16 Best Air Horn Apps for Android and iOS

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We cheer and support every match we go to, any function we are invited to, and in the gathering, we are wild and make noises and blow air horns and have a full entering time. We pull pranks on our friends and family. There is an application for your smartphone because phones today are the closest things every person has and can be used to pull pranks and have fun.

There is an air horn application that turns your phone into the loudspeaker and disturbs the neighbor and makes funny and loud noises. It is one of the best tools for fans of sports to make noise and make fun and cheering noises. These apps have interactive features and provide an excellent user interface that will enable you to interact with the app and use it to its full capabilities.

These apps have not only air horn sound but also many other sounds like truck horn, train horn, police siren, ambulance or fire truck sirens, etc. with a beautiful theme and to the point function theses apps have scored in the top air horn application that supports both android and iOS platform.


They allow you to play sounds repeatedly and continuously, some implementations allow the user to move the phone to play sounds, some allows you to record different sounds, and the features go on.

Best Air Horn Apps for Android and iOS

Here is a list of best air horn applications that you can use in your free time to pull pranks and scare people.

1. Air Horn Prank

Air Horn Prank is an iOS application that allows the user to make their phone an air horn. It will scare your friends and family and a fun thing to do. It is a smart application and worked according to the user’s requirements. The app has an intelligent interface and lets you choose any option regarding the air horn. The volume can be adjusted, and the sound can be changed.


The app includes various sounds like police sound and sirens and many other different annoying and horrible sound that will be a great source of entertainment. Air Horn Prank is filled with many features and allows users to press the screen for continuous sound. It is fantastic and also offers different animation. It is fun to use and shock people. Air Horn Prank is free and a great sporting tool.

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2. Air Horn

Air Horn, as the name, suggests the application is an air horn simulation app that turns your phone into an air horn and lets you prank other people. The tool has a smart interface that allows you to choose a different type of sound like the howl of a police van, nuclear alarm, cook river, Viking horn.

The app has music that football player makes during the football match of there is any goal or a high kick. The GUI structure of the app has an excellent interface and allows you to interact with it to its full extent. Air Horn has a colorful theme which is attractive and guides the different type of animation for entertainment purposes. It is fun to use and comes free of cost without any ads or purchases.


3. Loudest Air Horn

Loudest Air Horn is an Android application that turns your smartphone into a source of loud and funny noise. It plays sudden and loud noises of different things like a mountain horn, a trumpet, a perforator, a gong, a French horn, a doorbell or a school bell and a whistle.

It is fun to use and has many features like a smart interface, which allows you to navigate the app according to the user’s requirements. The app has a core feature that will enable you to record sounds that will enable you to play whenever you want to. The interface will let you keep playing the tone as long as you touch the screen.

Some key feature of Loudest Air Horn offers to play sudden sound, simple and intuitive interface, compatible with all version of Android phones. The app consists of a good theme, which is also attractive and provides comfortable usage. Loudest Air Horn is free but contain ads and offer in-app purchase to open many other sounds.

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4. Air Horn – Siren Sounds

Air Horn – Siren Sounds is an Android application that turns your phone into a loud air horn sound mode, which is fun to use and scare your friend and family. It is the best prank app, which is also useable in gathering and football games. The interface of the app is user-friendly and allows the user to access many other sounds than just air horn sound.

It includes sounds like police sirens, ambulance sound, high beep, vuvuzela, whip, machine gun, police car, and various others. A few core features of Air Horn offers smart graphic interface, trembling air beep, better sound quality, loud, high-quality sounds, enable continuous playbacks, easy to set the phone ringtone directly from the app.

The interface is easy to navigate, and the app allows a configuration feature that would enable users to arrange the sounds according to their settings. Air Horn – Siren Sounds is free but contains ads.


5. Stadium Air Horn

Stadium Air Horn is an Android application that tunes your phone into an air horn. The quality of sound is better in this app and has many features. It is a smart sport horn application and uses to pull lots of pranks on friends and family.

