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Texting and messaging was the first ways of communicating on phones which were low on cost and fast. Previously, it was only accessible by the phones which have a sim card installed and charges you for messaging. Nowadays, a lot of ways to message are available using Wi-Fi which is free and not just text message; you can share multimedia through messages and more to it is that you can make audio call and video call too. For this, you need to install an app like WhatsApp to share any kind of info through SMS. A list of applications is given below which can be used for texting and do all sort of thing using Wi-Fi. You can select any of them which satisfies you. Some of these apps let you select themes which gives you an attractive layout of chatting making it more comfortable and many more exquisite features like international video and audio calling for free with using just your Wi-Fi. Also, some of the apps do not even require a phone number to register on the app, and you can just start sharing with your loved ones by just simply installing and registering on the app for free. Take a look at the list and start using whichever suits you the best. All the apps on the list are free to download and use.

1. Line

Line is one of the best instant messengers available on the internet. This Application ranks no 1 in 52 countries and still growing. You just need Wi-Fi to operate with it after you have made an account, and you can text, call, send or receive photo or media with any of your friends or family. You can also make video calls in it for free using only your Wi-Fi and talk to anyone on an international call for free. You can chat with about 200 friends at a time by creating a group and create polls in it to get everyone’s point of view.

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QK SMS is a great app for messaging and is growing greatly on harts. The app is loaded with features and in case of any problem, the team behind it always responses and it is sure that your problem will be solved with the next update. I’ve never seen any team act like this as they reply to almost every review on the app store and keeps improving their app. The App allows you to select from various themes and you can also get the profits of schedule SMS feature in it. Many more features are installed in this application which attracts a lot of users, and it is to be suggested that this application is used.



3. Handcent Next SMS

Handcent Next SMS is also used by many users around the world, and its download rate is also considerable. The app allows you to choose from various skins which totally changes the interface of the app and you can choose any of em you want to. It does not lose any performance on any theme so you can choose whichever you like to work with. Multimedia messaging is also possible with those who also have a next messaging app and the media shared through this app is saved on a cloud of Handcent. If you have the app installed, the shared media can be seen directly through the app. Otherwise, it will open in the browser. This app also has a private box which saves your important threads with a pattern lock.


4. Go SMS Pro

Go SMS Pro is a text messaging app which is widely used nowadays as it has reached 100 Million downloads on Play Store. The app can be used to text Via Wi-Fi as well as over cellular network by using your cellular connection (Not Mobile Data). You can only send messages via Wi-Fi to those who also have Go SMS Pro app. Otherwise, you have to send over your cellular network. The app features many built-in themes which are customizable, and it keeps uploading new theme every week, so its theme library is vast. It also has remarkable speed for sending and receiving text messages with a lot of built-in emoji’s installed in its keyboard.


5. WhatsApp Messenger

Nowadays whenever the thought and image of texting or messaging or even chatting comes to our mind, the only thing that readily comes in our thoughts is this very much famous and world’s most widely used free texting, chatting, and free calling app. WhatsApp is used by billions of users all around the globe including a gigantic number of iOS users too. This app from its release started getting viral and viral and a time came that when it totally cover up the market and it even replaced the concept of sending SMS via using the simple messages based on the cellular network support. WhatsApp family has grown that much fast that a person that owns a smartphone, smart devices such as iPad or tablet it does have WhatsApp in it for sure. The main reason of that much success and fame of the app is based upon its simple and effectual user interface that let the users to text for free sharing picture, videos and even files. The users can do free international call using this app and can even send voice messages on the go. The sticker and emoji support provided by the app for the users it way too much outstanding. Currently a new feature is introduced in the app as it enables the users to do free HD video calls and that too internationally. The app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad. It can be downloaded for free from the Apple App store.


6. Textra SMS

Textra SMS is an app which is qualitative in both beauty and performance. The app is loaded with features, and its customization capabilities are above charts for any instant messaging app. The app provides you with tons of themes, and all the themes are responsive in terms of speed and features. The app does not compromise on the quality of messaging and messaging features while it still gives you a lot of customizable messaging interfaces. You can change the chat bubble style, bubble colour, copy partial text from a bubble and select from a wide range of smileys and stickers to send to your friends. All of the features come with this free app which is easily downloadable from Google Play Store.

