12 Best TV Guide Apps for Android and iOS

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There is a wide variety of videos, films, and shows and on different sources like on the internet, on TV cable and satellite dishes. No one can deny the fact that cable and DTH are the best and cheapest sources of entertainment. The main concern is the quality of the picture when streaming on your data plan, and after some time, it exhausts.

But it’s not with cable and DTH, and they offer HD shows and movies. Different packages come with Set-top boxes, expensive packages have many features and even let you record your favorite show or movie, and with the cheap ones allows you to schedule them, set reminders, etc.

With the latest apps on smartphones, you can navigate through so many categories of shows and movies, and a TV guide helps you schedule programs so you can track your favorite programs. These apps put an end to mindless channel surfing and missing your favorite programs.


Best TV Guide Apps for Android and iOS

Here is a list of Best TV Guide Apps for Android and iOS

1. Peel Smart Remote & TV Guide

Peel Smart Remote & TV Guide is a cross-platform TV guide app that allows you to save and stream a TV program or a movie. Its main feature includes smart remote, which makes your phone a remote from which you can control appliances like TV, Air-conditioner, and other devices. It will work if your phone has an IR blaster, which is built only in a few smartphones.

If you don’t have an IR blaster, a WiFi connection will help in linking. The UI of the app is straightforward, and there are just a few setup procedures to follow, and the app is up and working. Peel Smart Remote & TV Guide contains a comprehensive TV Guide, remote physical replica, YouTube live streaming, voice control, and many other features.


Download: Peel Smart Remote & TV Guide for Android | iOS

2. TV Guide

TV Guide is an application that provides a listing of top shows and movies from the TV schedule. It has compatibility for all platforms. The app has a connection with the website, so you can have access even when you are not using the app, and the changes you make on the site are automatically altar in the mobile application.

The user interface of the app is easy to interact with and includes a customizable feature. You can set customized content, news, and shows according to your choices. Other features include social sharing of favorite programs, alerts set up, personalized watchlists, trending programs, and many more. Users can also demand shows, live streams, and DVDs.

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Download: TV Guide for Android | iOS

3. TV Player

TV Player is an app that provides a wide range of TV guide on your smartphones. It supports Android and iOS devices. It comes in two iterations; free and paid. The free version offers 75 live channels like Spike, CNN, Bloomberg, and many more. The paid version gives you 30 extra pay-TV channels, including MTV, Gold, and Eurosport.

The interface is easy to understand, and the graphics representation has flexible customization. The TV Guide feature is easily accessible, and you can have channels on demand and save them to view later. TV Player allows the same account to stream subscribed content at the same time on multiple devices.

Download: TV Player for Android | iOS

4. BuddyTV Guide

BuddyTV Guide is a Microsoft application that provides a wide range of TV Guides and channels. The app works on windows phone, and they allow the user to create their personalized TV lineup. The features include tracking new top shows, selecting and subscribing to your favorite shows.

The listing combines the Cable, Satellite, and streaming services. The app recommendations are the result of the type of searches and keywords entered by the user. The user interface of the app is straight forward and configurable.

BuddyTV Guide allows the user to create its channel, stream listings from Netflix, get a comprehensive program, and schedule info. TV Guide provides TV listings for cable, satellite which include Time Warner, TWC, Dish, Direct TV, and many more.

Download: BuddyTV Guide for Android

5. TV Time

TV Time is a cross-platform TV guiding application that consists of top listings, so the user doesn’t have to search through multiple categories. It allows you to track the TV shows, discover new programs, and share them with your circle. The interface of this application is amicable and easy to understand.

It offers a structured layout, so the user knows where to navigate after setting up the account. The best part of the app is the section they have for online streaming websites like Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, HBO, and more. TV Time also offers recommendations and top searched programs according to your search history.

Download: TV Time for Android | iOS

6. TV24

TV24 is a cross-platform application that offers a TV guide to users. It provides both US and UK schedules of shows on a weekly and daily basis. The GUI of TV24 is carefully laid out, so the user has no problem navigating the app.

