15 Best Stopwatch Apps for Android and iOS

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Everything runs according to its time whether it’s a business or a human life. Things occur on their time, which allows others to set the time accordion to the task and responsibilities. There are two types of clocks representation; analog and digital.

The stopwatch function is to set the time and see how much duration it took to complete the task. Since we all have smartphones, which means we have access to the internet, which implies we can note the time and duration of our functions. There are applications available that help us in providing a specific stopwatch module that supports us in achieving our deadline and keep perfecting our work according to the given time.

Timer and stopwatch applications today are not limited to the only count down seconds. They have extensive capabilities, beautiful widgets, and a simple interface, launching several times simultaneously, memorizing circles and tasks, etc. moreover they have tons of functionalities and features that support the user and give him access to all the option he needs and notifies him of the daily task and work.


They are the best apps to help us in the kitchen, in working out, exercising, making repetitions, making sets. They also include voice guidance, graphical representation of data over a certain period and adjust the number of high and low-intensity periods.

Best Stopwatch Apps for Android and iOS

Here is a list of best stopwatch application that works on multiple platforms and supports you in every step of the way.

1. Seconds

Seconds is a cross-platform application that consists of the function of a stopwatch that allows users to maintain a task according to a specific time. There are over three million users who avail services of this application. Seconds have a convincing yet straightforward interface that allows users to maintain a relationship with the app. The screen has different color identities. It displays a large stopwatch machine that is visible from a long distance. The app can voice the names of intervals and even warn about them in advance because of the synthesis of voice function. Ability to independently configure timers, supported heartbeat sensor, sound adjustment, works on all devices, works in the background, support external display, synchronize music with intervals are some of the core features of the application. The interface of Sounds is flexible, easy to use, provide simple customization, and other functions. The app is free to use but offer ads and in-app purchases to sync with Apple Watch.


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2. Tabata Stopwatch Pro

Tabata Stopwatch Pro is a multi-platform application that consists of the methods of Tabata. Tabata is a training procedure that helps you keep your body lean and have a healthy life. The primary function of the app is of a stopwatch that works accordingly to the user’s requirements. It is fully functional and provides many features. It is not just compared with Tabata exercising but with practical training, high-intensity interval training, and so on. The simple and user-friendly interface of the app provides a natural approach and allows the user to customize it according to the usage. The key feature of the app include excellent training of Tabata, manual time setting for warm-up, adjusts the time intervals. Work in lock screen mode, voice accompaniment, change several approaches and sets, etc. Tabata Stopwatch Pro does not support ads but offers a premium version to unlock additional features.

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3. Sworkit

Sworkit is a cross-platform stopwatch application that offers more options than just a simple stopwatch app. It contains many functions and set all the modules according to the user’s requirements. This stopwatch divide time in intervals and set time for a week’s work plan. The primary function of this application is to provide a good time managed routine, so you don’t have to plan every day if all your task is laid out in a straightforward app. Sworkit has a remarkable interface and consists of many features such as, guided home workout plan, custom exercise intervals (HIIT+Tabata), building your custom workouts, ask a real personal trainer for advice, and many other aspects. It is user-friendly and provides ease in navigation with a constructive GUI structure that offers help in navigation. Sworkit has limited free features but has provided more solutions in the premium version, which cost about $15 per month and $89.99 per year.

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4. Runmeter

Runmeter is a workout timer stopwatch that has multiple functions than just a simple stopwatch app. It has a design that is specifically made for runners. The time interval contains a smart feature that allows the user to rest according to the workout rate. The application is compatible with multiple devices and supports all equipment like smartwatches, etc. It tracks your geo-location and shows you the stats on the mobile screen. The details of data collection are visible on different tabs available on the application that show you map locations, history calendar, workout graphs, pedometer, etc. The interface of Runmeter is full of options and has a stylish layout with a dark theme, which is attractive to most users. The app is free to use but contains ads and offers a subscription of $12 per year to access additional features.

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5. Ovo Timer

Ovo Timer is a perfect yet straightforward countdown timer which also includes a stopwatch function. It has an attractive black theme, and the GUI structure it provides is simple to use and guide the user in every step. It has features like alarm sounds, background music, runs with lock screen, practical and utterly minimalistic countdown timer, voice command handling, constructive and intuitive GUI design. This app supports both Android and iOS devices and has a configurable function that provides a widget for Android users to access directly from the home screen. Ovo Timer is free to use and do not offer ads or purchases.

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Best Stopwatch Apps for Android

Here is the list of best stopwatch apps for android.

6. TimeWinder

TimeWinder is beautiful and comfortable to use stopwatch application that only supports Android devices. This app has 35 intervals as templates, and all are easily customizable. The stopwatch has a full-screen display and works with the lock screen. The GUI structure of the app has a smart layout that guides the user on every step. The core features of the app involves support for Apple Watch, manually adjust the desired intervals, save intervals, ability to add images and text to each workout, built-in voice recorder and the function of recording your voice comments for training, can make pauses during forced stops during training which allow user to rest, and various more features. The interface has a constructive design and provides ease to the user. TimeWinder is entirely free to use and offer no ads or purchases.


