12 Best Night Vision Apps for Android and iOS


Cameras of this era are improving a lot, and they are coming with new and unique features that allow them to take the best quality picture and let the user edit the image according to its requirements, but despite having a high-end camera and an expensive smartphone. What good it is if it cannot take a clear picture at night.

Clicking a good image at the right moment is an art, and what if the device that captures that moment is not improved and sufficient enough to give you the desired quality. IOS and Android developers have been trying to solve this problem since the beginning. They came up with a night vision app, which turns your smartphones into night vision gadgets and allows you to see clearly in the dark and adjust the green light effect according to the lights in the surrounding.

They have many features and functionality to provide you the best quality of the picture; it can edit the photo, sync with other third-party tools and access the built-in service of the device like accessing the camera and flashlight.


You can use this app in the dark they will help you take good pictures in dim or low light, show you a clear path. Some of them contain a thermal vision camera, different color camera, and various other options. Following is the list of best night vision applications for multiple platforms.

Best Night Vision Apps for Android and iOS

1. Night Vision Light

Night Vision Light is a smart night vision application that turns the camera into a night vision gadget that allows you to see in the darkness and take photos, videos, and selfies. The best feature of this app is that a turn your smartphone into a spy gadget, which helps you get the best view of the dark, so if there is anything little that can harm you or you can stumble upon, the app enhances it.


The interface provides a clear GUI structure that attracts the user. There are settings in this application, which include modules to adjust the brightness, green light, saturation, and contrast according to your requirements. This application is free to use, and additional feature unlocks with a subscription.

Android iOS

2. Night Vision Flashlight

Night Vision Flashlight is an application that provides the best night vision screen for Android and iOS users. The app is capable of offering a quality picture at night in which you can see everything clearly, eliminate the concept of darkness, and provide you a hi-tech view. You can take selfies, make videos take photos, and much more.

The interface of this application is easy to navigate and explain the functions clearly. You don’t have to worry about taking dark photos at night or spying on anyone. This application provided all the things you require.

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Another feature of this application allows you to use the flashlight app, which will help navigate you. On the road, if you walk by night and not stumble about anything on the ground. The application is free and contain ads and offer in-app purchase to unlock additional features.

Android iOS

3. Night Vision

Night Vision is a cross-platform application that turns your phone into a super gadget that allows you to see in the dark. You can take photos and videos, share them, friends and family. It includes luminosity with additional appliances. The setting contains simple modification, which means it adjusts the brightness, saturation, green amplification, among other things, according to users’ requirements.

Background can also be customized, and the application easily configured with the camera. It has a unique feature which syncs the app with 3D camera (third-party) apps to capture the best picture of videos on your smartphone the built-in library of the app contain photos and videos with 1-8X zoom that help provide you getting the best quality picture.

Night Vision includes no ads but offers in-app purchases to permit access to additional options.

Android iOS

4. Night Eyes

Night Eyes, this application is one of the best providing tools of night vision, which only supports iOS devices the Android version of the app is not available, and there is no news about making an android version. The app has a smart interface and features. All these features provide a different set of tools.

The tools contain auto-zoom, autofocus, access off the flashlight, timer, and all the necessary settings that come with the standard camera app. Night Eyes has various color filters from green, red, blue, black, and white. Among others, this application auto-sync with the photo gallery and create its folder night vision images from the rest of the pictures.

The GUI structure has a beautiful layout and attracts the user with its modern theme. It can also take landscape and portrait mode pictures of board LED lights and support EXIF data. Night Eyes is free to use but contains an additional feature that can access the premium version.


5. Night Camera Lite

Night Camera Lite is an application that provides a night vision effect on the smartphone. It’s easy to use and contains all the settings that allow you to take a picture in the dark and adjust it according to the user’s requirement.

The feature of settings provides an option in the app which helps you to take photographs at night, or use with external flashlight apps, and it has some unique features like residual light enhancement, histogram, and real-time luminosity histogram. The 6x digital live zoom is only available if you purchase the premium version.

The interface is self-explaining and provides a step-by-step guide to the user. The GUI structure of this application carefully design and have an attractive theme.


6. Night Vision Thermal Camera

Night Vision Thermal Camera is a cross-platform application that provides the function of a night vision device and turns your phone into a thermal night vision camera. It is fun to use and contains tons of features such as night vision, thermal vision, green night vision, and much more.

