8 Best Greeting Card Maker Software for Windows and Mac

By Sanam Nayab • Updated on Apr 18, 2023

Every occasion has different moods to display on the face. In the hours of grief and sorrow, one cannot put a smile on his/her face. It’s hard to select from some other person’s imagination and creation. Isn’t it will be a good idea to create your card and send it to your special one? One can select his/her imagination according to his/her expression and display those expressions on the cards.

To make a greeting card with your hand is something old fashioned even to listen, though it will be a good practice that you spend some of your precious time for your special ones to make a greeting card for him/her.

But, in this materialistic world, where everyone is busy earning his/her bread, no one has enough time to spend on cutting, writing, use of colors, use different styles of writing, and on other such mind disturbing stuff. Not a bad idea to use a tool designed for all that stuff.


What is Greeting Card Maker Software?

Greeting card design software will provide you several numbers of options and resources to create or design your imaginative greeting card. Greeting card maker will enable one with different tools like template design, clipart, font styles, font sizes, and themes: and then allow the user to print that card in his own desired type of paper.

Editing features will give its user to change the design when the user thinks or consider that the design is not suitable for recipient personality or occasion the card may give on. Also, allow the user to import different images from different drives available online or offline.


Several other factors are there, which plays an integral part in making a greeting card design software a user-friendly one. Its factors involve image editing, template designing, import, and export of images and cards.

The creation of greeting cards on your screen will enhance your skills toward more creative or innovative thinking. It also enables you to improve your skills to make a customize greeting card and make you familiar with different modern techniques used in making an onscreen greeting card for your special ones.

Best Greeting Card Maker Software for Windows and Mac

From a lot of available greeting card maker software in the market, we are comparing some of the best and readily available software. Software that will enable you to create your customized greeting card with fun and ease. Enlist are compatible with both Windows and Mac.

1. Print Artist

Print Artist is designed back in the early 90s by Pixellite Group. Its different versions were designed and developed by different developers and owned by different vendors. But currently, the Print Artist is owned by a vendor named Vivendi SA. Print artist is one of the best greeting card maker application available presently in the market.

Print Artist is providing one of its types of user-friendly interface. It is offered unprecedented quality, which allows you to produce impressive cards for clients, friends, and family. It offered 28000 and more templates designed by professionals, 377000+ eye-catching graphics, and 1000 above font styles, which can impress some special ones.

Print Artist’s unique photo editor feature allows to insert a mesmeric photo and then give freedom to edit that photo according to your artistic sense. Its fabulous customized drawing facility will contemplate you to draw your card design in case if you do not want to use already created cards. With the user-friendly features, one can see a card creating expert quickly, create cards with eye-popping visuals and professional looks, which will add your unique quality in your curriculum vitae.


  • Easily updated on social media
  • Photo card projection and photo clipart
  • Digital photo editor
  • Create a slide show
  • New version launched
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  • Digital photo editor
  • Resembling stationery sets
  • Import photos from different sources
  • Fix common photo flaws
  • Large graphic library


  • Not available in free
  • No mobile application


  • Standard: $29.99 one time
  • Pro: $49.99 one time

Download: Print Artist for Windows | Mac

2. Canva

Canva moto Design anything publishes anywhere is the motivation of Canva developers. Canva developers are working on that moto quite efficiently. Canva is providing you the drag and drop features drag any design import any picture from twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media operating sites. Canva helping one in turning his/her imagination in eye-popping visuals.

Canva helps either the project is a collage maker or a graphic designing assignment. It always gives freedom to catalyze amazing and stunning designs. Photo straightener allows you to look out the rotation effects of an image and line up according to its eye-catching view. Framing and use of blades to crop a photo are now a matter of days ago. Give the voice to your pictures with the help of voice bubbles.

Graph maker also allows one to create his/her graphs with the drag and drop feature. Canva isn’t time-consuming. It will turn the raw data into eye-popping visual of graphs and make the raw data easy to understand. All you need to do is just to put the raw data and get the immediate chart and get a different type of graph without losing your data.


