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The aptitude of adding a text-to-speech and voice inputting feature in the mobile phone devices has a lot of extraordinary and helpful stuff for the users from all over the world. It is something that what we talk in front of our mobile phone devices it reverse us in the written or some other form. Talkback service enables the accessibility service that lets vision-impaired users interact with their mobile phone and other devices and enjoy them. This service usually attains vibration, specific spoken words, and some other audible feedback to let you imagine and know what is on your screen, what you are touching, and what you want to do with it. There are many instinctive apps that delivers an effective talkback approach. Rather than some damn serious, intuitive, and learning apps, some apps facilitate its users for passing his time marvelously. Some of them deliver an entertainment approach for the users as well. Some of the widely used Talkback apps are stated below.

1. Talkback Mic

Talkback Mic is a widely used and downloaded app efficiently designed for a home recording audio engineer. It delivers some sensible features that let its users do the professional level recording. There are tons of its interesting features which deliver deliberate providence that lets you track your recording. You just have to connect headphones or any voice input device out of your iPhone or iPad for establishing an input channel on your audio interface or computer and create tracks in your recording software. It delivers L and R input channels to manage who you are speaking too. Rather than this, you can also use Bluetooth and Airplay approach to send your talkback audio wirelessly to Airplay and Bluetooth devices.


2. Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger

Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger resembles just like a Walkie Talkie in your phone that lets you instantaneously communicate with the audio or the live voice. It is a platform that delivers many amazing and interesting features that enables us to make effective communication. It enables an instantaneous communication through real-time Walkie Talkie, send voice messages, photos, pics, locations, and lot more. It lets you play voice messages anytime you want. Except this, it also delivers Voice-to-text transcription, increased storage, extreme notifications, hands-free mode availability, integration with the Dropbox, and numerous others.

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3. Speak it! Text to Speech

Speak it! Text to Speech is the similar sort of mastery and tremendous functionality app that possess some real time modification controls that take the text to speech concept to a whole new level of brilliance. No more simple sort of regular and boring reading of the app as the users can customizly setup the volume, tone, pitch and accent of the app that in which it should read out the text to the users and can be changed according to and individuals own desire and personal preference. Many youngsters and teens do prefer a young and energetic sort of tone and pitch in which they wants their app to read out the text for them whereas many adults and professional wants to listen in the native regular fashion, all the desires can be now fulfilled by this astonishing app. The app has another unique ability of creating audio files as well, as the app speaks the text the user can record it as audio files and even can share that audio file as well on the social media or via email. The app has its own store from which the users can download 20 more different sort of voices beside of them which are pre-installed. The app costs $1.99 on Apple app store and can be downloaded for iPhone and iPad both.


4. Talking Tom Cat

Talking Tom Cat is fun a damn interesting app that is working immensely great, and people love this app for making themselves and their children happy. It delivers a virtual pet named TOM which repeats what you speak and tons of other interesting and fun factors that entertains you in an innovative way. It lets you talk to Tom, Laugh out loud (LOL) at Tom’s voice, capture funny videos, and share them with your friends. You can even play with toms by poking him, Pet Tom (to make him purr with endless happiness), make tom Fart, feed hungry tom with a variety of dishes and check the reaction of them, and lot more.


5. HelloTalk Language Exchange

HelloTalk Language Exchange is another robust app and probably the widely used global culture and language exchange community platform. It is a superb app that connects you with some native speakers, and speakers of some other language including, Chinese, Japanese, French, English, Korean, Portuguese, German, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Russian, Arabic, and almost 100 more. Using this app, you can search for people who match you and practice your target language for attaining your grip onto it. It also provides audio and video calling for doing extreme practice with listening and speaking. It is a great approach for making your receptive skills better. It also includes some specific features that include Translation, Grammar Correction, Text to Voice, Voice Recognition, and transliteration for improving your speaking and writing skills.


6. Dream Talk Recorder

Dream Talk Recorder is an entertaining app used by more than 3 million people for recording their sleep talks and snore at night. It is a quite interesting app that people use for tracking their sleeping experience. It efficiently records your dreams, keeps a full history with some recording, start and stop time fixation, move funny dreams talks to favorites, and listen to recordings, and also see voice visualizations. Rather than these, it also lets its users make unlimited hours, completely ad-free, integration with Dropbox, and share your recording with the world.


7. Talking Carl

Talking Carl lets you talk, sing, and play with the Carl. You have to Tickle, feed him, punch and hear his funny growls and laughs, etc. It is one of the funniest and the most intuitive way that helps its users make fun activities in a damn cool and cheerful way. The things that you have to do with the Carl includes talk to him and make fun facts, feed him with bones, Tickle him (he will laugh loud), strike him by lightning, poke his eyes and he will scream and shouts, pinch him to hear him snarling, and much more.


8. My Talking Hank

My Talking Hank is used by more than 5 billion users from around the world. It consists of a Puppy which is officially under your control, and you are allowed to take care of him. This app has a cute little baby hank and is fun beyond fun. You have to help hang to collect all the animals and their pics, you just have to discover animals of the Iceland and plenty others including a fluffy white bunny, silly flamingo, and lot more. It lets you travel through dozens of islands, place food and toys for animals, wait for them to approach them, and get a click for collect the photo. There is infinity fun factor of this app that entertains you in a damn cool way.


9. TalkLife

TalkLife is an amazing platform that enables a place for its users to talk to people who get you. TalkLife is a sort of social media app to give and take help. You can easily talk to people from all over the world using this intuitive app. It is a safe place that lets you talk about your struggles and improvements of your life in a damn safe, supportive, and productive way. It lets some new friends share advice and tips regarding their experience and is quite a helpful approach that delivers an amazing experience to you for making them productive. There are some other fun factors of this app which enables you to learn some amazing experience.


10. Virtual Talk – AI Chatbot

Virtual Talk – AI Chatbot is a marvelous app that lets you talk with multiple virtual characters just for fun. It lets you talk to whomever you want and is one of the finest app chatbots in the world. It delivers multiple characters that you can talk to, and you can change the pictures and name of the character. You can teach your own phrase directly, share quotes and photos, chat with numerous people right in the chat room, send reserved messages to other, and receive messages from random people from all over the globe, and make your own friends with Virtual Talk.


11. Talking Pierre

Talking Pierre is an amazing app that enables its users to make an amazing experience by interacting with a talking Parrot in his/her mobile phone. This app lets you talk to Pierre, and he invents and repeats his sentences. It is not an ordinary Pierre, he can play Smoke on the water, throw stuff and make noise, etc. You can hit Pierre with a tomato and enjoy the reactions, and it contains a TOM interference as well. You can enjoy different doings and happenings of this app, see him playing guitar freakily, and much more.


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