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There are more set in this application then in any other tool of this nature, it has video control option, image setting option, and image editing option in different color schemes and background control all to help you see the item which you cannot see with the naked eye. It is a useful app that lets you take pictures in dark mode.

All the photos you take with this camera have high quality and do not break the pixels. The app also contains a chromatic function for thermal vision. The interface has all the required configuration for the user’s ease and provides a straight forward structure. The app is free to use, but the ads disappear with your purchases.


7. Color Night Vision Camera VR

Color Night Vision Camera VR is for Android users which provide night vision camera. The function of this application is easy to use and contains tons of features. All the functionalities offer you the best quality picture in the dark mode. It offer a smart interface that can control brightness, saturation, background control, setting customization, and much more.

The best part is the photos you take at night are mostly enhanced. The picture in real-time and allows you to see everything you cannot see in the dark. It is the only app that has access to social sites and will enable you to share your pictures directly using this app.

It contains a filter, layers, and other editing tools. The application is free to use but hold ads and offer in-app purchases to explore additional features.


8. Night Vision Camera Joke

Night Vision Camera Joke is a fun application on both Android and iOS platforms that consist of features that allow you to turn your device into a night vision goggle. With easy interface, accessible interaction settings super fun to use, the whole purpose of this is a robotic care picture of the night you can see in the dark with the help of this application.

Pull entertaining pranks on your friends and family and share them on a social site directory with the help of this app. Besides having a constructive layout, the app consists of many settings that provide you the best quality image.

The core features of the app contain color enhancement, saturation control, resolution control, auto-focus, and much more. It is free to use and provide ads. All the features are available on the free version. The purchased version only removes the ads.

Android iOS

9. Night Mode Camera

Night Mode Camera is an application for Android devices which allow you to take real pictures and real video in low light. The app has a unique feature that turns your screen into a night vision gadget. You can see everything from small to big, and it enlightens and adjust accordingly to the street lights or any LED lights.

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The most significant feature of this tool is the social media configuration structure, which allows you to take pictures in 1080p with the green light effect and directly share it on the social site. The interface includes high-end algorithms and all the significant functionalities you can get in a night vision application.

It also provides video and enhancement image setting color program configuration of the system to offer you a high-end result. The interfaces are straightforward and guide the user on every step. It contains ad and allows you to access more features, whether the purchase of the premium version.


10. Elro Color Night Vision IP Cam

Elro Color Night Vision IP Cam is a free night vision mode application. It is the fastest most advanced night vision simulator tool in providing an excellent quality picture and video to the user for full clarity of the way and dark or low light photography. It is readily available on the internet on both iOS and Android devices.

It contains various options like pictures adjusting, zooming, adjusting brightness, relation, and much more. All the settings are comfortable o configure and saved according to user requirements. The interface of the app is self-navigating and provider of straightforward view for user ease.

A hidden feature of this application allows the user to control their IP camera remotely. The functionality of the compass is just another fantastic function office application.

Android iOS

11. Illumes Lite

Illumes Lite a night vision app whose function is to provide night vision or low light mode to your camera. It is only available on Android phones, and it is not available on the iOS app store. The core feature of the app is to provide dark mode with which it which enhances the quality of the picture give the settings of brightness saturation control another reading features.

It contains features that automatically sync picture gallery. There are four different kinds of color options in this application blue, red, green, bomb, the start of the dark, and the interface is intuitive and self-navigating. The graphical layout provides the user with a better understanding of the functions.

The app can be used with the flashlight and without the flashlight because the quality has the slightest difference. Illumes Lite is free to use but only contains ads.


12. Night Vision Camera simulation

Night Vision Camera simulation is a night vision application which is available on Android and iOS devices, whose function provide a night vision simulator on the smartphones. It has three color filters that enhance your pictures in the dark or low light.

It is difficult to capture the perfect image that you require in the dark mode, but this application solves that problem. It includes red, green, blue color values, saturation control, adjusting brightness, and many other editing settings that are built-in the app to provide the best quality picture.

The interface provides easy to use and has a user-friendly GUI layout to give the user the best experience. The tool is free to use and only contains ads.


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