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Along with taking care of our physical health, we all need to be take care of our mental health also. Cognitive abilities of an individuals are directly linked with its mental health and fitness. Everyone in this competitive modern era is working like machines to beat other and become the best of all, but in this race of mankind our mental state and health is way much disturbed and troubled. Of course hard work is necessary and everyone needs to implement it in their lives, but the thing is that they have to manage everything in a proper proportion. Work load and various other thoughts running always in the minds of the people cause them to suffer with hell of stress which further leads to melancholy, depression and even anxiety. Due to all such problems a particular individual loses all his confidence and start getting panic at times. Which not only suffer his or her professional life but also has a bad effect on the personal life. The best and utmost remedy is to give your mind time to remain inactive and relaxed. The world’s best and most trusted therapy that helps in relaxation is meditation. But most of us don’t know really how to implement on it and meditate in an effective way. For this very purpose numerous apps are designed and developed which enables the users to meditate and relax. Some of the best are mentioned here.

1. Headspace – meditation

Headspace is a well reputed and worldwide renowned meditation and relaxation app that contains scientifically and practically proven programs that surly help the users in relaxing their minds. The app is purely of premium quality and is way much effective in terms of meditation and relaxation purpose. The app is composed of two versions, one is the free version containing up to 10 different and effective meditation programs that are recommended for the beginners. After getting completely in to it and being totally familiar with the scenario, the users can buy the premium version and can switch to it for unlimited access of media and guidance regarding meditation and relaxation. It is available on Google Play for Android.



2. Meditation Music – Relax, Yoga

Meditation Music – Relax, Yoga is a bewildering and alluring app in terms of meditation and relaxation. The basic focus of the app is to make sure the relaxation of its users and provide them soothing and healing effects with some pleasant melodious music. It proposed a new way of meditating and that is done and directed by meditation music. The app is equipped with the gigantic variety of soothing musical melodies and tunes, that surely helps the users in meditation and relax their mind giving them feel of heel. The app is best for getting relief from every kind of stress. It is available for free on Google Play Store for Android.



3. Relax and Rest Meditations

It is another stress reliving and relaxing app that is specifically ponder upon the meditation and ensure the effects of mediation on the users of this app. It is quite famous and well reputed for the iOS devices and due to immense demand by the android users from all over the world, this is now released for the Android based devices and gadgets. It is designed and proposed by Meditation Oasis. The app possess 3 different time based relaxation and meditation sessions which includes a 5 minutes of breath awareness session, a 13 minutes session for deep rest guided meditation and the 3rd one of 24 minutes known as whole body guided meditation. The app costs $2.10 and is available on Google Play Store.


4. Qi Gong Meditation Relaxation

Qi Gong Meditation Relaxation is different kind of mediation and relaxation app which works on the rules of Qi Gong which is a smaller part of Tai Chi, due to which the users of this app learn to meditate and relax in a better way. The app is developed and published by Excel At Life. The app manages the stress in a quite effective way and deal energetically with the stress related stuff such as depression and anxiety. The app is equipped with a lot of useful videos and melodies audios that effectively helps in meditation and relaxation. The app is compatible with all the age groups children, teens or adults. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from Google Play for Android based devices and gadgets.

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5. The Mindfulness App

It is one of the widely used meditation and relaxation app that possess more than 900,000 users from all around the globe and is still counting more and more. The app contains a complete and full-fledged method of meditation and relaxation due to which the users can set their own prolong period on which they want to meditate. It is premium course for relaxing the mind and getting relief from all kind of stress and anxiety. There are 2 different modes in which the users can meditate. One is the guided mode in which the meditation is done via various melodious audios and other is the silent meditation mode, the users can choose from them according to their own desire and preference. The app costs $2.50 and can be downloaded from Google Play store for Android.


6. Deep Relax. Yoga De-Stress

Getting yourself relaxed and stress free is not big deal now as this app ensures the relaxing of mind and stress reliving of its users. The app is basically designed for coping with the stressful lives of today’s individuals. People belonging from all the age groups and working professionals do suffer from stress due to their work load and busy routine, so this app is best for everyone as it helps in getting relaxed. The app is an ultimate setup containing meditation courses and some yoga based stress reliving tips. The best thing about the app is its alluring and ravishing design and outlook, half of the stress is just relieves after watching the app just. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from Google Play for Android based devices.


7. Stop Panic and Anxiety Self-Help

This is a specially designed app, built for fighting and coping against the symptoms that occur due to stress such as anxiety and abnormal activities such as getting panic even in the favorable conditions. It is another product of Excel At Life, the vendors are quite famous for their medical and health related apps such as mental health and relaxation purposed apps. This app basically focuses upon controlling the mental disturbance level of it users can enables them to fight back in a stronger way and overcome their stress level by coping with the anxiety and stop or reduced their level of getting panic in the situations. There are numerous articles provided with in the app that teaches variety of different methods to its users that how to overcome the anxiety. More over audio melodies are present in the app that helps in getting relaxed. It is also freely available on Google Play Store.


8. Naturespace: Sleep Relax Focus

Naturespace: Sleep Relax focus is another astonishing and bewildering meditation based relaxing and stress reliving app that primarily focuses upon the mental fitness and mental health of the users and make sure that they improve their mental state after using this very app. The app is developed and proposed under the flag of Holographic Audio Theater, LLC. The app is equipped with a gigantic variety of satisfying and amusing natural melodies that enables the users to get relax and throughout all the stress from his or her mind. The melodies in the app possess the nature sounds and have a very pleasant effect on the mental state of the users making them relax and happy. The app is free of cost present on Google Play and can be downloaded from there for Android based devices and gadgets.

