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Learning process in the education system has always been challenging for students, as there is a large number of students who are mentally not that much sharp and are unable to meet the course and syllabus requirements and are not even able to cope with the studying standards. But this does not mean that they are dull or do not possess quality intelligence, they are brilliant without any doubt but the only issue they have is that they are slow learners, the system through which they are passed for learning does not suits them and is totally odd to their personality. So that’s why things did not work for them and they affect themselves in terms of grades and ranks in the school or even college. To cope with the needs of students and to meet the modern challenging standards as well a new method of learning or we can say a program based on a new technique was introduced and that was of Flashcards based learning. Initially this technique was used for toddlers for making them learn the things and enable them to memorize, later on it was begin to use for the high school students and then even by college ones too. Leaping one step more forward towards the multimedia based learning a wide range of smartphone and other hand held gadget based apps was introduced that was based upon the phenomena of flashcard learning. The iOS users can choose their own preferred flashcard based learning app from this list of best flashcard apps for iOS.

1. Flashcards+ by Chegg — FREE Custom Flashcard Maker

The best and most brilliant way to learn a particular thing is to highlight it and make it more specific and clear so that it could be easy for a person to look and it without searching through so that the first glance on that specific top let the person to remember. Flashcards are already widely used in almost every region of the world for providing the best and easiest way of learning the things, memorizing and then further implementing. When it comes to learning via flash card apps and that too on the iOS devices than this astounding and bewildering app always tops the list and is one of the most inspiring kind of pure extreme potential and outstanding quality based app that enables the users to make their own customized flash cards so that they can enter only that sort of information in the cards which they themselves want to learn and want to view again and again. The app assures its users that they will definitely be able to learn anything they want via using this app for making their own flashcards. The app is a gift of heaven for the students who are in the high school, either in a college or preparing for any sort of entry test such as GMAT, GRE, SAT etc. this astounding app is equally favorable for all of them as they with respect to their own preference can customizly manage the flash cards and use for learning from wherever they are and whenever they want to learn. The app is free and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and even can be used on Apple Watch.



2. Flashcards Deluxe

Flashcards Deluxe is another supreme quality flash cards app that is quite well known to the flash card users all around the globe and most of them use this astounding for learning purposes on their iOS devices. The app is one of the most widely used flash card app with thousands of downloads and users all around the globe who are way too much satisfied with outstanding functionality of the app. The app let the users to get access to more than 4 million of various kinds of decks of flash cards based on the categories and containing a wide range of various sort of information. The app seems to be quite simple app from the outlook and its appearance but it does possess extraordinary mastery and possess a powerful setup that provides access to a wide range of knowledge enriched flashcards to the users. Every kind of person can use the app for their specific own purpose of learning. Many access the app for learning the chemical formulas of chemistry whereas others prefer to access the math flash cards and a lot of them are looking for language based flash cards for learning a new language. The app is developed and proposed by and it costs $3.99 on the Apple app store. It is compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

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3. Flashcards with Cram

Study has become a lot easier now with this spell bounding and pure quality based bewildering flashcard app that let its users to make their own customized deck of their desired flash cards and sync with thousands of others too. Flashcards with Cram is one of the most well reputed flashcard app on the iOS that is already being used by millions of users in every part of the world and are achieving their educational and learning based goals with quite ease and comfort. The users can now access to more than 80,000,000 different kinds of flashcards further merged in various kinds of discipline based categories. The best and most astounding app about the app that gives it a massive edge over other similar sort of apps is that it works equally well even when offline and provides almost the similar functionality when it is online, whereas most of the other top rated flash card apps only works when online which reduce their convenience level. The app enables its users to learn in the best possible digital virtual environment by providing them 4 different modes of learning which are Card mode, Cram mode, Games mode and Memorize mode. The users can choose the mode of their preference and can start learning in a whole new modernized and convenient way. The app is free of cost available on the Apple App store and it can be download for both iPhone and iPad as it is compatible with both iOS based devices.


4. iStudious Lite – Flashcards w/ Handwriting and Rich Text

iStudious is another quality in name in the range of flashcard apps on iOS. The app is quite amazing and astounding in terms of its mastery and overall functionality and let every kind of user no matter from what age group and walk of life they belong to, all of them can easily access the simple and easy to use user interface of the app and can conveniently learn what they want to learn. The best and most prominent feature of the app that is a pioneer one in terms of flash cards that it possess various kinds of flash cards in the deck the users can choose the desire form in which they want to learn, they can go for the handwritten flash cards, solved flash cards, diagrams based and for various other kind too. The users can now instantly share their deck and stacks of flashcards over the email by simply attaching them as a document file. The app is a free and a paid version. The free version has some restrictions regarding the limit of the decks, stacks and flashcards whereas the paid version is unlimited. The users should try the free one first and then purchase the pro if they want to excel more. The app is developed and published as a product of MadSwan, LLC and can be downloaded for iPhone and iPad both from the Google Play store.


