16 Best Travel Planner Apps for Android and iOS

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You need to relax your body and soul, break the loop of constant routine and take rest, for that sightseeing is a great idea, see what you have never seen before and explore the beauty of Mother Nature. For that, you need to plan a trip if you don’t have adequate information about the destination, transportation, budgeting, and time management.

It can be hectic and disrupt the journey. To avoid that these apps help you in escaping this facade and focus on relaxation. These applications include so many modules and tools to provide ease in traveling, that user has no trouble in organizing the trip.

Some of the apps include different packages of tours, different deals on transportation, different promotion on accommodations, and some include all for a small discount. They plan a day to day activity to save you a lot of trouble and guide you via offline maps and other navigation systems. Improvise according to the user’s requirements and complying with every command and adjusting accordingly.


Best Travel Planner Apps for Android and iOS

Here is a list of best travel planning apps which will be a practical guide and help you set up your bags, itinerary and essentials, and also save your documents on a cloud server in case of emergency.

1. Triplt

Triplt is a travel planning application for cross-platform smartphones. The app has many features and contains an interactive interface that allows you to plan your tour from your home. It means as soon as you plan a trip the app finds the stats and provides you the list of itineraries and essentials to pack and which are suitable for the destination. It books your tickets and allows you to get discounts on regular flights with low cost for maximum pleasure. It automatically reserves you the accommodations or shows you a list of listed hotels with a picture for you to pick. The app includes all from traveling to meal plans. It also saves the documented information of your identity cards or passports in case of emergency. Triplt is a free app and contains no purchases or ads.


Android iOS

2. Google Trips

Google Trips is a traveling application that supports all platforms. It is a free application and contains no ads or any in-app purchases. The app has a lot to offer like, managing your hotels, your transport, get you cheap flights wit high standards, provide you with the details of the trip and give you the information of contact person, and more. It syncs with your Gmail account, so you have access to all details in case of an emergency. It provides the user with essential information and local attraction. So you know the place before you land. It plans your whole trip, and also allows you to join different groups, show you things to do, etc. another fantastic function of the app lets you access your info without the internet.

Android iOS

3. Packing Pro

Packing Pro is a travel planning application that runs on only iOS smartphones. It is a unique app in its circle, which provides a long list of all the essentials for you to pack for the trip. It arranges a list of rates, errand and small handy thing to pack while you are on tour, basically, a reminder which tells the user that if you have done a task check the box on the app, so it moves to next step. The interface of the application has a flawless design, and the functions are easy to understand. Packing Pro is full of features like contacting the guide for the tour, arranging your schedule, weather checking, connecting trips, improvising, and more. The app is free but contains ads, and the in-app feature lets you access the locked functionalities of the platform to give you more relaxation on the trip.

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4. Roadtrippers

Roadtrippers is a tour planning tool that runs on both iOS and Android phones. The main focus of the application is on the navigation function, which has an extended map full of different options. It makes your trip easy because it arranges all the facilities for the users. It provides you the location of the local market, site seeing areas, and all the high-end restaurants. The app has a built-in guide inside that navigate you on every step of your and contain emergency contact in case of any mishap. With an interactive interface and responsive look, the app excels in its functionality. Roadtrippers is free to use but contain ads and include a purchase module to unlock additional features.

Android iOS

5. PackPoint

PackPoint is a multi-platform tool for planning a tour with the help of your smartphones. From the first step to the last stage of the journey, the app acts as a guide and track your every location and help you pack all the necessities for the trip that you will require for your specific destination. The interface of the app is interactive and provides you a checkbox and dictates you to collect those things and check the box as completed. It calculates the days and the destination requirements like if it’s hot, you should pack a cap and shorts and if it’s northern are or a beach, a jacket or a swimsuit accordingly. The features PackPoint offers are easy installation, no login required, smart GUI structure, and much more. PackPoint has a good look but the ads can bother you and can remove them with in-app purchases and more features are introduced.

Android iOS

6. Hopper

Hopper is a travel planning app for both Android and iOS platforms. It has great deals and contains many features that are only there to enhance good user experience. It analyzes the best airfare and hotel prizes a day and also consists of a history of user’s trips which is analyzed and suggests you move your trip in later dates or go now. The app works constructively and as soon as you enter the destination and the dates of your trip Hopper shows you the cheapest flights and fair amount for the whole trip. The interface of the app is intuitive and prominent and provides easy using structure. The best thing about this app is that it is free to use and contains no additional features and no ads.

Android iOS

7. Skiplagged

Skiplagged is a cross-platform application tool which provides travel planning, suggesting and to-do list for the user. It includes features and function which have custom plans standard plans and premium plans, offering you different deals and packages. All these plans have already established a connection with the person in charge of the trip and all the concerns persons. So you don’t have to worry about any things it plans your meals, sightseeing, shopping tours, and much more. The GUI structure of the application has a great layout and responsive behavior. Skiplagged is a free app with no in-app purchase and no additional features. The standard interface has everything the user requires.

