13 Best Photo Collage Maker for iOS

With the advent of social media platforms the trend of editing the photos has also increased to a massive level. Nowadays almost every 2nd person in the world prefer to edit their captured photos and then they finalize it for posting and sharing on social media sites. Everyone want to look perfect, attractive and unique in their photos. That’s why people use various filters and other effects in their photos. The most prominent trend of photo editing is the photo collages. The users combine their different photos together and make a single photo from them which shows various aspects altogether at the same time. In the previous times collages were made manually by cutting down the printed photo graphs. Now there is a massive variety of such apps which enables their users to create their own unique photo collages. These app let their users to insert and combine multiple photos at the same time and merge them together in a unique attractive fashion. Other than collages the users can add text, animated stickers, effects and various beautiful filters to their photo collages. Best of such photo collage making apps for iOS based devices are listed down here.


MOLDIV is brilliant master quality based photo collage making app that let its users to make supreme quality collage of their photos. The app is quite simple and easy to use. It has more than 180 different kind of photo filters in it that the users can use on their collages and photos. The app possess all the basic and professional sort of editing tools which ranks it as one of the best photo editing and collage making app. Collage photos can be developed according to the personal desire of the users. The app possess the ability of combining up to 16 photos at a time.


2. Pic Stitch

As the name of the app states its kind and work nature, Pic Stitch is another master quality and premium collage making app that enable its users to make exciting and amazing different and unique collages. The app is already quite famous among the iOS users and it is used by millions of people in every region of the world. It is equipped with all the essential tools that are necessary for making collages. The app let its users to efficiently combine multiple photos together and make their own personal preferred collage design. The users can further add various filters to the photos along with the text insertion and other editing options.


3. Flipagram

Flipagram is another premium and superior quality photo editing, filtering, sharing and collage making app that is quite popular all around the globe. The app is already used by millions of users and is still counting more and more of them. Flipagram possess sheer brilliance base effectual features which let its users to create amazing collages and edit their media stuff. The users can now not only create alluring photo collages but they can also create astounding videos combining their photos and short clips as well. Furthermore the users can add the songs to their created video or the slide show of the combine photos for better representation or storytelling.


4. Fuzel Collage

Fuzel Collage is another alluring and bewildering collage based photo editing app. The app is so easy and simple in terms of its usage and functionality that anyone belonging from any walk of life can easily use the app and can make their own photo collages. Along with making cool and attractive collages to make their photos more beautiful and exciting the users can add various filers and animated stickers to them. This app enable the users to add watermarks and decorate in their own personal style.


5. iCollages

iCollages is a tremendous and ultimate photo collage making app that is specially designed and developed for the iOS based devices as it collaborates well with the iOS and is probably the best suitable for these devices. iCollages is multiple functionality and feature enriched collage making app which is developed and proposed by Swaroop Anand Sinha. The app is a new comer to the market and is not that much famous among the users but soon as it possess sheer brilliance along with effectual smartness, thousands of people will be using the app in near future.


6. Diptic

Diptic is a specialized sort of epic photo collage making app that possess extreme level brilliance and tremendous potential. The app is dedicated sort of app that specifically focus upon different kinds of alluring and attractive collages and enable its users to found a whole new and attractive design always. The users of the app can choose from more than 200 different types of layout forms. It is the largest numbers ever offered by any of the collage making app. Furthermore along with it the users can combine 9 photos or video clips at the same time.


7. PicMix

PicMix is another simple yet quite effective photo editing and photo collage making app that let its users to make attractive and beautiful collages. The app is developed and proposed by Voxeloid Kft. The app has all the basic and essential features in it that are present in the top notch photo editing and photo collage making apps. The main and prominent feature of the app is that it provides its users to crop and edit the image at the same time while making the collage so that the user can choose which portion of the photo they want to use in the collage. Another unique feature of the app includes its multiple photo layer support which enables to create semi- transport layers of photos in a collages.


8. Super Collage for Hmp,Voyeur,Shazam

Super Collage is another different and effectual photo editing and photo collage making app that is designed and developed for specially making the collages for sharing on social media platforms. As the name of the app clearly indicates the social platforms. The social media freaks can use this astounding app on their iOS devices for creating cool and funky collages. The users can create various sorts of collages based upon different designs and can instantly share them on their social media with friends and family.


9. Photo Collage Editor +

Photo Collage Editor + is another one of the most famous and widely used photo editing and premium sort of photo collage making app. The app is loved by thousands of iOS users who are way much satisfied and happy with efficient performance and effectual working of the app. This photo collage and complete photo editing app is developed and published as product of Kai Xia. The users can choose from a wide range of cool and alluring layouts. Along with it the users themselves can create their own customized layouts for making their own unique collages.


10. Photo Collage Unlimited

With more than 100 different frames, collages and layouts this is one of the most effective and useful photo collage making app. The app enables its users to frequently create their own unique collages. The users can shrink, compress and crop their photos manually so that they can make the collages of the photos that they think looks perfect. Photo Collage Unlimited is another product of Swaroop Anand Sinha, who has various other brilliant photo editing apps on his credit.


11. Awesome Collage Make

Awesome Collage Make is another brilliant and astonishing freeform and grid based collage making app. This app is also developed and proposed by Swaroop Anand Sinha. The app is specifically designed for creating cool and unique collages either the freeform or the grid based. The users can make any kind of collage they want to make in the freeform mode. In the grid collages the users are able to attach multiple photos in the accurate and in a respective pattern form.


12. Framatic

Framtic is a social media based instant photo editing and collage making app that let its users to edit their photos on the go and make unique and different collages combining multiple photos. As the name of the app states, the users can share their edited and collage based photos to the world’s most famous photo sharing social media platform Instagram. The app other than editing and collages offer various animated stickers and filters as well. It is developed and released under the flag of Lotogram.


13. Photo Wonder

Last but not the least in our list of the best photo collage making apps is the tremendous and outstanding app which is my personal favorite and world’s most widely used photo editing and collage making app. The app is already used by more than 200 million users and more of them are counting with the passage of time. The users can add various effects and decorations to their photos along with cropping and making the collages. The beautifying modes and other filters makes the app a complete photo studio that let the users to completely reform their captured photos. The users can combine various photos collectively according to their own and can make unique photo collage.


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