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Everyone wants a super safety for the Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc., or any of your favorite bike park on their garage. Everybody wants a secure atmosphere where no one can steal their luxury or ordinary cars or other vehicles that you park in your garage. Now, for this reason, many security apps and gadgets are available in the market for securing your garages and the stuff inside them. You just have to do a bit of wiring and some customization process for making your garage door secure using your mobile phone. So install these apps on your mobile phone devices, connect it to the gadget and the camera and feel the magic. These apps offer a robust security atmosphere where you can easily manage, control and monitor your single or more than one garage doors with one app on your iOS mobile phone and other portable devices. These apps enable you to check, control, and manage the status and info of the garage door remotely, and it also notifies you, when your garage door is open or closed. So using these apps, you can easily switch your garage door from anywhere in the world using an internet connection.

1. Garadget

Garadget is securely controlled garage door opening an app that works flawlessly with the massive outcomes. It is an easy to install app which lets you control and manage your garage openings and closing using your smart phone device. You can easily unlock or open the door of your garage while sitting in the car, etc. Using this app, you can effortlessly enter your house having this app on your iOS mobile phone devices. Its new version has fixed some bugs and settings of an offline door or some other things. It helps you monitor and manage your house doors from anywhere in the world.



2. Asante SmartHome

Asante SmartHome is an app that provides remote access to your garage doors. This app manages to help you open and close the doors from a smartphone along with an internet access. This app also enables you to see streaming videos of the area of your garage. Using this app, you can instantly manage, view, and control your garage doors, provides unlimited cloud process, Night Vision infrared lights (manages you to see your garage in the dark), and much more. It along with an easy installation process provides you email and SMS notification every time your garage door opens or close.

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3. GoGogate2

GoGogate2 is an app that remotely controls your garage door and manages the working of them. It is one of the most stunning apps that efficiently manages up to 3 garage door at a time. It provides the real time garage door open or close status alerts with a clean, intuitive, and easy to use interface. It features 100 percent security with an AES encryption technology. Its new version extemporizes the remote access improvements, Bug Fixes, and some local time Bug fixes. It also lets you connect to an IP camera to see what is happening in your garage and supports up to 3 cameras for monitoring three garage doors, as one for each. It can also be configured using sprinkle systems and electric blinds.


4. BlueSense

BlueSense is an amazing stuff for having an efficient door opener on your mobile phone devices. Using this app on your phone, you can use your mobile phone as a remote control to efficiently manage, control, and monitor your garage doors. It provides Activations Logs, low battery alerts, status LED and Emails facility just to keep you informed from the opening and closing of your garage door. It also includes 5V USB wall mount charger, Micro Spin Male 28 AVG battery, and a 3ft USB 2.0 a Male.


5. iSmartGate

iSmartGate is a smart and intuitive app that opens doors from your iPhone. More specifically it has made your phone, your digital garage key. There are lots of quality features that make this app more attractive and popular among users from all over the world. It provides an extreme safety and protection to the user. Some of its core functions include Multiple users simultaneously, No pairing need, no remote keys require, shake iPhone to pen support, User Lan or Wi-Fi network support, and an automatic open providence. This efficient app is also configured to alarms, switch On and Off lights, or open and close blinds, etc.


6. Craftsman Smart Garage Door Opener

Craftsman Smart Garage Door Opener get instant access to your garage. It provides a smooth interface that helps you open the door, even when you are not at home, check the status of your garage door, Open and close your door remotely. It also enables you to raise and lower the garage door of your house or some other place with the touch of a button on your smartphone device. It provides a robust security for your garage, and you will never have to worry if you forget to close the door of your garage. It enables you to open your garage door for family, friends, and some other delivery persons. You can program your door to close on the set schedule and your lights too automatically.

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7. GarageMate

GarageMate app opens your garage doors using your mobile phone devices. It requires a mobile phone device, an internet connection, and an app which enables you to manage, control, and monitor your garage door. Using this app, you can efficiently manage multiple garage gates and doors, all in one single app. This app requires a bit dongle, an outlet near your particular garage door, and simple wiring. If you have this app and all this mechanism on your mobile phone, then no one can open your garage without your permission. You can easily manage, control, and monitor the working of your garage door.


8. My Door Opener

My Door Opener App is a simple and lightweight app that enables you open, close, and monitor your garage door using your mobile phones, tabs, or some other portable devices. It has added some stunning features that include a new configuration Grid view layout, external app control capabilities, Skip button configuration, and much more. You can easily enable and disable controller options in a well-protected atmosphere to manage garage doors. It informs you about the opening and closing of your garage door by real-time notifications. You can even manage alarm systems, electric motors, gates, gas fireplaces, lamps, etc.


9. MyQ Garage & Access Control

MyQ Garage & Access Control is a great app that efficiently controls the gate operators and garage door openers. It is so well-organized that it controls two garage gates simultaneously. It includes MYQ Control Panel along with LifeMaster Internet Gateway, connectivity, and performance with an extreme security and safety. It is an easy to install and manage app with lots of amazing functions. It offers a comfortable working, but durability is the only disadvantage of this garage door opening the app. It is easily compatible with smartphones, computer, and tablets, etc. Many quality features make MyQ Garage & Access Control more attractive among individuals from all over the world.


10. DeviceLinked

DeviceLinked is an app that opens and closes your garage using your mobile phones, tablets, Mac Books and some other portable devices. It provides a good garage remote controller good, replacement gift. It contains a super easy installation process, without any power cord, battery, and maintenance required. It is a full-time convenience app that provides unlimited access to the users. It is an efficient app that turns your smartphone into a universal garage door opener. It contains a small gadget with some wires, easy to customizable having a smart User Interface.

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11. Chamberlain MyQ Wireless Garage

Chamberlain MyQ Wireless Garage is an app that includes some real-time door alerts and monitoring apps. Chamberlain is an easy to use and intuitive app that allows you easily close, open, and check the status of your house’s garage door via your mobile phone and an internet access from anywhere in the world. Using this app, you can set up real time alerts that notify you from the activities that your garage door performs. You can efficiently check the status of your door and controls them using your mobile phone as a remote control device. It enables you to controls your garage door by giving you the power of access and knowledge.


12. miDoor

miDoor is an app that lets you manage the working criteria of your garage doors using your mobile phone device and an internet connection. It is a revolutionary Internet-enabled app that provides real-time notification to the owner of the garage and the person who have this app on their mobile phone. This app enables you remotely view your garage stats including opening and closing it in the miDoor app. You can easily customize, enable or disable, and manages some other functions using this app on your mobile phone devices.


13. GarageMate, Garage Door Remote

GarageMate, Garage Door Remote is a well-trusted app used by millions of individuals for providing virtual security to their garages. Its simplicity helps you Control multiple garages with this app, easily add some other members at no additional charge, fast operation and install, widget allows one-click control. Its robust security provides Uses Bluetooth 4.0 security, Password protects your garage, No Wi-Fi or Internet vulnerabilities, and Guest privileges, etc. It provides the facility of adding some other members for their access. It has improved its working, and now its new version enables you to remove any single user or a guest and much more.

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