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The revolutionary up gradations in the field of information technology has led to a whole new and different mode of living and enhanced the ease and comfort for the humans to extreme level. If we walk back in the near past almost 15 to 20 years back from now, no one would have thought about the level of technology and ease that the people are having in the present day. This particular age is referred to be the age of Artificial intelligence in terms of Information Technology. On this mode of technology the machines and systems are able to intelligently think, judge, recognize and decide on the basis of protocols and set of rules provided to them. Text to Speech is the facility provided to the people based on the similar phenomena in which the apps are able to recognize the voice commands of the users and are able to read the texts written in any format and speak that up to the users loudly. iOS devices are quite well compatible than the rest sort of devices and are quite familiar of such text to speech apps and possess a wide range of such apps which can be used on the iOS devices. Best of such text to speech apps for iOS are listed down here.

1. NaturalReader Text to Speech

When it comes towards the apps that totally outstands and completely work on their own smart intelligence and sheer brilliance based engine installed in them, then this astounding and pure quality based iOS app is worthy to rank among such apps. NaturalReader is one of the most famous and most widely preferred and used instant kind of text to speech app that is used by millions of iOS users all around the world for various purposes of their own desire and preference. The most inspiring thing about the app is that it is still that much popular despite of the presence of an personal digital assistant on the iOS devices known as Siri which is their for doing pretty much the same tasks but quite differently as well. This smart and splendid technology based text to speech app does whatever the user wants from it to do. It reads the news, webpages and documents for the users so that they can just have to sit and listen. Not only this the app possess such a mastery in the text to speech scenario that it enables the users to sit in their couches and listen to what they want to listen from it and that too for hours even. The app is able to read the eBooks and novels for the users. The best and most prominent unique feature possessed by the app is that the users can select from the range of 50 different kinds of voices, which one they wants to listen and in which language choosing from a list of 20.



2. Voice Dream Reader

Voice Dream Reader is already familiar to most of the people out their looking for the list of best, as this app is on the top ranking of various performance charts worldwide and is referred as a face of text to speech apps when it comes specifically to the iOS devices. The app is a kind of pioneer text to speech iOS app which led others app as well and make way for them to lean forward in similar fashion. Voice Dream Reader is a super classy and supreme quality based text to speech app that reads everything in the loud voice for the users to listen. Now the users are free of the inconvenience of reading the stuff in digital virtual environment that keeps on effecting their eyesight as this app reads articles, webpages, documents, novels and eBooks for the users that too quite loud that the users can listen to it clearly and comfortably. The app has won a wide range of performance awards and has been ranked as number 1 text to speech apps in more than 81 famous countries of the world including US and Canada too. The app possess the ability of reading any sort of text no matter whatever it is written in any of the writing format, the app on its own gets the accurate idea of all and read in an extra ordinary way that it seems like a real person is reading for you. It costs $14.99 and can be downloaded from the Apple app store for Android.

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3. PerfectReader Classic

This astonishing and marvelous potential based app is another famous and renowned text to speech app that reads loud each and every sort of written stuff no matter what it is either a document or a book. The app is tremendously amazing in terms of its beautiful and attractive text styling and representation that it captures the attention of the users at the very first glance and enable them to excel further more with keen interest. The app has a unique text reflow style that is specially and purposely built for the users who love to read themselves. The app has mastery quality in switching between the manual reading of the user and text to speech ability of the app itself. PDF based reading was never that much alluring and glossy as this very app has made it to be. The app possess various reading modes according to the time whether the user wants to read in the night or day it changes the backgrounds and themes accordingly. Other than this the app possess the mastery in text to speech that is further more accurate and enhanced due to the support provided by multiple dictionaries and Wikipedia inside the app. The app costs $3.99 on the Apple app store and is compatible with both iPhone and iPad.


4. Speak & Translate - Free Voice & Text Translator

It is not only a simple sort of text to speech kind of app that others in the list are and are mostly used for reading the texts, whereas this astonishing and splendid quality based app is able to translate the text and even voice as well. This tremendous potential based app is built on extraordinary and way much more superior engine which makes it a real intelligent app on its own which is able to speak in more than 54 different kinds of language in their own specific style and accent and translate the voice and texts too in the real time. The app is referred as world’s best and most demanded essential travel app as it helps the users to translate the voice in real time so that they can be able to communicate in the regions where the language is not known to them. The app can not only speak in 54 different famous languages of the world but also possess great mastery in understanding the written text in 100 plus languages as well. The users just have to dictate whatever they wants to get translated in any of the supported language the app itself will recognize what is said and will translate it in real time. It works with the voice recognition ability of the Apple Speech Recognition Technology, which is being used in commanding the Siri as well. The app is free and can be downloaded for the iPhone and iPad both from the Apple app store.