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9. Prune

The best way of getting relaxed and stress free is the amusement and entertainment, but nowadays means that are linked with entertainment also cause stress and even depression and anxiety. Prune is the revolutionary games among all such entertainment and leisure means that enables the users to relax their mind and amuse at the very same time. Prune is a nature based 3D plant growing and tress planting game that is developed and published by Joel McDonald. The app let the users built their own bright and well cultivated tress, manages them and helps them in growing. And due to all this activity the users not only feel relaxed but his or her creativity is enhanced as they manage to create their own unique tress and its new modes of decorations. While playing the game the soothing and healing meditative background melodious music helps the users in getting tranquil and stress-free. The app costs $4.50 and can be downloaded from Google Play for Android based Smartphone and tablets.


10. Harmony – Hypnosis Meditation

Despite of being new in the market and not being that much famous, still this app possess a lot of satisfied users from all over the world and is counting more and more of them with the passage of time. Harmony – Hypnosis Meditation is a astonishing and astounding mind relaxing based meditation app that primarily focuses upon the cognitive functioning of an individual user and let him reduce their stress level via various methods and sessions present in this app. The app possess the mastery in reducing the stress, depression and anxiety, and on the other hand at that very instant it enhances the mental abilities and enable the users to get relaxed, stay calm, stay focused and sleep in a better way than before. The app contains more than 40 useful and effective sessions that helps the users in getting stress-free. The app is free to download but for accessing additional premium sessions the users have to pay. It is present on Google Play Store for Android.


11. Soothing sleep sounds

Soothing sleep sounds is another extraordinary and premium quality app that provide effective assistance tackling stress and sleeping better. The app is developed and published by Zodinplex. The app is basically focused upon fighting against insomnia and is quite effective in terms of results. The app is equipped with the variety of tools that helps the users in relaxing their minds, getting relief from the stress and most importantly it tends to take complete and perfect sleep. The app possess soothing and amazing sounds that are divided into two categories, one featuring all the pleasant classical musical stuff named as Lullaby and the other one contains soothing meditation melodies. The combination of these sounds in natural frequency create a very effective ambience that tend to create effective influence on the users mind enabling them to relax and sleep.


12. Deep Sleep and Relax Hypnosis

Deep Sleep and Relax Hypnosis is bewildering and very effective kind of mind relaxing and sleep managing app that is developed and published by Mindifi. This is one of the most top and best effective app regarding genuine and positive results it generates of its users mind. The app already possess a large pole of users all around the globe who are the satisfied and loyal customers of it. The app is specially designed to tackle against the trouble and issues regarding sleeplessness and relaxing. The app is best for the kind of people who feel quite difficulty in sleeping and this phenomena take a lot of time. The more active working of the mind tends to avoid the sleep making the user restless and frustrated. The app is free of cost and is available on Google Play.

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13. Relax and Sleep for everyone

Relax and Sleep for everyone is full-fledged virtual treatment app that is designed to cope with the stress level and let the users to have complete sleep and stay relax. The app is developed and published by LuckyStar69. It is the most effective app in terms of relaxing and sleeping as compare to the many of the similar kind of apps that are present in the market currently. The app is based on the techniques for rapid stress reliving, making the user relax and fresh and the most important one the setting of the proper time table for the sleep so that the users can sleep timely and could get the perfect proper sleep. The background and the theme of the app is also psychological treatment as it possess the chromo therapy colors which help tackling the stress.


14. Relax Meditation

Relax Meditation is relaxing and meditation learning app that is developed and published by Ipnos Software. The app is also quite popular among the users worldwide and most of them are quite satisfied and happy with the result of the app generated when they use it. The app consists of large variety of sleeping aids, that not only help in proper and timely sleeping but also make the user feel relax and light. The soothing melodies and pleasant sounds equipped in the app helps in boosting the mood and tackling insomnia and depression. The app is highly recommended for the anxiety and depressive patients. The app is free of cost and is available for Relax Meditation.


15. Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep

Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep is app specially designed for the deep sleep and for relaxing purpose. The app is developed and published by Zodinplex. The app possess the natural pleasant and influential sounds that helps the users to fell asleep. These sounds with notable frequency does not only help to sleep but is also quite useful in terms of relaxing, chilling and refreshing the mind. Some of the sounds like natural waves or sounds of birds are quite pleasing that they put out all the stress from the users mind and make them feel light and pumped. The app is very much useful and effective for relaxing and does also effect on the insomnia patients.


16. Relax Melodies P: Sleep & Yoga

Relax Melodies P: Sleep & Yoga is premium kind of app related with the pleasant melodies and effective tips and techniques that will help the users in sleeping. The app is quite famous all around the world and more than 30 million users using the app. It is getting more viral rapidly with the passage of time and no doubt the number will be increased in double soon. The app possess a wide range of extremely influential and soothing melodies that possess the power to fell asleep anyone. The app is quite effective that several health centers and mental health institutes and doctors recommend the app to their patients suffering from worst insomnia. The app cost $3.20 on Google Play. It also have a free version with limited features.


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