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Writing is a tough job when you have to write several documents and so many words in a day, and after writing, you have to also check for errors and grammatical mistakes, and if you don’t have a tool, it can be very hectic and time taking. Improvement in the document is essential for you to make a unique expression in front of your superiors and company. It takes too much to correct a record. Only the writer knows about it, and if the document is another language, it becomes tough for you to control the errors of the product. There are applications which allow you to easily edit and proofread, all the document and highlight all the mistake in real-time. These application takes less storage and has a different type of modules. All the changes made automatically, which makes writing comfortable and time-saving. These Apps check your text for grammar syntax, spelling error, and show a result, so you continue to work without any worry. In the era of the internet, and with so much data get around on the internet, sort in unsorted, it hard abolishes the rules of grammar and spelling. The following application allows you to correct all your documents in real-time and takes less time. They include a list of various features and capabilities and compatibilities with different types of phones. Here is a list of best spell checking application for both Android and IOS devices this app make document look professional, and that’ll make you look bad.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a smart application that allows the user to check and correct textual lines and check grammar and spelling mistake for you to get better writing. The app is available for both Android and IOS platforms and allows you to check the spelling and grammar of every line individually. The best part of this application is that it connects directly to the software via the internet and check the whole document thoroughly in real-time. It highlights a simple grammar mistake, spelling mistake, formation, wordiness, and much more. It is fast, accurate, and effortless to use. The interface allows you to do all the heavy-lifting like enhancement, genre-specific writing. To sum up all the features of this application, it automatically configures with email and messages document and project social media. The interface of Grammarly has a simple design, easy configuration, and countless features. Some function of this application comes free, but to access the full capabilities of this application, you will require a subscription of $29.95 per month.

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2. WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant

WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant provides your grammar checker and translation module for your mobile phones. It works on both IOS and Android platforms and allows you to check grammar sentence mistakes, sentence structure, plagiarism, and much more. The application is easy to use and integrate all devices and with any third-party apps to give you a better writing experience. All tools are applications include grammar spelling, punctuation checker, style management, visualize translation features, convert different types of languages pre-installed in the app. The interface of this application is constructive and has a beautiful layout structure, and it offers features that help the user. The core feature of the app is its accessibility, which makes it easier to use on any device at any time with the internet or without internet, building translation makes writing communication in another language. WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant is free to use, but additional features open with a $6.59 per month premium package.

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3. Ginger

Ginger is a top of the class grammar checking application which allows you to correct your sentences, novel, or any other writing material. The best part of this application is that it can browse companion, hit sync with your emails Google doc, social media posts so that everything becomes error-free. It comes with the browser extension that syncs correctly and starts checking your writing; it also allows you to copy and paste your text into the small window to get started. Ginger offer features which include grammar checker, sentence rephrase, word prediction, spelling check, Plagiarism check, the context of a sentence, wordiness, and much more. The tool has a smart interface that allows easy navigation and provides a user-friendly experience. The layout of the theme is a beautiful and attractive user towards the application. Some of its features come free, but if you buy a package of $20 per month, you can have access to more options and functions.

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4. CorrectMe

CorrectMe is the name of the application that suggests that it allow you to correct all your grammar mistakes sentence creation mistakes another small error in writing. The form integrates with every third-party software and runs only on iOS devices. CorrectMe is fast, simple to use, and has an excellent interface, and it is perfect for finding the word for any project. It includes terms of features to amend the mistake in real-time, or when you activate the app, it automatically highlights the mistaken alternative. CorrectMe can be known as an all-in-one spell checker and thesaurus. The interfaces easy to use can allow a user to navigate easily on the application. The layout is self-explanatory and guides every step; however, the theme fantastically designs, which attracts the user. It is free to use, provide smart recommendation in Grammar explanation, fast, sync with any device, and consists of many other options. The application features ads and offers an in-app purchase for the pro version.

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5. Speller

Speller is another iOS application which allows it to check spelling and grammar of any sentence or any writing material. It automatically integrates with Mac and offer you the best tool for editing and correcting grammar and thesaurus mistake. The core feature of this application allows you to check the spelling of both English and Spanish words, quickly work with grammar mistakes, make proper sentence structure, check plagiarism, and much more. Speller is simple to use and allows a user to have a good experience of a grammar checking technique. The app also consists of Fast and fun to use interface attractive and interactive theme integrates with multiple languages, guide every step, and much more. The only drawback of this application is that it takes time to load. It is free to use containers ads and offers an in-app purchase to unlock additional features.