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7. Yaata

Yaata is a smart messaging app which is a good alternative for your default messaging apps. The app is loaded with features and offers a free version with features limited to it. The user can try the interface and performance of the app in free version then purchase to unlock all functions if he/she likes. It has customizable themes, sent time reports, auto-forward function, sent delay feature and much more. It also does not take much space in your device as it is not an overloaded software and works great even on the low-end devices.


8. Text Free: Free Texting + Calling + MMS

Text Free by Pinger, Inc is another one of the most widely used free texting, calling and MMS app. The app is ranked among the most widely used apps on iOS as it is used by millions of users all around the globe and from which the large proportion is of the US and Canada as expected. The vendor of the app is quite famous and well reputed in terms of producing pure quality based stuff and the apps which are proposed by the vendor are the mostly related stuff to the communication and messaging. This app is given the name as Text Free Ultra because of its amazing and some unique features that resulted to be quite handy and convenient and are loved by users widely. Now it is not a problem anymore if the person you want to text or call uses the app necessarily as this bewildering and marvelous app let the users to do send free text messages and do free voice calls on the cellular numbers directly. Which means the users not need to worry if the person they want to reach does have or does not have the similar app installed as this amazing quality based app will text them on their cellular number and will make voice calls in the similar fashion too. This facility is only in US until now but soon it will be expanded. The app can be downloaded for free of cost from the Apple app store for both iPhone and iPad.

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9. Imo

Imo is another VoIP based instant chatting and free calling application that is developed and published by Imo is one of the most rapidly growing chatting and free calling application. Initially the app was not able to hit the deck hard but later with some changes and with the passage of time, it successfully made its identity. Now it is getting viral with every passing minute and its active users are turning into millions. People from all over the world prefer this app for free voice and video calling all over the world. It is available for free on Google Play.


10. Viber

Viber is VoIP based instant free chatting and free calling application developed and published by Viber Media S.a.r.l. It is also one of the most widely used instant messaging application all over the globe. Viber possess millions of active users all around the world. Although currently the ratio is not that much increasing but still most of the people prefer it for making free voice calls around the world. The user can do audio and video call with HD sound and video quality. Other than this it is used for sharing media like photos, files, etc. New update includes various fun stickers in it too.


11. hike messenger

hike messenger is another modern kind of instant chatting and messaging app that is developed and published by Hike Ltd. It is not only a simple sort of chatting and texting app, it possess many other influential and astonishing functionalities which surely give this app an edge on the other similar simple chatting apps. Although the app is new to market and is well managed to survive in the competition, giving a tough fight to some large vendor apps. The most unique and prominent feature of the app is Hike Direct. Through which the users can chat for free without internet connection in the range of 100 meters. No data charges and not need to worry about the internet. This unique and eye catching feature is not seen in any other app.


12. Telegram

Telegram is one of the most secure kind of android free chat app that is developed and published by Telegram Messenger LLP. The most prominent and alluring feature of the app is its end to end encrypted linking and it privacy i.e. security system. The user can easily sync this app with all his devices and gadgets. Another most exciting feature of the app is that more than 5000 people can be sent a same message or file as broadcast i.e. it includes 5000 people in a single group. Telegram is free of cost and is available on Google Play for Android based devices.


13. Nextplus Free SMS Text + Calls

Nextplus Free SMS Text + Calls is a handy messaging app which does not even require for you to own a phone number. The app is a total free Wi-Fi messaging app which gives you full capability of sending and receiving a text message, audio and video calls, multimedia sharing and lots of emoji. After installing the app, you will get a number assigned to you which will be used to register your account and then, you are all set to start chatting and calling. The app itself is free, and all of the features it provides are also free. You can download it easily from the Google Play Store.


14. Evolve SMS

Evolve SMS is an app specially designed for increasing the performance of messaging. The way this app work is just like messenger, it replaces the default messenger of your device, and all your messages are sent and received through this app which mostly more faster than the default messaging apps. The messages you send and receive through this app are transferred securely and fastly without needing to worry about data leaking. It also provides you with stickers, GIFs, Emoji and online search for different emoji and GIFs. This app is a full pack for your messaging needs.

