10 Best World Atlas Apps for Android and iOS


World Atlas or World Map is a political map of the World. This map includes all details about the World, such as continents, oceans, seas, gulfs, countries, borders, capitals, and islands.

A person a lot of information by viewing a world map. World Atlas also includes small maps with many other details about World like languages, populations, flags, and additional geographical information.

What is the World Atlas App

Nowadays, all information about World Atlas is present in an application. Such an application is known as the World Atlas application.

There are many applications available on Android and iOS platforms that providing details about the World. These applications contain many features for describing details about different contents and their countries.


Best World Atlas Apps for Android and iOS

Here is the list of Best World Atlas Apps for Android and iOS having the latest information about the World.

1. World atlas & world map MxGeo

World atlas & world map is a geographical application for educational purposes. It includes position maps, flags, and necessary information about over 240 countries and small territories. Every country map includes regional units and statistical and economic data. It provides complete details about African countries. It provides maps for political World and contents.

Moreover, you can get a distance calculator, country comparison, and favourites. Configurable world clock, world explorer, and choropleth maps are also part of it. For better learning, it offers a geography quiz challenge. It provides a shaded relief layer for continent and world maps. Get the location of each country with highlights. You can select between different color schemes for maps.



  • World-explorer
  • Configurable world clock


  • Choropleth maps
  • Country comparison


  • No regional sensitivities

Download: World atlas & world map MxGeo for Android | iOS

2. Barefoot World Atlas

Barefoot World Atlas is an exciting application that helps people to find the wonders of the planet and view the interactive 3D globe. It includes ever-changing soundscape, animated icons, and interactive quizzes for children. They can explore spinning and enticing the World from their home. It provides details about major cities, North America and world art. surprise option helps children to find new stunning features.

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Favorite mode facilitates children to personalize world and share adventures with family and friends. Musical soundscape, breathtaking photographs, and mini-videos are part of it. Use multiple languages for your assistance and search the World’s artistic masterpieces. You can get details about oceans, regions, grand cities, and countries. Fly, zoom and spin around the globe.


  • Animated illustration
  • Mini videos


  • Interactive puzzles
  • Multiple languages


  • Need more information


  • Pro: $4.99

Download: Barefoot World Atlas for iOS

3. World Map 2020

World Map 2020 provides a large world map on your smartphone. It includes up-to-date world maps and details about world geography. The program offers political world map atlas, up-to-date maps, and quick reference to everything. Search any country on the globe, view every nation and major cities. You can store the map on internal storage and view it anytime offline.

This platform is providing educational reference map for university, school, and students. Get complete maps about Sydney, Australia, Japan, China, California, New York, Europe, Brazil, Tokyo, and many more. It contains comprehensive details of all countries in the World. It is a super application for adults, parents, students, and teachers. It helps geographical and history teachers to provide details about different parts of the World.


  • Up-to-date maps
  • Educational Reference maps


  • World Map Atlas
  • View offline


  • Invasive pop-ups

Download: World Map 2020 for Android | iOS

4. World Map Atlas 2020

World Map Atlas 2020 is a stunning World Atlas Application that is offering multiple paid features free. This application is an essential source of information about every country in the World. You have the option to read the details in your local language. It includes details about more than 250 countries like a country flag, capital and a pointer to get more information.

The application facilitates you to learn about the top 10 mountains, top 10 wonders, and top 10 rivers in the World. Get transportation details like airports, railways, roadways, and waterways. You can get knowledge about demographics like median age, death rate, literacy, sex ratio, and birth rage. Learn about borders, continents, economy, languages spoken, and locations,


  • Countries details
  • Languages


  • Transportation
  • Economics


  • Few bugs

Download: world map atlas 2020 for Android

5. World Atlas

World Atlas is an informative World Atlas application that helps you to expand your knowledge about countries and continents. This complete application includes details about 230 capitals and 260 countries. It has collected information from Google Maps, Wikipedia, Wikitravel, World Facebook, and Weather Underground. However, it needs a net connection to view all details.