7. Tabata Timer for HIIT

Tabata Timer for HIIT is an Android application that provides additional and high-end features of a regular stopwatch that allows you to manage your tasks like a workout, reach a deadline in a specific time or in intervals of times. It is designed for training and provide ease to your brain load and make you stronger in physical activity. The app allows you to save your customized interval and time settings, so don’t have to manage your exercises, approaches, or repetitions you have made. The interface of this app is smart and provide ease to the user and consists of features like the ability to create a timer with different phases, support devices of heart rate, select individual sounds for each interval, choose your music as a background during the workout, and planning your workouts. Tabata Timer for HIIT is free, ad-supported and offers in-app purchases.

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8. Interval Timer

Interval Timer is a smart application that produces a stopwatch that allows users to have a perfect workout with their desired time intervals. This app has a simple interface that only focuses on the primary function, which is to make the app provide full control to the user over time management. The full-screen color display makes the minimalistic interface easy-on-eyes. The app allows you to turn on the sound signal at the end of each interval. The timer displays significant digits, full-screen display, color-coded ranges, show past and remaining time, and much more. The app has a smart interface that is easy to use and full of features like boxing round timer, calisthenics circuit timer, circuit training, Tabata, and various more. Interval Timer is free to use and contains no ads or purchases.


9. Workout Timer for HIIT

Workout Timer for HIIT is a stopwatch application that works on Android devices and allows the user to use its full functionalities. This stopwatch app has a unique feature that enables the user to increase the intensity of training. The app consists of increasing time function, which increases your training time, so you get some extra practice or another lap on the track. It also has a lot of different exercises with small rest intervals. The interface of Workout Timer for HIIT, contain a modem design which is easy to navigate, constructive and intuitive design, large screen display, colored identities, ability to change the orientation of the device or save it, and many other functionalities. Workout Timer for HIIT is free to use but consists of ads and purchase feature that opens more options.


10. Impetus Interval Timer

Impetus Interval Timer is an Android application that provides the facilities of a stopwatch to keep your work in check and perform the task at certain time intervals. The app is useful for people involved in sports. Impetus Interval Timer works according to the user’s settings, and highly customizable, which means the user can set the total training time and the time interval between exercises so you can take rest in time. Impetus Interval Timer is full of features like playing music in the background, building plans for more than one week, use your presets over and over, customize your cues, share the records on social sites, and many other features. The interface offers a smart structure and provides ease in navigation. Impetus Interval Timer offers an in-app purchase module that allows the user to access features like ad-free interface, start the time by shaking the device, auto pause and start, home screen shortcut, run in the background, etc.


Best Stopwatch Apps for iOS

11. Periodic Timer

Periodic Timer is an android application that provides a full function of a simple stopwatch clock. The app has a fantastic feature that consists of customization that turns the app into cases like, fitness and health, cooking, learning and science, and others. It means the app will only provide you the functionalities of a particular module of your selection, and all the module has different functions. The key features that all these modules involve are background app refresh, three timer output mode which contains intervals, total time and countdown, quick start with 3D touch, flexibility and mineralization, shake control for on and off, and few more. Periodic Timer has a smart interface, and it is easy to use. It is free to use and offer no ads or purchases.

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12. Workout Timer

Workout Timer, a stopwatch application with a beautiful design and supports only iOS devices. It includes more functions than just a regular stopwatch app. It has various modules that allow users to use the app in different modules. It contains settings for desired numbers of timers, and sun-timers and will enable you to monitor each of them separately. Workout Timer offers Tabata protocol, Rounds, Stopwatch, intervals, workout of the day, and many various options. The interface of the application is to provide a smart structure and attractive theme; it is user-friendly, interactive, and fun to use. Workout Timer comes in two tiers, free and paid version. The Premium version of the app costs about $3 per year and allows you to access additional themes features and functionalities.


13. Timer+

Timer+ is a sophisticated iOS application which has a stopwatch function that provides ease in every step of daily life tasks. The app has a smart layout; it is attractive and includes many features. It starts the countdown as soon as it makes a stance for running. The app integrates with all the functions of Apple Watch, which makes this app stand out from the rest of the applications. It has multiple timer options that run smoothly and simultaneously. The interface of the app is attractive and has features like a dark theme, setting time intervals, voiceover feature, repeat timer up to 64 times, runs in the background, and much more. It is ad-free, and the pro version costs about $2 for a yearly subscription.


14. FocusWatch

FocusWatch is one of the smartest application of stopwatch that provides multiple functions of a stopwatch. It is only available on iOS devices which make it compatible with Apple Watch and secure syncing with Bluetooth speakers from within the app. It is a self-starting app and includes only partly function when used alone. It allows users to add a task and execute them according to a specific time. It includes different timers, switches between jobs, and will enable the user to reset and edit timer again and again. FocusWatch’s interface is intuitive, attractive, and has a great structural layout. It is easy to use and provide an effective plan for API. FocusWatch is free to use and contains various features. It is ad-supported and offers an in-app purchase.


15. Interval Timer

Interval Timer is an iOS application that provides functions of a stopwatch and designed for scheduling workouts. It is a stopwatch app that is easily customizable and consists of various features that help the user in starting a good routine with the help of this timer. Interval Timer works just like a regular stopwatch that records your intervals work as a time interval show seconds and intervals. A vital feature of this application involves customizable sets, retina display (iOS4 and multitasking), continue when the screen is locked, post your workout to social sites, save settings as templates, and more. Interval Timer comes with an interactive interface that has customizable properties like, number of sets, set timer, show rest time, sound volume, auto-lock, pause during rest, and multiple other. The theme of the app is attractive, and it is entirely free to use and offer no in-app purchases.


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