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15. Facebook Messenger Lite

Facebook Messenger Lite is a messenger for facebook which is a little low in features relative to the original Facebook Messenger, but it supports low-end devices. The application is highly stable and even works with an Android as old as 2.3 version. You can shift to this messenger if you have a bad internet connection or speed issues and this will save you. It is about 10 MBs in size and is still efficient in its work. The difference between original Messenger and this Messenger is that you cannot make group video or audio calls, but group chat is possible. Plus, gaming in messenger is also disabled, and it entirely focuses on communication now.


16. Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is a messaging app that enables you to create your own unique and most likely looks by choosing from hundreds of free themes and skins. There are lots of cool features that it delivers includes password app lock, security options, stop a message while sending, blacklisting annoying contacts and unknowns, block SMS, MMS, and call from offensive and irritating users and much more. Except this, it also provides the featuring capabilities like text snippets, multi-selection picture gallery, better group and multimedia messaging dual sim support and much more.


17. Messenger

Messenger or commonly known as Facebook Messenger is another worldwide used free chatting and instant messaging application developed and published by Facebook. It possess millions of active users worldwide and their number is too increasing with the passage of time. To use Facebook on a smart Android based devices Messenger is a sort of compulsory application. It has alluring and astonishing user interface and a uniqueness of chatter heads on the devices window, which not only makes it convenient but also makes it look cool and attractive. The app is free of cost and is available on Google Play.


18. Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is freeware instant texting and messaging application proposed by Yahoo. It is one of the most easiest and faster app for instant free chatting as compare to the other similar apps that are available in the market. The user can now chat one on one or either in a group via this app. The quality of the vendor does reflects in the app, making it one of the most useful and effective messaging app. It is free of cost and can be downloaded from Google Play store for Android based devices.


19. Nimbuzz Messenger

Nimbuzz Messenger is a straightforward and handy application that helps you to get in touch with family, friends, or business associates and connect to different social media networks. Nimbuzz allows you to connect from a large collection of devices and chat with friends that use various social networks. Create an account using your number and easily connect with a mobile device with enhanced security. By providing general info, including name, gender, and contact details, personalize your account with a profile photo that suits you and a personal message for others to view. The simple and visually appealing interface can show as much info as possible. A list displays all contacts you add, and you can save contacts in groups. You can connect to most commonly used social networks to chat with close friends without running the web browser. Opening the message window allows you to personalize it using a custom background image and use different emoticons or stickers to make conversation fun.

20. Hangouts

Hangouts is another instant chatting and free messaging application that is developed and published by Google Inc. Being a product of Google Inc. the app is really a top level VoIP and instant messaging app. But despite of the popularity of its vendor, the app is not that much popular and could not get that success in the market which it deserved. One of the big reason of its flop is the tough competition of thousands of similar apps and the other is its too simple and kind of boring outlook and user interface. As compare to it other apps are way much more attractive and possess quite catchy interface and outlook.


21. Text Me! – Free Texting, Messaging and Phone Calls

Text Me! is an amazing and outstanding pure quality based free texting app that is specially designed for iOS devices. The app is quite famous among the iOS users all around the globe and has already be in use by millions of them and the numbers are increasing quite rapidly with the passage of time. This app is a sort of native texting app for the iOS. If you are a regular iOS user and are using it from long time than you will be defiantly aware of the importance and demand of the app. The app is ranked among the most top rated and widely used iOS apps. It has almost replaced the cellular network based SMS services on iOS as almost now every user either use this astounding app for free texting and chatting globally or prefer the iMessages. It has no restrictions in it as there are some in iMessages and other similar sort of texting app while touching the international boundaries and other platform devices. The app is used in 200 countries around the world. The users of the app receive free credits of calling when they install or update the app this is the latest feature provided within the app. The users can also text to any of the cellular network number for free in US, Canada, Mexico and in more than 40 countries of the world. Other than texting the app is widely used for its stream less crystal clear free voice calling and high quality HD video calling. The app has the versions for both the iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded for free for both from the Apple App store.