Android iOS

8. Kayak

A kayak is an excellent tool for planning a trip that supports both Android and iOS devices. On the first look, the user refers to its functionalities and the attractive interface. It provides you with cheap flights, beautiful hotels, and all the significant places to visit. The app includes built-in deals and allows you to create your custom deal to save time and enjoy more, and spend less. The departure time sets precisely, and there is flexibility for any human error, which is justifiable. The app is full of features and includes virtual assistants and a contact person who guides you on the trip. It shares your details and locations with friends and family. Kayak is free and contains no ads or purchases.

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Android iOS

9. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a travel guiding application that consists of a user guide and plans the inclusive tour for the user and keeping the load less on the user. It can book your whole trip or allow you to create your trip. It helps you find cheap flights, gets the best hotels, rents a car, no added fees or fairs for guidance, provides you frequent flyer miles, finds inspiration, gives you with a full history of the place and much more to do in a short time. The interface of the app is full of features, and the interactive aspect is user-friendly. The unique feature of the app includes constant search, which keeps on tracking the deals and packages for you to go back within your input dates.

Android iOS

10. Sygic Travel

Sygic Travel is a travel planning application for both Android and iOS devices. It helps you plan a detailed itinerary for all the days according to the destination and the atmosphere before you leave the house. It provides you with a list of essentials and double-checks the items. It also allows the user to have a soft copy of the traveling documents like tickets and passports to be saved on the cloud server provided by the application. Sygic Travel offers features like smart search, narrow down the things until you have the perfect daily schedule. The interface is interactive and attracts the user with a responsive and standard look of the app. To access additional features like offline maps, you have to purchase the premium version of the app.

Android iOS

11. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a cross-platform application for planning a trip and purchasing deals and cheap flights. The app has different modules like hotels, vacation rentals, flights, restaurants, forums, things to do, and much more. All these modules are continually checking and searching for the best deals for you. They can plan your whole trip with fantastic accommodations and less cost. It had over 500 million real-life opinions from travelers who have shared their reviews of the places and their experience with TripAdvisor. From your home to your destination till retiring the app guides you and support you in every way. The interface of the application has a user-friendly interface, and the GUI layout provides an exciting but simple look of the app. It is free but to access additional features premium version is required.

Android iOS

12. Visit a City

Visit a City is a travel guide application that works on both Android and iOS platforms. It includes over a thousand travel guides created by experts, and all the instructions are there in the tool for user navigation. The core feature of these apps offers an online and offline map that helps you guide along the way, easy navigation, a set of guidelines, and much more. This app solves two main issues that commonly occur on tours: figuring out how long you need to spend at each place and spending maximum time by grouping the local attractions. After the destination is selected, the app offers you a complete guide based on the number of days and the places. Users can edit the itinerary but manipulating the dates and locations of the visit. The interface of the app offers many options and have all the tools you will require on tour. It comes in two versions: free and paid. The only difference in them is that the paid version includes additional features.

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Android iOS

13. Rome2Rio

Rome2Rio is a travel guiding and planning application for both Android and iOS platforms. A simple design and with all the necessary tools that offer the best module for transportation. The smart search engine keeps looking for the best mode of transport which includes, flights, trains, cars, buses, Uber, to make sure you get quickly, safely to your destination without paying extra cost. They are collaborating with transport companies such as Narinbal express, Flixbus, SNCF, VIA Rail and most other major airlines to provide you with best services. The interface of Rome2Rio is attractive and user-friendly with a constructive GUI layout. It is free to use and offer no purchase or ads.

Android iOS

14. TripCase

TripCase is a travel planning application that runs on multiple platforms and provides a guide to the user every step of the way. The guide presents a good deal, a business-style approach, a simple and straightforward interface, and much more. The app is intuitive and offers various features that help set up a plan against the visit days. It notifies you of upcoming trips by different companies, offers great deals and cheap flights, and great view hotels. The GUI structure has a good theme that is attractive, and the application presenting and functionality fills the rest of the cup with good user experience. TripCase is free, but the premium version cost about $6 per year and have an additional feature.

Android iOS

15. Airbnb

Airbnb is a popular tool that includes not just a trip planning module but also packages, deals, and promotions all from the app itself. It supports both Android and iOS devices which upon installing and startup makes you register an account to use the function of the application thoroughly. It can rent you hotels, provide you excellent services, primarily works according to the user’s choice and mood. It extends the dates if the user wants to stay in one place for an extended period. The best part of the app is that it includes pictures of the destination, and some also have a video all collected from the community of Airbnb consumers. The app interface is highly interactive, improving, and user-friendly. It is free, but some extended features for frequent travelers unlock upon the purchase of pro version.

Android iOS

16. Hipmunk

Hipmunk is a travel planning application that supports cross-platforms devices. The tool provides services for a single person or group of people to travel separately or together. It consists of various exciting features like notifying you of upcoming trips, let you compare hotels and flights to your requirements, suggests your best dates for the travel, and a user-friendly interface. The GUI structure has a simple design, a visual way to search and book flights from just one tap. Features of Hipmunk contains unique layout, easy search, fast and easy accommodations, discovering great destinations, last-minute registrations, comparison, user reviews, and much more. It also allows the user to share the details with friends and family. It is a free application with no in-app purchases but contains ads.

Android iOS

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