16 Best Optimizer and Booster Apps for Android

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Sometimes our Mobile Phone is enclosed by some real-time dangerous threats, unusual memory occupations, harmful viruses, destructive worms, damaging Trojans, and other risky threats that harm our mobile phone devices and directly affect their performances. These can cause some real damages that irritate or annoys us. So for the sake of recovery from these sort of threats and mobile destructive stuff we obviously have some apps out there which not only detects them but also cure them in a right way to maintain our phone smoothness. We often face difficulties when our phone contains mess in the Ram or occupies some unwanted or disappeared memory occupations; these are due to such mess that harms our mobile phone and affects its performance badly. So these apps let you maintain the working criteria of your mobile phone by cleaning up your memory, boosting up your phone, cooling your CPU, cleaning your Ram, saves your battery, and do a lot of interesting and useful deeds for making your mobile phone run faster. These apps have varieties, uniqueness, and quality in their functionalities that help you make your mobile phone clean and works your apps run smoother.

1. Systweak Android Cleaner

Systweak Android Cleaner is a mobile tool that enables its users to do a lot of quality stuff for making its mobile phone run fast and clean. It is a powerful cleaner with some effective features that optimize your phone’s performance in a very positive way. It merely cleans the app’s junk files, delete duplicated files and saves battery to improve the overall performance and for the retrieval of space in your mobile phone. Some of its core functions include Junk file cleaning, schedule cleaning, battery saving, game booster, manages storage efficiency, manage your files effectively, remove duplication, and allows hibernate mode, etc. Its new features include remove/view/delete etc. hidden files, and provides WhatsApp and notification modules.



2. Action Launcher

Action Launcher brings all the compulsory tools and features for making your phone run smoother and provides a real-time speed-up approach that enables your mobile phone run faster. It offers the combined features of Android Oreo and Pixel Launcher to make your device clean and charming. Some of its amazing features include All Pixel Launcher support, App shortcuts, Adaptive icon support, built-in Weather widget, Shutters, Quick theme, Quick edit, Quick bar, and smart size icons. It occupies low memory space, provides full integration with some external Launchers, enables Google now support, and notification Dots support as well



3. CCleaner

CCleaner is a simple software program that can make your computer as good as new by removing junk files from the system. The application is equipped with all necessary tools to scrub every bit of your system. The interface of CCleaner is simple and intuitive with enough space for working. Primary functions are present in tabs found in a side panel. The upper part of interface constantly shows system info, while the rest of space is free for actual options you to get to handle. The “Cleaner” feature enables you to get rid of different files that are unnecessary for you. Two tabs help you to choose either Windows features or specific programs, each with its own list of items to be cleaned. So you are able to choose recent documents, saved passwords, autocomplete history, cookies or even old Windows installations. In addition, you have the possibility to fix registry issues with the help of a dedicated tool.

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4. Cache Cleaner-DU Speed Booster (booster & cleaner)

Cache Cleaner-DU Speed Booster is a great app working to improve the overall phone’s performance with just one tap. It also works as Trash Cleaner which optimizes your mobile phone’s storage, provides DU Security that enables a free protection against mobile risks and offers Network Booster that effectively shut down all network consuming apps, etc. It also contains CPU Cooler that does not make your mobile phone being hanged even for a single minute so that you get rid of the phone heating-up problem. It also provides an App Manager that manages an intelligent app removal and installation, an App Locker, and is trusted by more than 230 million users from all over the world.


5. Wondershare Mobile Go

Wondershare Mobile Go is a robust cleaner and optimizer with an attractive, smoother, easier, and cleaner interface for a better understanding of the users and is trusted by more than 5,000,000 users from all across the world. It offers a one-touch Boost button for optimization and saving battery. It efficiently deletes cache memory, residual cache, privacy record, junk files, and duplicated files to free up the storage of your mobile phone device. It boosts your games and apps and lets you surf your mobile with proper smoothness. While some of its important providence includes RAM Cleaner, App Booster, Phone Cleaner, Safe Applock and Eraser for Secret, and Mirror devices to your PC along with unlimited sharing, App Manager, and easy connection to PC via Wi-Fi.


6. Power Clean

Power Clean is an amazing app that clean your phone and enhance the speed. It is a superb speed booster utility that enables its users to work flawlessly without any interruption. It is a smart, handy, fast, and intuitive app that efficiently clean and boosts up your phone and is used by more than 130 million individuals from all over the world. It offers a feature of complete junk clean that enables its user to one tap clean to free up available storage. It provides the features of Speed phone cleaner, smartphone booster, clear cache, residual storage and advanced memory easily and quickly. It also provides CPU cooler and monitor, app lock pro, Clear Ram, storage cleaner, and lot more for its mobile phone users.

