun features. The most promising feature of this app includes its super cool and inspiring user interface that provides the user best possible chatting experience. The users can make free voice and video calls via this app. Video call can be done in a group with max 9 people together. It also allows the users to share media files, photos and even games all over the globe via this app. WeChat is free of cost and is available on Google Play for Android devices.


10. Messenger

Messenger or commonly known as Facebook Messenger is another worldwide used free chatting and instant messaging application developed and published by Facebook. It possess millions of active users worldwide and their number is too increasing with the passage of time. To use Facebook on a smart Android based devices Messenger is a sort of compulsory application. It has alluring and astonishing user interface and a uniqueness of chatter heads on the devices window, which not only makes it convenient but also makes it look cool and attractive. The app is free of cost and is available on Google Play.


11. Viber

Viber is VoIP based instant free chatting and free calling application developed and published by Viber Media S.a.r.l. It is also one of the most widely used instant messaging application all over the globe. Viber possess millions of active users all around the world. Although currently the ratio is not that much increasing but still most of the people prefer it for making free voice calls around the world. The user can do audio and video call with HD sound and video quality. Other than this it is used for sharing media like photos, files, etc. New update includes various fun stickers in it too.

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12. LINE

LINE is another fun based free instant messaging and chatting application developed and published by LINE Corporation. In spite of being new in the market as compare to the many big names in terms of chatting apps, this app made its own unique identity and now it too possess thousands of users worldwide and it is getting more and more attention with the passage of time. The user can make free voice and video calls via this app. instant and quick chatting with fun based stickers and new ideas of grouping makes this app way much more alluring and attractive for the user. It is free of cost and can be easily downloaded for Android devices from Google Play.


13. Imo

Imo is another VoIP based instant chatting and free calling application that is developed and published by Imo is one of the most rapidly growing chatting and free calling application. Initially the app was not able to hit the deck hard but later with some changes and with the passage of time, it successfully made its identity. Now it is getting viral with every passing minute and its active users are turning into millions. People from all over the world prefer this app for free voice and video calling all over the world. It is available for free on Google Play.


14. Skype

Skype is a fully fledged VoIP based instant messaging and free audio video calling application developed and published by Skype Inc. Skype is a host itself of VoIP and make sure the best quality audio and video calls all around the globe. The user can make free Skype to Skype calls all over the world both audio and video calls. Skype also allow the users to call landline and cell phones numbers but that is not free, Skype charge for such type of calling. It is world’s most widely used app in terms of Video calling. New updates in the app includes video conferencing calls among 25 people now and group chatting and texting with 300 people at once in a group.


15. Snapchat

Snapchat is a fun based instant photo sharing and chatting app developed and published by Snapchat Inc. The app is already very much popular currently among the users worldwide and is getting more and more attention with every single passing minute. It set a new trend of photo chatting, now via this app the users can chat through their photos. The user have to just click the photos and have to send it to a friend to start a conversation. It is a very unique sort of fun based chatting which is not seen in any other application and this new thing really hits the deck hard and grabs everyone attention. The app provides various exciting filters for the photos that are to be shared in a conversation.


16. Hangouts

Hangouts is another instant chatting and free messaging application that is developed and published by Google Inc. Being a product of Google Inc. the app is really a top level VoIP and instant messaging app. But despite of the popularity of its vendor, the app is not that much popular and could not get that success in the market which it deserved. One of the big reason of its flop is the tough competition of thousands of similar apps and the other is its too simple and kind of boring outlook and user interface. As compare to it other apps are way much more attractive and possess quite catchy interface and outlook.


17. BBM

BlackBerry Messenger or commonly known as BBM is free instant chatting and data sharing application developed and published by BlackBerry Limited. As BlackBerry is known for their world class security and privacy system, the app is for such users who are much concerned about their privacy. BBM was initially operating on BlackBerry handsets on their own operating system, but later on with the demand of people worldwide it was launched for Android. Some of the unique and influential features of the BBM includes Retract, through which a person can reverse back texts, photos even after they are sent. This feature is not present in any of the other messaging app.


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