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Verbal sort of communication has been always the most preferred communication as through this a person can clearly demonstrate his or her ideas and can put his point of view in the best possible way in front of others. Either it is about defending someone, something or their own selves or favoring somebody in any of the situation or describing something in detail as the witness or observer. Verbal communication has its own charm and is one of the most widely used mean of communication all around the globe. The only flaw that it has is it cannot be saved and kept so that it can be listened again as proof or evidence. Due to which writing got the attention and were used for official documentation and tasks. But all of these are the tales of past as now there are various such things that are able to record the audio and can record the communication as well. The calls that are done on the phone are too able to be recorded so that one can save it for its own preferred and personal reasons. There is a gigantic variety of call recording apps on iOS that records the incoming and outgoing calls for the users automatically and manually both and save them to the device or the cloud storage. The best call recording apps are listed here.

1. Call Recording by NoNotes

Although not many people would be concerned about recording their calls and stuff but on the similar side most of the people do concern. It is an amazing and astounding pure quality based stream less running call recording app that is used by thousands of the users in the North America, US and UK for recording their daily life based calls. The users can record any of their call that they are either doing on any of the cellular network or through by any other VoIP. The app enables the users to record lengthy calls without setting up any specific kind of limit so that they can be able to purse the stance. The users can now records the call and can instantly save them to either the phone storage or to the iCloud storage. The best and most amazing thing about the app that is surely worth taking about is its premium quality and real time frequent activity. The users can record a call of 20 minutes per month for free and later on beside this limit they can purchase for extending up their monthly limit. The app let the users not only to save but they are able to share the recorded call too quite efficiently on the social media site like Facebook or twitter or can simply attach to an email. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded for iPhone only from the Apple App store.



2. Recorder

It is another premium and mastery quality based call recording app that works directly linking with the official cellular network companies in the US and provides the users that immense ability of recording the calls and that too without any minimum and maximum limit. Already hundreds of users are getting a lot more advantage in the US via using this amazing and pure quality app and the numbers are increasing quite rapidly that soon they will be 10 times. The calls are recorded only when the user itself wanted to record without harming any sort of privacy factors. The app is developed and proposed by Retronyms and can be downloaded for iPhone and iPad both from the Apple App store. The app is also compatible with the iPod touch 2nd generation and further but in case they are provided an additional microphone for this specific purpose. The users can seek and pause the calls while recording and then can start the recording from the very beginning or from that very spot where it was stopped. The app possess quite amazing functions and features that proves the high class customization ability of the app. The users can share the recording instantly either by attaching with an email and sending or syncing directly to other devices over the Wi-Fi. The calls that are recorded are in 44.1 k immense crystal clear quality.

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3. Call Recorder – IntCall

Call Recorder – IntCall is one of the most amazing and bewildering call recording app that possess some real and pure classy features and multiple functionality that enables the app itself to stand out as the best app in terms of recording the calls. The app possess some real sheer brilliance and is based upon efficient utter smartness phenomena and ensures the multiple functionality. This is one of the most widely spread and on the same time most widely used app in almost 150 countries of the world almost including the whole world. There are thousands of users who are quite happy and satisfied by extra ordinary functionality of the app and the numbers of its users is increasing day by day quite rapidly. Soon the app would be able to touch the million mark itself. The best and most appreciated feature and functionality of the app includes its immense support about the international and domestic both kind of calls, the users can now record unlimited international and nation calls on their iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and even iPod. The app is top notch in term of its compatibility as well as it supports every sort of iOS based devices. The app is developed and published as a product of TeleStar LTD and can be downloaded for free from the Apple App store.


4. Call Recorder FREE – Record Phone Calls for iPhone

This is another amazing and one of the most widely used call recording app on the iOS. The app is such a familiar app and is used that much by iOS users on recording calls on their iPhone that most of the people thought this app to be the official call recording app proposed by Apple Inc. itself for iPhone. But it is not proposed by Apple Inc. and neither is it the official app whereas it is developed and proposed as a product of Component Studios. The vendor of the app are working from very beginning with the iOS and are like family. They have numerous pure quality based iOS apps on their credit and are striving for more and more including this very app also. The app provides the most easiest, convenient and simplest way to the iPhone users so that they can record the incoming and outgoing calls both with maximum ease and support. The users can now share their recorded calls with others as well by instantly sharing them up on the DropBox or attaching with an email or uploading on the social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from the Apple App store for iPhone.

