9 Best Anime Streaming Apps

As we all know, the anime field of animated toons has now become a routine thing for some people around the world. Not just kids, teens and adults also love to watch them, and there is a big library of animes of abbot every genre available on the internet now. Love and romance, swords and guns, magic and taboo, all kinds of anime are there to give you a kick of excitement. You can search for anime by its name, its category or its storyline type on google and you will surely find one of your interests in it. To watch or download an anime, the first thing you need is a good website or an app if you have it view on mobile. Then, after you have selected the anime which you want to watch, type its name in the search field of the anime websites search engine, and it will show you all its seasons and episodes available to be viewed. You can start from season one or just see the latest season. The last thing is to have a stable and high-speed internet connection so that it may not get disturbed while you are watching it. With this said, you are all set to go and view any anime you like. We have also given some outstanding apps to view and download anime for mobile which you can see just below this paragraph and download which suits you the best.

1. Crunchy Roll

Crunchy Roll is the top-rated app for watching anime on any mobile device. The app feature thousands of anime to be watched and downloaded and it provides the best available quality of the video to be viewed. The app is a letdown as it provides the best content to be viewed for only premium users, as a free user, you won’t get the best quality and even low buffering speed. However, if you get a premium account, this app is all for your anime needs. It also lets you read manga’s and its library is vast enough to be read in a single life. Try to put some money in it, and it’s your best anime partner then…

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2. Naruto Shippuden – Watch Free

Naruto Shippuden – Watch Free is an app by Crunchyroll which focuses only on Naruto Shippuden series. You get the latest updates on the new episodes and watch them online for free using this app. The content on this app is available in SD quality if you are a free user and some other features are also locked. When you register as a premium user, you can watch all the episodes in HD Quality, and a plus feature is that you can watch the episode right after it is aired on the television. See the Crunchyroll app for various other Animes.


3. Netflix

Netflix is the boss of all the TV series airing apps. This app is used in large numbers, and it has most subscribers than any other serial airing apps. It has almost all the dramas and serials registered in its library including anime, and all can be viewed in high speed and quality anytime, anywhere. This app does not only view you the TV serial; it also enables you to stream full movies online right after their release date in high quality. It is the world’s leading community in this regards. Subscription is required to use this app as it only provides you with a 14-day trial version, after that, the app will not show you any video and my words, you will be willing to purchase the subscription after you have used the trial version.

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4. Anime & Manga Amino for Otakus

Anime & Manga Amino for Otakus is an app for anime and manga enthusiasts which allows you to share different kinds of info related to anime and mangas. The app does not let you watch anime online but it is a community which gathers otakus of all sorts from around the world, and you can live your anime life there. You can share your views about an anime or anime game in the app with other members easily, and the people with the same interests gather and share their opinions on your post. You can create groups, public chats, polls and much more of interest to get what you want in it. Spoilers, online websites to watch anime, new episodes and their rating, so much can be shared through this app.


5. Kitsu: Anime & Manga Tracker

Kitsu: Anime & Manga Tracker is also an anime community which focuses on socialising otaku lives. The app is not made for watching anime or manga; it only is there for connecting different type of otakus from around the world. In this app, you can create various groups which other people join on their interest and then you can share the info and your views about the anime or manga you love or just chat with other members there. Share links, photos, spoilers or any app at which you watch anime. This app is available on both Android and iOS platform.

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6. Viewster – Anime & Fandom TV

Viewster – Anime & Fandom TV is a full package app for anime lovers. You can watch anime for free in good quality on this app and know many things related to anime by the posts. You can create your own posts and share your views about any anime or manga in it. The plus point above all is that you don’t need any subscription to view any anime on this website. It has a feature to follow channel of your favorite anime from which you can get the latest news about the anime and keep updated about it. You can rely on it if you want to watch anime free online.

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7. Anime Lib

Anime Lib is a great app which is still alive while it has been removed from Google Play Store. The apk of the app is available on the internet, and you can download and install it on your Android device to watch any anime you want. It is multilingual, and it has many popular anime registered on its server ready to be watched. It offers many available servers for each video and out of many, you can select any from which server you want to play the file. It also gives you the function to download any episode which you can save to watch later in offline mode. Click the link and directly download its apk.


8. Animania

Animania is an app by GoMobile which has a series of streaming apps. It has an app for dramas (Dramania), an app for cartoons (Toonmania), an app for manga (Mangania) and an app for anime. All the apps have their specific fields assigned to them, and you can stream anything on it for free. You can add any anime o favourite list to keep it on the top and easily accessible. Also you will get notifications about the latest updates for your favourite anime. You can join chat rooms to chat with people around the world, or you can create your own chatroom. It is available as an apk file and must be installed manually.


9. Anime Crave

Anime Crave is a free site to watch anime, and it has all the series of popular animes registered on it ready to be viewed freely. You can watch any episode on Android using the app as well as from the desktop by visiting the site from your browser. The app has only limitation, which is you can watch only 15 videos per day as a free user. However, it does not limit you on watching the video in HD definition, and you can decide in whichever quality you want to watch the episode SD or HD depending on your connection speed. It also lets you view the video in Ultra HD result which is only specific for registered users with an HDTV connection.

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