6. LanguageTool

LanguageTool is a smart application which allows the user to check the language and grammar mistake of any writing material. The app has a different way of providing its features, which include setting module to sync with all the third-party devices. The best part of the application is to check to spell, highlight repeated words, highlight grammar mistakes, and include verification for 25 languages, and so on. The interface of LanguageTool is highly innovative and allows the user to integrate with any device; it only works with the Android platform; the version of the Android phone is not specific. It has easy to use, easy to configure settings aspect. The setting module of the app allows you to manipulate pre-defined functions and options. LanguageTool can be run directly in the browser or installed as an independent application. It is free to use not to contain ads and offers in-app purchases, which unlocks additional features.


7. Spell Checker by XPN

Spell Checker by XPN is a smart application that allows you to check your spelling and grammar in any text or word document. The app easily integrates with your Android devices. It automatically syncs with the internet, and at the time of text entry, when an error occurs, automatically provide you alternative and highlight the mistakes. It contains a large amount of Wikipedia words stored in the library. Spell Checker by XPN create and edit document storage of text in a simple document by email and show an alternative to manual input. It can record version, compose dictionary words, and more. It identifies the application is very user-friendly and provide self-explaining theme where user can easily configure the application. Spell Checker by XPN is free to use but consists of an in-app purchase feature to excess additional options.


8. Spell Checker Editor

Spell Checker Editor is a beautiful enterprise application that allows the user to proofread a document or any word material. The core function of this application is to provide you a set of tools to check grammar structure, pronunciation, text editing, changing language, and much more. The app setup fast and easy to use; it includes amazing theme which highlights the errors and mistake and shows you the alternative. The interface to use and provide a clear structure. Spell Checker Editor integrates to MailDroid which automatically spell check your email directly in the application. It is easy to use beautiful configuration Android good User experience. Spell Checker Editor is free to use feature ads and offer in-app purchases.


9. Simple Grammar & Spell Check

Simple Grammar & Spell Check is an application that has a smart interface which allows you to check spelling and Grammar mistake in real-time Android devices and will enable you to control all the text and documentary files on your device. The best part of this application is that it supports different languages like French, valiancy, Austria, Germany, Swiss, Chinese, and many others. The Core feature of Simple Grammar & Spell Check is checking the mistake in real-time and highlighting it in providing the alternatives. It syncs easily with the device software and allows you to edit everything text or words. It integrates with an app and checks spelling sentence structure, vocabulary, punctuation, and various other grammatical mistakes. The interface of this application is easy to use and provides a user-friendly theme and GUI structure, which gives an understanding structure. The layout has a simple design, and it is free to use, ad-supported.

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10. Spelling Master

Spelling Challenge has a game-like interface that consists of a spelling checking module, which allows you to improve your vocabulary and grammar skills. The primary function of this application is to provide a game-like interface that includes features like vocabulary enhancement, cracking the mystery words, find the correct name, deciding correct, and choose the right name, multiple-choice categories, practice modules, and other modes. The interface consists of functions like seven different spelling games different type of games have Global high score, compare local High score, review your progress include a list of words which are misspelled and are pre-defined in the library. The interface consists of exciting features simple to use layout and user-friendly experience. Spelling Challenge is 100% free, with no ads or in-app purchases.


11. Spelling Challenge

Spelling Challenge smart application, which allows you to check the spelling and provide a guided structure that would enable a user to use the app as a game vocabulary and grammar and excel in the English language. It challenges your speaking skills, and allow you to chat with other people from all around the world; you can get a high score, complete in small competition, share rating on social sites. The game contains hundreds of misspelled English words entertain addicting original gameplay provider Global leader board a lot of other future, which improves your language and grammar. The core feature of Spelling Challenge includes education and challenge English vocabulary; thousands of misspelled words added to enhance your spellings skill. It also improves grammar, vocabulary knowledge, reviewing your spelling progress, simple to play no need to read instructions, and much more. Spelling Challenge has an intuitive interface design with an attractive theme; it is 100% free to use and contains no ads and no purchase.


12. A.I.type Keyboard

A.I.type Keyboard is a different type of spell checking application which consist of artificial intelligence future this application is only one of its kind. It supports both Android and IOS platforms work on different computers. The primary purpose of this instant application connection with the keypad, start working efficiently, and application has smart self-learning exciting features. It has features like changing the vocabulary, auto-completing the sentence, and more. A.I.type Keyboard is better and faster and easy to customize according to users requirements, the highlight of this application includes many things, including different designs, beautiful themes, and emoji support, personalize your Keyboard, search on the Keyboard, and voice narration function. The interface is straightforward to use and provides a user-guided layout. A.I.type Keyboard comes with a different type of ads and options. The purchase module unlocks more options that give user ease.