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7. App Tuneup Kit

App Tuneup Kit contains many quality features that provide many useful approaches for a mobile phone user. It delivers an entirely new way to profile or boost any mobile application within a minute with simple taps. This Tuneup Kit app is loaded with obligatory features which enhance the performance of your mobile phone innovatively. It provides one-tap analysis of any app in just 60 seconds and lets you evaluate performance in five critical spots. It can show the difference between two different apps in almost 30 areas, report accurate FPS, does not provides any ads, analytics, and data collection, and appears result in an easy-to-understand dashboard.

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8. RAM Booster

RAM Booster allows one distinct click to clean memory, temp files, and cache. It is a great app that speeds up your mobile phone device with amazing ease. RAM Booster’s simplicity and convenience are one of the beautiful features of this app. Whenever you run a program, it occupies the Ram, and after you have finished some of its functions remains in the Ram, so this app cleans the rams for you to make your mobile phone done its works quickly without having any cache or junk. It performs many other useful functions for its users that makes this app more popular and attractive.


9. 3C Toolbox

3C Toolbox combines many features for its mobile phone users. It has just merge many apps into a giant and strong toolbox with an easy to use and modern interface. Many amazing features of this app helps you do stuff effectively and quickly. It provides an amazing device manages, file explorer, application manager, CPU manager, Task Handler, network manager, system manager, and provides highly configurable features and widgets. It also provides a terminal emulator and script editor, and lets you hide any tab, edit main screen buttons, multi or auto selection, recording options, create multiple profiles, schedules, and watchers, etc.


10. APUS Booster+

APUS Booster+ has many cool features that lets you work smoothly without hang or heat-up your mobile phone devices. It enhance the efficiency of your phone and make it 50 times faster and save your battery in a concise way. Its useful and awesome features includes Phone Booster (up to 50 percent), Junk File Clean, Battery Saver (up to 20 percent), One tap Boost Widget, CPU Cooler, Ram Booster, Protect Privacy, and much more. It also offers some other features that maintains the speed of your mobile phone by making its ram work only for the current apps.


11. Droid Optimizer

Droid Optimizer lets you optimize your mobile phone devices in an amazing way for fetching more memory and more speed. Sometime browsing makes your mobile phone so slow due to the uncertain and insecure junk, so this app efficiently clean the phone for make it so smooth and reliable. You can make your mobile speedy in a real-time fun and interesting way. Some of its essential features includes the acceleration, cleaning, and optimizing your phone, terminating background and foreground apps automatically, and empty the app and system cache. You can discover and delete big file, enhance your battery, carry out cleaning tasks automatically and manage all of your favorite apps effortlessly.


12. SD Maid

SD Maid is a widely used system cleaning tool that helps you clean your mobile phone devices from junk and any third party disturbance. It offers a superb collection of tools that manage your apps and files in a damn awesome way. It allows you browse your whole mobile phone device, removes superfluous files, manages the system and user-installed apps, lets you search for files, and optimize the database. It also detects files merely belonging to uninstalled or deleted apps, removes expandable files, performs actual app cleaning, enables cache cleaning, and run tools automatically on the schedule or through widgets.

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13. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is a highly optimized and customizable app that enables its users to drive its phone with an amazing outlook and an attractive speed. It has tons of amazing providence that innovatively makes your phone more smooth and speedy. It has just transformed your home screen with the customizable and controlled interface and enables you to change layouts, animations, icons, and more. Some of its core providence includes Icon Themes, Subgrid Positioning, Color controls, Improved Widget Drawer, Infinite scroll, Customizable App Drawer, Backup and restore utility and many other functions that completely makes your mobile phone extraordinary.


14. File Commander – File Manager/Explorer

File Commander – File Manager/Explorer is a great app that provides many amazing and stunning feature for making user’s mobile phone more fluent. It is a feature-rich app that lets you handle your files on your mobile phone or any cloud storage via an intuitive, clean and easy-to-use interface. It enables you to take control of your files like no other file manager. It brings a powerful file management approach that delivers new depth to your mobile phone devices, and even quickly manages online storage from popular cloud services. It has a very attractive feature of converting your file to almost 1200 different formats with stunning ease and accuracy, share your screen with others, and much more.


15. Startup Manager

Startup Manager is an all-in-one app that provides many useful features to enhance or boost up the mobile phone devices. Startup Manager is a multilingual platform that supports many languages. It is used to perform many functions including disable or enable startup items, to uncheck the application form the list, and for other items that does not starts with the system boot etc. Some of its master features involves with the intelligently monitoring and analyzing of the system, safely enables and disable any desired application, disable startup entries, and lets you add your favorite applications to the system startup.


16. Virus Cleaner

Virus Cleaner is a great app that performs many superb quality features that removes viruses, worms, and other Trojans from your mobile phone devices to make it faster and improves its performance. It enables a safe, fast, and smooth mobile phone experience. It is a compact virus detector and mobile phone threat remover that provides super cleaning and boosting. Its quality features include the providence of Phone Booster, CPU and PAM Cleaner, File Scanner, Notification Cleaner, Call Blocking, Wi-Fi Security, Privacy manager and cleaner, quick charge master, and provides safe browsing utility etc.


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