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Learning a language is the most rewarding thing you can do. There are multiple ways of learning or improving your skills in a specific language such as learning classes, reading, and speaking. English is an International language for communication. Everything on Websites, computers, and applications is present in English. English is an official business language of almost every country. Everyone wants to learn English for the communication with people of other countries. If you move to a foreign country, you have to talk in English because no one knows your native language there. So you should have a good command over English then move anywhere in the world and communicate with other people easily. Different institutions are present which can teach you English. But if you don’t have enough time for taking lectures, you can do it on your computer. Multiple applications are present in the software market which can teach you English and improve your accent. Here is the list of Best Free Software to Learn English. These programs comprise tests and questions for learning. Some of these applications help you to learn languages other than English.

1. OpenTeacher

A complex program which allows you to create work, media, topography, and typing tests or access them from the Internet. This portable version offers support for different languages such as French, German, Chinese, Portuguese, and Russian. Use the setting panel to set up the language, email and password, notation system, minimum amount of questions and more. The intuitive and simplistic interface of OpenTeacher helps you to create word lessons with support for Greek and Cyrillic characters and other symbols. You have to insert the questions and answers, the filters and work list order and lesson type. Create topography lesson by inputting the name of countries to continent’s maps and media tests by importing different types of files such as WMV, TXT, AVI, FLV, MP4, FLAC, BMP, PNG, and JPG. Get the help of typing tutor to learn different keyboard layouts such as QWERTY, Belgian AZERTY, Dvorak Simplified Keyboard and so on. Open a test from DKF, ANKI, OT, OH, CSV, OTTP, and XML files, and upload from websites such as and

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2. ProvaLingua

ProvaLingua provides thousands of multi-lingual vocabulary words to learn and packet with numerous interesting tools. Learn up to six languages such as Russian, French, Spanish and more. Training tools are based on the premise that you can learn words best if you read them in small stacks. It is advice that you should reduce the size of each stack to 25 words, perhaps dividing lists into parts. It provides all types of tests that you can take for learning words. It displays words in the language that you are studying currently, and you can also hear its pronunciation. You have to find the correct translation and choose it from a list of options. The primary window shows the task that you have made with the total words in the stack. ProvaLingua enables you to improve grammar skills and take tests.


3. ETS

ETS is a straightforward program to test your English vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation knowledge, and improve it through different tests. The interface of ETS is similar to the design of a typical web browser with a few buttons and a panel to show the test you are taking. For grammar, it comprises a large range of exams, for various levels of knowledge, such as pre-intermediate, elementary, and advanced. It contains 80 questions about words, 110 idioms and tenses tests. Get advantage of 220 TOEFL iBT vocabulary questions to broaden your horizon and prepare for the real test. It provides “Animals name by Pictures” easy, medium and hard tests. Each test comprises 200 questions and encloses pronunciation. Moreover, it offers a list of other free programs for download, similar to ETS. Overall, it is a useful program for people interested in improving knowledge of the English language.

4. English Today Lite

English Today Lite helps you to improve English pronunciation, listening and reading skills and practice with language and grammar tests. Work with different tools and take tests to check your progress. It provides multiple exercises to enhance your pronunciation and language speaking abilities. It allows you to work on your grammar skills, word understanding, spelling, vocabulary and so on. English Today Lite works as your personal tutor by asking questions and providing a score of the correct answers. The application contains a collection of quizzes and puzzles that test your capability of understanding the meaning of a phrase and check your spelling, grammar, or listening skills. The integrated voice library offers a large assortment of words from different domains that can be spoken out loud by either male or female voice. Get access to an extended dictionary which explains each word and shows its grammatical category. The English literature section helps you to enjoy reading some popular plays and stories such as Oliver Twist or Romeo and Juliet.


5. Anki

Create memorization cards for assimilating information in a simple manner using Anki. It allows you to focus on learning the content you need to acquire. The simplistic interface of Anki has a neat set of features for learning purpose. You can create a deck and add the notes of cards with different types including items with some words occluded, basic with reversed card and more. The application enables you to make your notes and customize their settings on the spot. The built-in card browser is very easy to locate for anyone, view and edit notes added or studied recently. You can make modifications to the deck including graduating interval, step timing, reviews percentage and a set of similar parameters. The synchronization and backup features are part of Anki for your help. You can bring the cards to life and save them on your computer.

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6. EasyWords

EasyWords is a comprehensive and handy program that allows you to memorize words easily while learning a new language. It is a small utility designed for learning a new language. The application asks you different questions while you spend your time on the computer, and provides you the right answer if your answer is wrong. The simplistic window randomly asks you for the translation of a word present in the dictionary you are using. Modify the frequency with the asked questions and select between written answers and multiple choice. You can run it from the taskbar and access three languages German, English, and Turkish. Overall, it is a reliable program for language learners who want to improve their basic knowledge of the vocabulary.

7. valodas

valodas is simple to use program which enables you to learn foreign languages. Use different dictionaries and use the option to import information. The application comprises tools for learning languages, importing information and looking up words in the dictionary. The intuitive and clean graphical interface has a neat layout which helps you to easy access to different sections. You can adjust the font size for the text inside the program. After launching the program, insert your name, the foreign language you need to learn and your native language. It records your progress as you initiate learning words in the desired language. You can learn multiple languages such as Greek, Danish, German, Indonesian, Russian, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish and much more. Import dictionaries from PC or load them from the developer’s website. Learn new words using cards and copy words to the clipboard. You have the option to create cards of every type and add import spelling separately. Create groups to split learning words into parts.

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8. Falibo Conversations

Falibo Conversations is a straightforward program for learning English. You can improve your speaking accent using this program. Listen to application’s lessons multiple times to learn the different accent. Falibo Conversations helps you to learn new expressions that native speakers use in regular conversations. The simplistic interface of Falibo Conversations allows you to work in a smooth environment. The program does not put strain on RAM and CPU and works fast.

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