It comes with an intuitive interface with an excellent graphical user interface, and many features of the simulator allow you to quickly understand the controls and get down to its primary functions, which is having multiple sounds for entertainment purposes. Stadium Air Horn has several modes that allow the user to preset the melodies according to the desired sounds.

The app is not limited to making a pre-defined sound and lets the user have an editing tool that edits or makes a sound based on prerecorded and installed sounds. You can take virtual horns on football, hockey, volleyball, basketball, and other sports competitions and support your teams.

Stadium Air Horn has a beautiful theme and free to use but offer ads and consist of in-app purchase to open additional features.


6. Air Horn MAX

Air Horn MAX is an air horn application that allows the user to make their phone a source of various loud sounds of an air horn. It contains many different air horn sounds that are a source of entertainment for you and your friends. You can pull pranks and scare people with this app.

It can also give you benefits in any sporting like cricket, football, or any team cheering occasion. Air Horn MAX consists of different types of the sound of air horns such as air horn burst, long burst, air raid siren, truck air horn, train horn, hockey goal air horn.

The application has a unique feature of a timer, which allows the user to set a time to let the horn play at a particular time and pull a big prank. It has a smart GUI structure and provides a user-friendly experience. It is free to use but contains ads.


7. Mobile Air Horn – Pocket

Mobile Air Horn – Pocket is an air horn app that produces sounds of different types of air horns on your iOS device and a fun source of time pass. It turns an ordinary smartphone into a powerful mouthpiece. Mobile Air Horn – Pocket only works with iOS devices and compatible with all versions of the iPhone.

It consists of many features that allow you to the user various sound other than air horn sound. It includes sounds of pile siren, ambulance, firetruck, red alert sirens, and many others. Some core features of Mobile Air Horn – Pocket include voice recording and playing the sound at the same time, contain various sounds, easy to use, smart interface, and much more.

The theme of this application is compelling and a great GU structure. It is free to use but contains ads and offers an in-app purchase feature that unlocks additional features and removes the ads.

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8. Air Horn LOUD Free

Air Horn LOUD Free is a smart application that turns your iOS deceives into an air horn that plays different air horn sound of trucks, trains, sports matches, and many more. It has different themes from all other apps in this category, and it works differently. To play the sound, you shake the phone because the device is set to a motion sensor and works according to it.

The app includes three different air horn sounds for free, and the sound quality is much better from the rest of the air horn application in the iOS category. Air Horn LOUD Free is excellent for sporting events, graduations, or waking up your sleepy friends and pulling pranks on them.

The interface of Air Horn LOUD Free is best to work with and consist of constructive layout this self-explanatory and provide ease to the user.


9. New Air Horn Prank 2018

New Air Horn Prank 2018 is a smart application that plays sounds of an air horn that turn your phone into a loudspeaker that plays different sounds. It is interactive and allows users to emit fog horns, klaxons, and various types of air horns.

It contains tons of great feature such as a smart interface which provides you guidance in navigating the application and show you multiple options of sound control and Bluetooth speaker connectivity, includes different sounds, fun to use, great theme and many other features.

New Air Horn Prank 2018 use air horn as a source of loud noise and the user can record the audio and play in the application. New Air Horn Prank 2018 is free to use and contains only ads and no purchasing function and no additional features.


10. Siren and Air Horn Sounds

Siren and Air Horn Sound is an air horn playing application that plays pressure of an air horn sound along with police siren, train horns, fire alarm, and many other sounds. It is an excellent application if you want to scare some people and pull pranks.

The primary purpose if the app is to provide enough noise to irritate someone, play it in the stadium or any game, while cheering and many other function and celebrations. The core feature of the app includes animated horns and sirens, an extensive collection of fun sounds, contain loud pressure noises, provide free alarm and police noise, and save and share the sounds with friends and family over social sites.

The interface consists of an interactive theme and a smart GUI structure that is easy to navigate. Siren and Air Horn Sounds are free to use and contain no ads or any in-app purchase.