  • Drag and drop features
  • Design anything publishes anywhere
  • Long-range of by default images
  • Graph maker
  • Professional printing quality


  • Open source website
  • Import in pdf and image form
  • Android application


  • No contact number for billing


  • Free: $0.00
  • Pro: $9.95 per month
  • Enterprise: $30 per month

Download: Canva for Windows | Mac

3. Hallmark card studio

Hallmark card studio is one of the oldest in the card making industry. Systemized and methodical menu options on the screen will impress its users with a user-friendly interface. When you collar into the aesthetic program menu will help in moving or navigating you into the software. Hallmark, greeting card software, stand firmly in the market since 1998 because of its design suites and assisting the tools to use the software. In case you are amateur in designing field Hallmark will give you Manner to use the application in a well-organized way.

Hallmark will give you different versions with the efforts to be better or best every year in its 2017 version company provide only 10000 templates for its users, which are less in numbers as compared to their released version in 2018, which contains above 11000 templates and 13000 and more graphic designs. Ease of printing facility on any paper is also their hallmark in the greeting card maker industry.

Hallmark studio is also providing you with a large variety of tools such as layout, clipart, and shape of a text. It’s resizing, and imageability is also their unprecedented ability without bluer the image or fuzzy edges. Hallmark also provide their usage for both Microsoft Windows and Mac users.


  • Greeting card maker for mac
  • Different versions
  • Allow making of scrapbooks


  • Event planner
  • Calendar
  • Excellent user manuals


  • Do not have a photo editing suite
  • More expensive


  • Hallmark Card Studio: $29.99 one time
  • Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe – New for 2020: $49.99 one time
  • Hallmark Premium Blank Greeting Cards: $10.99 one time
  • Hallmark Card Studio for Mac: $39.99 one time
  • Hallmark Premium Blank Greeting Cards: $12.99 one time

Download: Hallmark card studio for Windows | Mac

4. Print Master

Print Master started back in 1986 by a law firm Broderbund. The print master provides us the one-click photo editing facility. The one-click facility will help one in the removal of red-eye effect, crop a picture without blurring its edges or without fading its pixels, brighten an image from darkness to brightness, use several impacts according to picture situation and one’s mod.

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Calendar making tools also in their features which aspire its users to make customized calendars for their offices and home or to make the calendar to present someone. Help in making monthly calendars by print every event to come reminder. A print master is an easy tool to design a card. Excellent color matching is their unprecedented quality, which is not providing by any of their users in the market.

Phenomenal effects and text editing tools provide one with the features to align the text in any shape you want to put in that text: 20000 or more inbuilt images with the facility to bubble voice and give the text to images. The print master will provide you with over 1000 royalty-free templates, which include calendars, newsletters, envelop, and greeting cards. The custom-tailored design will be shared on any social media site with the ease of not losing its pixels.


  • Trusted brand
  • Shape outline
  • Share on Gmail
  • Social media template
  • Secure purchasing


  • Royalty-free templates
  • Pictures effect
  • Planer
  • Calendar making and reminder


  • Not available for mac
  • High budgeting


  • Print Master 2020: $49.99 one time
  • Print Master Deluxe: $69.99 one time
  • Print Master Professional: $99.99 one time

Download: Print Master for Windows | Mac

5. Fotor

Fotor is a globally accessible and internationally recognized photo editing and designer. Fotor is an online freeware designer who carefully takes care of your photos and allows you to design your own imaginative and artistic design. Fotor is designed and develop in a way that clinches the opportunity to digitize your editing more effectively. Fotor gives you a chance to use its powerful features such as one-tap enhancement, crop, resize, and background remover.

It also gives you the freedom to use its tools such as tilt-shift, color splash, stickers, and frames. Its Beauty retouching feature helps one to more beautify his photos by using Fotor features such as skin smoothing, wrinkle remover, teeth whitener, and more. A collage maker will help one to express his/her feeling. Making a collage is a new way to share his/her life story artistically.

