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Quotations are the obligatory feed for a human that leads them towards true inspiration. These are the formal statements that deliver ocean of information encoded in a few words. These quotations are derived from a number of Authors, Businessman, Politicians, speakers, writers, and other individuals that have depth in their words. These quotations are necessary that enhances the way you think and do in a positive way. It provides a new potential, better-prospective, and real impending approach that motivate us in a healthier way. There are many apps that summarize these quotations under a single platform and allows you to access all of them online, as well as offline. Now there are many apps that truly delivers a huge amount of quotes based on Happy, Sad, History, Playing, inspirational, Science, Work, Travel, and numerous other motivational fields. These apps contain a superb collection of quotations that lets you start your day with motivational and inspirational sayings that fasten your nerves and lets you move a bit more towards a passionate life. There are lots of people used these apps before starting their day because they feel that these sayings let them do their work with more sincerity, motivations, and with high self-esteem.

1. Daily Quote of the Day

Daily Quote of the Day is an app that lets you begin your day with inspirational and motivational quotes for a better-motivated day. It aims to provide a brief daily inspiration to preserve, in times of adversity, or moments to reflect. This awesome app provides inspirational quotes on a daily basis, provides configurable reminders, show random photos from the collection of each day, and also offers an attractive collection of customizable background photos on a daily basis. It lets you choose your own background photo, and you can easily save quotes that inspired you the most along with a quote of the day widget. It also provides a premium subscription plan with more advanced offerings.



2. 55,000 Amazing Quotes

55,000 Amazing Quotes is a robust application that provides a tremendously amazing collection of more than 100,000 Quotes offline with above 7400 Authors, and almost 1500 categories. It provides a quote of the day scenario which offers a new quote for each day for becoming more inspired and motivated. Some of its core features include swiping gestures to browse more quotes, lets you add and edit your own quotes, and deliver it to others by share it on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Mail, SMS, and Tumbler. It provides a feature of Favorite mode quotes through which you can easily get quotes according to your mood. You can put your own background, and it provides Retina Display support.

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3. Daily Love Quotes – DailyLove

Daily Love Quotes – DailyLove is an app that possesses some amazing offerings for the users that effectively delivers thousands of quotes rooted on love, affection, attraction, and symphony like feelings. It provides a huge range of daily inspired love quote with beautiful and attractive background photos. It tends to deliver the finest collection of quotes that you can share with your love buddies for expressing your love, passion, and feelings in a damn cool and attractive way. It enables you to set background images and even choose your own or favorite from its quote provided images. You can easily save quotations that you like it also provides a quote of the widget, ads remover, and backup saves quotes.


4. Shakespeare Pro

Shakespeare Pro includes complementary works of Shakespeare that includes the providence of almost 41 plays, six poems, 154 sonnets, and other doubtful works. It provides many impressive and eye-catching features that includes quality text, first Quartos and Folios in its original spelling (that is genuinely published in Shakespeare’s time) and much more. Apart from these providences, it also brings a luxury and integrated glossary and enables you to add your own notes and share them easily. It also affords features of powerful search, and you can effectively customize your reading experience having this app on your mobile phone devices.


5. Quote Portal

Quote Portal is an app having a pretty ordinary and old-looking interface but efficiently provides a robust collection of a series of categories including on Motivation, Science, Work, Happiness, Travel, Authors, All Quotes, Simplicity and numerous others. One of the most attractive thing about this app is that it has stored all the quotation stuff within the app and did not need any internet connection. There are tons of amazing quotations that it provides for the sake of improving the way of someone’s thinking and keep others inspired due to its extraordinary quotation delivery.


6. Quotes Creator

Quotes Creator is an app that lets you become more passionate, and inspire others by sharing your own words, and thoughts with pictures. Quotes Creator is probably one of the best ways to share your own generated stuff with others by using tons of amazing features and customizable options such as background picture, text size, text colors, fonts, styles, and much more. It delivers a series of amazing things that you would love while creating your own quotations. It offers limitless features that include beautiful UI, set the amazing background, set font specifications, add inspiring words, adds a caption, add text to pictures, set background colors, and share them with others on some social media sites.