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This stunning program provides details about weather information, travel information, and geographic information. Moreover, you can get satellite and street maps, demographics, Olympic data, and flags. Quiz mode is there to test your knowledge about different countries and their capitals.


  • Demographics
  • Geographic info


  • Quiz mode
  • Weather information


  • Stop working sometimes


  • Pro: $1/item

Download: World Atlas for Android

6. TB Atlas & World Map

TB Atlas & World Map is an advanced Atlas platform that helps you to get details about the World. It provides you maps of all countries and major cities of the World. This searchable application allows you to browse the map and locate cities and countries. This program offers references to the biggest cities and countries in the World.

You have the option to choose a beautiful theme form multiple map themes. It can display the currency, population, and flags of the countries. The search interface provides Wikipedia links form cities and countries. You can view maps and search details offline. A quiz mode is there for learners to guess about countries’ flags and other details about countries.


  • Map themes
  • Reference for countries


  • Wikipedia links
  • Quiz


  • NO satellite mode

Download: TB Atlas & World Map for Android

7. Maps of our World

Maps of our World is an amazing world knowledge platform helping learners to search the World playfully. They can learn about countries and their capitals, the largest deserts of Asia and the rivers of North America. It is providing beautifully designed maps to travel around the World. However, this app provides some difficulty levels for challengers.

The first level of it includes details about the World map, North America, South America, Oceania, Africa and Asia. Unlock higher difficulty levels and get maps of popular countries like United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, and Germany. You can move further to unlock other countries, lakes, rivers, mountains and much more.


  • Difficulty levels
  • World Maps


  • For experts
  • Political maps


  • Need more improvements


  • Price: Free
  • Countries Bundle: $9.99
  • Continents Bundle B: $7.99
  • Complete Collection: $14.99

Download: Maps of our World for iOS

8. World Map

World Map is another simple application to provide details about the World. It shows a detailed map of the World and World Maps of all countries. The application provides details about every country like dial code, the country capital city, country continent, country currency code, country languages, and country area in a square kilometre.

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You can use zoom in and out tool to get brief descriptions. Moreover, it provides further details about countries like numbers of the population, geo name id and the GPS geo points north, south, east and west. You can enhance your knowledge by getting information about the World, flags, countries, continents, oceans, and many more important things.


  • World Map
  • Brief description


  • Countries details
  • GPS geo points


  • Limited continents details

Download: World Map for Android

9. Countries of the World

Countries of the World is a simple World Atlas application that is providing complete details about the World and countries around the World. The application allows learners to search for countries using index, search, or interactive maps. Audio help is an advanced feature for better pronunciation.

This program provides details about the World, countries, capitals, flags, religions, GDPs, and languages. You will get knowledge about all contents and their related countries. Besides, you can test your knowledge by choosing a quiz mode.


  • Quiz mode
  • Find countries


  • Audio help
  • Interactive map


  • Does not work properly

Download: Countries of the World for Android

10. StudyGe-World map geography

StudyGe is a learning application that will benefit people to get knowledge about countries, their locations, capitals, and flags. In this way, you can memorize your knowledge about countries and improve your information about geography. The application includes a world map of 214 countries and countries flags.

Get detailed information about each country like the form of government, country currency, country population, and their language. A significant political map is there to get the border and location of different states. Make this app as a desktop globe to get details about capitals and flags. A geography game is part of it for people of every age, and they will get rewards for the correct answers.


  • Political map
  • World Atlas


  • Countries flags
  • Country currency


  • Missing Island states


  • Price: Free
  • Delete ads: $1.99
  • States of the United States: $1.99
  • Subjects of Russia: $1.99

Download: StudyGe-World map geography for Android | iOS

The Verdict

Applications mentioned above include complete details about World countries, flags, borders, and languages. However, some applications are offering quiz mode to test the memory of learners.

These quizzes are proving multiple stages to check the learning picking power and help in increasing their knowledge. Besides, they will also get knowledge about popular cities and famous islands of the World.

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