11. Horn and Siren Ringtones

Horn and Siren Ringtones is a fantastic iOS tool that provides siren ringtones for your iPhone and iPad. The sound is of high quality, and the app has an interactive interface that allows the user to make various sounds.

It includes continues playing and offers many other features like playing audio with setting a timer, beautiful and attractive theme, consists of sounds like an air horn, police siren, boat horns, truck horns, car alarms, and many more.

It allows the user to save the tones directly as a phone ringtone. It can quickly hook up to external speakers and easily customizable. Horn and Siren Ringtones is an ad-supported application with no in-app purchases. It is easy to use and has a fantastic GUI structure.


12. Air Horn Plus

Air Horn Plus is an application that supports Android devices and allows the user to play air horn sound from their phones. The app is not only limited to playing air horns but contains many other sounds like police sirens, bus horns, stadium horns, train horns, etc.

The interface of the application is smart and guide every step. The purpose of Air Horn Plus is to provide you with loud noises in games and live sports or to pranks your friends and family and to cheer for the game.

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It contains many features like voice changing of the horn, recording sounds, editing tools, activate or deactivate vibrations, the sound plays sound inflow if you keep your finger on the screen, animation effect, and much more. It is free to use, ad-supported, and contains no additional features.


13. Sport Air Horn

Sport Air Horn is an Android application that turns your phone into a loudspeaker, which produces an air horn sound to disturb the neighbor and pull pranks on your friends and family. The primary function of this app is to give you a loudspeaker that is easily connected with the external speaker and allows you to emit a sound of a train horn, air horn truck horn, and various other categories.

The key features of the app offer continuous playing, an animation feature, a variety of themes, configurable settings, and many control options. The interface of Sport Air Horn is straightforward to understand and use. It provides a user-friendly experience and lets you share the sounds on various social sites, as it syncs automatically with the social apps so you and your friends can share different sounds.

The app has a feature of playing the sound continually when you keep the finger on the horn-like image. Sport Air Horn is free to use but contains ads.


14. Air horn simulator

Air horn simulator is an air horn application that turns your phone into a significant loud source of air horn sound emitting device. It is a big notice maker application that works fine with all Android devices. It is a smart app that contains many features and offers various options to connect the app with an external speaker and turn your phone to the loudspeaker and wake the neighbors.

The core features let you interact with the intuitive interface, high quality sounds to play with an external speaker, has excellent graphics for both phones and tablets, keep the finger pressed on the screen for continuous sound play, and so on.

The app has a light color interface that is attractive and presents a different color of speakers. It also gives you volume control on the screen. Air horn simulator is a free app that supports ads and offers no additional purchase modules.


15. Air Horn (Infinite)

Air Horn (Infinite) is one of the best application that contains an air horn feature that makes your device a loudspeaker that turns your phone into an air horn. The app has a beautiful layout and offers many options. It is a great app that attracts everyone’s attention, cheer at a sports game, and prank your friend or family.

It has tons of core feature that offers, infinite playback, louder than normal sounds, support all kinds of devices. It connects to external speakers, has a great animation feature, and the GUI layout provides comprehensive guidance in the navigation of the app and allows tips on how to configure the app according to users’ requirements.

Air Horn (Infinite) is entirely free to download, and it is not ad-supported. Moreover, it does not contain any in-app purchases features to access additional features.


16. Air Horn Amplifier

Air Horn Amplifier is an Android application that consists of functions like playing a loud air horn sound on your smartphone. The main feature of the app is that they include not one but several types of air horns and other sounds.

The interface of the app is simple and does not offer complex functionality, but it doesn’t confuse the user in navigating the app. It includes funny features animation when playing sounds, external speaker connectivity, smart interface, attractive, and there are many other exciting features.

The app is used to wake up people, cheer at graduation emergency singling, pulling funny pranks. The tool is a fun source of entertainment. It provides volume control and much more. Air Horn Amplifier is free to use but support ads and do not take an ample memory space in your phones.


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