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13. Spelling Grammar Checker

Spelling Grammar Checker is an application that has a smart interface which conducts a full grammar proofreading, the vocabulary mistakes, sentence structure mistake, and many other small and big grammatical errors. It provides alternatives for the user to see and improve the language. The apps only run on Android devices and allow the user to interact with the application on a secure platform. The core function of the tool include grammar checker, comprehensive manage checker, sync with third-party apps, and it edits the articles relative clause, adjective, adverbs, where is a conjunction, subordinate, conjunction, and much more. The database of this application is lovely; it is and consists of animated pictures, and the app has a more comfortable way which offers video help. Spelling Grammar Checker is easy to use container add and provide no purchase because all the features are in the free version.


14. Editorr proofreading & editing

Editorr proofreading & editing is a smart spelling checking and grammar correction application which only use on iOS devices. The app has an intelligent module that allows a user to check grammar spelling and sentence structure errors. It has made the mistakes and provides you with revised terms. The application contains 24/7 writing help from real human request operating less than 10 minutes. This application includes far more features, and functions embroidered sophisticated environment to edit your document for any other post or sentence. User can submit their return types and get instant feedback in real-time correction application consists of features like grammar correction, vocabulary, spelling checking, sentence structure, Plagiarism checking, and much more. Editorr proofreading & editing is entirely free, and he was a brilliant interface that helps the user in navigating.

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15. eAngel Proofreading

eAngel Proofreading is a simple Android application whose function is to see particular linguistic service with which perform verification and correction of text in multiple languages. The application syncs with your device and helps you improve your skills. It highlights the mistake and sometimes auto-correct the small errors. The app edits your article or blogs and web page in a few minutes so you can see the grammatical errors before posting anything. The core feature of application consists of pre-defined modules and setting options that edit text, and before providing you, the better result shows all the mistakes. eAngel Proofreading has a smart interface that is self-explanatory and user-friendly. The tool will prove useful for persons who have trouble reading and writing is it also included narration features. The app is full of features and contains many options and modules. It features no ads but offers in-app purchases to unlock additional features.

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16. Proofread Bot Grammar Checker

Proofread Bot Grammar Checker, as the name suggests, the application includes a bot which to read every document and every text. The app takes full responsibility for grammar and vocabulary mistakes and provides another highlight of the error so a user can do itself. Proofread Bot Grammar Checker, checks your writing programmer skills and Plagiarism issues. It solves all your problem in very less time and offers text editing, an interface which provides you auto-generated reports for your convenience. It supports only Android devices and includes a smart interface which allows you to connect with the community and discuss the different type of topics on spell checking and grammar improvement. The interface consists of various, which is like a smart GUI structure, great interaction module much more. Proofread Bot Grammar Checker is easy to use and contain ads and offer in-app purchase.


17. Grammar checker by ZaneX Technologies

Grammar checker by ZaneX Technologies is a smart grammar setting application which allows the user to find mistakes of vocabulary and grammatical errors. The primary purpose of the app is to provide a specific interface that connects with the device and collects all the data that need to edit and proofread; an education course future includes a grammatical error. It also checks grammar rules for a single sentence, structure, contextual error, punctuation, style, and so on. The app is secure to use and provides the function of navigating the structure. Grammar checker by ZaneX Technologies automatically includes quiz mode, which gives you quiz on every weekday or night, which configures according to your setting. The quiz mode has made this application much convincing. The interface is easy to use and provides a guided structure to the user. It links with other third-party applications, and attitude is everything with the help of this tool. It is easy to use containers and offer no purchases.


18. GradeProof Proofreading & Plagiarism Detection

GradeProof Proofreading & Plagiarism Detection is a proofreading application that is a famous and new design in the year 2019. The primary function of this application provides proofreading and grammar checking module that consists of multiple languages, vocabulary, editing, and checking the spelling of every word. It is the best app for all users because it is free to use and has a smart algorithm which makes the program analyses the text for the presence of grammatical error. It gives document analyses and provide alternatives to the mistakes and check whether you have to set the word or structure of the text correctly. The app offers a unique email feature with this app the ability to reduce significant expression in the text, which comes handy. The interface of GradeProof Proofreading & Plagiarism Detection is easy to use and provide guidance on every step the layout is simple, and the theme is attractive. It offers a colorful interface picture of application closed spelling and grammar check, rephrasing error, analysis word count, targeting, Plagiarism check, and more. It is free and does not contain ads and no in-app purchases.


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