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The stand out feature of this application includes geo-location content provider, which allows the user to enter the zip code of the region, and it will provide the DTH service providers that are operating in your area.

The app provides a shortcut that allows the user to shortlist TV episodes b genre. The app subscription fee is the same at $9.99. The only difference it has is an advertisement. The paid version does not feature ads.

Download: TV24 for Android | iOS

7. Series Guide

Series Guide is a cross-platform program that offers a sophisticated way for users to keep updates of their favorite TV shows. Series Guide includes an exclusive feature of Tract integration that allows the user to sync its watchlist. The app adds a widget that lets the user track their shows without launching the application.

Users can share what they are watching for any social app. The user interface is easy to interact with and provide fewer setup steps. Series Guide has a resizable home screen widget, light and dark theme, third-party extension for episode actions, shortcuts, customizable listings, and much more.

The free version is supported advertisements, and the premium version of the app gives the user more access to widgets and functionality expansion.

Download: Series Guide for Android | iOS

8. HBO Go & HBO Now

HBO Go & HBO Now are two branches of the same tree. Both can run on both Android and iOS platforms. HBO has two applications. Their common feature is to provide a TV guide to its users. The apps offer the same kind of content, and the shows aired at the same time. You can control the shows while you are watching them, HBO allows you to pick up where you left off.

The difference comes of pricing and availability, HBO GO is free from the provider and requires an existing subscription that can link to your cable provider, satellite TV provider, or Amazon Prime.

HBO Now is $15 per month and a standalone subscription independent of cable provider services. Both applications have a simple user interaction interface and easy navigation.

Download: HBO Go & HBO Now for Android | iOS

9. Bloomberg TV+

Bloomberg TV+ is a cross-platform application that provides a TV guide, especially in the field of business and marketing. Its feature includes live TV channels, on-demand video, custom channels, offline video downloading. The user interface is very compatible and makes it easy to browse on your phone and get you the content you are searching for.

The app provides streaming of news and shows and contains full functional control to the user to play and pause live streaming. With Bloomberg TV+ user can have subtitles on the videos, reminders to specific shows, and the user can also play audio in the background while browsing other apps.

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Download: Bloomberg TV+ for Android | iOS

10. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a mobile app that offers a TV guide to its users, so they don’t have to wait for programs and search for entertaining shows. It is an American internet video-on-demand service that is design, control, and own by Amazon.

The application allows the user to download movies and TV shows so the user can watch them anytime. Users can purchase and rent videos from thousands of categories, including new release movies and current TV shows.

Only members are allowed to subscribe over 100 premium channels like HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and Cinemax. User has a choice for channels and doesn’t have to purchase the whole package. There’s no cable required user can cancel anytime.

Download: Amazon Prime Video for Android | iOS

11. Netflix

Netflix is an American video-on-demand service, application, and software which runs on almost all platforms. It is not a free app, but it offers 30-days trails and then offers a subscription. It has an extensive catalog that changes from time to time.

The feature that makes this app stand out is that it has season-complete shows, which means the shows comes with all the episodes in one single day of release. More Netflix you watch more recommended searches it provides based on your search history.

The app interface is carefully laid out use need to login and start viewing. The app saves users’ data and allows you to download videos to watch later offline.

Download: Netflix for Android | iOS

12. Radio Times Discover TV

Radio Times Discover TV is a cross-platform app and TV guide service provider. It is a product of RadioTimes which brings daily recommendations and suggestions for the best 10 TV shows and five best free movies on TV. It now offers lists of radio channels too.

The app’s interface is easy to interact with, and the GUI structure is appealing to new users. Radio Times Discover TV main features include; large TV and Radio listing in full TV guide, choosing from daily top recommendations, and much more.

Radio Times Discover TV does contain ads and cannot be removed, but for most parties, they are unobtrusive and means that the application is free.

Download: Radio Times Discover TV for Android | iOS

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