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Music has always played a key role in the relaxation of the souls and it provides an unexplainable soothing effect that totally changes the mood of a person and make them happy, active and energetic again. Different sort of music from the pre-historic times are involved with the humans as various genres and it has been always the part of our lives. No matter what sort of music we are listening too, every sort of music have its own pleasure and charm depending on the persons mood and it varies from region to region but do not have any particular language to feel or understand. Different musical instruments are used for producing the pleasant and heart melting sounds from which the famous ones that are now in their modern modified forms includes the piano, guitar, drum, violin, flute etc. Musicians who are professionally attached to the musical failed learn these instruments how to be played and with their help they create new and alluring tunes and musical compositions. As it the IT world now in which we are living, so now the musical freaks can play these instruments and can learn them on their smartphones and tablets as there are various such apps that enables them to play and learn in the digital virtual environment. Best of them are listed here.

1. Band Game: Piano, Guitar, Drum

No need to hire a music teacher anymore as you can learn all the famous and most preferable musical instruments by a single app. Band Game is a tremendous app that let the users to learn piano, guitar, drum and various other musical instruments in a lot easy and fun manner. As it name states it as a game, the user can now learn all the musical instruments just by playing this simple sort of game as it enables the users to learn while simply by playing. The best way to learn anything is via fun and entertainment, once the learner is involved and enjoys what he or she is learning then it is nothing else a piece of cake to learn any of the thing in this world. This amazing game is developed and released by Alkaline Labs Apps. The vendors of the app already have many of the amazing and quality based apps on their credit. The users of the app surely enjoys learning music via it super easy instruments and 3 different sets of bands from which the users can choose their desired one according to their own preference. Rock, Acoustic and Electronic band modes will surly help in learning all the musical instruments in the best possible way.



2. Walk Band – Multitracks Music

Walk Band – Multitracks Music is another amazing and astounding app that let the users to learn various musical instruments in the digital environment using their smart devices such as tablets and smartphones. The app is sort of complete musical studio in it and possess various effectual modes with many useful and initiative features, that not only makes the learning process much easy but also enables the users to be on the very top of their music as this will surely sharpen their musical skills and enables them to play all their desire musical instruments in the best possible that they could even play. The app is developed and proposed by Revontulet Soft Inc. and possess each and every important and essential musical tool in that is required for learning the musical instruments in the digital virtual environment. The app has full-fledged virtual piano with 88 keys and the multi touch support system enables the users to learn smoothly and play well with ease. The guitar in it is equipped with all the professional chords and are of 3 further types as electrical, steel string and nylon guitar. Drum machine and drum kit enables the users to create his or her own complete musical audio as the support of almost all the necessary instrument in provided by the app. The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store.



3. Chord! (Guitar Chord Finder)

Guitar is the most hot and attractive instrument and its style and classy look attracts almost every musical lover to learn it and many of the people from every part of the world would surly prefer learning a guitar rather than any other musical instrument. But on the similar side learning how to play the guitar is the difficult thing of all as compare to learning any other musical instruments. The Chords on the guitar are quite perplexing for the beginners and newbies and they often get confused while playing or even at the time they are learning it. But no more confusion via this very app as it enables the users to find the perfect chords of all the musical instruments including guitar and piano so that they can practice and learn to play the musical instruments more easily and conveniently by simply practicing in a digital virtual environment. The app is super easy in terms of use, the users just have to install it and start learning how to find exact chords and play the instrument. Initial setup does require a bit of tuning of chord which can be done automatically or even manually if the user can do it so that he or she can play and learn according to their standard of expertise. The app costs $400 and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

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4. My Piano Assistant

My Piano Assistant is one of the most widely used piano learning app that has already been used by hundreds of thousands of people from every corner of the world and is still counting more and more as it is gaining a lot more attention with time. The app is developed and published by Alexander Mishkovets. The app is basically designed for the musical education purpose so that the ones who want to learn the piano but cannot afford to go to a professional teacher for this they can directly learn playing piano sitting in home on their smart devices such as tablets and smartphones. The app is designed in such a way that the users feel very much comfortable while learning the piano as even the slight and minor inversions are briefly explained and discussed in this app. The users of the app can learn according to their own level of expertise as they can choose from the beginner, regular and advanced mode of training. The app has 40 chords in it with 170 scales and along with 30 intervals that are essential for learning the basics of playing a piano. The app is free of cost and can be simply downloaded for Android based smartphone and tablets.


5. Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords

Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords is another guitar dedicated musical instrument learning and playing digital virtual app that is pure quality based and possess some real effective and useful features that surely help the beginners and newbies who want to learn guitar. Both the leisure time users and the ones who want to learn playing guitar as professionals can use this very app for their guidance as it has every single thing in it regarding guitar and its technicalities are explained in detail and that too in a much easier way. The best mode of learning of any thing is by viewing and observing, a gigantic variety of videos are provided within the app from seeing which the users can learn the handling of chords and in short can learn how to play the guitar as a whole. This app is designed and proposed as a product of Ultimate Guitar USA LLC. It costs $2.00 and can be downloaded from the Google Play store for the Android based devices.


6. xPiano

From its overall setup and outlook it seems to be quite simple app and many of you will think that how this app makes to our list of best, but this is not as it is shown. Rather than its display that is way much more ordinary and mainstream the app is a real gem for learning the piano and that too in the easiest and most convenient way of all. No difficult chords understanding manuals, no boring tutorials and descriptions just simply download the app and get access to a full-fledged piano on your smartphone are tablet and start playing in your own way. The app is dedicated in terms of learning on its own, the users are guided about the basic chords and controls and all they have to do is play according to their understanding, which helps a lot in exploring and understanding in the much better way and that too efficiently. The app is developed and released by cynadroid and is available free of cost on the Google Play store for Android based smart devices as it is compatible with both smartphones and tablets.


7. Drum kit

Drum lovers and rock stars needs to fasten their seat belts as this spell bounding and extremely quality based talented app will surly blow them apart as they can now learn and play the drums directly from their digital smart devices either they are using a smartphone or a tablet. Learning how to play drums was never been that much easy as this app has made for its users. Mostly people who love to learn the drums are left without learning because they can’t afford their own drums being too costly and they can’t even pay to the instructors for making them learn. But via this very app everyone now can fulfill his or her dream as the instruments are in the devices and the users are guided step by step for learning the drums in the digital virtual environment. As it is well known that drums are quite difficult to learn as they have more than 20 different components, and all of these are featured inside the app and let the users to approach to them in a guided step by step manner. The app is developed and published under the flag of nullapp and can be downloaded without any cost from the Google Play store for Android.

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8. Robotic Guitarist

This bewildering and marvelous guitar emulator and musical toolbox app is one of the best and most used app in terms of learning how to play guitar and that too in the best possible digital virtual environment. This app is in basic specified for those who are new to musical field and does not know a single thing about music. Most of the times such newbies and beginner are often discouraged while they are in the learning phase as they fail to produce something that even can’t make them feel good or pleasant about, but this app totally deny that concept and encourage the users in all the possible motivational means. The app is a robot itself and is quite intelligent even the users play wrong or forget they pattern still they will listen the good sounds which will maintain their interest for learning and the guide will let them aware of their mistakes later the sound played after. The app is developed and published by Pedrocorp and can be downloaded for free of cost from the Google Play store.


9. Chordbot Lite

Chordbot Lite is another mastery app in terms of learning the chords handling of different musical instruments and that too in the best possible way in the digital virtual environment. The users can now arrange the musical instruments either it is piano, guitar, synth, bass or the drum the users can setup each one of them manually and can customize them according to their own will and requirement of playing. The app is basically designed as song writing and music composing tool and is more recognized well in the market by the users from all over the world for this very concept but moreover the users can surely learn too from the app and can use accordingly. From this very app the dream of being a original song writer, composer and director of many of those out their will surly come true as the users using this very much amazing and outstanding app can create their own song and music using their creative skills and the tools provided by the app. More than 400 different instrumental tracks are already including in the app so that the users can listen to them or even can combine them for making their own different and unique tune and musical composition. The app is developed and proposed by Contrasonic AB and can be downloaded for free of cost from the Google Play store for Android.


