15 Best Water Tracking Apps for Android and iOS

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Water is an essential part of our life. It helps keep your body hydrated and toxic-free, but you keep going in life. We have to drink water daily to keep track of water intake. So, developers made applications on both Android and iOS platforms to keep track of your water intake habits.

These applications are straightforward to use, consists of various features that help you to keep track of your intake give you a notification when to drink water. So, you check from your previous results, customize your meal and water intake, allow you to your cup, keep you motivated with the help of achievements, and more.

Drinking water helps for the body in maintaining the temperature, lubricant of joint, and remove toxin from my body but we have to get the right amount of water so we can keep our body clean and healthy. How much amount we drink depends on different factors, and these applications help you calculate how much water you should drink in a day a month or for the whole year.


Best Water Tracking Apps for Android and iOS

Following is a list of best water tracking apps that will freely help you keeping track of water drinking habits and keep you motivated and remind you when to drink water.

1. Daily Water Tracker Reminder

Daily Water Tracker Reminder is a water tracking app that is available on both Android and iOS devices. It allows you to fulfill your water needs and help your body keep in check and lean. The best part is that it comes with the setting that will enable you to customize your own custom goals of water drinking, choose your drink size, and quickly add your total daily glasses of water.


It shows vivid details of the stats after each drink. It also shows a chart that tells you how much water you have intake. The features include water-logged in a single tab, stay motivated with goals with the help of reminders, beautiful design, simple interface, hydration logger, free water tracker notification, water reminder, and more.

Daily Water Tracker Reminder helps you maintain a perfect balance of water and body nutrition. It is free to use, support ads, and offer in-app purchases.

Download: Daily Water Tracker Reminder for Android | iOS

2. Hydro Coach

Hydro Coach is a water tracking application that tracks every glass of water that you take. It is available on Android devices with a compatible design and has a simple interface. The app’s excellent feature of water reminding and keeping track of water intake because it is necessary to keep up a balanced diet, and you can never keep perfect track of how many glasses you drink in a day.

It takes a few essential setup steps, which allow you to enter your information, shows the different duration of time, and it shows you a graphical chart that monitors water activity in your body. Hydro Coach is perfect for skin, stay in shape, improve hair condition, relief headache, boost energy, detox your body, and more.

The key feature of the app consists of water reminders, water trackers giving a static analysis of monthly and weekly reports. The interface is easy to use and has a responsive layout. It supports ads and offers a purchase module.

Download: Hydro Coach for Android

3. WaterMinder

WaterMinder is excellent water reminding application that allows you to keep track of your water drinking habits. It will enable you to track your water intake and give you a simple tab history compared to daily goals and achievements. It also consists of a water intake calculator, custom cup reminders, and other drinking types.

It allows you to keep your hydration level reasonable, so you have a healthy life. The main feature of the app includes new of current water fill and hydration level, water intake calculator, predefined cups for quick tracking, a free guide to drinking water widget for faster drinking, and various more.

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The interface is intuitive, consists of an attractive theme, and the GUI structure has a beautiful layout. WaterMinder has a purchase module on the iPhone but comes free of cost all Android devices and also includes an in-app purchase feature.

Download: WaterMinder for Android | iOS

4. Water Drink Reminder

Water Drink Reminder is an Android-based water drinking application that allows you to keep track of your water drinking habits. It is excellent, and it syncs with Google fit, which supports water drink reminder, turn on sync with Apple Watch and Android watch, which record the intake.

The critical aspects of Water Drink Reminder include tracking of water that will tell you how much water to drink throughout the day, customized couple. You can also set your set end time to drink water for each day, graphical representation of data. It keeps a log of your schedule, and sync weight data with Google fit. It allows you to break up and restore your drinking data and various more features.

The interface has a beautiful design, attractive theme, customizable function, and more. Water Drink Reminder is ad-supported and features a purchase module to unlock additional features.

Download: Water Drink Reminder for Android

5. iHydrate

iHydrate is an event-based water tracking application that allows you to track your drinking record and provide you logs of your habits. Water is essential, and this app helps you make a consistent habit of drinking water daily based on scientific facts and body requirements. It is not only limited to water drinking but also calculate your need for custom drinks.

Some key aspects allows you to add your custom juices, get reminders, create unlimited custom reminders, custom badge notification, manually enter your drink, calculate your personalized water intake goal, track your drinks consumed, breakdown of total water intake, graphical representation of data, different units of measure and time, and more.

The interface is straightforward and provides a user-friendly experience. This application fulfills the original need of bodily liquids. It consists of an attractive theme and easy configuration. iHydrate comes with a purchase of $3 and does not feature any ads.

Download: iHydrate for iOS

6. Aqualert: Water Tracker Daily

Aqualert is a brilliant water tracking application that convinces you of taking water daily and fulfilling your bodily liquid needs. It is not limited to the features of only drinking water but also provides you the function of reminder and tracker, which helps you remind of drinking water, calculate your daily water intake, and do a lot more.

The core aspects of the app consist of graphical representation of data, suggesting alert, notification alerts, water tracking, filling the medical questions. It also calculates how many serving you have left integrate with Google fit, initiate automatic bedtime mode for you don’t have received a reminder.

The interface of Aqualert is easy to work with, and it shows all the detail that the user can easily understand. It is available on both Android and iOS devices. The app is free to use but consists of ads.

Download: Aqualert: Water Tracker Daily Android | iOS

7. Water Tracker & Alarm

Water Tracker & Alarm is a smart water tracking application that only supported Android devices and love to build a better hydration calculator. It tracks daily water intake based on your weight and sends a regular reminder to keep you on track it shows your data based on your water intake in the form of graphs and charts.