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5. ipadio

Although this quality based amazing and astounding app is not a specific sort of call recording app in its functionality but do provide this facility as well to the users along with providing various other mastery facilities and abilities too. This ipadio is an astonishing and mastery app for recording various kinds of audios on your iOS devices and enable the users to upload them on the social media or can directly share to the other devices by sync over the Wi-Fi or using any of the other medium. The app in basic is an amazing and outstanding sort of app that provides the facility to its users that they can record 60 minutes of audio that could be anything even the live call and then save it or upload it somewhere. The best and most unique thing about the app is that it enables the users to add variety of other things to that particular recorded audio such as images, titles, description, stickers and even can insert and attach a video to that audio making it a whole new media based file that shows the creativity and brilliance of the user itself. The app is developed and proposed by Nemisys and can be downloaded from the Apple App store free of cost for iOS based devices including the both iPhone and iPad.


6. Edigin Call Recorder

Edigin is another amazing and premium quality based detected sort of call recording app that is among the top class ranking of the call recording apps in the world and is my personal favorite too. The app is not only used by thousands of users from all around the globe but they are so much inspire and satisfied with the functionality of the app that they prefer it and recommend it too other as well as I am doing myself here. The app is in the top rated list and has been a top notch attention gaining app on many of the sites too. This app enables the users to record the calls with full freedom and massive detected assistance and further support. The best thing about the app due to which it is being appreciated that much and is on the top of every performance chart is its simple and pure quality based features and controls that are so easy and convenient to use and start up the recording that everyone belonging from any walk of life can simply access the apps features and all options and can use it for recording the calls. The users can now record unlimited length based calls via this very app either they are incoming or outgoing no restriction of any kind on that. The app basically uses the cloud storage for saving and keeping the recorded calls which can be frequently accessed again and again they can be played or even downloaded from there as real audio files on any of the gadget that is used by user either the PC or MAC, phone or tablet. The master calls convenience of the app is clearly observed as it does not require any specific device to record the calls and can be used by any of the smart device. The app is developed and proposed by Edigin Inc. and can be downloaded from the Apple App store for free.

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7. Call Recording Pro (Free)

Call Recording Pro is another amazing and astounding call recording app that let the users to record any sort of call either the incoming or outgoing without any hurdle and providing them the full freedom of the calls length as well. Although the app has a limit of 2 hours per recording but the people who are genius and smart know how to tackle up with this problem which is not a problem in fact. The users can just have to pause the call as it reaches the limit of two hours and just simply start a new recording from the same where they pauses the previous one, in such a way everyone is able to beat all the limits and are able to record the calls as long as they want themselves. The app seems to be paid and costly by its name stating the Pro and due to this many of the users avoid installing this app and prefer to go in search of the free apps that are poor in quality. Rather than comparing on the quality they should think once and try this app as this is totally free of cost at all and the Pro refers to its powerful quality based functionality and amazing power packed features that are provided for free. The app is developed and published by and it can be downloaded from the Apple Store for free of cost.


8. TapeACall Pro – Call Recorder For Phone Calls

TapeACall Pro – Call Recorder For Phone Calls is another master blaster app that possess tremendous potential and astounding user friendly features that are so much unique and pure quality based that such variety of different features is not seen in any of the other similar sort of app. Although from the name, the app seems to be a kind of detective app as it is used by government officials and cops for detecting and taping the phone calls of terrorists and criminals. People often get the name wrong as it is referred towards taping the call on the tape or recording a call on the tape. The app is amazing and astonishing in terms of overall working. It used by millions of users all around the globe and is the top notch and most high rated call recording app in many famous countries including the US and Canada and covers a large number of countries too from North America, Asia, South Africa and many from the Central Europe. The users can now record calls without any restrictions and inconvenience either the calls are incoming or outgoing that does not matters at all. The app has no limits of the length of the recording as it can be as longer as the user wants it to be and even no limit on the number of recordings and no per minute extra charges like most of the other similar sort of apps do. The app costs $9.99 and can be downloaded from the Apple App store for iOS devices.


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