10. Real Guitar

Real Guitar is one of the most top rated and most widely used guitar playing and learning app on the digital virtual environment. The app is my personal favorite too and is loved by millions of satisfied users who belongs to almost every single part of the world and are in love with the effectiveness and class of this extraordinary and tremendous potential based app. The app is developed and proposed under the flag of Kolb, who has many more other apps on their credit but this app resulted as their master piece and is a sort of pioneer app in terms of musical instrument playing and learning apps of all times. Playing and learning via this very app feels so real that it gave real feelings of playing a full-fledged professional guitar. The app is way too simple and is way much more convenient and effective in every single term. The app has two modes of guitar the users can switch simply to their preferred one for playing and learning either they want to go for the acoustic one or the electric guitar it’s up to the personal preference of the users. The best thing about the app is that it is compatible with both the smartphones and tablets and can be downloaded free of cost from the Google Play store for Android based smart devices and gadgets.

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11. Drum Solo: Rock!

Good news for everyone out there who wants to be rock star in real as this app let them be on the top of their musical skills and make them learn and play the digital virtual drum that is provided within the app. The app is quite amazing and astounding in term of overall amazing performance and let the users to be on very top of their skills and learn the musical instrument they love and that is drum. Drum beating is referred to the rock star and it gives one of the coolest looks while playing as compare to almost all other musical instruments. The app is developed and released as a product of Batalsoft and is totally free of cost available on the Google Play store, the users from every part of the world can download it from there for the Android based smartphones and tablets as it is compatible with both the devices.


12. Piano Classic

The simplest of all this is the a pretty much quality based a real classy app piano learning and playing app that is developed and published Heron software for the Android based devices. The app although possess quite simple and to the point overall setup and outlook, and it does not possess any special sort of features that are seen in the modern sort of musical instrument based apps that are present nowadays in the market in large number. But this simple user interface is the biggest plus point of the app and it really give this app edge over other competitor apps as a large number of users from around the world prefer simple sort of piano app via which they can play freely and can learn also at the same time without any difficult restrictions and tools to use. The app has two version, one is the free version and other is the PRO version that has some premium additional features in it for which the users have to pay. Both of the versions are available on the Google Play store and can be downloaded for free of cost.


13. Real Drum

This is the drum specified musical instrument learning app that is launched and designed by the Kolb. As we have discussed about the quality of vendor in it’s another app that was named as Real Guitar and was specified for learning and playing the guitar, this very app too possess the same extraordinary and outstanding mastery in terms of effectiveness and overall pure quality based performance. It is ranked among one of the best drum learning app in the digital virtual environment because of its astounding controls and some out of the box easy and handy features. With its multi touch support it is much easier for the users to beat the right parts correctly of the 13 drum pad provided inside it that possess the ability of producing reality based 23 basic drum sounds. The app also have various tunes and rhythms as the tutorials or examples that helps to learn more effectively and efficiently. The best thing is that it too is free of cost and can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android.


14. Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano is one my favorite and highly recommended musical instrumental app that is particularly designed for learning and playing the piano in the digital virtual environment and it surly gives the feel as it has been played in real life. The users will defiantly enjoy using this app and will be able to learn a lot more comprehensively as each and every single detail about the chords and scales are discussed briefly so that not a single point should be missed by the users of this app. The app totally focuses upon polishing the skills of its users and enable them to be professional piano players in their near future. The app is developed and proposed by Revontulet Soft Inc. It has almost all modern sort of options and features in it including the multi touch and force touch support. The users can now with different and specified chords mode and with the availability of all the 88 piano keys. All of this is offered free of cost by the app and it can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android based devices such as smartphones and tablets.


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