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Everyone needs to be directed while traveling in any part of the world. Although people travel with ease in their native and local areas as they are familiar with the routes and tracks but when it comes to traveling internationally and exploring new places they have to face swear inconvenience if they does not possess guidance and directions. In previous times as well people travelling do have the maps with them so that they can be aware of the places and a compass so that they can track their direction in which they are going. In this modern era of technology our location is being tracked via satellite and everyone can get instant real time directions thanks to GPS based navigations system. There are numerous GPS based smartphones and tablet apps which enables its users to track their real time location, get access to the maps, get voice guidance based directions about the tracks and routes and many more other things too. Best of such app are listed down below for you.

1. BackCountry Navigator TOPO GPS

BackCountry Navigator TOPO GPS is an amazing and most widely used GPS location and mapping service app that is used by thousands of people all around the world for locating their way around the map while travelling etc. The app is referred as the best offline out-door navigator app that let its users to be aware of the directions and places. The app is best for the travelers especially the hikers who love to hike and go to such places where internet facility is not available or the connection is not that good as they can use the offline maps of this app.


2. Waze – GPS, Maps & Traffic

Waze – GPS, Maps & Traffic is said to be world largest community based location based mapping and navigation app. The app is ranked among the top notch apps of all times and is used by millions of users all around the globe for finding out their own prefer directions. The app is amazingly simple and easy to use and is highly compatible with the Android based smartphones, tablets and even with the smart watches. The app has detailed information about the real time directions and traffic conditions based upon your GPS location services.


3. Gaia GPS: Topo Maps and Trails

Gaia GPS: Topo Maps and Trails is a different and unique sort of GPS navigation based maps possessing app that unlike the other similar sort of apps provides the directions and routes details about the non-populated areas such as forests, deserts etc. Now the users can explore any of the place of the world by simply using this extra ordinary app that is totally based upon the premium functionality and works directly according to the satellite system. Now the users exploring the tropics and woods are safe as this app will always guide them about their directions and locations. It cost $20.99 on the Google Play store for Android.


4. GPS Essentials

GPS Essentials is another amazing and astounding GPS based navigation app that helps the users to find the directions and travel according to the maps. The app possess all the basic and necessary tools and features in it that are required to be present in any of the GPS based location and direction app. The users are always aware about their routes and tracks on which they are travelling and can navigate getting directions in real time via this master quality app. It is developed and proposed by


5. HERE WeGo – Offline Maps & GPS

HERE WeGo – Offline Maps & GPS is another very important and necessary sort of travelling app that should be present inside the smart devices of everyone. The app is best and essential app for travelers, who use to travel a lot all around the globe, as this app provides them real time GPS navigations and directions and guide them properly about their routes and tracks. The best and most prominent feature of the app is its offline support of the maps. The users now can use the maps of the app even when offline which is very much helpful in the locations where they do not have the data connection and internet facility.

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6. MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps

MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps is the best travel partner for everyone that is looking forward to go to the new places. It is a free GPS navigations based map app that provides the detail directions of the tracks and routes to its users and always keep them updated about their location. The app is quite famous all around the globe and is used by millions of travelers around the globe traveling locally or internationally. The unique and prominent feature of the app includes voice commands and guidance.


7. MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps

MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps is another astounding and bewildering master quality GPS navigations based maps app. Despite of being new to the market and facing such a tough competition from the similar sort of GPS navigations app present in the market covering the wide range of users, this app still manages to beat most of them with sheer brilliance and utter smartness and is quite successful in retaining its own unique position. The real time up to date navigation and detailed voice based guidance of the app makes it one of best and top rated app.


8. Maps – Navigation & Transit

This is the World’s number 1 and most widely used GPS location based map service app. This app is used by billions of users living in almost every region of the world for getting real time navigations, directions and maps based guidance. Being a product of Google Inc. the app is native or we can say official Android map app that is already present and installed in every Android based smart device. The app possess a gigantic info in detail about almost every single place of the world and guides the users quite well about it. Live traffic details and routes notifications are also now provided by the app.


9. Polaris GPS Navigation

Polaris GPS Navigation is an extreme master quality based GPS navigations app that possess everything in it. This is my personal favorite GPS Navigation app and is highly recommended by everyone that once uses the app for getting directions. Along with the maps, real time directions, routes, track details this app let its users to be aware of their position in the earth based upon accurate latitude and longitude measurements. It helps the users to provide a detail look and better idea of the place by amazing illustrations based pictures and diagrams highlighting the kind of place it is based on its weather conditions as well.


10. GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic

GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic is another amazing and astonishing quality GPS navigation and direction getting app that is also used by thousands of users all around globe and their numbers are increasing day by day because of the supreme quality effectiveness of the app. Now unlike rest of the traditional sort of GPS navigation and Map apps, the users are able to navigate and see their routes in the 3D mode which makes exploring and getting directions more effectual and interesting.


11. Scout GPS Navigation & Meet Up

Scout GPS Navigation & Meet Up is a latest and modern sort of GPS based navigation app that let its users to be on the top of their directions and routes. The app is developed and proposed by Telenav, Inc. The app helps its users to avoid the un-favorable routes and the traffic and find them a safe route via which they can reach their destination safely and that too in less time. The unique features of the app includes the HUD display on the wind shield of the car.


12. My Location : Maps & GPS

My Location: Maps & GPS is another intelligent and smart GPS navigation app that enables its users to be always aware of their current location on the map. The voice commands and guidance of the app let its users to be on the top of their tracks and never ever miss any shortcut and easy route. The app possess the ability of saving the places so that the users can view them later on even when offline. Street view of the app is its unique and effectual feature.


13. ViaMichelin: Route GPS Traffic

Last but not the least on our list of the best GPS navigations apps is the ViaMichelin: Route GPS Traffic that is developed and proposed by Michelin. The app is already quite famous in the US and Canada as initially it was launched their only and people love it due to its super convenience level and mind blowing modern features. Later on due to immense success and users demand, the app was upgraded in its functionality and released for the whole world. GPS based voice guidance navigation of the app enable the users to always get directed in the best possible way.


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