5. Voice Brief

Voice Brief is another astounding and extreme quality based multiple functionality based text to speech app that performs all those functions which are need to be done by a premium level of text to speech app. Voice Brief is an extraordinary text to speech app specially designed and developed for the iOS based devices. Although the personal voice assistant of iOS devices Siri does everything and task pretty much satisfying and it has been improving its functionality from a time but whatever sort of functionality the users want but Siri lacks is now pretty much covered by this text to speech app. Voice brief is a multiple features based app that reads aloud every content that is being in the written form for its users. As other similar sort of text to speech app are restricted only to read the news, documents and eBooks, but this app reads whatever the user wants it to read including the calendar, weather, notifications, emails, Facebook and twitter stuff and even any of the custom sentence that the user itself writes down, the app will read out loud that too. The app costs $2.99 on the Apple App store and it can be downloaded for all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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6. Speak – Text To Speech

Speak is another premium quality based brilliant text to speech app that gives the live to the text. Whatever that is in written form, the app is able to read it for the users in various different voice formats and types based on multiple accents and voice pitches. This tremendous potential and masterly classic text to speech app is developed and proposed as product of Loic Verrall. The best and most prominent thing rather than its text to speech abilities is its extremely gorgeous, modernized and elegant looking users interface and outlook which surely gives a maximum premium feel to the user while using the app for text to speech conversion and attracts the users at the very first glance. Other mentionable features of the app includes the presence of exceptionally easy and convenient controls and options that can be used by anyone with maximum convenience level for operating and using the app. The users if are bored of the basic accent they are provided by the option of changing the accent and as well the language of the voice too can be changed in particular. The users can now save the phrases they like most in the favorite phrases corner among the rest history. The app does not need any internet connection to be used which increases its convenience level to extreme. The users can download the app free of cost from the Apple app store.


7. Web Reader – Text to Speech

Web Reader is another mastery quality text to speech app that is being used by millions of iOS users all around the globe for fulfilling their needs regarding the reading and voice representation of the web based content. The users are now free from the headache of reading the long and lengthy blogs and web based articles, as this astounding text to speech app will itself recognize the text format and form factor of the writing and will read out loud for the users. The users just have to tell the app what sort of web page the app has to read that all and further everything is done by the app on its own. The app has various modes of overall functionality and usages, the users can choose the one which best suits them or for which they desire for and thus simply start the proceeding. The users can either enable the app to work automatically whenever a new webpage is loaded by the user or when manually the user commands the app to read the webpage. Furthermore the app can be assign to reading out loud the web page content that is selected or highlighted by the users themselves. The app costs $1.99 and can be downloaded for iPhone only as for the iPad version there is another app named as Web Reader HD.


8. Aloud! – Text to speech

Although from its overall outlook and setup this app seems to be quite simple in terms of its working and functionality and looks like a regular and common sort of text to speech app that like most of the other similar kind of apps is able to read the text loud for the user. But it is not only that this app possess, the app has much more to offer in it with mastery brilliance and utter smartness. Aloud!- Text to speech is an outstanding and multiple functionality text to speech app that is way much more intelligent than the regular sort of text to speech apps and is equipped with many unique and additional features. The app possess the ability of reading whatever the user makes it read and with no limit and restriction of time. The app can read for hours and hours for the users. It is able to understand various sort of text forms and writings. It too understands a wide range of languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. The most unique feature of the app is its ability of reading out loud at various speeds and pause levels, the users can customizly set them up according to their own personal usage and preference. It is developed and proposed by Chun Kai Lau and can be downloaded for free from the Apple app store.

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9. TextAloud

TextAloud is another bewildering and astounding app that enables the users to listen up the text in form of voice. This amazing text to speech app is developed and proposed by for iOS based devices so that the iOS users can make this app to read the text based stuff for them. The app is quite simple and easy in terms of controls and overall usage and can be simply use by any of the person belonging from any walk of life. The app possess a rock solid buildup and mastery setup which ensures the premium stream less efficient working and smooth quality based performance on the app. The app is specially designed for the iOS so that they can be fit to their home center functionality. The app is compatible with all iOS based devices such as iPhone, iPad and even iPod touch. With respect to its overall working and functionality the app costs a bit high but overall it is a good app to have as a text to speech app. It can be purchased of $4.99 from the Apple app store.


10. Speak it! Text to Speech

Speak it! Text to Speech is the similar sort of mastery and tremendous functionality app that possess some real time modification controls that take the text to speech concept to a whole new level of brilliance. No more simple sort of regular and boring reading of the app as the users can customizly setup the volume, tone, pitch and accent of the app that in which it should read out the text to the users and can be changed according to and individuals own desire and personal preference. Many youngsters and teens do prefer a young and energetic sort of tone and pitch in which they wants their app to read out the text for them whereas many adults and professional wants to listen in the native regular fashion, all the desires can be now fulfilled by this astonishing app. The app has another unique ability of creating audio files as well, as the app speaks the text the user can record it as audio files and even can share that audio file as well on the social media or via email. The app has its own store from which the users can download 20 more different sort of voices beside of them which are pre-installed. The app costs $1.99 on Apple app store and can be downloaded for iPhone and iPad both.


11. Voice Generator

Last but not the least the app which makes it to our list of the best text to speech app is a different functionality app that does possess the functionality and phenomena of text to speech apps but it is way much different in terms of its usage. The app is basically a fun based app that enables the users to change various kinds of voices and can enjoy pranking up their friends and mates. The app has a variety of different sort of voices all different from each other in terms of pitch, quality and accent. The users can now either speak like an old man who is way too much weird or can speak like a little teen girl that has sweet and melodious voice. The app enables the users to customizly set up the tone, pitch and quality of the voices. The speed and variance of the voices is too controlled by the users according to their own preference. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from the Apple app store for iPhone and iPad both.


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