5. gFlashPro – Flashcards & Tests

Feeling problems and difficulty for preparing a task, or learning for a test? This astounding and master quality app take your all problems and worries on its own and will surely provide with the best and most handy solution so you can learn in a lot more easy and convenient manner and can perform well everywhere. The app is one of the pioneer flashcard app that is a pioneer app in terms of introducing the learning through the flashcards and that too in the digital virtual environment. The app is already used by millions and is very much famous all around the globe to the iOS users. The app does not only possess a wide range of knowledge enriched flash cards but let the users to enjoy learning as learning through the flashcards of this app is way too much fun and encouraging as well. The app let the students to leave the boring paper written flash cards which were not at all helping them to learn and let them to make their unlimited decks for various disciplines which they can instantly share with their teachers, friends and other mates. The users have to pay $3.99 for this superior quality app on the Apple App store and can download it for both iPhone and iPad.

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6. Mental Case — Flashcards for the Serious Student

Enough of all those fun based and gimmick sort of glossy appearance and colorful flashcards app who in real does not possess quality but are leaning forward only on the basis of attractive outlook and setup but they does not possess something to really go for that is essential such as real detail and in depth knowledge and meet the learning requirements of the current students and knowledge seekers who are quite high in their demands. Such apps are not enough at all for covering the study stance with their fun based flashcards. If you are quite serious for your learning and really want to learn variety of things and want your mind to be filled with knowledge than this extraordinary and splendid quality app is for you. The app is specially designed for the users who are quite serious with their studying process and wants to learn in a serious but initiative way through pure quality and knowledge enriched flash cards. The app provides the facility to the users that they can create their own specific multimedia based flashcards and can add any sort of information to it according to their own requirement and preference. The users can purchase the app from the Apple app store for $4.99 and it can be used on both iPhone and iPad as it is compatible with both iOS devices.


7. StudyBlue – Online Flashcards and Study Guide App

StudyBlue is another famous name in terms of world’s best and most top rated flashcard apps, it is already been used by millions of users all around the globe including the iOS and other platforms for fulfilling their learning and knowledge seeking desires. The app is basically developed for the students for providing them pure quality based digital learning environment via which they can learn in less time and can throughout their all worries and stress about their exams as it does not only provide information based flashcards but also make the users learn them as well so that they can achieve the top grades they had wished for. The users can now access to more than 350 million of knowledge enriched flashcards, frequent handwritten notes and it also provides study guidelines to the students according their own syllabus and course outline as the app do possess the data of thousands of famous institutes from all around the globe. The app let the users to create their own customizable flash cards which they can fill out on their own according to their requirement and preference and can even share their customized multimedia flash cards with others as well via email or through various sync options. The upgraded version of the app now also enables the users to upload and share their flashcards deck on social media as well. The users can now even add images and audios to their notes and flashcards which will surely help them learning in better way and that too quite efficiently than before. The app is designed for both iPhone and iPad, and it can be downloaded for free from Apple app store.


8. Flashcards*

Flashcards* is an amazing and astounding flash card app which enables the users to be on the top of their learning process via using the flashcards offered by the app. Although the app is new to the market as compare to all the other famous and old apps but still it has managed to gain worthy attention by the customers from all around the globe. Despite of facing such a swear competition from similar sort of rival apps this fighter app still manages to beat them and retain a solid unique spot in the market and is leaning quite smoothly forwards towards more success and glory. The best and most prominent feature that helped the app to standout as the unique and real pure quality based flashcard app was its simple, clear and way too much attractive user interface and outlook as a whole and of the flashcards specifically, which encouraged the users to choose this app as they can view the information mentioned on the flashcards proposed by the app in a much better way as it is displayed in other apps and it helps a lot more for learning rapidly and that too in the best possible digital virtual environment. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from the Apple App store for iPhone and iPad both.

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9. AnkiMobile Flashcards

With millions of users all around the globe and topping up all the famous performance charts worldwide this is one of the best and most outstanding flashcard app that has totally changed the learning dimension and provides them a whole new and improved learning method. The app has the credit for offering the most stylish and modernized sort of flashcards that beats the concept of rough paper handwritten manual flash cards and provides the users new type of flashcards illustrated with images, audios, videos etc. for enhancing the learning in the digital virtual environment. Anki is already quite famous site for the flashcards and now AnkiMobile Flashcards is its more solid and powerful version that is specifically developed and proposed by Ankitects specifically for the mobiles and other smart gadgets. The app is said to be having one of the most intelligent and initiative sort of flashcard based learning program that has totally changed the concept of learning through the traditional sort of manual flashcards. The users can choose from a wide range of the flashcards. The app provides the outstanding and mastery facility to the users in terms of managing the range of their decks and flashcards, the users can now mange even more than 100,000 cards in their decks as it makes learning more in depth and detailed.


10. A+ FlashCards Pro

Last but not the least one in our list of the best flashcards for iOS there is another amazing and modernized sort of flashcard app the claims to provide the best and most efficient way of learning and memorizing the information to its users so that they can be on top of their educational skills and always get good grades in any of the test and assessment they are asked to give. The app has been referred as the perfect back to school tool in many of the performance analysis based tools as it enables the school going students specially for learning and preparing for their exams either they are the final or midterm. The app is equally important and useful for the medical students as well, students who are preparing for the entry tests and even for the college students along with the high school. The app works splendidly well and that too in real quick time by importing the decks of flashcards filled with knowledge and information from the famous learning websites such as, which is world’s largest flashcards based learning site that possess more than 3 million different sets of tons of flashcards. The users can also instantly share their flashcards and whole deck with other students and mates too. The app costs $0.99 on the Apple app store and it can be downloaded for both iPhone and iPad being compatible with both iOS devices.


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