Colors can affect one’s life more effectively. Use of different light and dark shades and their combination will help one to describe his/her emotions and educe reactions, that is also one of the ways to know the different combination of colors and also help to know which color describe which emotion and response.

Fotor is free online software and also available in Android and Mac.


  • Hundreds of fonts
  • Image modification
  • Collage maker
  • Beautiful stickers
  • Portrait retouching


  • Quotes available
  • Photo effects
  • Adjustment of image color, brightness, and contrast
  • Available in Windows, Android, and Mac
  • Free of cost


  • Having no already designed templates

Download: Fotor for Windows | Mac | Android | iOS

6. Greeting Island

Greeting Island is a 100% free available site. In Greeting Island, one can make his/her attractive designed ecards, event cards, and customized greeting cards. The greeting island can enable one with multiple options to print, download, and share online the designed cards. They are offering their users with high-quality inbuilt templates and gives them opportunities to make your customized template.

The invitation maker feature will provide you the online solution to invite someone to close your heart. One can find bristle gallery of option in motely style, and their inbuilt template and customized single click template formation will help one in designing the invitation cards. Invite guests by using invitation cards made by Greeting Island and send your friends and relatives via Facebook, WhatsApp, and email them.

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Greeting Island will help you to impress your upcoming guests with attractive and eye-popping animated visuals. Greeting Island will keep track of your messages. It will enable you to add a map in your customized or inbuilt cards to make sure that your guests will not face any problem in finding the place where your event is happening. You can add pop-up gifts in your cards, which will add an eye-catching view in your view. One can also add a calendar and remainder for someone to come and give respect to you.


  • Save date
  • Upload your design
  • Send online
  • Easy to print
  • Free of cost on Android


  • 100% free
  • Maps available
  • Calendar available
  • Reminder facility


  • No effects available
  • No drag and drop facility
  • Not for Mac users

Download: Greeting Island for Windows | Mac | Android | iOS

7. Avery wizard

Avery wizard is the group of developers that provide their services to the Microsoft word. If someone using MS office 2000 or earlier version, one cannot enjoy Avery wizard features in MS office. Later versions 2002 to onward up till now, one can use Avery designed templates in MS office.

MS Office users can download Avery designed templates. Avery guides you on how to use templates and to download the template. Avery designed template help one in making greeting cards, name badges, and signs. Avery help in formatting the printing items and help to fetch data from the database.


  • Template customization
  • Inbuilt template usage
  • Microsoft plug-in


  • Download template
  • Greeting card making


  • No image modification
  • No visual effects
  • No drag and drop facility

Download: Avery Wizard for Windows

8. Justwink

Justwink an American base greeting card maker application which is committed to digitalize the greeting cards system. So they have put their efforts in making this world a contemplative and considerate place to live in. It’s hard first to buy a card, buy gift wrap, and then go for party gifts to make feel a consumer that he/she matters in one’s life. Justwink put you an economical way of giving you the ideas of using the waste papers, ecards, and recycled papers as the gift wraps.

Ecards will make you be economical by sending the consumer a greeting card created by you. Secure sending of an ecard because Justwink will help you to remind someone special birthday or essential days reminder on which you are reminded by Justwink automatically and quickly send them customized ecards with a perfect message. What to write is another problem Justwink will give you tips that what is right to write in the greeting cards.

Justwink also covers the new feature Smashup ecards, which help you in adding a song according to the occasions or mods or holidays to come. Justwink also gives you the freedom to use it in Android or mac also.


  • Party planning tips
  • Thankyou gift guide
  • Wedding messages


  • Smashup videos
  • User-friendly
  • Trial base usage


  • Not free of cost

Download: JustWink for Mac | iOS | Android

Final Words

Keeping in view the availability of different functions described earlier in every section above. The best greeting software is the one that covers the maximum number of functionalities in it. Features that indeed need a greeting card maker either he is amateur or expert in making.

The features mostly needed in the software are photo editor, user-friendly, drag and drop functionality, different font styles, templates, photo effects, and color combinations are some of the significant features. The ease of printing, download, and sharing of greeting cards on different social media sites.

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