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As some great people said that Education is the Key to Success, and it is the only things that make you get closer to what you want to achieve. Education is the thing that brings reforms, and we all need to get education no matter what and who we are. In some old days, it was extremely tough to get an education. People get education with a lot of effort, a huge amount of money, pretty much sacrifices, and lot more reasons. There are some specific places reserved for studies, and that education system sucks a lot. But as the technology boom, the trends of delivering education has just touched the new level of ease and well-attitude. There are lots of educational apps available out there just to make you educated in a damn convenient and effortless way and eliminates the factor of going to some specific locations such as schools, libraries, etc. These apps have made it super-simple, handy, and intuitive to get any course of studies using your mobile phone, laptops, and Tabs. There are tons of educational apps that have introduced a damn innovative way of getting education at home without paying any single penny. These apps make education in an access of every individual no matter He or She is affordable and eligible, or not. Having these brilliant educational apps on your phone, you can quickly access any course of education and get that skills at home without losing any of your effort, money, and worth.

1. Coursera

Coursera is a splendid app that delivers a huge range of courses for getting education effortlessly. It lets you gain subject-matter experience, learns at your own pace, and get access to it anywhere, anytime. This educational app is loaded with some mesmerizing and attractive features that let its users get more than 1000 courses under their thumb. Coursera has a huge collection of courses in a variety of subjects including math, technology, sports, medicine, and many others. You can get proper video lectures and stream online lecture as well, and download them for offline viewing. It allows access to more than 140 colleges and universities from all across the world. Rather than these, it delivers some advances features and lets you learn flawlessly anytime, anywhere.

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2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy was established by Salman Khan in 2006, is a tremendously great and humble app that helps you learn almost every course for free. Using this app, you can learn everything from a collection of more than 10,000 video lectures and explanations in the palm of your hand. It delivers a huge list of courses including Math, English, Technology, programming, Economics, history, and much, much more. It allows you sharpen your skills by fetching over 40,000 interactive common practice questions. You can easily and quickly access to what you need, pick up where you left off, and get videos, interactive exercises, and in-depth studies of everything that you want to know. It is a multilingual application that helps you get the details of courses in your native language.

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3. EdX

EdX is a massive online education approach that helps individuals from all across the world to get education related to any course that they want. There are many quality providences of this app that helps it users surf this app with pretty much satisfaction and convenience. It is an open source platform that enables you to get more than 1300 online course, access from over 70 nonprofit organizations, and it contains an estimated 10 million users over its platform. It supports your workflow, lets you learn from the best instructor, provides stream class videos, tests your knowledge with precise exercise, gets course announcements, quizzes, and exams, educational tutorials, and follow along course videos with proper navigation.

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4. Udemy Online Courses

Udemy Online Courses is a community of more than 17 million students that finds some amazing experience of getting knowledge through a variety of attractive conveyance. It lets you explore form more than 50,000 courses in over 2,000 different topics. It keeps on update its tuff so that you can find damn new content and it publishes almost 1000 courses every month. You can discover instruction that inspires you, discover courses that you need, download courses for offline studies, get your own pace with a lifetime approval, access, and speed controls, read affordably and effortlessly and built the life in the way you imagine. It lets you take your course learning on the go with offline viewing, explore your talent and sharpen your skills with better delivery of content from well-known instructors, and access lot more having this intuitive and extraordinary learning app.

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5. Google Play Books

Google Play Books makes digital readings even easier and effortless. It is a smart app that lets you explore millions of the best books regarding different concepts, categories, and themes. You can easily approach comics, sellers, romance, mystery, scientific, adult, and loads of other categories of books and enjoy getting information. Having this app, you can read your books, comics, and textbooks even when you are offline, discover your next read, read a daily feed of stories, articles, and news, highlight personalized recommendations, follow your favorite series of books, and lot more.

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6. busuu – Easy Language Learning

busuu – Easy Language Learning is fundamentally not a dictionary app but so far it provides the same sort of facilities and options to its users and even it is quite more appreciating and effective as compare to the specific dictionary apps. The app is basically a kind of personal tutor that let the users to learn various languages that are spoken widely all around the globe and that too in the best possible and effective manner. This language learning app is developed and proposes as the product of busuu Limited. The app already has millions of users in the every corner of the globe that almost thousands of times in a day use this splendid app for learning different languages. The app is said to be best for the travelers, who urge to travel a lot around the world and face a lot of problems while communicating with different individuals speaking their native languages. In fact it is best for everyone including the students and other common people so that they would be able to understand well and the communication gap between the societies and cultures is if not eliminated completely but it is minimized to a large extent via this app and similar sort of apps like this. It is too free of cost and can be simple downloaded for Android devices from Google Play store.

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7. YouTube

YouTube is a hell of learning things. It is a widely used app that delivers a gigantic collection of learning tourists. You can easily get videos regarding any topic in your mind. It delivers news, dramas, games, funny, horror, music videos, and study related stuff on vast categories. You can easily explore the tutorials of learning any Science, Math, Technology related topics, and also add your skills by making an account with this app. It is a marvelous platform for exploring yourself and your skills in front of the whole world. It has created a damn amazing way of providing stuff with extreme ease. You can easily get video learning in your own language from your own inspired personalities.