22. WeChat

WeChat is freeware instant messaging and chatting application developed and published by WeChat Tencent. It is one of the most exciting free chat app with lots of fun features. The most promising feature of this app includes its super cool and inspiring user interface that provides the user best possible chatting experience. The users can make free voice and video calls via this app. Video call can be done in a group with max 9 people together. It also allows the users to share media files, photos and even games all over the globe via this app. WeChat is free of cost and is available on Google Play for Android devices.

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23. textPlus: Free Texting + Calling + MMS

This is another famous and one of the most widely used texting and free calling app that is used by millions of users all around the globe. The app is a sort of must have app in your iOS device as it possess multiple functionality with immense ease. The setup and buildup of the app is quite simple and solid which ensure the premium level high rated performance of the app and efficient working. The users can text with real freedom with any tension of the bill or cost as it let the users to text for free globally with free calling and MMS facility is provided too. The best thing about the app that personally I liked the most is its super cool and way too much attractive and catchy user interface that is captures the attention of the users at the very first glance and provides them the best possible environment for texting and chatting. The app on the same note is way much easier in use and it is quite handy in terms of its controls and functionality, the users belonging from any of the age group or walk of life can easily access the app and can use it a lot more nicely and conveniently. As like above mentioned apps this app too provide the facility of calling for free on the native US and Canada numbers no matter what. The users can now do group chats even if some of the group members does not possess this very app as they can simply include on the basis of their cellular network number.


24. Mood Messenger

Mood Messenger is a widely used and a popular app with tons of cool, attractive, and funny features that let you share your text messages to others in a super funny, intuitive, easy and effective way. This messaging app has just replaced your default app by providing the stuff at a bit high level. You can easily set your pic in the background of your messages preview. It enables you to share tons of interesting, funny, and amazing Emojis with instinctive and predictive language. It provides better customization options and allows you easily share multimedia stuff and animated Gifs using this tremendously great app.


25. TextNow – Free Text + Calls

It is another astounding and pure quality based texting and messaging app that has everything to offer and that too for free. The native and regular iOS users are very well aware of the functionality of the app and are more into the stuff that they want even more from it. This multiple functionality app is developed and proposed by Enflick, Inc. The users can now send free text messages, can do free calls everywhere, they are given a free phone number, the users can send free voicemails, the users can share the pictures too for free as picture messages and many more other things are offered by the app and that all for free. The users can now send the free text messages even if the person they are trying to reach does not have this app installed on their device as the users are free for sending the texts directly on the cellular networks. The best thing about the app is that the users can now do free of calls to any of the phone number even the mobile or landline in the US and Canada. The users can also do international calls in any of the country all around the globe for very low cost and can even win the rewards by completing and achieving the targeted offers which will result in earning them free money for international calls. Now you can turn your iPod and iPad into iPhone by installing this very app and texting and calling anywhere you want to do. The app is free and is designed for both iPhone and iPad. It can be downloaded from the Google Play store.


26. FreeTone – Free Calls and Texting for iPhone, iPad, Android

FreeTone – Free Calls and Texting for iPhone,iPad, Android is an amazing and alluring pure quality based texting, messaging, free calling app that enables the iOS and Android users to be connected always with their friends and family as this app provides them the freedom of texting anywhere they want that too for free. The users of the app can now enjoy free unlimited calls and texts to all the phone numbers all around the US and Canada. The app is not only specified for calling on the cell phones as it is too valid for texting and calling on the landline too. The app is although new to the app store but still being a newbie this app possess a massive range of users from all around the globe counting more and more in the US and Canada for sure. The app has a simple yet quite inspiring and eye catching user’s interface that captures and grabs the attention of the users on the very first glimpse. It is developed and proposed as a product of TextMe, Inc. The app has a more enhanced and specialized design that suits well to the iOS 10. Some of the new options of the app includes various customization options for the notification bars and voicemail services. The best thing that is currently introduced in the app is the ability of doing international based calls and texting facility. The app is free of cost and the users can download the app from the Apple app store for iOS devices. It is compatible with the iPhone and iPad both.

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