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7. Buddha Quotes 500!

Buddha Quotes 500! is a widely used app that brings some finest and superior quality features and Providence in the form of quotations and other inspirational stuff that leads you to attain your goals. Buddha means Enlightened One and his great freedom will damn surely inspires you the most. So using this app, you can save your favorite Buddha quotes, share these quotes via Email and on social media sites, and copy to clipboard support lets you share this via SMS, etc. It also enables you to post your best quote directly on Facebook.


8. 23,000 Great Quotes

23,000 Great Quotes is a popular app that includes the finest collection of more than 23,000 Quotes, about 7,000+ Authors, and does not need any internet connection for this. Some of its core features include the detailed information about the author, easy navigation and intuitive and beautiful interface for the user to enjoy a variety of quotations based on many aspects. It provides a huge bundle of quotes from celebrities, authors, businessman, politicians, philosophers, books, movies, and others. It is probably the perfect app where you can find a huge amount of inspiring and motivating stuff and share these on Twitter, E-mail, Facebook, and you can also copy it to the clipboard for conveying it to some others via SMS or others.


9. LIFT Up

LIFT Up is a great app that allows you receive some inspired messages and access daily mess reading, news updates, and nearby events. It also offers a USD campus virtually that lets you visit Prayer Spots, and you can also submit the prayer request directly from this app. this amazing app enables you to send and receive positive messages with your friends that inspire you a lot and be lifted up by reading some inspirational quotes on a daily basis. It provides the facility of pop up notifications just to let you know about any single addition or some information in the app. you can also check out some prayer spots and also request or visit them whenever you want.



Quotes is an amazing app with a damn cool and intuitive interface that provides a huge range of quotes and other inspirational texts from a number of amazing authors. It offers a huge collection of inspirational, science, happiness, sad, motivation, work, travel and many other categories. It lets you have fun by getting new and more inspirational quotes on a daily basis. Some of its core features include daily updates, biggest collection, save your most favorite quotes and pictures, and share it with other friends. It is a great app that provides new, unique, and amazing quotes from a variety of subjects and authors that would definitely improve the way you think and batter the way you do.

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11. BrainyQuote – Famous Quotes

BrainyQuote – Famous Quotes is an amazing thing for providing a huge range of quotes and is obtainable from all major platforms and devices. It is an incredible app that contains an attractive collection of quotes that you would love. Rather than this, it also lets you create and share from more than 500,000 unique and amazing quotes wallpapers, and pictures from the amazing gallery that it delivers. It provides the features of a quote of the day that lets you get inspired from today’s quotes. You can easily create and share them, explore more than 1,000 Authors along with over 90 great and mesmerizing topics, and effectively creates stunning wallpapers using this app.


12. Motivation – Inspirational and motivational quotes

Motivation – Inspirational and motivational quotes provide a huge collection of quotes that lets you read through tons of quotes, find motivational books, save and share your daily Quotes, and easily set motivational reminders throughout the day. It contains a distinct set of inspirational sayings and thoughts that tends you to learn and perceive much motivational stuff. It also provides a premium app that features save your favorite quotes, ads remover, changes font colors, and size, and filter quotes, etc. it has also improvised its themes, Instagram image quality, add new quotes, and fixes some bugs and minor crashes.


13. Quote of the Day: Share Inspirational Quote

Quote of the Day: Share Inspirational Quote brings some inspirational thoughts and happening for you so that you can easily share different motivating stuff with others. It provides a series of quotes on a daily basis and lets you be more inspired and motivated for doing things of your daily life. It let you choose from a distinct range of incredible pictures and pick the suitable wallpaper to adjust the perfect quote. You can easily pick and store your favorite pics and quotes, and make your personal diary. It also lets you share these quotes on different platforms so that you can easily show off your inner feelings and thinking to others in a disciplined and attractive way.


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