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8. Star Chart

Star Chart is a gorgeous app that delivers a stunning stargazing experience like never before. It includes a dominant collection of the description, details, and information about the sky and its Stars, Moon, Sun, etc. It lets you just point to the thing you want to explore on the sky and view. It enables you to look at the sky using effective finger gestures. It precisely depicts almost a collection of 120,000 stars of the hemispheres. It allows you to explore the planets of the solar system with a beautiful, minimal, and 3D UI, and much more.


9. Memrise

Memrise contains a collection of more than 15 million people from around the world and lets you access an amazing collection of vocabulary words and languages from all over the world. It is an outstanding app that lets you access tons of languages and their details. It provides an influential collection of more than 30,000 native speakers chatbots or interactive bots and videos. Using this app, you can easily read and write different languages and get a rich span of memory and vocabulary games. It delivers a damn innovative approach to learning language from a vast range of countries. It is a stunning app for both beginners and advanced level persons through which you can get amazing reading and Language-learning experience.

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10. Udacity

Udacity enables you to access all the materials and their details present in this universe. It offers a marvelous span of courses that let you jump right into learning. It provides a specific mentor with you so that you can easily explain your confusion for a specific solution. You can download your learning stuff for studying it offline as well. It lets you access this intuitive learning app with damn ease, and manage it in a well-organized way. It provides master in-demand courses developed with some industry experts. It is an intuitive platform for people who are empowering themselves through education learning.

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11. Daily Art

Daily Art is a complementary app that helps you learn and practice damn interesting and attractive daily dose of arts, and is a fabulous app for art loves. It is the finest app for exploring and revealing your inner capabilities related to art. It delivers masterpieces of arts and also precise details regarding the art maker, history, and other things about the art. You can effectively get appropriate information about any artistic stuff and read through a curated short story about it. It provides access to a collection of more than 1000 Masterpieces and lets you spread art around your friends and family.

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12. Ready4 SAT

Ready4 SAT delivers intuitive approach to a vast collection of lessons for making your span of knowledge a bit more wide in a damn fun way. It provides step-by-step concepts with more than 1,000 SAT questions with precise answer explanations. It is just a fabulous stuff for learning some smart knowledge and track your strengths and weaknesses with this pretty innovative platform. It offers customizable practices and tests to fit your needs, the question of the day support, more than 400 colleges, universities, and top school list, hundreds of flashcard to view and bookmark (for lateral use), and lot more.

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13. Photomath

Photomath provides a robust technique to solve a question that you are practicing for the real-time. It lets you capture the problems of Math that you are practicing and get an instant solution using this extraordinary application. Some of its core providence includes Camera calculator, Handwriting recognition, Smart calculator, proper Graphs, Step-by-step instructions, and lot more. It enables you to scan Math problems for instant results, edit with a smart and intuitive calculator, explore beautiful graphs, etc. It efficiently supports integers, decimal numbers, roots, algebraic expressions, linear equations, algorithms, exponentials, derivatives, and tons of other mathematical operations.

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14. GradeProof

GradeProof provides a large number of options to improve your writing and writing techniques. It analyzes your work and captures all the serious and necessary writing mistakes with robust smartness and helps you eliminate all kind of embarrassing mistakes that you often do. It lets you manage your writing skills in an innovative way. Some of are robust features include the Spelling and Grammar Checks, Word Count Targeting, Plagiarism Checks, Rephrasing Analysis, etc. It provides an intellectual correction and improvement of your writing process innovatively.

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15. My Study Life

My Study Life is a prodigious app to have on your mobile phones for managing your study routine effectively. It is a great app for enhancing your learning exposure in a well-organized way. It is a fine tool for tracking your test reports, assignments, revisions, and reminders, etc. You can easily store your tasks (in the cloud storage), and it can seamlessly sync your data between different devices for an amazing and effortless access anytime. There is a huge amount of features that it delivers for managing your paper planner, turbocharged. It provides precise notifications and reminders for unfinished tasks, cut of classes, and upcoming exams in a classy scenario.

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16. SoloLearn

SoloLearn is a strong tool for official and newly born programmers. It provides a robust grip on more than 12 programming languages. These includes Python (having 92 lessons), HTML (contains 26 lessons), CSS (includes 71 lessons), JavaScript (about 51 lessons), Ruby (includes 57 lessons), JQuery (about 26 lessons), etc. Other than these C# (69 lessons), Swift (53 lessons), C++ (over 80 lessons), Java (65 lessons), PHP (64 lessons), and SQL (about 27 lessons) is the part of it. You can easily get information about these programming languages in a damn helpful way. It lets you make your coder profile and advance your career, write real codes right from your mobile, keeps leveling up, compete with peer learners, and become a part of the code community.

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17. TED

TED delivers a fine collection of learning through exploring more than 2000 talks on endless topics from art and design to technology and psychology. It believes that arguments built a lasting impression on individuals so that it delivers proper talks on a variety of topics. You can easily search for your required topic and save or bookmark your favorite talks right in the app. It tells your mood (by providing a vast list of categories to choose what you want to listen), and the time you have left, and you can easily build a playlist of talks. You can Log-In to TED for accessing your favorite talks through any other device.

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18. Quizlet

Quizlet manages to let you learn languages and a massive collection of vocabulary words through all over the world in a damn fun way. It makes it so easy to get practice and master what you are learning. The innovative feature that it provides includes the learning of languages and vocabulary words through Flashcards. Using this app, you can get test day ready with learning, written test practice, race against the time in a game of Match, share flashcards with your buddies, listen to word pronunciation correctly in more than 18 languages. You can enhance your studying experience via custom audio and images as well.

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