Water Tracker & Alarm is a brilliant design that reminds me to drink water on time provide you history show you statistic by week month and year, provider smart reminder, which consists of a virtual assistant. The app gives you a list of titles of your achievements, allow you to choose a glass of water to help to customize the application.

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The interface intuitive, and the theme is attractive. It secures your permission to save energy consist of unlimited features and more. The app is easy to use and provide navigation feature support ads and offer additional purchase module to access more exciting options.

Download: Water Tracker & Alarm for Android

8. Plant Nanny

Plant Nanny is a water drinking application, but with the different types of view. The point of this application is to track your water requirement or your plant’s water requirement. The tool consists of animation features, which help you take notice of your plant’s life.

It includes plant management features and consists of elements like predefined cute and lovely plant pictures, different kinds of flower pots, and all kinds of standard cup for drinking, changing the station from day to night, printing history, sharing new joys, and plants with friends on Facebook.

Plant Nanny consists of beautiful and attractive themes, which include animation, allows you to see at what point your plant has reached growth, and much more. It is accessible to use, consists of easy customization, does not feature any ads but offers an in-app purchase module.

Download: Plant Nanny for Android | iOS

9. Drinking-Water Reminder App

Drinking-Water Reminder App is a border reminder application that works on both Android and iOS devices. The primary function of the app is to remind you when to do water and keep your body hydrated. It demands you want to drink water to calculate how much you should drink show your progress with the help of a graphical representation of data.

The smart interface helps you provide no reminder during sleep time to customize your cup according to your requirements. The interface is easy to use, consists of a great theme, and give a clear layout. Drinking water helps you keep your skin clear, stay hydrated, detox tour body, and more. Drinking-Water Reminder App is free to use, including a purchase feature, and support ads.

Download: Drinking-Water Reminder App for Android

10. Water Call: Water Drinking Reminder

Water Call is a water tracking application that helps you keep your body hydrated, and it supports only Android devices. It is new when it developed in 2019. The tool focus on calculating your daily water intake, personalize your daily water reminder, track the amount of water you drink every day. It offers light and dark theme, feature an easy and intuitive interface, option to see the full-screen reminder, consists of system notification that offer do not disturb feature, and much more.

The benefit of using the app allows you to get healthy and break kidney stones, stay energized, boost metabolism, and various more. The interface is easy to understand and self-explanatory, user-friendly and consists of a beautiful theme with a constructive layout. Water Call support ads and consists of a purchase module that lets you access more options.

Download: Water Call: Water Drinking Reminder for Android

11. Daily Water- Drink reminder

Regular Water- Drink reminder is a smart border tracking application that tracks your water drinking habit can help you keep a hydrated body. Daily water makes sure you drink 8 to 10 glasses of birthday, and to make it happen, and it set a reminder every once in a while do you want body requirement. It also shows you Instagram sad when you can see the amount of water you had in a week or month or a year.

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Some cool aspects of this tool involve, calculator of daily water intake keep perfect track of your water balance, water tracker that remind you went to take water, a hardcore working out at gyms, yoga, swimming, etc.

It allows you to set your start and end time of drinking water to improve your health with percentage notification and more. The interface is easy to use consists of an attractive theme that provides an intuitive layout. This new 2019 application is free to use but consists of ads.

Download: Daily Water- Drink reminder Android | iOS

12. Gulp – Hydrate & Track Water

Gulp – Hydrate & Track Water is a smart water tracking application that allows you to keep your body hydrated. The app fulfills its purpose by reminding you are going to drink water and how much you should take, attract your habit and allow you to a scheduled notification to tell you to guide water at schedule time.

It syncs with Google Fit to measure your body activities. Gulp consists of a cool blue theme in addition to that, it is very intuitive and provides a user-friendly interface. Some core feature includes of daily water consumption gold calculation, pace ring to indicate where your water tracking should be at a given the time of day.

It has a straightforward water tracking reminder to keep water tracking for the whole day. It is a new application, wholly free, and features no add or additional purchases.

Download: Gulp – Hydrate & Track Water for Android

13. Gulps

Gulps is a smart water drinking and water tracking application that keeps your body hydrated. It is only available on iOS devices and consists of many exciting features. First, the interface is very interactive and has a unique design. It also includes many exciting features.

The functions of the app keep track of daily activities remind to take water throughout the day, and the usual amount of water you drink at one time choose your favorite cup, provide you with alert notification, and more. The interfaces user-friendly and consists of a user navigating user-friendly layout, the GUI structure is smart and constructive. Gulps is free, and do not offer any ads or additional purchase modules.

Download: Gulps for iOS

14. My Water Balance

My Water Balance is a smart water tracking application that only runs on iOS devices. The app includes different types of features that help you keep track of your daily intake of water and keep your body lean and toxic-free. There are many features of My Water Balance.

Some features include water requirement calculator, alert notification, different modes of measurement, graphical representation of data in various forms motivational award useful tips about water daily, and more.

The interface is the best part of this app because it is intuitively user-friendly and consists of an attractive theme. The app gets great reviews and does not offer in-app ad purchases to access additional features.

Download: My Water Balance for iOS

15. Waterlogged

Waterlogged is a cross-platform application that consists of water drinking and tracking activity by keeping a check on your water drinking habits. It consists of many exciting features that help you keep your body lean hydrated free of toxins. The core aspect of the app includes alert reminders graphical representation of data track your daily intake integrate with Fitbit.

The tool helps you use the photo of your cups to record the water intake, have different measuring elements, protest of graphs and extra reminders, consist of an intuitive interface, attractive theme, simple and straight forward GUI structure. Waterlogged is free to use, consists of ads, and offer in-app purchase to unlock additional features.

Download: Waterlogged for Android | iOS

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